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If we tried

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Aesop liked the mornings that he got to creep away with Joseph. The mornings that he would soundly rebuff others and sneak over to the hunter’s room. Sometimes he was treated to the sight of Joseph doting on Robbie. There was something about watching his Alpha play and listen to Robbie…to a child so intently obviously enjoying himself.

Every time it got to Aesop. It made his heart soften and it made his Omega body burn with lust. He knew what that reaction, Joseph was an Alpha Prime and so was Aesop. He had never had someone else bring a reaction out of him but there was Joseph going out of his way to be comfortable in his own skin.

The way he playfully teased Robbie, scenting him until the boy smelt like his. The way that Joseph had all of them spend time together. The way when Robbie climbed into his lap, he always scented like Joseph and when he looked up to Joseph, he always looked pleased.

Joseph was an Alpha that needed a family around him and whenever Aesop got around him there was this deep inside of him to give it to him. He couldn’t even use heat as an excuse. The Baron had the entire manor on suppressants. Not that they were that strong on Primes. It did mute reactions, but it couldn’t suppress them all.

Like Aesop’s deep need to give his Alpha someone new to care for. Not excluding Robbie of course but Aesop had his own dreams and his Omega self, made them worse. Sometimes those things slid out of his mouth, and he wanted to die. Joseph wouldn’t hold anything that came out of his mouth during a frenzy against him. That was a small blessing. A tiny blessing for Aesop.

The frenzy let his desires free, and Aesop was uncertain to whether he should be ashamed or not. During the moments when slick ran down his thighs or over his ass. During the moments when he felt as though if he weren’t knotted, he would simply die. The moments they were tangled together, and he needed Joseph’s hands on him and pressing him down as he covered him. Aesop’s mouth always ran freely, and he prayed for Joseph to shut him up while he knew the hunter hold it against him.

Joseph’s hands slid over his hips and over his ass before Aesop reached back to stop him. He knew what Joseph wanted to do and usually Aesop would allow and encourage him to it. Not now he was too wet, too frustrated and a tongue and fingers were not enough for what he wanted.

“Impatient.” Joseph huffed as he covered him and wrapped his hands around his chest. Aesop was wrestled down not that he was fighting. The drag of Joseph’s cock against his slick and his thigh made him keen. “And eager.” Was whispered against his back. “You smell heavenly. Sweeter than usual, what a good Aesop. Sweet Omega.”

“I smell sweet.” Aesop groaned as Joseph huffed out a laugh. “That’s because.” He reached back to grab hold of Joseph’s cock as the hunter groaned. It was hot and burning his fingers. He loved the heat of it. He panted as he rubbed it through his slick. “I’m fertile.” He whispered and Joseph’s grip tightened.

His sparse words had fueled Joseph because he seated himself in a few thrusts before he slowly drew back out. The wet feeling as he dragged out, the feeling Aesop couldn’t ignore as he cried out. Joseph dragged his cock out before he slid back in wetly until he was buried all the way.

“You’re so sweet and so wet.” Joseph rasped as he kissed along Aesop’s neck and back. “All for me. Maybe you’re right and you’re fertile.” He murmured against his skin. Joseph pulled away no longer covering him. He rocked forward and back dragging his cock out as Aesop cried out and protested. His hands clawed at the sheets as his body reaction. “Fertile Omega and under me? All mine?”

Heat was rushing in his ears and his blood was burning. He was dripping slick, and with every thrust from Joseph, Aesop could hear how wet he was. Every deep thrust made the sound echo and he wanted it. He panted as every drag of Joseph’s cock made him aware. Joseph was so big and so thick inside of him. The burn made him pant. He took it…of course he took it.

“Yours and…” Aesop whimpered as he tilted his hips up. He reached under himself to rub his palm against his cock. He was dripping precum as Joseph fucked him. Each deep thrust was so good. Aesop loved this, he loved Joseph’s slowly deteriorating rhythm as he shoved his cock deep inside of Aesop. As if he had to go deeper else it wouldn’t be enough. “You’re mine.” Because he wouldn’t allow anyone to take him. “Mine…yours and a…” Aesop broke off to shudder. “Our child.”

“What?” He had startled the hunter with his words, but Aesop felt the change in Joseph. He grew even bigger, thicker in Aesop and his voice roughened. “Aesop…Wait.” Joseph shuddered. “What.”

“Someone.” Aesop panted as he braced himself and spread his legs wider. It drove a groan from Joseph’s lips. “To play with Robbie. A daughter for your son.”

“Wait… fuck. Aesop.” Joseph rasped even as he thrust into Aesop harder. “He’s not my…I…I’m not.” Joseph whispered. “But I’d like to be. A girl? My Omega wants to give me a little girl?”

Aesop keened as he drove his hips back into Joseph’s thrusts. He was so wet that every thrust soaked more juice over his thighs down onto the bed. He felt slick dipped onto his throbbing cock. The thought of that. He knew some of that was the frenzy, but Aesop had been silently driven crazy watching Joseph interact with and scent Robbie. That hunter needed a family and children and Aesop wanted to give them to him. A little girl with blonde hair. Maybe silver hair. Long like Joseph’s. tying him to Aesop forever.

“Knot me.” Aesop panted as Joseph pulled back. The hunter was panting and throbbing inside of him so much. Every clench Aesop made it felt as though he was trying to hold onto Joseph’s cock. It was so large inside of him every push and drag made him aware of what he was taking into his body. “Knot me and give us a…” Aesop throbbed before he twisted his fingers into the sheets. “I want a little girl.”

“A little girl? You want me to knot you, so you’ll give me a daughter?” Joseph’s fangs raked over his skin and Aesop’s cock throbbed. He was dripping so much slick and precum he didn’t know which was which on his skin. Joseph groaned softly as he worked his hips and sank his cock deep. “My Omega is so sweet so devoted. You’ll nurture a child for me?” He was scrapping over the gland with his fangs driving Aesop insane with the heat.

He throbbed with every heavy and deep thrust. He wanted to sob from the sensations. His cock was hard and dripping but deep inside where Joseph thrust inside him was a sweet sort of agony. There was something inside of him begging for Joseph. It needed more even when it could barely take any more.

“Shoulders down… hips up.” Was whispered into his ear before Joseph helped manhandle him into that position. Aesop whimpered as Joseph thrust back into him and grabbed his arms and yanked them up and back. Pressed down like this Aesop blinked through tears as his overstimulated body took the deep thrusts. “I don’t know what got into you this time.” Joseph released a soft, rough laugh. “But I have to say that I’m liking it. My sweet quiet Omega. You want to give me children? Hm? Why stop at one? Why not two? Three little girls for Robbie to be a big brother to. Maybe a little brother hm? Isn’t that nice?” He finished with a deep thrust that sent juices splashing from Aesop’s body and sensations racing up his spin.

If Joseph said anything directly after that Aesop didn’t hear it. His body began to rock and shudder as he was driven closer to his orgasm. Joseph released his arms and they dropped onto the bed as Aesop kept his hips up. The warmth and weight of Joseph’s body covered him once more and he shuddered before his cock throbbed. He was clenching repeatedly around the hunter’s cock forcing him to groan.

“Cumming.” Aesop gasped wetly as he pressed his face into the bed. He clenched and shuddered as cum spurted from his cock onto the bed. He shuddered as he listened to Joseph pant above him as he ground his hips against Aesop’s ass sliding his cock in and out of Aesop’s clenching hole.

“Well.” Aesop listened to Joseph whisper as the hunter’s strokes slowly increased. “I don’t want to disappoint you. It would be bad of me to neglect my omega so…” The thrusts were harder and faster as Aesop panted. He could feel the knot pressing against him and he whimpered when it popped inside of him. He slumped onto his front as his Alpha groaned his cock throbbing inside of Aesop. Aesop’s fingers twitched on the sheets as he absorbed Joseph’s heat.



Knotting always took time. Joseph’s knot always took a while to go down. That was why he was careful with the positions he knotted Aesop in. he wouldn’t mind being uncomfortable himself, but Aesop’s Alpha didn’t want Aesop to feel trapped or uncomfortable. When the knot finally went down enough for Joseph to pull out Aesop whimpered.

It was a wet and heavy drag out of him that brought a gush of cum spilling out of his hole. He clenched up uselessly as the cum escaped and Joseph sat up. First was the towels that he used carefully as Aesop lay limply there. After the wet towels came Joseph’s careful rubbing massage to his thighs and his ass as Aesop sighed and whimpered.

What wasn’t in the routine was Joseph’s routine was the amused huff as he slid off the bed and grabbed his robe. Aesop raised his head as he watched the hunter move to the cabinet he kept by the bed. Joseph didn’t look at Aesop before he drew a tin out of the cabinet. He watched his Alpha move to the cart that was always in his room. There was an enchanted tea set on there that poured water that never grew cold. He watched his Alpha tip open the tin he carried and tip the contents into a cup.

Aesop sat up slowly his body naked and still trembling as he watched Joseph. Joseph stirred the tea into the cup for a few moments as it steamed. Aesop watched his Alpha then turn to look at him before he placed the tea onto the tray. “Was that Omega frenzy…sex talk or do you really mean it?” Joseph asked him as he didn’t come back to bed. He sat on the armchair next to the bed and studied Aesop. “I’ve never heard something like that from you before.

A flush spread over Aesop as he understood everything at once. What Joseph had on the tray must be Omega tea to prevent pregnancy from knotting. An extra precaution. He shifted his legs on the bed and watched the way Joseph contemplated him.

“You liked it.” Aesop pointed out. He could remember Joseph’s cock growing bigger inside of him at Aesop’s rambling. The things he had whispered back and the low groan he released when he came. “You like it too.”

“I loved it. I’m a little surprised you said it.” Joseph stressed. “I um…” He tapped his fingers on the armchair. “Am I that obvious?” Joseph questioned. “About Robbie. How I feel.” Aesop felt his heart warm as he drew up his feet. He pressed his head against his knees and shook his head. “So, you only guessed?” Aesop nodded. “He’s a good kid. Sweet.” Joseph said softly before he met Aesop’s gaze. “This isn’t the best environment to raise children.” An unspoken reminder of the games.

“We’re soon free.” Aesop reminded his Alpha and listened to his breath hitch. “We could… when it’s all over. The three of us.” Aesop watched Joseph rise to his feet and reach for him. Joseph tumbled back onto the bed and took Aesop’s hand in his. Joseph pressed their foreheads together.

“The three of us and if we tried…” Joseph said softly. “A baby?” His large hand pressed against Aesop’s lower stomach. “Aesop…” Joseph’s eyes were wide. “Yes. But let’s get out of this first.”