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A Father's Care

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Blinking slowly, Silco's vision slowly cleared as the last of the ascetics wore off. Jinx, he thought, eyes moving up to focus on the operating table. Empty, he noted along with a rising panic.

Where is she? A dozen images of what might have happened filled his mind, drowning him. The sound of running water in the background was loud, almost too much to bear. His body twitched, as the numbness slowly left his muscles.

Half rising with unstead legs, a weight against his right leg brought his attention back down. And there he saw her, dosing peacefully with her head cushioned by his leg. "Jinx", he whispered with trembling lips and a waver in his voice. He felt the relief crash through him so strongly that he dropped back onto the chair. Silco sat there and breathed, letting the weight of his daughter comfort him and quiet his fears. 

Reaching down, he cupped her cheek, brushing his thumb under her eye before sliding his hand down to her neck. He felt her pulse beat with life, an added comfort to his still frayed nerves.

Jinx shifted before blinking up at him. "Hi," she whispered, her voice rough. How much did she scream? he wondered. 

"Does anywhere hurt", Silco asked as he moved his hand back to cup her cheek.

Shaking her head, Jinx remained quiet, just watching him. For this moment she was at peace. Earlier, the voices taunted her, tried to tell her to leave, that her sister betrayed her again; and filled with rage and a need for destruction she prepared to go, to seek revenge.

But then she saw Silco, her father in all but blood. He was sitting there, slumped over, looking small and all alone in the world with worry painted in every crease of his face. 



"You're alone Jinx" Mylo had whispered. But she wasn't, was she? "They always leave you", came another whisper. But, Silco had come for her, he had found her, took her from the bridge, brought her here. And there he sat.

Seeing him looking so tired and worried, all the rage left her, and the voices went quiet. This was her father, who would always come for her. So she stayed, sitting on the floor and leaning against him as she waited for him to wake up. 



Turning her head, Jinx pressed her cheek firmly against Silco's palm. "Thank you", her voice came as a whisper, "for coming for me".

"Always, my child," Silco responded. He was sure Jinx heard the quaver in his voice, but she didn't mention it. 

They sat there for a long while, work still needed to be done. They would need to have a talk about booms and setting them off so close, and the efforts to make Zaun independent needed to bear fruit. But all of that could wait.

After all, he had almost lost his daughter, his precious little girl. So there they would sit until they were both good and ready to return to the outside world.