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kiss me more (we got nothing to lose)

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“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!”


Wei Ying, always so bright and beautiful that he puts the sun to shame, calls out to him in that cheery voice that he usually uses when he’s curious about something. Something that Lan Wangji would always wonder how Wei Ying even thought of such a thing.


Oh how he wants to know what goes on in that pretty little head of his.


Of his Wei Ying (even though Wei Ying doesn't know that yet, no).




He hums in response after chewing on his sandwich.


They're currently in a cozy pancake place, eating brunch just outside of their university, Lan Wangji is wearing his usual white uniform for med students in campus, crisp, prim and proper, just like how the Lans taught him to be.


And Wei Ying is, well, he doesn't even bother to fix the buttons of his casual button up which gives Lan Wangji a view of his chest.


Lan Wangji wants to button it up because he can’t let other men see Wei Ying. Or he can keep it open but he has to have Lan Wangji’s marks on him, telling everyone that he’s claimed.


That no one else can touch him, can feel him, but Lan Wangji.


But he holds himself back, Wei Ying is still his best friend and he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and Lan Wangji will support him through and through.


“— Lan Zhan? Are you still there? Yoohoo?”


The med student looks down at his best friend, blinking down at him.


“I apologize, I spaced out.”


“Ah! It’s alright, see? I told you! Waking up early can make you feel like you want to doze off the whole day—”


Waking up early gives him time to touch himself to the thought of Wei Ying and continue on his usual routine without fail.


“No, I just thought of something. What were you going to say?”


“Ahh always so boring, my sweet Lan Zhan!”


My , Lan Wangji gets stuck at the word, ‘My’ followed by ‘Lan Zhan’. Wei Ying just called him his . And even though the more rational part of Lan Wangji’s brain tells him that Wei Ying does that to everyone else (he’s not sure, but he could be), the med student still feels his heart skip a beat.


Or maybe two.


“Anyways, I was just wondering if you have ever kissed anyone before? You know! Just for scientific and definitely research purposes!”


He blinks once. Twice. Wondering if Wei Ying is playing a prank on him, and he will let him, just like he always does.


Truthfully, yes, Lan Wangji has kissed someone else before, he kissed multiple people multiple times thinking that they are Wei Ying, even grunting Wei Ying’s name in the middle of it, and those people could do nothing about it.


Because he kisses them well.


He touches them well.


He fucks them well.


Enough that they're incoherent enough not to speak about it, not to complain about it, because that is the most warmth his dick could get without ravishing Wei Ying himself.


But Wei Ying doesn't have to know that.




He lies smoothly— one of the very few that he could tell Wei Ying because if Wei Ying finds out then he might as well just die.


His pure Wei Ying shouldn't be tainted by anyone else.


“Great! So you see I have the proposal to you, this is open for Lan Wangji only, Lan Zhan of the Lan Family, Lan Zhan who grew up in cold—”


“Just say what it is, Wei Ying.”


He cuts him short, only because he is also curious about what Wei Ying has to say.


“Right, right! Do you, perhaps, only if you want to, want to learn how to kiss from me?”






It takes Lan Wangji a second, or maybe even two when he hears that.






“Well, as you know, I am a very professional kisser! I’m actually the best! You know what they say about Scorpios right? Really good kissers, amazing kissers, amazing sex, great kissers!”


Lan Wangji sticks with the amazing sex part and stops himself from lingering too much because it’s Wei Ying. Wei Ying should not know (yet) about the feelings he harbors for him.


“A professional kisser?”


“Yep! A lot of the people I’ve kissed have told me that I’m the best!”


Lan Wangji is a little too distracted by the fact that Wei Ying has kissed other people that isn't him when he could have asked him, for Lan Wangji to see the mischievous glint in Wei Ying’s pretty, storm gray hues.


He kissed a lot of people, enough that he’s considered a professional.


He kissed them.


Wei Ying kissed other people.


His hands clenched into fists over his lap, taking a slow deep breath as to not haul and bend Wei Ying over the table, fuck him in public, and ask him who were the people he has kissed, where they live, and—




Wei Ying asked him if he could teach him.


“Lan Zhan? I was just j—”






Wei Ying asks, a little too surprised about Lan Wangji’s answer to the prank that he’s pulling— is it not a prank?


If it is, then didn't Wangji just set himself up to a 5 year worth of Wei Ying laughing at his misery?


“Will I get the honor of being your student, Wei-laoshi ?”


He adds, digging a deeper hole for himself. But the light flush on Wei Ying’s fair cheeks, and the way his beautiful gray eyes dilate at the nickname, doesn't miss Lan Wangji.


He’s always so pretty.


He places a gentle hand on Wei Ying’s cheek, thumbing across his skin, wondering how it’ll be like if he spreads his best friend’s legs apart, how his thighs would feel under Lan Wangji’s touch, the face he will make once he does.


Will Wei Ying be embarrassed?


Will he be sultry about it?


Will he be confident?


Is he still a virgin?


Wei Ying laughs nervously, but maybe it's because of how much Lan Wangji is looking at him.


“Ah— hahahah— if my Lan Zhan says so, I will be your teacher, because yes! I, Wei Wuxian from Yunmeng, am the best kisser! Yes, very professional, very great!”


“When can we start our classes, laoshi ?”


Lan Wangji asks patiently, hand traveling down the gentle curve of Wei Ying’s jaw, tracing it until his thumb reaches Wei Ying’s lower lip.


And, yes , they’re still inside the pancake place.


The med student’s golden eyes travel down Wei Ying’s Adam’s apple, seeing it bob once, twice, thrice, as if he's in a panic. But Lan Wangji is too occupied with wanting to get the feeling of other people’s lips on Wei Ying’s right now to even pull away.


“Anytime you want!”




“Mhm, anytime! Since it’s Lan Zhan, you have special classes with me!”






“Of course, Lan Zhan will always get Lan Zhan rights. You’re special that way.”


He hums, leaning in, touching Wei Ying’s plump lower lip.


“That’s good.”


“Good?” Wei Ying asks, a little confused.


“I want to learn how to kiss now .”


He sees a hint of panic in Wei Ying’s eyes, one of his small hands coming up to touch Lan Wangji’s wrist, looking up at him with those innocent eyes that has him in a chokehold.


He really can’t bring himself to look away.


“But we’re outside Lan Zhan,”


“I thought you said anytime? Was that a lie, Wei Ying? Or do I have to set a schedule with the professional?”


“Ah, no, no, no, of course not Lan Zhan! Anything for you! I was just worried because we’re in public and you don’t like PDA right?”


He nods his head, his Wei Ying has always been so kind, pure and innocent, so considerate of the people around him.


“Yes. Wei Ying is correct.”


“Then we should no—”


“We should go to my place then.”


Which is just a block away, he’s living in some sleek and expensive condo unit like most bachelors and college students that are his age do.


He stands up, calling the waitress for the bill of their meal and sticks a hundred dollar bill, way too much of what they actually ate and what they should pay for.


“Lan Zhan—”


He pulls Wei Ying by the wrist out of that restaurant, walking on the streets on the way to his unit because he /has/ to kiss Wei Ying.


He has to ruin Wei Ying for any other man.


He has to.


“Wei Ying.”


He stops when they're finally in front of the elevator and he snaps to reality, does Wei Ying want this?


As much as he wants Wei Ying, he can’t do anything against his will because he loves him. He’s in love with him. He can’t just ruin everything about them because he's too eager to remove another person’s presence on Wei Ying’s body.


He hears him squeak before muttering a nervous, “Lan Zhan?”


“Are you alright with this?”


“Of course!” The art student answers quickly, clinging on Lan Wangji’s arm, “I was the one who offered! I’ll teach you all you need to learn about kissing!”


“But do you want this?”


“I wouldn't have offered if I didn't, c’mon Lan Zhan. What if you have a crush and you don’t kiss them properly? What are they going to say? The great Lan Wangji couldn't even kiss properly!”


Which is something that Wei Wuxian will regret later on.


They enter the elevator and the first thing that Lan Wangji does is to step into Wei Ying’s personal space.


“Mn. Wei Ying is too kind, I appreciate your help.”


“So you do like someone?”


And he can’t lie about it, he looks at Wei Ying’s curious gray eyes with his intense golden ones, smiling down at him, fondly, looking at him with so much affection evident in his eyes.


“I do.”


There’s a flash of hurt that he didn't notice on Wei Ying’s face because he immediately covers it up with a smile.


“Then I should teach my eager student, Lan Zhan!”




Lan Wangji didn't really want things to be awkward so he does his usual routine when Wei Ying comes over his place, he prepares them a movie to watch, cooks them popcorn and makes Wei Ying spicy noodles because loves it.


Lan Wangji isn’t really fond of spicy things and he has terrible spice tolerance but he has a stock of spicy Korean noodles just for Wei Ying, even bottles of chili sauce and packets of chili flakes just for his best friend. There’s a part of his condo unit that’s a little bit messed up because it’s Wei Ying’s spot, but the med student doesn't really bother to clean it up because it’s Wei Ying’s Spot , it makes his place a little more homely.


A little more lived in.


It was during the time that he wanted to clean his place up because Wei Ying made a mess out of it after drunkenly knocking on his door, and he found himself not wanting to when he realized that he’s in love with his childhood best friend.


No matter how noisy he is. No matter how much of a pain (affectionate) he is to take care of. No matter how much polar opposites they actually are.


Because what would you call it when you crave for someone’s company so much that it starts to feel empty when they're not around? What else could you call it when your home doesn't really feel much like a home without the things that make it theirs , Lan Zhan and Wei Ying’s, instead of just Lan Wangji’s? When they’re not there? When any sign of their presence isn't there?


It’s scary to take the leap now. THE leap. But he’s already here, and the green monster inside him can’t really be contained at the thought of Wei Ying being with someone else, or of Wei Ying kissing someone else, because it could be him.


It should be him.


And the only time it couldn’t and shouldn’t be him is if Wei Ying genuinely does not want him around. If Wei Ying doesn’t want him anymore. If he is no use to Wei Ying.


“Lan Zhan! Do you have banana milk?”


“Yes, check the fridge, it’s near the box where the eggs are.”


“Okay, thank you Lan Zhan!”


He wants to keep Wei Ying like this, because he wants to take what Wei Ying will give him, but he also cannot settle with just this.


He wants more.


He wants Wei Ying.





The second Lan heir’s face is as impassive as ever, hiding the storm brewing inside him. He’s sitting stiffly, back straight as per usual, pressed against the soft cushions of the sofa as the sitcom ‘ How I Met Your Mother’ plays on the LED TVin the living room.


Lan Wangji has been long since used to awkwardness but he’s not used to it when it comes from Wei Ying. He suddenly wants to back out because his sunshine is being awkward around him and it’s terrible he—


“Can I teach you how to kiss now, Lan Zhan?”


Wei Ying asks him, a little shy, a little cautious, maybe trying to test the waters. And Lan Wangji cannot let Wei Ying know about his feelings right now, not now, he should stay calm, he should wait a little more at least until this episode ends, so he should make Wei Ying wait.


Make him wait. Make him want Lan Wangji. Do not sound too enthusiastic because Wei Ying will find out. He might be dense enough not to notice all these years but this is kissing , and sounding a little too enthusiastic, a little too excited will only make him look desperate.


Which he is.


But he shouldn't look like that in front of Wei Ying.




He answers, voice coming out a little gruff and enthusiastic for someone who has fucked hundreds before.


Plan 1 of staying calm, failed.

Plan 2 of making Wei Wuxian wait, also failed.


“Are you sure?”


Wei Ying asks, voice a little low. Still adorable, Lan Wangji thinks, taking a deep breath when the art student smiles up at him as if he knows what Lan Wangji is thinking, or what Lan Wangji is feeling.


Those gray eyes always seemed to pierce him after all.


“Yes. I am sure.”






Wei Ying finishes his banana milk, placing the box down on the center table then leaning in, closing in Lan Wangji’s personal space.


“You should close your eyes, Lan Zhan.”


He whispers, and Lan Wangji already knows what to do but he has to act the part of being the clueless best friend.




Then he feels a pair of soft lips against his, then Wei Ying’s fingers tracing the line of his jaw with lithe fingers, as if trying to commit everything to memory.


“I should… I should be teaching you.”


Wei Ying murmurs against his lips, and he doesn't sound shaky at all, he really does sound like some professional kisser and it makes Lan Wangji jealous because he's not Wei Ying’s first.


“But…?” Because it sounds like there’s a following but in there.


“But I find myself wanting to kiss that stubborn, impassive look on your face every time.”


Lan Wangji is overcome with the urge to kiss Wei Wuxian senseless, and if he weren't acting, then he would have done it by now.


His hands shake with the drive to touch Wei Ying, to give him more than just a kiss, kiss him until he's breathless, play with him like the guqin, say his name like he always does— only this time it leaves his mouth in a silky voice, a reverential moan, like Lan Wangji is pulling at the right strings.


But he doesn't want to take advantage of Wei Ying. It’s wrong. Wei Ying trusts him.


“Why wouldn't you do it then?”


He replies after a while of Wei Ying just pressing light, feathery kisses on his lips, on his chin, on his cheeks.


“Because this is the only time that you let me.”


“When have I ever said no to you?”


“It’s a line that we cannot—”


“As long as it is Wei Ying, I do not mind. I will always let you do what you want to do to me.”


He opens his eyes so he could look at Wei Ying’s pretty face, he wants to know how he looks after that small confession, does Wei Ying like it? Is he bothered by it? Should Lan Wangji take it back.




Wei Ying replies, hands carding through his dark locks.


Lan Wangji’s heart drops but he still asks, “Don’t what?” Just because he wants to hold onto the hope that he has a chance with Wei Ying.


“Don’t look at me like that.”


“Like what?”


“Like you want to kiss me, like you want me.”


Lan Wangji gazes upon the softness of Wei Ying’s delicately lovely face, and the dim glimmer of his silver eyes under the warm light of the living room.




Wei Ying truly is beautiful, and Lan Wangji is a slave to his beauty, to Wei Ying himself.


Should he tell him?

Will that be too obvious?

Is this a good time to confess?


“You are not wrong.”




“I want to kiss you,” he murmurs, reaching out to touch Wei Ying’s lower lip, “I want you.”




There's a hint of anxiety in Wei Ying’s voice and Lan Wangji, no matter how much he’s taught of self-control, couldn't really help himself anymore.


He wants Wei Ying.


He loves Wei Ying.


Wei Ying is everything to him.


He leans in to kiss Wei Ying with the hunger of a man who has never kissed the love of his life before, hand traveling down Wei Ying’s tiny waist, pulling him up to his lap so the artist could straddle the med student’s lap.


Recklessness will lead you nowhere, his uncle’s voice plays in his mind. But it’s funny how he could ignore and throw all of it away at the feeling of Wei Ying’s lips, of the sound that left those pretty lips.


“Lan Zhan— mmf—”


Lan Wangji wraps a thick arm around Wei Ying’s waist, pulling him closer, wanting him to feel just how much he’s wanted him, to pour all his feelings into that heated kiss, one that puts every other kiss that Lan Wangji has had to shame.


He kisses him hard. Hard enough for Wei Ying to let out a whimper, that wakes Lan Wangji up.




Fuck. Fuck.


He pulls away just a tad bit, inhaling roughly, “I apologize.”


“You don’t have to—”


“I couldn't stop myself,”


And damn it, fuck everything, Lan Wangji doesn't want to.


“Wei Ying, please tell me to stop.”


He murmurs against Wei Ying’s skin, planting open mouthed kisses on his neck.






He threads his fingers from behind Wei Ying’s head, pulling the red hair tie that’s holding his hair together.


“Because—” Wei Ying breathes heavily when Lan Wangji leaves a mark just beside his Adam’s apple, “Because I want you— I want you too—”




“Lan Zhan I want you, I want every bit of you, I need you, I want you to only look at me, just me, so please—” Wei Ying almost tears up, “For the love of all things, of God if he even exists but I doubt that he does but Aliens might be real— please don’t fucking stop.”










The sweetest person to ever live.


Wei Ying is every single good thing in this world and Lan Wangji is someone who is willing to give him everything, so who is he to say no to Wei Ying?


He caresses his cheek, angling his head in a position that would allow him to give him a deeper, more passionate kiss, pulling Wei Ying’s body so close to his that there’s barely any space between them.


He brings Wei Ying down the couch, unbuttoning that messy dress shirt and finally, finally leaving a mark on that unmarked chest, pinning Wei Ying’s wrists on top of his head while he does so.


Fuck ,” he breathes out, mouth traveling down towards one of Wei Ying’s already perky nipples, rosy and fat, as if it’s begging to be sucked, “ S’fucking pretty.


“Lan Zhan—”


He closes his mouth around the pert bud, letting go of Wei Ying’s wrists to tug and play with Wei Ying’s other nipple while he’s lapping his tongue over the other.


“Lan Zhan— oh— oh fuck— Lan Zhan—”


He swiftly takes Wei Ying’s clothes off, everything from down below, leaving him in his white dress shirt that only makes him look more alluring to Lan Wangji as he played with his buds.


Wei Ying’s tiny cock is already leaking so much pre-cum that Lan Wangji has the huge urge to touch him— which he does, it’s so small that it’s only around half of his hand, pumping it slowly.


“Ah— too much— oh, oh God fuck— fuck me—”


“My name is Lan Wangji.”


Wei Ying looks at him in disbelief, but he only sucks on his nipple harder, golden eyes never leaving those watery gray ones as he moves his hand, and touches Wei Ying until he’s all sticky and wet.


“N-not funny—”




Lan Wangji’s cock is so hard that he feels like it could cut steel, he cants his hips forward, erection rubbing against Wei Ying’s own sticky mess.




“You’re just small .”


Then Wei Ying retaliates by reaching out to his clothed cock, zipping down his zipper and kneading at it like some kind of stress ball.


Shit .”


“I’ll— I’ll tell your uncle that— that you cuss—”


“Will you also tell him that I’m planning to spear you open with my cock? That I’m planning to fill you with my cum? That I’m going to fuck you pregnant ?”


“La—Lan Zhan—”


He shoves his fingers down Wei Ying’s mouth before his fingers reach down his hole, tracing the puffy ring before he breaches it, making Wei Ying let out a choked gasp.


“Ah— ah—”




“C— can’t”


“Baby,” he whispers, knowing how much Wei Ying wants to be babied, going back up to place a soft kiss on Wei Ying’s lips, “How are you going to take my cock if you can handle my finger?”


“Lan Zhan— Lan Zhan—”


He thrusts his finger inside, Wei Ying takes a couple of deep breaths before he completely relaxes, chasing after Lan Wangji’s lips.


“More— kiss, kiss me more Lan Zhan—”


Lan Wangji only does when he spears in another finger, muffling Wei Ying’s moan with his mouth.






He scissors his hole open, adding another one and curling it inside, making Wei Ying cry out his name, tearing up and even coming undone then and there.


But Lan Wangji doesn't stop.




He wouldn’t, not until he fills Wei Ying up, spread on the floor, leaking with Lan Wangji’s seed. He wonders if his little Wei Ying would break, if he could get him to that point.


“You came.” Lan Wangji’s voice comes out silky, a bit dangerous.


Wei Ying shakes his head helplessly, as if embarrassed that he did in front of Lan Wangji, basing it on the redness of his cheeks and the tears streaming down his face.


“You’re so much more beautiful when you do,”


He whispers, laying Wei Ying down properly on the cushioned seats, spreading his legs and looking at his puffy and abused hole with three of Lan Wangji’s fingers still inside it.


“The prettiest slut .”


“I— I’m not—”


“Then how would you explain this?” He curls his fingers inside again, pressing on Wei Ying’s prostate.


“Ah— mhn—”


“Your cunt doesn't want to let go of my fingers, A-Ying. Just like a proper whore.”


“No— no— I— I’m not—”


“You’re not?”


Then Wei Ying cries, hands clutching on Lan Wangji’s shirt, messing it up, as if he's begging him that he’s the goodest boy to ever exist.


“This— this is my first time—”


Oh fuck.


“I— I’m sorry Lan Zhan— I lied— I never, I never kissed anyone before, I just— I was just joking and then, and then you said yes and I didn't want to disappoint you and I wanted to kiss you—”


Lan Wangji takes another deep inhale, pressing a soft kiss on Wei Ying’s sweaty forehead.


“Me too,”


“W— wha—?”


“I lied too, this isn’t my first time, nor have I not kissed anyone before.”


Lan Wangji takes his cock out of his trousers, pumping it once, twice, it doesn't help his raging erection that Wei Ying looks so bullied because it’s only pushing him to the limits of his restraints.


“But only because I couldn’t kiss you.”


“Lan Zhan— cock— I, I want your cock—”


Then he snaps.


Pushing in his length inside Wei Ying’s tight heat, bringing his legs up his shoulders and thrusting inside, letting out a growl that’s more animal than human because he wanted this for so long. He just rammed inside like a depraved animal, all of his willpower gone just because of three words.


“Ah— Lan— Lan Zhan—!”


Wei Ying screams, digging his nails into his back, moaning and crying and whimpering.


“So big— my— my Lan-er gege— so— so big, too big—”


Lan Wangji only returns the favor by grunting in Wei Ying’s ear, biting and licking his lobe, keeping his fair legs spread open as he fucks into him.


“Your,” he starts, “pussy is so tight, Wei Ying.”


Wei Ying clenches around his cock so tight, if he were any less experienced then he would have already shot his load inside him.


“Do you like it?” He says with a hint of mockery lacing his voice, “When I call your hole pussy ?”


“Fuck— fuck— shit—”


Wei Ying’s heat is so dizzying, it makes him want to cum but he doesn’t.


He wants to savor all of this because if this is a dream, then he might as well take everything he can, he’s gonna make the most out of it.


“Look at you,” he voices out silkily, letting out a deranged laugh as he runs his fingers through his damp hair because of sweat, fucking inside Wei Ying while the art student cried incoherently under him. He presses on the bulge that his cock makes every time he thrusts inside, “You have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked, Wei Ying. So fucking wet too.”


Lan Wangji only massages the part of Wei Ying’s belly that distends with every thrust, like he’s planning to actually put a baby inside Wei Wuxian.


He fucks into him like he wants to bruise him, leaving Wei Ying crying and scrambling for purchase.


“Holy shit,” he mutters, and his ancestors will definitely kill him for cursing so much and out loud in just a span of a day.


But how could he not?


Wei Ying’s ass is the best, it jiggles with every thrust, he tightens with every word, he’s so sensitive that Lan Wangji couldn't help but leave him bites and marks that reeks of possession, of dominance.


His golden eyes are lined with a thin ring of black when Wei Ying clamps down on his thick cock, cumming untouched.


“Wei Ying,” he grunts out.


Lan Wangji is nearing the end of his own high as well, thrusting hard and fast, leaving no room for Wei Ying to breathe, catching his lips with his when he reaches his own climax, pumping his seed inside Wei Ying’s abused hole.


“I love you,”


He says before Wei Ying blacks out.




Lan Wangji is panicking while cleaning the passed out Wei Ying up, the plan was to confess, to kiss him, and then maybe fuck him after confessing and Wei Ying agreed.


But that’s in shambles now because he skipped step 1 and brought it to the last step and now he doesn't know what to do as he waits for Wei Ying to wake up, dressed in one of Lan Wangji’s shirt after Lan Wangji wiped him down and gave him a quick shower while Wei Ying is asleep in the bathtub.


“Hn…” Wei Ying grunts, and Lan Wangji, despite his anxious state, still thinks that it’s the cutest grunt that he’s ever heard in his life.


He wipes the drool off Wei Ying’s mouth, caressing his cheek while also being careful not to wake him up.




A second passes. Or maybe even a minute.


“Lan… Lan Zhan?”


Wei Ying slowly blinks his eyes open, looking at Lan Wangji with those sleepy gray hues that has him breathless and speechless every time.


“Yes, it is I.”


Stupid. Stupid Lan Wangji.


Wei Ying lets out a soft laugh, “I love you too.”




“Hey, I said I love you too. You think I didn't hear you after that?”




He’s anxious, not because he fucked everything up but because a part of him knows that Wei Ying doesn't mean it the way that he wants him to. But he has to clear it up now, unless he wants more misunderstandings between them in the future.


“I did not mean it like that.”


“Then what did ya mean by it?”


“I love you. As in,” he takes a deep breath, swallowing his anxiety, “I’ve been in love with you for years now. I want to be beside you all the time, I want to be your best friend and your partner, romantically, and I will continue loving you, regardless of your answer.”


Wei Ying looks a little too stunned to speak, and Lan Wangji couldn't help it but think that Wei Ying is glowing.


After sex glow? He wonders like the deranged man he is.


“Are you actually stupid, Lan Zhan?”




“You think I’ll just let you fuck me if I don’t feel the same?”








“I’m going to count to three and if you don’t kiss me I’ll hate you for the rest of our lives and I’ll take back what I just said—”


Lan Wangji has never leaned in so fast, never moved so fast and caught someone’s lips as quickly as he did at that very moment, caressing Wei Ying’s cheek.


“I’m in love with you, Wei Ying.”


“Lan Zhan,”




“Will you kiss me more?”