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Third Times a Charm

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This was starting to become quite the occurrence now, and by this, Kate meant sneaking into Yelena’s hotel room at an ungodly hour.


Tonight marks three times in the space of a month.


Ever since Clint made it abundantly clear that he was working solo from now on, Kate had been out doing her own thing nearly every night.


Of course she tried to reason with Clint, she had spent two whole weeks trying to convince him to let her continue working with him, that she was an adult who was perfectly capable of handling herself. He still wasn’t budging.


But just one week with Clint was enough to get Kate high on the buzz from fighting any New York vigilante she could sink an arrow into and she didn’t want to stop.


So she didn’t.


She’d always been reckless, something about daddy issues or whatever her high school counsellor had said. And now she had a bad case of mommy issues to add to it, thanks to Eleanor, well, putting a hit out on the guy Kate had spent her entire life trying to be. That, and being involved in a whole bunch of other shady shit.


But here Kate is, knocking on the glass window of what she hopes is the right hotel room, waiting to see the only person she can really think of.


With Clint back with his family and her mother in jail, it was really just Kate now.


Well, Kate and Pizza Dog.


Kate figured no amount of Pizza could convince the dog to magically turn into a doctor and help tend her wounds every now and again.


The archer looked up from the ledge the moment she heard the blinds being pulled up from the window, revealing a tired looking Yelena on the other side.


The archer pulled what she thought was a toothy grin, that came out more as a grimace.



“Kate Bishop, do you have any idea what time it is?” Came the thick russian accent, slightly muffled by the window.


Pulling herself up and over onto the ledge fully, Kate made her way through the window and jumped down into Yelena’s hotel room, groaning as she hit the floor.


“You know for a room that’s only one floor from the ground it really takes it outta you to climb into.” Kate panted, her right hand holding her side, trying to catch her breath.


Yelena just rolled her eyes, making her way over to the archer and placing an arm around her shoulders, guiding her over to the couch.


“Whatever happened to you taking the stairs?.” Yelena asked lightheartedly.


The blonde couldn’t remember a time where she didn’t chuckle to herself at the sight of Kate running back up several flights of stairs after getting kicked down from the rooftop that night a month ago.


In fact most things Kate did were just really funny to Yelena. She’s honestly considered bugging her apartment purely for entertainment value, she’d pay to watch a day in the life of Kate Bishop any day. And as funny as she thought it would be, she knew she had to have some boundaries so she talked herself out of it. Only just.


It wasn’t until she had Kate led on the couch that she figured out why she probably didn’t take the stairs. There was blood, a lot of it. Something the hotel staff definitely would’ve flagged her up on.


“Errrr, Kate? Where exactly is that blood coming from?.” Yelena asked, her hand already on the zip of the archers purple jacket ready to be pulled down.


It’s been three times now. Three times Kate had shown up at Yelena’s room needing medical attention, though this is by far the worst yet.


The first two times were just minor cuts on the face and a few bruised ribs. There was never much blood before now.


The Russian had been pleasantly surprised when Kate Bishop first showed up in her room, that time actually using the door, well, pick locking the door but hey she still used the door nonetheless.


She had stumbled on in like she owned the place, dropping her bow and quiver near the door and making her way into her bathroom in hopes of finding medical supplies.


Once successfully finding a small first aid kit after a few minutes of searching, she walked back into the main room and threw it right at Yelena’s chest. “Look, the only two people who patched me up are now out of my life and I just spent 30 minutes trying to tape one cut on my forehead, and technically you owe me one for throwing me off that roof that one time and then breaking into my apartment-“ Yelena was kind of impressed that even clearly shaken up with cuts scattered across her face, Kate Bishop could ramble like she had just drank 4 cups of coffee.


And yeah, Yelena kinda did owe her for throwing her off the rooftop that one time, and then breaking into her apartment, and okay maybe she did have a soft spot for the archer, she blames it on the whole ‘jumping into traffic to save a dogs life’ thing, because honestly, who wouldn’t crush on a girl after hearing that.


She’s only human.


The second time Kate came to Yelena’s hotel room, she actually knocked, and by knocked, Yelena means the archer’s body fell against the wooden door, knocking on it in the process. She knew this because as soon as she swung the door open she had to drop the tub of ice cream she had been working her way into, onto the floor just so she could catch Kate’s tumbling body before she hit the floor.


She cleaned up both Kate, and her floor that night.


A muffled groan brought Yelena back to the present, Kate’s left knuckles now being bitten down into by pearly white teeth trying to muffle her moans.


“Okay, Okay. Stay here a second Kate, I will be back.” Yelena quickly darted into the bathroom to grab the first aid kit under the sink. She made a mental note to ask the hotel staff for a new one, she only had few of the good stuff left thanks to both Kate and herself.


Maybe they both needed to try different professions.


Making her way back over to the archer, she pulled her out her fist from between her teeth and then made a move to pull down the zipper of Kate’s purple jacket, only to be stopped by the same hand that was in Kate’s mouth a moment ago.


“Is this going to hurt?.” Kate whined.


“It’s just a zipper, Kate. You americans are always so dramatic.” Yelena replied seriously.


“No, I know that. I mean the other part, stupid.” The Archer bit back.


Before answering, Yelena yanked down the zipper and pulled the jacket off the girls shoulders in what seemed to be a quick flash.


“You really want to call me stupid when you’re bleeding all over my couch, Kate Bishop?.” The Russian raised her eyebrow.


Kate didn’t have an answer for that, or if she did, she didn’t voice it. Yelena was kind of right, although a small part of Kate really enjoyed going back and forth with the blonde. They kept each other on their toes.


Looking down at herself, Kate could see a big stain of red on her white band t-shirt.


It’s her own fault really, she should know by now that wearing white plus crime fighting equals very dirty laundry. Maybe she should just buy crappy band merch, that’s one thing she wouldn’t mind getting blood over.


Kate chuckled to herself at the thought.


“What’s so funny?.” Yelena asked, eyes glued to the blood on the archers shirt.


“Just thinking of investing in some Imagine Dragons merch to get blood all over next time.” Kate reached down, pulling the bottom of her shirt up ready to expose the wound to the Russian.


“Hey I like Imagine Dragons-“ Yelena gets out before Kate bursts out laughing.


“What? they have that one good song, contaminated.”


“Radioactive.” Kate corrects.


“What?.” Yelena asks, confused.


“The song is called Radioactive.” Kate says with a smirk.


She’s gotta admit this a good distraction from the pain, even if Yelena did just lose a few cool points for liking Imagine Dragons.


“Okay, whatever. They’re not that big in Russia.” Yelena grumbles, pulling out a bottle of antiseptic and dabbing it on some cotton balls.


“I don’t think they’re big anywhere that isn’t America.” Kate mumbles out, slowly pulling her shirt off over her head, thanking the lord she put a bra on today.


Yelena was kneeling on the floor in front of Kate, making sure the cotton balls were covered in the right amount of antiseptic, tongue between her teeth in concentration, when a thought struck Kate.


Yelena was alone too. All alone, completely new to New York City, and she had not so long ago found out about her sister.


Who was there to take care of Yelena when she came home covered in scratches? Kate guessed if she voiced this to the blonde, all she’d get in reply is some kind of variation on how she doesn’t get hit. It still wasn’t fair though. Everyone needed someone, especially Yelena.


Kate was going to fix that.


But first, she needed fixing. And fast.


Yelena crawled in between both Kate’s legs that were dangling from the couch, and placed both hands on the archers thighs so she could lean forward and get a better look what kind of wound she was dealing with.


It’s wasn’t as bad as it looked, just a slash across her ribcage, it was deep but not deep enough for Yelena to really worry.


She knew Kate could handle herself, had seen her first hand, had fought her first hand. And yeah Yelena sure as hell kicked her ass, but that doesn’t mean Kate couldn’t pack a mean kick. She’d never tell her that though.


Taking the cotton ball in her hand, Yelena reached up to gently dab it around the cut, her other hand gently rubbing small circles on Kate’s thigh in comfort. It wasn’t until Kate hissed and reached out to still her hand that Yelena realised she was doing it.


“Sorry.” The Russian mumbled, and went to pull her hand away.


“No no, it’s not that. It just hurts so fuckin’ much,” Kate gritted out. “Needed somethin’ to squeeze. She made her point by flipping over Yelena’s palm and squeezing her hand into hers.


Yelena didn’t say anything. She couldn’t think of anything to say at all, nothing that would be fitting for this moment anyway.


The Russian continued to wipe the cut until she was satisfied it was clean enough to be bandaged up, ready so Kate could be on her merry way.


“How did you do this one tonight then, Kate Bishop?.” Yelena questioned as she dug around the first aid kit until she found a big enough gauze.


It was beginning to become their routine now, each step the same every time. Kate would find a way to disturb Yelena from her sleep, announce she was in need of medical attention, receive said medical attention and then Kate would reward her by telling the very embarrassing stories on how she even got injured in the first place.


This one though, Kate knew was going to truly be the cherry on top.


She could always lie to Yelena, make it seem like she’s way cooler than she actually is, only she’s too tired from bleeding out to even think of some heroic bullshit so she might as well rip the bandaid off, so to speak.


“Irescuedacatfromatree.” Kate rushed out, eyes closed. Too embarrassed to see Yelena’s reaction.


“I’m sorry what? I do not understand gibberish.” Yelena totally understood her, Kate didn’t need to know that though.


“I saved a cat. From a tree.” Kate said slowly this time. The archer opened her eyes and saw Yelena smirking up at her from her position down between her legs.




“And this cat scratched you to say thank you?,” Yelena says in mock horror, hand dramatically against her chest. “I knew I never liked them for a reason. Such ungrateful creatures.”


Kate knew the Russian was doing a bit. She had to admit it was doing wonders to help forget why she was even embarrassed about it in the first place. Well until she remembered she should probably elaborate on how she managed to almost bleed out.


“I, ugh, I fell and a branch cut me on my way down.” Kate finished, her forehead now resting in her palms.


All pain forgotten until Yelena placed the gauze over her cut and pressed down, quickly tapping it to her skin, making sure it would stay in place securely.


“I can’t believe I have been worrying about you when all you have been doing is saving animals from tree’s and cars.” Yelena murmured like it was nothing. Like she didn’t just admit to Kate she had been worrying about her for the last few weeks, worrying about her since the first time she showed up at Yelena’s hotel room.



“You should see the other guy. Well tree, carved a big ‘Fuck you’ into it with an arrowhead.” Now this Kate could do, the whole avoiding feelings thing.


Kate had known for a while now her feelings towards the blonde weren’t completely platonic. That they weren’t just playing the occasional game of patient/doctor. She had wanted something to happen between the two of them the moment the Russian had teased her about having only one fork. And yeah maybe when Yelena admitted she was here to kill Clint, Kate’s mind ran wild with some very interesting ways to try and convince the assassin to maybe not murder her mentor/friend/hero.


“I like you Kate Bishop, even when you do get blood all over my couch.” Yelena chuckled, breaking Kate’s thoughts.


“Oh this isn’t blood,” Kate pointed at the red stain next to her. “This is wine from the last time I was here.”


“You got wine on my couch?.” Yelena screeched. How had she not noticed it before?


“Okay, one, technically it’s the hotel’s couch,” Kate pointed out “and two, it happened when you were wrapping cling film around my bruised ribs like a packed lunch two weeks ago.”


“Whatever, Smartass. How is your cut feeling? All better?” The blonde asked while packing away the first kit, planning on leaving it on the kitchen counter, ready for Kate’s next visit.


“Eh, maybe if you kissed it better,” Kate shrugged, way too tired to even really register what she was saying anymore.


Placing the first aid kit back on the floor, Yelena looked right up at Kate, still on her knees between the archers legs, she leaned in until she was a few centimetres away from Kate’s ribcage. Not breaking any eye contact she placed her lips on the soft white cotton covering the cut.


“There.” Was all Yelena said, still looking up into Kate’s eyes. Her heartbeat ringing in her ears, an intense rhythm she hadn’t heard before. A rhythm that was clearly only made for Kate.


“I think I hurt my lip on a twig.” Kate whispered down to the Russian, hands moving towards her shoulders, running up her neck, sliding into blonde hair and pulling her upwards.


Yelena, for the first time in a while, allowed her movements to be directed by somebody else, she let herself be pulled up until she was hovering over Kate, both hands placed on the back of the couch now, not knowing what to do with them.


Kate, looking up into the deep depths of Yelena’s brown eyes and bit down on her own lip until she could taste blood on her tongue. 


“See? it hurts pretty badly.” Kate pouted, an innocent look on her face like she didn’t just draw blood from her own lips mere seconds ago. 


“Well we can’t have that, can we, Kate Bishop?” Yelena gave in and moved her left hand from the back of the couch and slide it into the dark strands of Kate’s hair and pulled her forward until they were a breath away. 


Kate couldn’t take it any longer and learned forward, the cut on her ribs burning again from the sudden movement, only this time she couldn’t care less. 


Their lips crashed together in what started as a messy, needy kiss. Both girls clearly had wanted this to happen for a while now, not quite believing it was finally happening.


It wasn’t until Kate gasped into the kiss that Yelena realised it was actually real and so she slowed down the pace, she didn’t have to rush this, this wasn’t like one of the many dreams her alarm had rudely interrupted. 


The kiss was slow now, they finally found a rhythm they were both comfortable following. Neither knew whose tongue entered whose mouth first they just went with it like they’d been doing it for forever.


After a few moments they finally pulled apart, Kate placing small kisses on Yelena’s jawline as she moved her head to look up at the Russian. 


“Go grab a fork. I think you’ve been in this hotel long enough and luckily for you, I know a girl with a Pizza dog and a couch to crash on.” 


Kate had never seen Yelena move fast enough.