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“So, is it just your wrists, or do you—uh—shoot webs from…anywhere else?” The young kid asked looking over at the other two with an intrigued grin.

Peter bit his lip to keep his own grin from spreading across his face, busying himself with working on the cure for Dr Connors while he waited for Parker (they’d agreed it would make it easier to call each other that) to answer the question.

Parker looked startled for a second at the question, and his eyes narrowed slightly as if wondering how to answer it, or maybe why anyone would want to know; but then he smiled softly as he realised that of course, of course one of them would ask him. Being curious about science is kind of another thing that ‘they do’.

“Uh, no—”

The kid pouted in obvious science-nerd disappointment, before offering an easy smile and scrabbling away to go speak to Ned and MJ, throwing an “Okay, cool, thanks, sir!” over his shoulder.

“—not really.” Parker finished with a huff of amusement as the kid isn’t even around to hear the end of his answer. Peter hears it though, and he is I N T R I G U E D.

What the fuck did not really mean? Like surely, you either blasted webs out of other parts of your body, or you didn’t, right? Like, he couldn’t half-blast them? He snorted internally at his thoughts. He was not asking Parker if he half-blasted. There’s no way that question could be asked with a straight face, and the older man probably already sees him as a disaster who just inspires people to throw bread at him (not that he’d seen that weirdness happen, but he’s sure he gives off that kind of ‘throw bread at me’ energy anyway, because compared to the other two Peter Parkers, he’s kinda lame), so he did not want to add to it.

Not on purpose anyway.

“What does that mean?” He muttered out of the corner of his mouth so as not to pull the kid away from his friends.

Parker chuckled and the tips of his ears went a delicious pink, and oh god, is it a sex thing? Does he shoot webs out of somewhere sexy? Does he want to actually know the answer to these questions? (Spoiler: of course he does, and not just because he’s a scientist or because the other guy is a Peter Parker like him. It’s mainly to do with the fact that Peter finds Parker really fucking hot no matter how much he tries to stamp that thought down).

The older man doesn’t look like he’ll say anything though, and as Peter sees his blue eyes flick towards the three teenagers huddled together in the corner, and sees that both his and Parker’s experiments can’t do anymore for now; he makes a decision.

His chair scrapes across the floor as he pushed it back, and the young kid looks over at them with a confused furrow on his brow. “Uh—we’re gonna go… look around. Can’t do much more for now. You stay here, kid—we’ll be back. Heh, do they still have The Terminator here?”

“Is that one of those old movies that Mr Stark would’ve watched?”

“Oh jeez, kid. You’re killing me here. Yeah, we’re gonna…go. Be back in a bit.” He grabbed the sleeve of Parker’s lab coat and then rushed out of the room dragging him with him. He knows Parker had the strength to not move if he didn’t want to, so he throws a smile at him as his eyes dart around the corridors working out where to go before he spots the teacher’s lounge.

Opening (oh more like breaking the handle so it actually opens, oops?) the door, he let go of Parker’s arm and closed the door again once the older man had walked into the room. He webbed the door shut because he has a feeling they won’t want anyone interrupting this conversation (their tingle will tell them if danger is around, so they’re fine on that front, and they don’t plan on going after the guys until later later anyway).

“So, uh, wanna tell me what made your ears go all cute and pink back there?”

Parker huffed out a laugh. “You really wanna know, huh?”

“Ummm, yes please. Unless, you don’t—wanna, I mean—unless it’s uncomfortable for you, or… like you don’t actually want to.” He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, then pulled his lab coat off, as he suddenly felt slightly warm. “I wouldn’t make you do anything you don’t wanna do, it’s just, I’m—like I have to make my own webs, and I’m a scientist, and you’re you—who’s like really attractive by the way, like I’m not sure that’s fair that you get to be that hot—anyway, yeah I just…wanted…if you wanna?”

Parker looked at him in fond amusement as the words spilled from his mouth with no way of stopping them unless he webbed his own mouth shut (don’t go there thoughts, we don’t have time to explore that kink right now). He took his own lap coat off and folded it up neatly to place on the coffee table, before he plopped himself down on the sofa and sighed. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but try not to look at me weird after yeah?”

“Never.” Peter swore, before scurrying to sit next to him. He could feel the heat radiating off him, and he had to stop himself shuffling closer so he could nuzzle up against him and bask in his heat like a cat in a sun beam.

“So, like, it’s not that I shoot webs in that sense, it’s just—”

“It is a sex thing!” Parker look at him with a raised eyebrow at the interruption. Peter looked appropriately chastised and held up his hand. “Sorry, sorry. Carry on….please?”

Parker just rolled his eyes, but he was smiling. “—yeah, it’s a sex thing as you put it.” He took a deep breath as if deciding to just go for it, and then looking deep into Peter’s eyes—bright blue meeting chocolatey brown—he let it all out. “It never used to happen when I first got my powers, so I managed to lose my virginity and everything, but I guess it came in when I….matured? maybe. I was jerking off one day—”

“As is your right.” He said, because he couldn’t not say anything, and the thought of Parker touching himself was too powerful for his brain to handle and be able to control his mouth at the same time.

“—Thanks, I think? So, I was touching myself, and then I…came… like I normally do, but whereas before it had been the normal amount of sticky, this time it was like really sticky. Like really sticky sticky. Like it wasn’t web-like exactly, but it definitely clung to my hand more than it used to.”

“Oh wow, so like if it was in…something—“ His voice sort of squeaked at the thought of the older man’s dick in something (something, not someone, not you, stop thinking). “—then it stayed in there for a while, huh? Like it didn’t….drip…out? God, what a conversation we’re having.”

“Hey, you started it.”

“Technically the kid started it.” He grinned at Parker rolling his eyes again. “I just re-started it again.”

“I’m still blaming you—” Peter nodded because that was fair. “—and yeah, like I tried it out—not with a person, because I wasn’t explaining that to anyone, and MJ—my MJ—she’d moved on with someone else by that point, so I did the only thing I could, just to test it.”



Man, they really were nerds. He rather loved that about them.

“I uh got a toy that I could fuck—” Peter felt a shiver go through him as the swear word rolled of Parker’s lips so enticingly. This was dangerous territory, it really was…. but his tingle wasn’t going off. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, but other than that and the very real possibility that Parker was going to notice soon that his dick is also very involved in this conversation, there wasn’t actually any danger to be had. “—and I fucked it, obviously. My—uh—come stayed in it for hours, only dripped out intermittently. And I—”

“There’s something else?” Jesus fuck, did he have to sound so eager?

“Yeah, I didn’t get a chance to look for a while, because well, when I came I got sort of….stuck?...for about ten minutes.”

“Stuck? Like how?”

Parker closed his eyes briefly, like he wondered how he’d ever gotten to the point where he was discussing this, but then his eyes fluttered open again, and he scrubbed at his face as if he could wash away the blush staining his cheeks. “Like, my dick expanded at the base keeping me inside the toy, until it deflated again.”

Peter looked at him with wide eyes, because holy fuck that sounded good. No! that wasn’t what he was meant to think. Focus. “Holy fuck, you can knot people?!”

“Well, I mean I’ve—never—no one—I’ve not had sex with anyone since I found out.”

“Well that’s a tragedy.” Parker looked at him with sharp eyes, and oh shit, he’d said that out loud. Oh well, might as well double down. “What? It is. I’m sure there’s someone out there who’d be thrilled to get to experience all that.”

“Oh yeah?” Parker asked with a disbelieving huff. “Who?”

“Uh, me for one.” Peter slapped his hand over his mouth, because oh fuck, he’d just said that out loud too. His mouth really was going to get him in trouble one day.

“Really? You’d happily let me fuck you knowing that at the end I’d be stuck inside you for at least ten minutes, and once it’s over you’d feel my come inside you for hours?”

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

How was he supposed to deal with Parker looking at him like that—looking like that too—and talking about his stupid sexy strange spider dick, and not combust on the spot?

“Y—Yes.” He squeaked out. “—I mean, yes. I would happily let you do that.”

Parker sat in silence for a minute, looking at him with an indecipherable look on his handsome face, before he smiled at him—just enough to make the cute little dimple on his chin wiggle slightly—and he nodded.


Okay? Okay?! What did that mean? Okay, he knew what the word meant, but did that mean Parker was actually going to fuck him? Like now?

“What you mean…. now?”

Parker looked at his wide eyes and then his gaze travelled down his lithe body to rest on his crotch where his dick was trying its best to punch a hole through his suit, and he swallowed loudly, because having the older man look at him like that—with interest and arousal in his gaze—was making it hard (pun intended) to think about anything other than getting naked.

“I mean, we’ve got nothing else to do…and you seem…up for it.” He smirked at the last bit, and Peter huffed, because yeah he was up for it. Very clearly up for it. He’d just never thought this would be a possibility when he’d dragged them in here. He’s kinda glad he had the foresight to web the door locked.

“Okay, sure. Yeah, let’s do this.” He stood up suddenly, and started tugging at his suit to get it off. He had it so it bunched around his hips when Parker grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto his lap. Peter opened his mouth to ask what the problem was, when he suddenly had soft—really soft—lips on his own, and a wet tongue licking into his mouth.


It had been a long time since he’d kissed someone. Since Gwen.

It was nice. He could feel the slight rasp of stubble under his hand as he cupped Parker’s cheek; holding onto the other man’s shoulder for balance as he straddled his lap. For some reason he hadn’t thought kissing would be on the menu. Having Parker’s dick stuffed in his hole and seeing what it felt like as it expanded inside him (Jesus Fucking Christ that was never not going to be hot to think about), that he thought about with no problem. Kissing though? That seemed all the more dangerous to his equilibrium and his ability to deal with everything that was going on, and yet as Parker traced the contours of his mouth with his tongue and sipped gently at his lips, it just felt dangerously right.

Peter purred (Fuck, he really was rather cat-like wasn’t he?) when he felt Parker smooth his hands over the expanse of his back; mapping the ridges of his spine and the freckles on his skin with the soft pads of his fingers. He could feel the tiny, little fuzzy hairs on his fingers grazing his skin, and he knows that’s not normal, but it’s kinda normal for them, and he really fucking likes it. He rolled his hips as Parker cupped the back of his head, spearing his fingers through his hair as he practically devoured his mouth, and he gasped against his spit-slick lips as he felt the older man’s hard cock pressing against his own.

For some reason he’d been an idiot, and thought he was the only one really into this. Apparently not.

Apparently, Parker was very into it. And oh boy, Peter couldn’t wait to have that long, hard length inside him. His hole clenched just thinking about it.

“Okay, I need to finish getting naked, and you need to—to—get that cock out from inside your clothes so I can ride it… like right now.”

Parker chuckled at his enthusiasm, but didn’t object. Peter climbed off his lap and wiggled out of his shoes and the rest of his clothes until he was stood in a fucking teacher’s lounge stark-bollock naked. Before he could get embarrassed, he looked at Parker who was sat on the sofa with his jeans and bottom half of his Spidey suit pulled down to his knees, his cock standing up from a thatch of dark, wiry curls, and pink and glistening with pre-cum at the tip, and he thought….

Well, he tried to think, but his brain went all fuzzy and staticky with arousal, and so he just licked his lips, and climbed back onto Parker like he was a pony he very much wanted to ride. He pressed his lips to Parker’s again because now that they’d kissed, he wanted to do that as much as possible before this was all over.

Parker nipped his bottom lip and then pulled back slightly. He cupped Peter’s ass with one hand—squeezing it in a proprietary fashion that Peter found he really liked—and with the other, he traced Peter’s lips with two fingers, before pushing them into his mouth.

“Suck these for me would you, honey? Get them all wet for me, yeah?”

Peter couldn’t find the words to respond. Even if he didn’t have the older man’s fingers pressing down on his tongue, making him feel the weight of them in his mouth that was very quicky flooding with saliva at the thought of them being stuffed inside his ass and stretching him. Even if he wasn’t sucking on Parker’s fingers with such enthusiasm he nearly choked on them, and with spit dripping down his chin, even without all that…he wouldn’t have been able to speak.

Parker was making him act all fuck-stupid and they hadn’t even got to the actual fucking part yet. It was just that Peter’s brain wasn’t equipped to deal with the gorgeous man in front of him, whispering those dirty words to him in a soft voice that rasped against his ears deliciously. His brain cells—and he actually had many…usually—were dribbling out his ears, and all his focus was pooling towards his cock that was leaking pre-cum onto his stomach, and the fingers that were dripping with his saliva and circling his hole in teasing strokes.

“Please.” He whimpered, pressing his forehead against Parker’s.

“Shhh. I got you honey. Just relax for me, yeah?”

Peter nodded, and let out a deep breath. Parker pressed one spit-slick finger against his rim, and slowly pushed until the ring of muscle welcomed him in like an old friend. Parker pumped his finger in and out of Peter’s tight heat for a few minutes getting him used to the stretch, because he’d never actually done this before apart from a few fumbling attempts with his own hand, which most definitely wasn’t the same.

“More. Y—You can add another finger, please.” He breathed out against Parker’s lips, kissing him again. Parker kissed him back softly, and gently, keeping him calm whilst he pressed a second finger inside him; the stretch burning slightly, but it felt so good. Parker crooked his fingers just so, and oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, he pressed against Peter’s swollen prostate, making him mewl loudly.

His hole fluttered with disappointment as the other man pulled his fingers out from inside him, but then they were on his cock, scooping up pre-cum that kept dripping out of his slit, before they were pushing back inside of him. Only this time there were three, and he’d never felt this full.

“You okay, honey?” Parker murmured, pressing a kiss to his sweaty brow.

“Mmhhmm. S’good. So good.” Peter slurred; his fingers gripping onto the older man’s shoulders tightly as his legs trembled from the feeling of being so full. Was Parker’s cock and his knot—holy fuck, his knot—was that going to make him feel even fuller? And why was that making his cock throb with excitement rather than making him panic?

When did he become so needy and desperate to have a big, fat cock inside him?

Probably around the same time he met Parker, he realised with a dizzying thought.

Parker continued to fuck him with his fingers for a little while, until Peter couldn’t help but roll his hips and breathe out desperate pleas of “Come on, come on, come on, I need more” into the curve of his neck.

“Okay, honey—” Parker whispered in that soothing tone that made Peter’s cock twitch. “—you’re all soft and loose now, so I think you’re ready to be stuffed full with something else.”

The older man—the other universe’s Peter Parker—may dress like a youth pastor, but he sure as fuck didn’t speak like one. The words that slithered out from his pretty lips tempt Peter to sin more than anything else ever could.

Parker pulled his fingers out gently, even whilst Peter tried to suck them back in, and he circled his puffy rim gently. “You sure about this?”

“Never been more sure of anything else in my life.” He looked at him with pleading brown eyes which he knew where a little foggy from lust, but he needed this. Ever since he’d lost Gwen, nothing had felt right—all he’d felt was pain and bitterness that cut at his insides, stinging with every beat of his heart, no matter how many cheery smiles he plastered on his face—but this? This felt right.

“Okay.” Parker smiled at him softly, before bringing his hand round to just under Peter’s chin. “Spit.”

Peter blew out a shuddery breath at the soft order, and did as he was told. Letting his mouth flood with saliva before spitting it into the other man’s palm. He watched as Parker slicked up his cock with a mixture of spit and his own pre-cum, and then he was being lifted up so the soft ring of his hole was nestled against the glistening tip of Parker’s cock, and then he oh… so… slowly… slid down.

“Oooooohhhhhhhoolllyfuckkkkk.” He keened as Parker bottomed out inside him; the head of his cock snug against his prostate and pressing against his swollen channel from all sides.

“You good?” Parker asked, smoothing his hair back from his face, and gripping his ass tightly in his other hand. He knows he’s gonna have a hand print bruise there when this is all done, and he only wishes it would be more permanent so he’d have the constant reminder of how his life was actually good for once.

Peter hummed in agreement. “Please fuck me now.”

Parker moved his hands so they settled on his narrow hips, and then he thrust up into him and Peter saw stars. He could do nothing but hold on and babble about how fucking good it felt every time the other man rolled his hips, pushing his cock up deep inside him, and how he was going to feel the ache inside him from the stretch for days, but it still wouldn’t be long enough.

The older man kept up a litany of praise whispering “how good he felt, how amazing he was taking him inside him every time, and how his tight, wet heat was going to haunt him in the best possible way, honey”. He whispered them all into the freckled skin of Peter’s neck, in between soft, sloppy kisses and flicks of his tongue.

It drove Peter to madness.

“I—I’m gonna—I’m gonna come real soon. Like real soon.” He panted out as Parker pulled him down onto his fat cock with a particularly rough slam of his hips.

Parker smirked at him, and squeezed his hips. “That’s kinda what I want you to do, honey.” He ground his hips against Peter’s stretched hole as if to prove the point.


He’d known that, he had. Deep down, possibly. But he’d kinda thought that they were doing this so Parker could experience some pleasure with someone who wasn’t gonna judge his…unique…attributes. Because Peter understood. He didn’t have the same, but he understood why Parker did, and honestly, he thought it was hot.

He hadn’t thought that his own pleasure would be a focus point to. Like, yeah, he’d hoped he’d come—because who didn’t?—but he hadn’t thought Parker would want him to come first.

His thoughts must have shown on his face as Parker looked at him with such agonising sweetness in his eyes, Peter had to close his own against the emotions that clogged his throat

He felt Parker move on of his hands to cup his cheek, as his hips continued their slow roll, keeping him full.

“One day you’ll look in the mirror and see the amazing, handsome, wonderful Peter Parker that I see when I look at you, honey. I know you will.” His thumb stroked Peter’s cheek, and Peter blinked open his eyes to see a teardrop trickle down the side of his thumb. Oh, he hadn’t even realised he was crying.

“Yeah? How do you know?” He sniffled, pulling himself up with his arms around Parker’s neck, so he could sink back down on his cock inch by inch; the pleasure of being filled mixing with the sharp pain in his heart.

“Because I know you.”

Peter blinked back more tears, and surged forward to kiss the wonderful man in front of him. He put all the emotions he was feeling—the pain, the confusion, the fear that this will soon end, and the happiness that it was happening at all---he put all of that into the kiss; and then Parker fucked into him just right and he was coming. He clenched down on the thick cock inside him and covering his chest and belly with ropes of sticky, white come; moaning his release into the older man’s mouth, who swallowed his moans like it was the greatest of honours to do so.

It seemed that was all Parker needed to loosen the control on his own pleasure, as his release rippled through him. Peter felt the base of his cock stretch against the opening of his hole, and oh fuck, it stretched him more than he’d thought he’d ever be able to handle; but his rim was so soft, puffy and loose, that it just made pleasure burst in his mind rather than made him hurt.

“Doing so good, honey. You’ve taken it all, I’m so proud of you. You feel so good.” Peter’s cock spurted out another glob of come at the sincere praise whispered against his lips. He threw his head back when he felt the first splash of hot come against his insides and then it just kept coming.


Peter could feel the older man filling his ass with his come as he kissed his neck as he came, and he was pretty sure he could feel it in his guts; he felt that full.  It felt so good though. Sure, he felt like he might burst, but he was okay with that.

Eventually, it stopped.

“I can’t believe you took it all.” Parker murmured in astonishment, stroking Peter’s neck and smiling at him with something akin to wonder in his big blue eyes. “How do you feel?”

“Full.” He huffed out a laugh, then moaned as the flex of his stomach muscles made the thick cock inside him shift slightly, rubbing against his battered prostate. “Good though.”

He wiped at his face to scrub away the tear tracks, and then bent to tuck his face against Parker’s neck. He could smell the scent of his sweat and arousal clinging to his skin along with the faint smell of lemons that must have been his shower gel. It was a heady combination.

“How about you? You coping okay?”

Parker chuckled, grinning against Peter’s hair when he let out a moan as the laughter made his cock move inside him. Whilst the older man was calm, kind, and safe, he also apparently had a bit of a wicked streak when it came to the Peter in his lap.

Peter didn’t know how to deal with that. No one ever saw him as someone special—other than his Aunt May…and Gwen—sure, loads of people in his universe thought Spiderman was special, but not Peter Parker. No one there would save a wicked streak just for him. No one there would call him honey whilst cuddling him close and telling how good he was.

No one there would treat him as someone that didn’t always have to be strong. Someone that didn’t need to hold it together every single minute for fear that someone would get hurt and it would be on him if he didn’t stop it.

No one there saw him as someone that was precious and needed looking after just like everyone else.

Parker did though.

He looked at Peter with softness in his eyes, and cupped his face gently to kiss him even when he’d fucked him hard. The only marks he left on his pale, freckled skin were those of love—a bite to his bottom lip, a handprint bruise on his ass, and a pink smudge kissed into his neck—and even though he felt deliciously full, he felt no pain.

No one, apart from Aunt May, had touched him without the intent to harm for years. He’d shunned hugs and affection since losing Gwen, thinking he wasn’t worthy enough for it, but he hadn’t felt like that with Parker.

He hadn’t looked at Peter like he was a big mess, he looked at him like he was desirable, good, and worthy of being touched with something other than pain.

“I’m amazing.” Parker said eventually. “And it’s all because of you. I told you, you were amazing.”

“I don’t think being able to take a big dick and knot in my ass makes me amazing.” He automatically grumbled, unsure if he could deal with the sincere praise now he was no longer foggy-headed with arousal.

“Nooo.” Parker rolled his eyes at him. “But accepting me for exactly as I am, and showing me how much pleasure I gave you, not holding anything back—that’s amazing.”

Peter blushed and bit his lip. He wanted to say he hadn’t done anything that anyone decent wouldn’t do, but he guessed he’d done—in his own roundabout way—for Parker, what the older man had done for him.

“I guess I am pretty amazing, huh?” He peered up at Parker from where he was nuzzling his neck, and once he saw the pride in his blue eyes, he knew he’d done the right thing. It would take him a while to truly see himself how the other man did, but he’d made a start.

He didn’t fail to notice that as he made that first step, his heart felt a smidgeon lighter too.

He felt Parker’s knot go down slowly, and then he was able to climb off the other man’s lap. He hadn’t really wanted to, but he thought it was probably for the best he did, otherwise he’d never move.

“So? How does it look?” He asked with a cheeky grin, trying to see the state of his used hole between his peachy cheeks, and move the atmosphere to something a bit less heavy. Parker looked at him with that expression of wonder again, and leaned forward to have a look, using his thumbs to spread his ass cheeks and bring his come-filled hole into view.

“Uhh…full of sticky come? Really fucking hot? Tempting me to forget we have to go back and finish making those cures? Take your pick.” He huffed out a laugh, and ooooh Peter felt that against his sensitive rim.

He looked down at Parker who was massaging the underside of his ass and looking up at him with hooded eyes. “None leaking out of me?”

“Nope. You’re gonna be like this for a while, I’m afraid.”

Peter shivered at the thought. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

“Yeah?” Parker’s mouth ticked up at the side in a cautious smile, like even now he thought Peter might tell him to piss off over what happened and what he couldn’t control.

“Oh yeah. I mean, I can’t be filled with nerves for the upcoming fight, if I’m filled with you, right?”

Parker snickered, and finally let go of his ass; lightly slapping him on the cheek as he did so. “There is that.”

Just then the doorhandle rattled. “Uh guys? You in here?” Young Peter’s voice called through the wooden door.

Peter’s eyes widened as he was still naked and his debauched ass was facing the door, and he started pulling his suit on in a panic. Parker pulled his jeans and suit bottoms back up, tucking his cock away.

“Yeah, we’re in here, Pete. We’ll be out in a sec, okay?” He called out whilst Peter tried to make himself look like he hadn’t been thoroughly fucked. (He’s not sure he managed it, but as least his hair always looked a tousled mess, so there was that).

“Oh, okay. Sure, think your cures are ready for the final bits. I’ll see you in the labs.”

“See you in a minute, kid.” Peter added on, figuring it was best for the young teenager to hear both of them. They heard him walk away, and Peter barked out a laugh.

“Good job he didn’t arrive about ten minutes ago.”

“Yeah that would’ve been a tad awkward.” Parker grinned at him as he tugged on his lab coat. Peter pulled his on too and bounded to the door, very aware that his insides were all slick and sticky with the other man’s come, but not caring in the slightest.

“Hey Peter?”

“Yeah?” He turned to look at him as he broke the web sealing them in.

“If it had to be anyone across all the universes; I’m glad I was stuck with you.” Peter paused, then closed the distance between them and cupped Parker’s face in his hands, kissing him gently. He smiled against his soft lips when he heard a soft “oh” escape.

“Me too. Me too.” He pressed their foreheads together for a beat, then walked out the room to go check on the younger them.

And when his hands started to shake as he finalised the cure he’d been working on when he was back in the lab, and he worried about how this was all going to go; he looked over at Parker to see his kind blue eyes staring back at him and thought, yeah, he wouldn’t want to have been stuck in this universe with anyone else.

And when he eventually went back to his own universe after all was said and done, and he felt a small glob of Parker’s come slowly drip out of him even while the rest of his insides were stuffed full, confirming that that had all actually happened, he decided he wouldn’t mind be stuck with this sticky reminder of the other man for as long as possible.

Dry cleaning was gonna be a bitch though.