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i think i’m good, i’ll watch

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It would have been a lie if Alex said that she hadn’t romantically thought of Elliot once or twice in the last ten years of working together. 

Alex bit her lip and glanced over at Olivia standing behind the kitchen counter, a glass of red in her hand. 

“Liv?” She questioned. The following question that she was going to ask excited her, made her very nervous, but also, very much turned her on at the thought of it. 

Olivia glanced up from her phone and turned her attention to her girlfriend. Their relationship had been so natural, and so easy, once they finally decided to stop fucking around and finally admit there was something there. 

“Yes, mi amour?” She responded, and her response sent chills down the blondes spine. Alex loved when Olivia spoke Spanish or Italian to he, especially if it was in bed. 

Alex smirked and walked over to Olivia, wrapping her arm around her waist and kissing her cheek. 

“How do you feel about a threesome?” She asked. They had been very open and honest with each other, and knew that very little was off the table. They had danced around the idea of bringing someone else into their sex life just to try, but Alex couldn’t shake the thought of Elliot. She knew it might cause an issue, and she would agree to never bring it up again if Olivia asked. 

Olivia raised her eyebrow and took a sip of her wine and placed it down on the counter. “And I’m assuming you have someone in mind?” She laughed and ran her fingers though Alex’s hair. 

Alex slowly nodded, and then placed soft kisses against Olivia’s neck. “You can say no…. I’m actually expecting you to say no…. But uh…” Alex trailed off. 

“Alex, who?” Olivia laughed  

“Elliot.” She finally spit out. 

“Excuse me?” Olivia laughed again and took a step back from the blonde to try to gauge how serious she was. 

Alex bit her lip again and looked at Olivia, and Olivia knew that she was serious. Olivia would also be lying if she said that she hadn’t thought about Elliot fucking her, but, the thought of Elliot fucking Alex while she watched, thrilled her even more. 

“Okay.” Olivia smirked and grabbed Alex’s waist, pulling her close to her body again and kissed her lips. 

It hadn’t shocked either of them when he agreed, and the arrangement had been made. They laid out ground rules, safe words, and it was a mutual understanding that this was a one and done deal. 

Elliot Stabler was not a nervous or easily intimidated kind of guy, but the thought of being intimate with his former partner? That could make anyone weak. After leaving the unit and being freshly divorced, Elliot felt like he could finally live again, do the things he had never done during his marriage. Leaving SVU was for the best, but he made a promise to Olivia that he would always be there for her, no matter what. 

Part of him had hoped that they would finally end up together, or finally explore the feelings that had been very present throughout their partnership, but he took so,e time for himself after putting his papers in, and came back to Olivia and Alex together. He hasn’t mad, but he knew that he had been too late. When Olivia texted him with the proposition, there was no way in hell that he was going to turn that down.

Elliot knocked three times and heard Olivia’s voice come through the other side of the door and his throat went dry. The site of her when she opened the door was a sight that he would remember. Her hair was long, dark, and curly. It was pulled to one side, and the silk robe she was wearing, left very little to the imagination. 

“Hi.” Olivia smiled and bit her lip. 

“Hey..” Elliot grinned and stepped into the apartment. 

“You smell nice.” Olivia said as she closed the door behind him. 

“And you look very…. good.” Alex grinned as she came out of the bedroom, her eyes on Elliot. 

“Alex,” Elliot turned his attention to her and he knew he was in for a goddamn night. Alex’s long blonde hair fell over her shoulders, her blue eyes felt more captivating in this moment. 

Olivia walked over to Alex, wrapping her arms around Alex’s waist from behind and kissed her neck and then looked at Elliot. 

“I don’t know about you guys, but a drink would make me feel less nervous.” Olivia laughed a little and they both agreed. 

Once their nerves were calmed, Alex grabbed Olivia’s hand and pulled her into the bedroom, Elliot following right behind. 

Alex’s hands immediately went for Olivia’s robe, and pulled it off, letting the thin fabric fall to the floor. She kissed her lips and made her way down Olivia’s neck, Olivia moaning at the contact. 

Elliot groaned, feeling himself grow tight against his pants and Olivia grinned at Alex, knowing that they were going to have fun. 

“Come here.” Alex looked at Elliot and extended her hand to him and he quickly took it. He stood behind Olivia’s body, her ass pressing into his groin, her hand reaching up and resting on the back of his neck while Alex’s kisses trailed their way down her body. 

“Al, baby, I know what you want.” Olivia lifted the blondes chin to meet her eyes and kissed her again. 

In an instance, Alex was quickly reaching for Elliot’s belt, not wanting to wait another second. He helped her shedding his own clothes, and he pulled off the robe she was wearing, his mouth finally reaching hers. Alex quickly eased into the kiss, her fingers scraping at his bare chest. 

“Liv?” Elliot asked between kisses and Olivia grinned. 

“I think I’m good, I’ll watch…. for now.” She responded, and that’s exactly what she did, and she knew that she was going to come the second one of them touched her.

Watching Alex get fucked the way Elliot was fucking her, it was…. sexy, and something they hadn’t experienced before. They knew that they were both comfortable enough in their relationship, and trusted each other enough to not be jealous. Olivia always was in control in the bedroom, and Alex loved that.  She loved the way that Olivia took control of her, and with Elliot fucking he the way that she was, it made her think of the ways Olivia made her feel and that set her body on fire. 

Alex was spread out on all fours, her ass high in the air, Elliot holding tightly onto her hips while he fucked her senseless. Alex cried out in pleasure, her orgasm quickly building up. She reached down between her own legs, her fingers making their way over her clit. She was quickly pushed into oblivion and she cried out his name while she rode out her orgasm. 

Elliot groaned in pleasure, feeling her walls contract against his shaft. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against his body, his rhythm never slowing. Alex had never been fucked in the way that he was fucking her, and she knew that she would pay for it the next day, but it was everything she imagined. 

Alex was pushed over the edge again, another mind blowing orgasm ripping through her body. She cried out his name again, never wanting this moment to end. She fell limp against the bed, Elliot’s orgasm hitting with hers, him falling on top of her for a moment. They laid there for a moment, trying to catch their breath. 

“I know you’re not too tired for round two.” Olivia smirked, both of them looking at each other and then back at the brunette. 

“Come here.” Alex ordered, pulling Olivia onto the bed.