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The Season Of Giving

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It had been a good few months since Tony the Tiger had last seen his dear friend Count Chocula, and in the interest of spreading the love and good vibes they now felt since starting therapy, the Grinch invited Tony's friend to come visit them for the Christmas holiday.

But Tony barely recognized his old friend as he and the Grinch waited at the Whoville train station and watched the passengers disembark. Count Chocula had grown a beard.

Over dinner and a few drinks it came out that the Trix Rabbit and Count Chocula had broken up, and in his depression "I suppose I'd let myself go," Count Chocula said.

But Tony thought the beard made the Count look quite distinguished - handsome, even - and he began to see his longtime friend with new eyes. He tried to fight his attraction, not wanting the Grinch to get hurt, and he even considered setting Count Chocula up on a blind date with one of the Whos, but he felt a bit protective of Count Chocula, not wanting to see him with another broken heart.

Finally the Grinch observed something was up, and they guessed correctly that Tony had caught feelings for Count Chocula. But instead of getting angry, as Tony had feared, the Grinch surprised and delighted him by saying, "Why don't we invite him to have a threesome with us?"

Tony was nervous about the proposition - Count Chocula was a bit old-fashioned, coming from aristocracy and all, and he worried that the Count would think they were a bunch of perverts. And yet, when they brought it up to him, Tony was once again pleasantly surprised when Count Chocula said, "I would be honored. As you know, I love threesomes."

"I... I didn't know that, actually," Tony said.

"You couldn't guess that those rabbits are into some freaky shit?" the Grinch said. "You ever wonder how he got the name 'Tricks'?"

"Er," Tony said.

And so it was that on Christmas Eve, once the Grinch had held their annual party with roast beast and giving presents to all the citizens of Whoville, the Grinch, Tony the Tiger, and Count Chocula retired to bed and Count Chocula got his very own special gift from the Grinch and Tony, unwrapping his presents and playing with his new toys until the dawn.

In the light of Christmas morning, the three cuddled up together, Tony kneading them and purring happily.

"My heart might be three sizes too big, but my hole sure is two sizes too small for y'all," the Grinch said, shaking their head. "Worth it, though."

"Oh yes, indeed." The Count smiled. "I had one, two, three orgasms! Ah, ha, ha." Strangely, thunder suddenly rolled outside.

"You both were grrrreat," Tony said, grinning. They needed to do this every Christmas. Every day, even, for life.