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Coffee in the Morning

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Rolling over, Olivia groaned and reached for her phone: 8:05. She can’t remember the last time she slept that late. Flipping to the cool part of the sheets, she realized she was alone. 


She woke up in Elliot's bed alone. 


They had been together for about 8 months now. Still struggling to call him her boyfriend; she was in her 50s and felt the term boyfriend was too juvenile. Elliot loved it. Every chance he got, “my girlfriend, Olivia,” “my girlfriend will pick it up,” “it’s under my girlfriends name.” And she was, in fact, his girlfriend, but they were also partners in every sense of the word. And that’s what she preferred. 


The beginning was difficult: trying to navigate it all. It was so new, yet so familiar. They worked their entire 12-year partnership trying to avoid crossing the lines they established, and now those lines were gone, and crossing them became part of the fun. 


His kids took it relatively well, Eli included. After seeing her there for him and his father during his issues before Christmas, he knew she was there to stay. He missed his mother of course, but Liv made his dad happy — a happiness he hadn’t seen in years. He learned about her and all the ways she had been there for his siblings. He learned about his birth, and how without her he may not be alive. He learned that she was a badass who always put others ahead of herself, and how having her on his side would benefit him greatly. He learned to accept her, and to Olivia and his father, that meant the world. 


Noah was just happy to have a family. Elliot’s kids took him in like one of their own. Kathleen would sit and listen to him talk about what he was learning in school like she didn’t know any of it. Lizzie would try to learn dance moves and terminology to get on his level. Maureen loved having him over to play with her sons. Dickie and Eli took him out all the time; taught him soccer, took him to games, had video game competitions. And Elliot… Elliot became the father figure he never had. Would help him with his homework, and tuck him into bed when Liv couldn’t be there. Would tell him it’s okay to cry when he was upset. That “real men cry” and “aren’t afraid to show their emotions.” Elliot became his favorite person next to his mother. 


The difficult part was between them — between Elliot and Olivia— not their families. Because when it came to their families, they were happy. 


Now, 8 months later, she basked in the feeling of waking up naked in her boyfriend's bed with the apartment to themselves. More often than not, they spent nights at her place. Noah was too young to be home alone, and he worked closer to her place than his. 


They were comfortable at her place. He left clean suits in her closet, pajamas in her pajama drawer, socks and underwear in her top drawer. His toothbrush and razor resided next to hers in her bathroom. He kept the fancy Italian coffee he liked in her kitchen (which she secretly hated him for because now it’s all she wants to drink). 


She heard him out in the kitchen and smiled back to herself thinking of the memories of last night. She couldn’t get enough of him. Their first time was exactly what she expected it to be: overwhelming, passionate, strong. The anticipation and work-up had her expectations through the roof. 


There were tears. He kissed every inch of her, worshiping her body and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Told how beautiful she was. How sexy she was. How hard she always makes him. 


And after they both finished, they did it again until physically his age caused him to stop. They explored each other. Found out what they liked and didn’t. And for being married for as long as he was, he surprised her. 


And since then, they had only gone up. They experimented, tried things each of them wanted. They both realized how much pleasure they got from giving to one another. She always wanted him, and last night was no different. No holding back. He didn’t need to tell her to be quiet. Didn’t need to hold his hand over her mouth while she came. In fact, he encouraged her moans and screams. 


“Let me hear you baby, there's no one here.”


If she had a dollar for every time he called her baby during sex she would be a millionaire. That, along with “Captain.” She knew those were his kinks, and if she really wanted to get him going she would use it on him. Never one for pet names, but with Elliot it was different. 


Throwing the covers off she reached down to grab his shirt. Another thing she knew he loved: her in anything of his. 


Walking down the hallway to the kitchen she saw him, standing there making coffee in his boxer briefs. 


Oh this is a treat.  


Whenever they stayed at her place, they always made sure to put on something afterwards in case Noah didn’t knock. Usually just underwear for him, and a shirt for her. Just enough to be safe. And when he woke up first, because he always did, he put his pants and shirt back on. 


But here, alone, shirtless in only tight briefs... She took him in; there was so much she loved about his body. His broad chest. His arms, where no matter how tight he grabbed her she always felt safe and loved. But his ass? Has always been her favorite. And here it was on full display. 


She heard the radio he had in the kitchen playing a soft song. Elliot was humming away and she could tell by the sound of it he hadn't been up long. Walking up to him quietly, she wrapped her arms around him from behind.


“Hmm, good morning beautiful.” Elliot stopped what he was doing and took her hands in his, turning his head to look at her. 


“It is.” Taking her hands and raking them up and down his chest, his eyes caught sight of his shirt. 


“You know what seeing you in my clothes does to me.” 


She did know. She wasn’t sure if it was a pride thing or a possessive thing and she wasn’t even sure if she cared. But she knew what it did to him. And if Elliot liked it, she did too. 


“I do. Why do you think I put it on?” Olivia started trailing kisses up and down his back. He shivered. She let her hands descend lower until they hit the waistband of his briefs. Peaking over his back she saw his clear erection, and he grabbed the lip of the counter.


“Baby,” holding back a moan as he felt her fingertips dance at his waistband. “I was making us coffee. It’s early, we could lounge in bed.” 


“Exactly. It’s early.” Slipping her finger into his briefs. “And you made me feel so good last night, let me return the favor.”  


Knowing arguing would get him nowhere, he relaxed against her. Moving her hand lower she grabbed him and felt the precum already at his tip; circling it so she had enough on her hand, she started moving up and down his cock. She knew what he liked. How hard to squeeze,  how fast to move. 


“Liv,” he moaned. “Faster.” 


“Shhhh, let me do this.” Never moving her right hand, she twisted her wrist and dipped between his body and the counter, pulling his underwear down. This was a sight he would never get tired of: Olivia Benson, Captain of Manhattan SVU, on her knees taking his cock into her mouth. 


Elliot could count on one hand the amount of blow jobs he got in his marriage, and since being with Olivia that number had skyrocketed. She actually enjoyed doing this for him; it didn’t feel like a chore, and he got past the point of constantly telling her she didn’t have to. 


Because she always wanted to. 


Swirling her tongue around his tip, she moved her hands around him and gripped his ass.  Tilted her head up and looked at him straight in the eyes, letting his dick rest on top of her tongue and relaxing her throat. And he knew. 


He tangled his fingers through her hair,  gripping hard enough that she felt it, and thrust forward, fucking her face. 


This was something he had never done prior to Olivia, and when she asked him to do it for the first time he was hesitant. But he trusted her, and — more importantly — she trusted him. She let him control his pace, only holding onto him to keep her balance. 


“Fuck Liv, you’re so beautiful like this,” he practically growled.  


Every couple thrusts she would suck. She’s trying to kill me.


“Touch yourself, I know you want to.” Olivia looked up and caught his eyes; he saw the hesitation. “I got you baby.” 


When she felt like she had her balance, she snaked her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Elliot felt her moan on his cock. “That’s it Liv, keep going.” 


Her eyes closed as he kept his steady pace. Not too fast, and not too slow. “Pretend it’s my fingers, put one inside you.” She was dripping, and glad she didn’t put on underwear when she got up. 


“El, I—” Barely a whisper.


“Keep going, it’s okay I got you.” 


Elliot felt the burning in his balls and quickly pulled out. As much as he loved coming in her mouth, he much rather enjoyed coming with her. He knew if he came now he would need time. Reaching down under her arms he pulled her up and crashed his lips into hers. It was his turn to grab her ass, squeezing and massaging. 


Smiling against his lips, “I wasn’t finished.” 


“That’s the point,” he smirked, grabbing her hips and lifting her onto the counter. Olivia spread her legs welcoming him between them. 


“I can smell you, you know that?” Elliot started trailing soft kisses down her jaw, her neck, until he landed on her breast. “And you always smell so good.” His lips latched onto her nipple. 


Always one to watch her ass, he never realized how much he enjoyed her breast. Swirling his tongue around her perfect nipple until satisfiedt, he then started to suck. Olivia had strict rules as to where he could and could not leave a mark,  but hertits were fair game, and nine out of ten times they were covered. 


“Elliot, please.” Throwing her head back, she wraps her arms around his shoulders. “Touch me.” 


“What was that?” He attacks her other nipple. “You’re being too quiet Liv, I can’t hear you.” 


“Fuck you.” 


“Yes baby.” Finding her clit, he rubs slowly. 

“Fuck me.”


This was right. This was them. The back and forth, give and take. Pushing each other to their limits. Taking each other to their highs, but being there for their lows. This was Elliot and Olivia in every sense of the word. 


“Come on” he encourages, slipping a finger inside her. “I can feel how close you are. Come for me baby.”


“El—” Biting down on his shoulder, something she was used to doing to quiet her screams. But they were alone with no need to be quiet. 


Bringing his lips to her ear, he adds another finger. “Let me hear you. Let me hear what I do to you.” 


And that does her in. Throwing her head back, her fingers dig into his back. She let out a moan —  a scream, really — she didn’t realize she was holding in. Slowing his fingers, Elliot gently pulled out and kissed her neck. 


“Not fair, I was supposed to be taking care of you,” she smirked. 


“You still don’t get it Liv. Getting to hear you scream my name,” softly biting on her earlobe, “because of how I touch you? Does more to me than you know.” Pulling her as close as he could get her, with her ass still on the counter. “But now? Now I want you.” Grabbing his cock, he teased her clit with his tip. 


“Couch,” she whispered against his lips. 


“No, I want you now.”


“El, I want to be on top.” Lowering her lips to his neck, “I want to ride you.” 


“Fuck.” Guiding her legs around his waist, Elliot lifted her easily and all but sprinted the few feet to his living room couch. Lowering her to her feet, he turned and sat down, grabbing his dick, stroking it slowly. 


She was fucking perfect: curvy in all the right places, legs for days, tan and soft inner thighs shining with arousal. She carefully moved each knee to either side of his, taking his aching cock in her hand and rubbing his tip through her lips. 


“Quit teasing me and sit.” 


“Oh, we don’t like that, now do we?” Olivia knew exactly what she was doing. Riling him up to get him exactly where she wanted him. Grabbing the tops of his shoulders she lowered herself slowly until she couldn’t go any further. 


Elliot was a good man. He had loved his wife, had tried his best not to cross any lines, never wanting to compare her to Olivia. But sex with Olivia was nothing he could even attempt to compare to Kathy. With her, Elliot had to do all the work, even initiate it, and she would lay there and get off quietly. But Olivia… 


Olivia, who was currently riding his dick. Twisting her own nipples. Letting out little murmurs. He simply took it in. He wasn’t sure how long he was staring but he felt her start to slow down. Never needing an explanation, he grabbed her hips and began to thrust up. 


“Elliot, fuck.” 


“You feel me? Feel how hard you make me? Because I can feel how wet I make you.” 


She felt his dick twitch,knew he was close. “Don’t come without me.” 


“Fuck Liv, I— I’m so—” 


Crashing her lips to his. “Say it.” And again he knew. 


“You’re mine.” 


Olivia Benson was never anyone’s to claim. She was a strong, independent woman, and prided herself on that. Anyone else pulling that possessive shit would’ve turned her off immediately. But Elliot? She wanted to belong to him. Just like he belonged to her. 


Picking up her speed again, “I’m yours, and you’re mine.” 


“I’ve always been yours, baby.” 


Clenching around his cock, she arched her back and grabbed onto the tops of his knees. Moving his hands from her hips, he held the small of her back, the new angle causing him to hit her clit with every thrust. “That’s my girl, keep going.” 


“I’m— I’m close..” 


With every thrust, every move of their hips, her breasts moved just as much. “God, you’re so beautiful. How did I get so lucky?”


“El, I…”


“Tell me. Tell me how you feel, how good it feels.” 


“So fucking good. So deep, fuck I’m coming, come with me. I—”


And he did. Pulling her as close as he could get her, her soft tits against his chest, never stopping the movement of their hips until they both started to come down from their high. 


Olivia wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. 8:30 — 15 minutes and she’s already ready for a nap. 


“Hmm, I want some coffee.”


Kissing her softly on her shoulder, “Well I was in the middle of it before you pounced on me.” 


“Didn't hear much complaining.” A couple minutes of silence went by. “I like this.” Lifting her head to look into his eyes. “Me, you, coffee in the morning.” Leaning down to kiss him softly. 


“Yeah? We should do it more often.” 


“Yeah.” She kisses him. “I’d like that.” Another kiss. “I like waking up in your bed.” And another. “I like loving you.” 


“I love loving you.” Taking his hands and framing her face, pushing her hair behind her ears. “As far as waking up in my bed?” He returns her kiss . “If you move in with me, I’ll make you all the coffee you want. Every morning.” 


Their lips meet in yet another soft kiss “I like the way you think, Stabler.”