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“You’re all good here. Just make sure not to make too many sudden movements and keep away from artificial lights for the next couple of days. Stay off the ice for at least three weeks before starting the steps to return to playing. Wait 24 hours between each step and you should be feeling better. Of course, any lingering effects or if you start to feel worse, painkillers are the way to go, or if it gets to the point you feel the need to come back in, don’t hesitate to do so,” the nurse turned to Logan, still trying his hardest not to pace up and down the room, eyebrows creased and eyes zeroed in on Finn laid on the hospital bed, bandage around his head.

His gaze snapped up to her and he lowered his hand from where it was fiddling with his lip. He adjusted his snapback and pulled the strings of his sweater, pulled on hurriedly as he followed the ambulance out to the hospital. He nodded along, shifting slightly, wincing at the pain that throbbed through his eye.

“We’ve been in this position before with Finn and concussions and I strongly recommend keeping a very close eye on him for the first week, week and a half at least. Don’t leave him on his own for long periods of time and keep him away from too much extraneous activity,” Logan felt himself blush slightly at the raised eyebrow, but he nodded nonetheless. “No phones, at least not for longer than ten minutes. Keep him away from exercise until he’s been cleared.”

“But he should be okay, yeah?” He rushed out, voicing the question that had been in his head for the whole two hours he had to wait to speak to the doctor.

She smiled at him softly, nodding her head. “He should be perfectly fine, honey. But since this is his second in such little time, we need to be more careful. We’ll be checking in with your PT, which he will need to see multiple times within the recovery process, and whenever he feels himself getting worse. You’re his roommate, so I trust your judgement to take him to see them when he needs to, as well as to make sure he takes medication when he feels pain. Other than that, there’s not much else we can do at this very moment about the concussion. The stitches should dissolve within the next week, so just keep an eye on the cut and change his dressings. But he should be ready to go within the next hour. Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll send Leo over as soon as I can.”

She smiled at him, reaching over to place down the clipboard before leaving the room. Logan sank into the chair next to Finn, reaching over and grabbing his hand, squeezing softly. “Scared the hell out of me, Finn.”

His hand was squeezed back gently and he looked up to Finn’s face, bruised and swelled, eyes shut, a small frown on his face. He leant forward, brushing the hair off his forehead softly placing a kiss to the side as carefully as he could, minding the cut on his head. 

“I’m fine. Just a cut. The concussion will go away soon and I’ll be back to normal in no time. I’m okay, baby.”

Logan held back a sob and rested his head on their conjoined hands. “No, you’re not. I know you hate it when I jump into fights and I never knew how it felt from the outside and I do now and I can’t, Finn, I can’t go through this again. Not when it’s this bad, not when you’re this bad. I can’t,” he trailed off in a whisper and Finn’s grip tightened on him.

“Logan, I’m okay. It’s always not as bad as it sounds, you know that. I’ll be fine in a month, tops, and the two of us will be back on the ice kicking ass all over again,” his voice was rough and Logan winced when he saw his face contort in silent pain.

“Sh. Don’t talk, sweetheart, don’t talk if it hurts,” he smoothed down the side of his head, pulling away at the whimper it brought and moved down to cup his jaw. “Just rest my love. Just rest.”

Logan felt his own eyes drooping slightly, and he slouched back in his chair, bringing his hand back to Finn’s, watching his breath even out before he dropped off. He smiled to himself, tilting his head and watching him with soft eyes before his own closed and he dropped into sleep as well.


Leo rushed through the hospital corridors the minute he caught word that Finn was there, shrugging off his white coat and dropping everything in his hands. He felt his heart creep into his throat at every bad thought that entered his head into why he would be here. He knew they had a game tonight, knew that it hadn’t been that long since Finn recovered from the last concussion and felt bile enter his mouth as the worry increased tenfold.

“Finn. Finn O’Hara, what room,” he rushed to the desk, grabbing gently onto Lily’s arm where she was sorting through paperwork. “Lily, I know you were with him, what room?”

Lily shushed him, grabbing his arm gently and dragging him away from where people were starting to give him looks. “Leo, breathe. He’s okay, just another concussion and a cut. He’s in room 54, down the hall. You’re done for the night, okay? Go see him and get back to your dorms alright? I’ll let Remus know and you can start up a little bit earlier when your next experience day is. Go,” she urged and he breathed out a thank you before setting off again, although it was a lot calmer than last time, ignoring the stares he got as he pushed past.

He reached the door and took a deep breath, settling his shaking hands and calming himself down before going in. He sighed in relief at the sight of Finn, looking to be significantly more in one piece than he was expecting, and he hurried over to his side, looking over his face and holding back tears as he examined him, hands ghosting over his body.

He heard something move beside him but ignored it in favour of reaching over and grabbing his board, eyes scanning through the injuries and the care programs, nearly jumping out of his skin when a hand landed on his shoulder.

“Hi, Lo,” he whispered out, turning around and taking Logan into his arms, clutching him against his chest. “Are you okay? Is he alright? What happened?”

“Sh, take a breath, darling,” Logan pulled back, rubbing his hands up and down Leo’s side, calming him down and pulling him over to sit on his chair. He sighed as he sunk down, and smiled at the comforting weight of Logan as he settled on top of him. “He’s okay. Concussion and cut. Out for around another month and a bit. He’ll be fine. I’ll be there to watch over him when he starts to come back to the ice, and you’ll be there to get him all better again, little doctor to be,” he teased, but it fell flat, Leo’s eyes stuck on Finn's head. “He’s okay, Leo.”

“What happened?” He asked again, taking his eyes away and letting them flick over to Logan instead, gripping his waist tighter. “Oh my god, Logan, your eye.”

Logan moved away from his outstretched hand, grumbling slightly, batting it away. “I’ve been looked at, don’t worry. Just a rough hit when I went after the guy that got Finn,” his nose flared and Leo rubbed his hip slowly, brushing over his tattoo with his thumb. “It was a rough hit. Knocked him right into the boards head-first. Smashed his helmet into his face. It was lucky it didn’t hit his eye,” he sucked in a breath, eyes going back to Finn.

He reached over, grabbing his hand, leaning his head onto Logan’s shoulder. “It hasn’t been that long since his last one,” he mumbled and Logan shifted in his arms so he was facing Finn.

“You’re the doctor here, baby. You’ll know how bad it is and how we can help him. With you he’ll be perfectly fine,” he nodded absentmindedly, nuzzling further into his neck, pressing a soft kiss just below his jaw.

“I’ll get him all better again,” he confirmed and leant back into his seat more, bringing Logan along with him, keeping Finn in his hand, grip tight and not letting go.


Finn blinked his eyes open slowly, groaning at the bright light, turning his head. He winced when pain throbbed in his skull, his hand coming up to touch along the bandage. Right, he was in the hospital. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” a voice whispered in his ear and he slowly turned his head to the other side, smiling at the mop of blonde curls sat by his side, blue eyes clouded with worry and mouth turned up into a small frown. 

“Hi, my little doctor,” he teased and Leo rolled his eyes. Finn ignored their dampness for now and shifted more onto his side, Leo’s hand shadowing around him. “I got it, baby. Now, this is a sight I love waking up to. I remember a similar one last time I was in this hospital bed. Although this time, I get to do this,” he leant forward, pressing his lips to his gently, Leo smiling into his mouth, hands cupping his jaw.

“This time, I’m scared out of my mind,” Leo sighed when they broke away. “Having to find out my boyfriend is in the hospital while on one of my work experience days is not what I want.”

“But think of the memories, Leo, all the deja vu. We met in this exact same situation,” he shrugged. “And I'm kinda glad it’s one of the days you’re here. At least you don’t have to rush here from campus,” he watched Leo nod and smiled at him. “Now, where’s our fighty boy and how much damage did he cause while I was out.”

Leo huffed out a laugh. “He’s a little black and blue, but he’ll be alright when I’m done with him,” he shrugged and Finn sat himself up, knowing there was a small frown on his face. “Hey, he’s okay. I’m sure the other guy looks worse than him.”

He nodded, glancing down at their joint hands. “So, what’s the diagnosis, doc? How long am I out?” He joked, raising his eyebrows, swallowing down the wince of pain. It was worth it to see Leo’s happy smile.

“Well, you have a concussion, again. A deep gash on your forehead, all stitched and wrapped up. You’ll be off the ice for at least a month if not longer, so you’ll miss the last few games of the year. Hopefully, you’ll be all better by Christmas, you can’t fly home if you’re still concussed. But you will be fine. I’ve got you, I'll take care of you,” Leo stressed, face firm and determined.

“I’m not expecting anything else from my doctor in training. Need my boy to take care of me, and Lo as well as it seems. I know you will.”

Both of them turned their head to the door, watching Logan sneak through, clearly trying to be as quiet as he could. “We’re both awake, Lo,” Leo called out, stifling a laugh.

Logan jumped slightly, turning to face the two of them, with a sheepish smile on his face. “Well, how was I supposed to know?” He moved into the room, perching beside Finn and letting his eyes scan across his face. “The swelling’s gone down a bit, that’s good. The doctor said we can go whenever you’re ready to.”

Finn looked over to Leo. “Is that right, doctor? I can go whenever I want to?”

“If Lily says that, then yes you can,” he laughed out and Finn caught both him and Logan smiling at the sight, his scrunched up nose and dimples out.

“You’re so adorable, baby,” he whispered, and Leo stopped, looking over at him and then at Logan, who was nodding in agreement. “I know you hate seeing us like this, but I’m so grateful that I got that concussion,” Leo cocked his head in slight confusion. “If I didn’t, we wouldn’t have met you.”


Logan was a mess and he knew it. He let himself hit the wall, hands grasping at his chest to slow down his breathing, eyes wide and frightened. He knew he was being stared at. He knew he looked horrible, face pale, almost grey, and hair sticking up all over the place. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was the fact that he had just watched Finn get wheeled away from him, wincing and holding back tears, whispering about his head over and over.

Someone crouched down in front of him and he turned his head away, not wanting to cause a scene. “Hey, can you hear me?”

The man’s accent was heavy, clearly southern and young. He looked over in his direction and felt the air go back to his lungs when he took a deep breath in. Blonde, blue-eyed and dimples, maybe a year younger than him. Logan didn’t want to look away.

“Okay, you can hear me. Can you breathe for me, nice and slowly?” He did what he asked, almost like he was in a trance, only able to follow his directions. “Good, good. My name’s Leo. I’m here for work experience. I go to Harvard. You’re Logan, aren’t you? You’re on the hockey team, and I’ve seen you in here a couple of times as well. What are you doing on the floor?”

“My…Finn. Finn, he’s been taken into a room down there. He’s hurt and they won’t let me in to see him,” he started panicking again, his breathing picking back up.

“Hey, no, we were doing so well, come on, keep breathing. Finn’s going to be fine. My supervisor Remus is with him and he’s getting checked out. He’s going to be okay. Are you hurt?”

He watched him scan his body quickly and shook his head. “No, no, I’m okay. Just my knuckles. Bloodied the other guy a little bit.”

Leo laughed. “Somehow that doesn’t surprise me too much. How about this? I’ll get these cleaned up for you and then I’ll take you to go and see Finn whenever we can. It’s most likely going to be as soon as we’re done. Okay? Does that sound good?”

He nodded and let Leo pull him up and he almost fell back down again when he saw his height. “How tall are you?”

Leo laughed again. “I’m 6’1 and still growing. I’m only 19 so I have a bit more time left. I grew three inches in just a couple of weeks once, so I’m guessing I’ll get another couple more and then stop.”

Logan nodded along. 19. So he was the same age as him. Maybe the same year, but most likely not, since he’d never seen him before.

“You’re studying to be a doctor?”

“Yeah, I am. Wanted to play hockey like you when I was younger but found I had a knack for cleaning people up better than actually playing. But I’m decent.”

They’d reached an empty room by now, and Leo situated him and the bed, holding out his hand. Logan dropped his into it and watched him assess his knuckles. “All good?”

Leo nodded, turning his hand and leaning over to grab some liquid and cotton. “Yeah, they’re fine. There’s no need for stitches but they’ll bruise quite a bit. I’ll get them cleaned and wrap them up and you should be good to go. This’ll sting,” he warned and pressed the cotton onto his knuckles.

Logan sucked in a harsh breath, squeezing his eyes shut. “Merde, Leo,” he glared at him when he laughed and winced again when he moved to the next one, brushing away the blood and wrapping his hand.

“There you go, all done. You're good.”

Logan nodded, clutching his hand close. “We can go and see Finn now?”

Leo smiled, helping him up and nodding his head towards the door. “Yeah, we can go see Finn.”

They headed down the hall again and Logan rushed into the room Leo led him to, sighing when he saw Finn propped up on the bed, smiling tiredly over at him.

“Hi, baby,” he mumbled out, still half asleep, and Logan was by his side in an instant.

“Hi,” his voice wobbled and he ducked his head to push the tears back. “Are you okay? What did they say?”

He watched Leo wander over and grab his clipboard, scanning the sheet. “Concussion. A pretty bad one as well. Other than that, there’s no more serious injuries.”

Finn squinted up at Leo and Logan smiled at him, grabbing his hand. “And who are you?”

Leo glanced at him, a grin lighting up his face and Logan’s eyes narrowed onto his dimples for the second time. “I’m Leo. I go to Harvard with the two of you. Same year as Logan, I think. But I’m training to be a doctor and Dr Lupin is my supervisor. I saw your boy here panicking on the floor. Cleaned him up a little and here we are.”

Finn turned back to Logan. “There’s no need to panic, darling,” he whispered. “You heard the doctor, it’s only a concussion.”

Trainee doctor,” Leo pointed out, moving to check on Finn’s glazed over eyes. “Follow my finger for a second, okay?”

“Fine. You heard the baby doctor, Logan, it’s just a concussion,” but he followed Leo’s instructions, cracking up when the boy sighed deeply, Logan joining him.

“Yeah, very funny. You’re okay. Your eyes might be a little bad for the next few days, but it looks like your vision is fine.”

“Looks like those glasses are going to be on more, Logan,” Finn winked at him and Logan stifled a groan. He really didn’t need that image in his head.

“Well, I’d best be off then. I hope everything goes well. I know it must suck to be out so soon into the season but you’ll be back on the ice in no time. Lupin give you a recovery sheet?” Finn nodded. “Good. Well, then I hope I don’t see you back here very soon.”

“Leo, wait,” Logan looked over at Finn who was attempting to sit himself up. Leo got to him first, wrapping his arms around his waist and lifting him up, whispering careful under his breath. “Thank you,” he breathed out.

“No problem. What do you need from me?” He moved away to stand at the end of the bed and Logan moved to sit by Finn's side directly into the mattress.

“I need you to stay,” Logan’s head shot to Finn who was looking at him and he saw the look in his eyes and knew that there was a matching one in his own. He nodded slightly smiling at him widely and turned back to Leo, resting his head on his shoulder. 

Leo looked at the two of them confused. “Need me to stay? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. But that’s not what I meant. Are you free in…a week?” Leo nodded mutely, still confused. “Well, I should be better by then, at least to do something. Do you want to get a drink with us? Or a meal? Or, if I’m not healed by then, come to ours and have dinner there?” Logan rested his hand on his knee, rubbing softly, silently telling him to stop rambling.

“Like…” Leo started and visibly swallowed. “Like on a date?” The two of them nodded, smiling softly at him. “But you don’t know a thing about me.”

“Exactly. We want to know more about you, if you want to,” they started to worry a little now, Logan stiffening slightly when Leo didn’t answer.

He swallowed again and nodded, quickly, a smile taking over his face and his dimples appearing again. Logan looked away, this time letting out his groan. Fucking dimples. 

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll go out with you.”


“That doesn’t mean you should keep going and getting more concussions,” Leo said wetly, and the three of them laughed, reaching over for him, settling him between them. “I mean it, no more getting hurt on days when I'm here otherwise I’ll start to think you’re doing it just to see me.”

“Why would we need to get hurt to see you?” Finn watched Logan whisper to him, crowding up against his back. “We can see you around campus, around town, in our dorm room, in our bed.”

Leo let out a soft smile, eyes slipping closed. “Yeah,” he breathed out.

Finn sighed at the two of them, shifting again into a more upright position. “I don’t know about you two, but I’m ready to leave this place and go home.”

They laughed again and nodded, the two of them helping him up. “Yeah, of course we are. I’m staying at your place tonight though.”

“And tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that,” Logan teased into his ear and Leo pushed him away. “You don’t leave our room, love.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. You say that you don’t want me to be there.”

“If it were up to me, you would never have to leave. We could stay there all cuddled up all day,” Finn added and the two of them grabbed a hand and gently pulled him up.

“Well the sooner we get out of here, the sooner we can cuddle. Easy does it, Harz, slow movements. Mind your head.”

They got out of the room a lot later than Finn would have liked to, but Leo and Logan were adamant that he slowed down. He let Leo cover his eyes when they left the room and he squeezed them as tight as he could without hurting his head. They lead him out and through the doors outside, heading over to Logan’s car, sitting both him and Leo into the backseat, most of his weight resting in the taller boy.

“We’ll be home soon. You should ring Alex when we get there, let him know that Christmas is to be confirmed. They might make the journey up here instead,” Logan looked back at them through the mirror, smiling at the sight of them snuggled together. “But right now, you two sleep. You’ve been here all day, Le, go to sleep, love. Finn…is already asleep.”

He was woken up by car doors closing and the feeling of being lifted up. He tightened his grip around Leo’s frame instantly, pressing closer to him as he climbed the stairs and went through the open door. He could hear Logan talking to their teammates, most likely explaining everything, but he and Leo went the other way, up the stairs towards his dorm room.

He placed him down, grabbing a pair of his sweats and a hoodie that Finn knew belonged to Leo and helped him undress from his training clothes. He settled down, letting Leo cover him up with the blanket on the side and watched him with sleepy eyes sit down next to him.

“Harzy…” he whispered, stroking back his hair softly. “What are we gonna do with you, huh? Concussion after concussion.”

“You gonna be here when I wake up, Knutty?”

He smiled when he felt another hand in his hair and pushed into it, more calloused and rough than the slim fingers curled around the strands by his neck. He looked up at Logan, at his mesmerising green eyes and his soft but worried smile and let himself relax further into his bed.

“Never gonna leave you, sweetheart. Never.”