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A Proportionate Response

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Three days after William Lewis, suspected rapist and murder, got off on a technicality, the police now believe he is responsible for the abduction of Detective Olivia Benson, a decorated member of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.

“Hey, Boss? You should hear this news report.” Lakshmi spun her laptop around, sliding it across the table to him. “Checked on Benson like you asked. She’s been missing for three days. Cops don’t seem to have a clue where she’s at. Hell, they didn’t even notice she was missing for two days.”

Mark closed his eyes for a brief second. He liked Olivia. Smart, beautiful, strong. She was important to Elliot, who he cared about a great deal. He could probably be in love with her like Elliot was given half a chance. “Fuck. Get Elliot on the line. I know we’ve got him in Amsterdam at the moment. I want him on the first flight home. Bryce can head over to take his place so the client’s not down a guard.”

“Want me to call in everyone who’s in the city?” Lakshmi had probably already sent emails to everyone to get their gear ready. “Hassan and Mel can give me a hand. Maybe we can hack a few systems and find out what the NYPD can’t.”

“Call 'em in. Everyone. I want a full team including a medic within the next hour. And I want everything you can get on William Lewis. Everything. I want to know everything down to parking tickets. If he's done this before, maybe we can figure out where he'd take her.” Mark grabbed his phone when it rang. Elliot. Damn. “Hey, El?”

“Mark? Why the hell do I have a ticket to come home? Supposed to be here for six months. Hell, you’re supposed to be joining me in a week.” Elliot sounded tired and confused by his prolonged silence. “You there? Has something happened?”

“Hang on. I’m stepping onto the balcony.” Mark made his way through his penthouse. They used it as their headquarters while in New York. He stepped outside and shut the door for some privacy. “It’s Liv.”

“Liv? Tell me.” Elliot suddenly sounded completely alert. "Mark. Tell me everything."

“She’s been abducted. Missing three days.” Mark winced when he heard the sound of things clattering to the floor. “Don’t punch any walls, El. I need you at full strength. We’re putting a team together with everyone who’s in an hour’s drive. We’ll find her.”

"Who's the perp?"

“I don’t have much more than a name. I’ll have Lakshmi send you the details once we have them.” Mark had no doubts they’d have everything on the man within the next twenty minutes. “Just prepare yourself. The news said he was a suspected rapist and murderer.”


“I know, man. I know.” He hated the devastation in Elliot’s voice. He regretted sending him to Amsterdam. “Just don’t miss your flight. We’ve got you on the first available one.”

“I’m aware. No idea how she managed to get me on a flight in three hours.” Mark was always amazed at how quickly his team made miracles happen. “Going to be the longest eight hours for you.  I’m hoping we have a line on where she is before you get here.”

“I don’t want to lose her, Mark.”

“Rescue is what we do. We’ll find her.” He hoped that he hadn’t made an empty promise. Rescues didn’t always have happy endings. They did their best but sometimes bad shit just happened. “Try to keep your mind right. No point in spiralling about what-ifs. It won’t help her. And we’re going to need to be at our best.”