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so full of artless jealousy

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Wherever Ningguang goes, Ganyu follows— Keqing sighs, as she watches the two women walk into Ningguang’s office, closing the door behind them. And it’s hard not to notice, not when the two of them make it so fucking obvious. It’s as clear as the sun in the sky, as immovable as stone: they’re sleeping together.

They have to be, Keqing is sure of it. They can’t be joined at the hip like they are, and not have at least fucked once. Not that Keqing thinks about the two of them fucking often, no— She’s above that. She’s merely annoyed at the idea. They’re supposed to be coworkers, not… whatever these two are.

It’s hard not to think that they might be, not when Ningguang looks like Sin personified, the devil having taken shape and walking the Earth amongst them. It’s hard not to think that they are, not when Ningguang acts like Sin, her demeanor languid, her words double-edged, her gaze as smoldering as hot coal.

Keqing is not disillusioned enough to think she’s the only one Ningguang treats that way— the woman looks, talks, and touches everyone like she’s about to jump their bones, and that’s half her power. The manipulation, the deceit, the charm.

The other half of her power is the obscene amount of money she has.

Having that much money should be illegal, truly, Keqing is convinced of it. Then again, Keqing has many convictions— and thus her thoughts inevitably circle back to Ningguang and Ganyu fucking. She wonders if they’re doing it. She wonders if Ningguang has Ganyu kneeling beneath her, if she has her—

Work. She has work to do.

Her eyes turn back to her laptop, managing to read only the first sentence of the document she’s reviewing before they flit back to Ningguang’s closed door.

Ganyu on her knees. Ningguang in her office chair.

No. Work. Yes. Indeed.

She despises Ningguang. She truly does. And how can she not, when Ningguang looks like that, smiles like that, behaves like—

You get the gist.

Ningguang is a monster, and Ganyu is an angel. Ganyu, beautiful, amazing Ganyu, too pure for this world, too pure for that devil of a woman. Keqing’s nose wrinkles as she thinks of what Ningguang might have on her coworker— because it can only be coercion. Who, in their right, sound mind —and Ganyu is of a right and sound mind— would get with Ningguang, of all people?

Ganyu is wonderful, and Ningguang is horrible. Ganyu is sunshine, and Ningguang is the flames of hell itself.

Ganyu is kind. Ningguang is probably really good in bed.

— Wait. What?

‘I’m losing my fucking mind, that’s what,’ she thinks, as she gets on editing her contract. It’s due Monday, and Ningguang is not one to take tardiness lightly.

Well, she’d excuse Ganyu’s tardiness, for some obscure reason Keqing doesn’t understand. Maybe because they’re fucking. Right, that’s probably it.

Keqing snorts, the thought coming unbidden to her mind. ‘Maybe I should fuck her too— that way, I’d get as many extensions as I want.’

It takes her a few seconds before her fingers freeze above her keyboard. Did she— did she just imagine her and Ningguang sleeping together?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time— her boss is the most gorgeous woman she’s ever met, and Keqing is not blind.

Nope, definitely not blind, she thinks, as she imagines Ningguang’s thighs, the curve of her waist, her very generous bust—


The door to Ningguang’s office opens again, breaking her out of her frankly embarrassing thoughts. Ganyu walks out with a stack of papers in her arms and a soft smile on her face and, before the door closes behind her, Keqing catches sight of Ningguang’s slight upturn of the lips, a gesture that she would’ve considered a smile on anyone but her boss. The woman bares her teeth and sneers like a predator toying with its prey—she doesn’t smile.

“Keqing,” she hears coming from the office she was spying on, and instantly, her entire body goes taut with tension. The mere utterance of her name has her in a chokehold. The power this woman holds…

Keqing feels her ire rise, quick and all-consuming as it usually is. She aggressively shoves her chair back, and stomps into Ningguang’s office.

She doesn’t know what she expected. The smell of sweat lingering in the air, a forgotten, traitorous clothing item that would’ve given the entire thing away— yet all she’s met with is the sight of Ningguang skimming a document, her glasses perched on the tip of her nose, her hair up in a messy ponytail. Keqing’s heart skips several beats at the sight, and her anger dwindles down into flickering embers.

Okay, maybe she was overreacting a little bit. Of course, Ningguang wouldn’t have called her into her office to shove the fact that she and Ganyu are sleeping together in her face. Why would Keqing care? Why would Ningguang think Keqing cares?

“You called?” Keqing begins, clearing her throat, hoping she doesn’t sound as conflicted as she feels.

Ningguang’s head snaps up, as if she entirely forgot that she summoned Keqing in the first place. “Keqing, right. Yes— these are yours.” She hands her a stack of documents, littered with sticky notes and annotations. “Make sure you follow my instructions to the letter. It’s for an extremely important client. I’m counting on you.”

And just like that, her attention is back on her work, not an additional second spent looking at Keqing. The younger woman blisters at the almost nonchalant manner in which she is dismissed, but doesn’t say a word. She’s too proud for it.

She is back at her desk with even more chores than before, and nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, she watches as Ganyu walks back into Ningguang’s office, and closes the door behind her.

This time, she doesn’t come out, and before long, Keqing’s shift is over, and she has to head home.

At night, she thinks about Ningguang and Ganyu, and can’t sleep.

It’s the weekend, a few days after Keqing’s sleepless night obsessing over Ningguang and Ganyu. She had time to think about it some more in the meanwhile, and she came to terms with it— she’s entirely over the whole ordeal. The two women are more than welcome to date, or fuck, or whatever the hell it is that they’re doing, as long it doesn’t interfere with Keqing’s job. And so far, it hasn’t, so all’s good.

All’s good, she thinks, a pit in her stomach and a knot in her throat.

She’s lounging in front of the TV, having decided to procrastinate the mountain of work Ningguang assigned to her. She’s done a wonderful job this entire week, so she thinks she deserves a few hours of downtime over the weekend.

The Archons have other plans for her, it seems, however, as her phone pings repeatedly from next to her. She groans audibly, and decides to ignore it— it rings twice more.

Ningguang: Important. My place, at your earliest convenience.

Ningguang: If inconvenient, come anyway.

Ningguang: Bring the contract I assigned to you earlier this week.

Ningguang: Cordially — N

She quadruple-texts and signs her own messages. Keqing is both endeared and completely disgusted.

She catches herself a second too late, and decides to ignore the ‘endeared’ part.

Keqing: sure, whatever. Where do u live again

Ningguang: I will send you the location. —N

The young woman sighs, and stretches as she stands up. She takes her time getting ready, showering —she smells like cheese puffs and her couch, and she’ll be damned if she goes to Ningguang’s smelling like that— and picking out an outfit that will make her feel ready and confident. The fact that this is the first time Ningguang invites her over has her in somewhat of a frenzy. It is known in the office that the people Ningguang invites over become unofficially part of the inner circle— the few people who are in the know about everything, Ningguang’s confidants and advisors.

It is an honor that is easily squandered. The woman is peculiar about guests and their appearance, the way they hold themselves, and the way they behave at her house. Keqing’s heard plenty of tales about people getting fired because they didn’t use a coaster on Ningguang’s mahogany coffee table.

She’s determined to be the perfect guest, not only because her job depends on it, but also because she’s dying to see the place where a woman like Ningguang spends most of her time. She’s an enigma, only a few people knowing sparse and different things about her, no one aware of everything at once. It is intimidating, daunting in the worst way possible, and Keqing is unprepared.

She’s unprepared, and she still smells a little like cheese puffs, though it might be her paranoia acting up.

She picks up her phone when she’s finally done, to check out the location Ningguang’s sent her, when she’s met with nothing. No new texts, no address in sight.

Keqing: hello? U there?

Ningguang: Yes. Indeed. I am not sure how to send a location. I will type the address instead. —N

Keqing snorts out loud, her hand coming up to cover her mouth in embarrassment. Oh archons, she’s—

She doesn’t let herself even think about the word ‘adorable’. Instead, she hails a cab, gives the driver the address Ningguang took her sweet damn time typing, and is on her way.

The house is exactly what she imagined it to be. A modern, clean-looking townhouse, with a brick facade and wrought iron fencing. She rings the external doorbell, and the gate buzzes open immediately, allowing her to walk up to the door through the most picturesque front lawn, filled with flowers and paved with cobblestone.

She knocks on the mahogany door twice, and doesn’t even need to wait before it swings open, the sight of Ningguang in what can only be described as loungewear greeting her.

She’s wearing tight dark pants and an oversized beige sweater, the picture of a suburban trophy wife. Her hair is in her signature messy ponytail, her rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose.

“Keqing. Good evening,” she greets, and moves to the side, allowing Keqing entry into her home.

The younger woman does so with hesitation, toeing off her shoes and padding onto the thick carpet towards a minimally decorated living room. Everything about Ningguang is clean and seemingly immaculate— not too detailed, not too ornate, almost surgical. And it screams to her wealth more than ornaments and decorations ever could, because she has a Van Gogh hanging in her foyer, and a couch that Keqing’s seen listed at fifteen grand sitting opposite a plasma TV.

She’s filthy rich.

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” Ningguang says, her tone nice and welcoming, not at all the glacier she usually is at work. Keqing settles on the couch, and watches as the woman flits around, tidying almost nervously, and fetching two wine glasses and a bottle.

“You have a lovely home,” Keqing comments, as she pulls out the contract in question, trying really hard not to stare at Ningguang’s chest, and how big it looks in that sweater.

“Thank you,” Ningguang smiles at her, all teeth and surprisingly void of the aggressiveness she usually has about her. “Would you like some wine?”

Keqing looks at Ningguang, smiling softly and looking as angelic as a demon can get. She knows she gets tipsy fast, knows she’s chatty and rude when she has alcohol in her system, knows it’s probably the worst idea she’s ever had, but Ningguang is smiling at her, and Keqing’s a fucking idiot.

She nods, and watches as her boss pours her a glass, then one for herself.

Oh boy. This is not ending well.

“Well, would you look at that!” Ningguang exclaims, already well into her third glass of wine, looking as unbothered and perfect as ever. “We’re done. Thank you so much, Keqing. You did a very good job.”

Keqing blinks, and feels her entire being light up on fire. Praise. From Ningguang. “T-thank you.”

“Would you like something to eat? There’s this amazing takeout place Ganyu and I order from when we’re here working.”

The pleasant, tingling warmth that had spread to her chest at the words immediately vanishes, replaced by another boiling sensation, one that Keqing belatedly realizes is anger.

“You and Ganyu?” She mumbles, slurring her words some, and hoping Ningguang doesn’t notice.

The woman raises an eyebrow, entirely unimpressed. “Yes, Ganyu and I. Why, is there a problem?”

“Are you in love with her or something?” Keqing blurts out before she can stop herself, glaring at Ningguang and crossing her arms over her chest. “Ganyu this, Ganyu that— we fucking get it! You don’t need to rub it in!”

Ningguang blinks at her, her jaw slack at the completely unexpected outburst. Keqing’s chest heaves, and she’s as shocked as the woman in front of her, because damn, how long has she been holding on to that?

“I—“ Ningguang swallows thickly, her eyebrows knitting together in frustration. “That is none of your business.”

“Isn’t it? Because your office is opposite of mine, and working is difficult when you know your boss is having sex the next room over.” Keqing knows her face is beet red, if the burning of her ears is anything to go by, but alcohol makes her blunt and disrespectful. She wouldn’t be surprised if Ningguang fires her on the spot.

Keqing watches as a myriad of emotions crosses Ningguang’s face in quick succession, most of which she cannot make sense of, until her expression settles into one she’s intimately familiar with: Superiority.

A languid smile pulls at her lips, and Keqing might be hallucinating, but she swears she saw her swallow thickly, as if salivating over a particularly tasty prey. “You think of me having sex often, Keqing darling?”

Keqing blinks. Static buzzes in her ears, and she feels a little bit faint. “W-what?”

“You seem to be very invested in Ganyu and I’s sex life. Could it be that… you’re jealous, kitten?”

“What?! No, I—“

Ningguang bites her lower lip, looks Keqing up and down, something akin to anticipation glowing in her eyes. Keqing feels herself burn under her gaze, want roiling in her chest.

Ningguang’s smirk widens as she watches Keqing’s eyes flit from her own, down to her lips, then to her chest. “My, my, someone’s hungry— home-cooked instead of takeout, I gather?”

Keqing’s ears are still ringing when she finally manages to detach her eyes from Ningguang’s breasts, bringing them up to the woman’s face instead.

She’s entirely too casual, lounging back on the couch, her glass of wine in hand, her smirk liquid sin and molten gold.

“Yes,” Keqing breathes, and watches as Ningguang licks her lips.

“Perfect,” the woman purrs, her hand grazing Keqing’s thigh. “My bedroom is upstairs—“

Keqing doesn’t need to be told twice. She scoops Ningguang into her arms at lightning speed, somehow managing to avoid knocking over the bottle of wine, and runs upstairs.

“Third door to the right,” Ningguang mutters when they get to the top of the stairs, and Keqing’s heart soars at the sight of her, reddened and wide-eyed, clearly not expecting to be carried bridal style.

She silently thanks whatever archon pushed her to go to the gym every day for the last few years of her life, and slams the door open, throwing Ningguang on the bed, and clambering over her, desperate.

She settles on top of her and smashes her lips to hers, moaning at the contact, finally getting what she’s been craving for weeks, if not months.

Ningguang reciprocates in kind, kisses Keqing fiercely and roughly, her tongue slipping into the younger woman’s mouth almost on instinct. Keqing whines as she feels Ningguang’s knee graze between her legs, breaking the kiss to try to get more friction, more contact, more, more, more.

“Keqing darling,” Ningguang purrs, sitting up, pulling her knee away from where Keqing desperately needs it. She receives a miffed groan in response. “I have something for you.”

She reaches to the side, opens the drawer of her nightstand, and pulls out a pretty collar, purple and decorated with gold, as if made for Keqing and Keqing alone.

“Put it on,” she orders, her voice smooth with a dangerous undertone, like a lake’s treacherous depths. “Go on, kitten.”

Keqing wrinkles her nose at the sight of it, indignation flooding her veins. Does Ningguang really think she’s gonna stoop that low? Just to fuck her?

“Fine,” she grumbles, and Ningguang watches, pupils blown, as Keqing clasps it around her neck. “Why the fuck do you have this, anyway?”

Ningguang’s lips pull into the most devilish of smirks. She tugs on Keqing’s collar, making the younger woman yelp in surprise. “Language, Keqing darling. This is Ganyu’s, if you must know.”

Her reaction is probably exactly what Ningguang wanted, but Keqing can’t help how fast her heart starts beating in her chest, how a wave of anger overtakes her before she can stop it.

“Now, let us see if you’re better than her, yes?”

Keqing grits her teeth. Seriously, who does this woman think she is? How can she think she can pit her against Ganyu, someone she considers a coworker, and a friend, someone who—

All thoughts halt in Keqing’s brain as Ningguang removes her sweater, unclipping her bra in the process. The younger woman blinks at the sight in front of her, and can swear she can hear angels sing. If this isn’t what the gates of heaven look like, Keqing will fistfight god.

“Are you going to continue staring, or are you going to pleasure me like the good little kitten you are?” Ningguang whispers in her ear as she tugs on her collar, bringing her down to her chest.

Keqing nods so fast the room spins. She does quick work of her own clothing, discarding everything in a pile on the floor, before immediately getting to work, sucking and biting and kissing every inch of bare skin exposed to her. Her hands come up and sink into the soft flesh of Ningguang’s boobs, squeezing and sighing contently, leaving a trail of kisses from her jugular down to her nipple. She takes it between her teeth, suckles on it lightly, and delights in hearing Ningguang’s satisfied exhale. She takes the other one between her fingers, pinches and twists, heat bubbling in her stomach at the noises the older woman is making.

Keqing gives the nipple one last satisfied lick, before she continues on her way downwards, trailing fire down Ningguang’s stomach.

Before she can get to the waistband of her pants, she’s stopped by a rough hand tugging at her hair, forcing her head up. It’s painful and unforgiving, and Keqing fully moans at the sensation.

She finds Ningguang glaring at her, though it mellows out into something more playful when she sees just how much Keqing is enjoying it.

“You naughty thing,” she whispers, before bunching up more of Keqing’s hair in her fist, and forcing her to look her in the eyes. “You like it rough, don’t you?”

Keqing glares right back, her lips thinning into a line to stop herself from uttering a single word.

Ningguang chuckles nonetheless, having received her answer.

“This warrants punishment, I think,” she whispers, pulling out a strap-on from the same cursed drawer. Keqing wonders what other kinds of things she has in there, but freezes at the sheer size of the thing.

Ningguang straps it to Keqing’s hips, and smiles at the result. “My, don’t you look dashing.”

“Shut up,” she mumbles in response, cursing herself when she feels the tips of her ears going red. Fucking hell, this woman has too much power over her.

“Lie down,” Ningguang orders, and when Keqing grits her teeth and stays still, she tugs at her hair mercilessly, forcing her onto the mattress. “You will obey when I give you instructions. Do you understand?”

“Screw you,” Keqing spits out, and gets a slap square in the face as a result.

Ningguang’s eyes are whirlpools of blood, enraged and domineering. “Do not talk back at me.” Her lips pull into a sneer, all sharp teeth and anticipation. “And screwing me is exactly what you’re going to be doing for the next few hours.”

Keqing’s mind goes blank as she watches Ningguang shimmy out of her black slacks and lacy underwear —of course, it matches her bra— and straddle Keqing’s hips, her slit dripping and hovering over the tip of her cock.

Keqing’s wide-eyed and slack-jawed, her hands shaking as she reaches out to touch Ningguang’s hips. Her boss slaps her on the wrist instead, clicking her tongue at her, disapproving.

“You will lie there, and watch. You may not touch. You may not make a single noise. You may not move. Do you understand?”


“Do you understand?”

Keqing feels her anger mount, dying to just slam her hips upwards and watch the dildo sink into Ningguang’s dripping pussy. Instead, she swallows, and nods silently.

“Good girl,” Ningguang whispers, bending down to kiss her, and lowering herself slowly onto the shaft, moans loud and unabashed.

It’s torture. It’s almost impossible not to reach out and touch, not to jerk her hips, not to kiss and bite and suck at exposed skin, as Ningguang bounces up and down on her cock. The woman is all keening whines and soft exhales, her nails digging into Keqing’s skin where she’s holding onto for purchase. Ningguang is all too aware of the power she holds, all too aware of how irresistible she is, fucking herself onto a cock attached to her, for Celestia’s sake, while she can do nothing but watch.

Her own pussy twitches desperately, begging for any kind of touch, any kind of friction. She lets out an unwitting moan when Ningguang reaches a hand up and massages her own breasts, pinching at her nipples.

The woman notices the effect she has, smirks knowingly at Keqing’s blown pupils and reddened face, panting almost as hard and fast as Ningguang.

“A-ah, Keqing,” Ningguang whines, and the squeak that escapes the younger woman when she hears her name slip out from her lips is something she’ll take with her to the grave. “I’m close—“

Keqing’s heartbeat picks up as she watches her throw her head back and slam down onto the dildo, a strangled scream escaping her lips, shaking and trembling in ecstasy.

She bobs up and down a few more times before sprawling onto Keqing, her head nestling into the crook of her neck, breathing hard, sweat pearling all over her skin.

“Oh archons,” she whispers, a small chuckle escaping her. “You may touch me now, darling. You were so good.”

Keqing squeals softly at the praise, blushing in embarrassment yet glowing with pride, the joy of finally being able to touch Ningguang too much to handle.

She wraps her arms around the woman lying atop her, rakes her fingernails along her spine. She’s satisfied to see goosebumps rise following her touch, and even happier to feel Ningguang shiver in her arms.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” she mutters despite herself, her arms tightening around the older woman. “So fucking beautiful. It’s insane. How’s that even possible? How are you real?”

Silence greets her words, and worry seeps into her chest, a splash of ice water. “Ningguang? You okay?”

She feels more than hears her clear her throat, straightening up to look at Keqing in the eyes.

She’s blushing. Keqing just about explodes with happiness, as she watches a light pink dusting cover her cheeks, neck, and upper chest.

Ningguang bends over and kisses her sweetly, too lovingly for Keqing to retain a single coherent thought.

“I think you deserve a reward, Keqing darling.”