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spider-man anne

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anne boonchuy, or, spider-man. yeah i know spider-man, she still cant believe it, well, not a man but whatever. still trying to come out to the press, shes been on HRT for months, and people hear her and go, "yup thats a dude" whatever, its still insane. 


anne has one rule- two rules, 1. dont tell anyone your spider-man 2. dont forget date night, which is tonight she reminds herself. shes forgotten date night once during her relationship with sasha, and let her say never again.


as much as she loves fighting bad guys and casually swinging through the city, she loves her girlfriend 10x more. 


what’s she’s doing right now you might ask? well you know just investigate the giant booms in the distance, you know, spider-man shit. sometimes she’s walking down the street and forgets she’s not in a suit and just- tries to jump and swing. multiple moms have avoided her because of that


but you know in the end she does more good then harm, and no she doesn’t talk to herself in her head or like, 500 feet in the air… maybe. it was worse in the beginning thought, forgetting she’s wearing a suit, stuffing food onto her face through said suit.


mishaps and mayhem, normal day yada yada. oh shit right, bad guys, she realizes she’s been swinging on autopilot for a while and that she’s actually where the “suspicious activity” was on the police radio, she doesn’t see anything—


lemme just slow it down for you, spider-man’s speed is hard to explain. anne, definitely not talking to herself, spidey sense, boom jump up web a guy, punch him 1, 2, 3 and down, spidey sense, boom kick a guys gut twist him around and boom spidey sense—


woah woah woah slow down, that’s how you explain fight scenes? no this is- wait, hello? forth wall are you there? don’t talk to them talk to me. is this her inner monologue? seems annoying. no you’re her inner monologue, god. but i’m talking 3rd person? we get that but would you stop just talking and actually explain what’s happening? i mean if you want. thank god.


spider-man then kicks a guys jaw with a loud crack and casually dodged a couple bullets like the badass she is “you know i thought this’d be a rager with all the noise but so far i’m disappointed-“ she gets cut off with a punch to the back “sorry did i hurt your ego- woahkay” 


let her just say that is not an average thug, no no no. this bad guy was dressed in all purple with she can admittedly say a cool ass mask and covered in what seems to be high tech equipment, definitely not an average joe. “hello, spider-man” the villain seethes with what seems like an obvious voice changer


she decides to persuade this mystery person with her charisma “sheesh the voice changer and everything, what’s your villain name violet?” she laughs at her own joke, they seem to roll their eyes through the mask “my name is war hammer” they growl and push anne backwards- guess we’re fighting


she stumbles but quickly regains her footing “hammer? lame” she shrugs “violets better” the villain tried to punch her but she swiftly catches it and jumps over them “violets just a color” they slam and into the ground and attempt to pin her down, attempt “and a hammer is just a tool” she grunts and kicks them off


”you annoy me” they growl picking up annie and smashing her into the pipes on top of the building “you think maybe we could talk this out?” she webs their feet to the ground punches then punches them square in the gut “i’m done talking” 


the tech covering their body is quickly illuminating and flashing different colors besides purple “cool you got your own light show?”  she dodged the multiple punches they throw and ends with a fuckin awesome dropkick which she definitely nailed, they just laugh “silly spider” which weirdly sounds vaguely familiar 


“don’t you want something better for your last words” they grunt and continue to throw punches left and right, occasionally dodging and attempting to throw her off her feet “are you insinuating i don’t make it out of here alive, i hope you know if anyones dying here it’s you” crack, a punch to their jaw, team spider-man 1 team violet 0


”but i prefer to play nice” she winks to them before wrapping two webs around their neck and slamming them into the ground, they continue laughing “come on great and powerful super hero, web me up and show me how amazing you are” their voice is dripping with sarcasm


“only because you asked so nicely” she vaguely feels like it’s a trap but, nothing she can’t handle. she finishes trapping then in webs and begins to turn around “thanks for the good practice violet, hope you have fun in prison” she begins to swing up to a tall building next to her until— you know, she should’ve seen this coming


she pulling back down to the rooftop harshly by what feels like her own webs “what the fu-“ she begins to curse before the villain above her is dusting off and doing something with the tech on their body “thanks for the webs spider man, i’ll see you around” now it’s their turn to wink and they are tuning around and swing off with her fucking webs. well shit.



too be fair she wasn’t expecting a big fight and a whole new villain so why should she patch her wounds? oh that’s right, her girlfriend that she lives with doesn’t know she’s spider-man and can’t see them. also they might get infected


the point is she really wasn’t carrying any medical supplies today so why not just put a couple of bandaids on and call it a day? there might be some questions but she has explications, even if they were technically lies.


of course she feels bad about lying to those closest to her but come on, she’s spider-man. at this point she didn’t know which was more important, thinking about sasha or thinking about how the hell that villain just stoleherwebsandusedthemtoswingaway. what do they say? ignorance is bliss? sasha it is.


she wants tonight to be perfect- er, as perfect as it can get after fighting a new web stealing villain that happened to pop up today. stop thinking about that. she tells herself over and over, which is difficult because it literally-

you know what, no, everything is fine, she has a perfect night waiting for her back home, nothing can go wrong. nothing can go wrong.  


meanwhile she getting close to her shared  apartment and she didn’t wanna slam into it like an idiot, she wants to almost slam into it but make it look cool, obviously. a couple scratches won’t do anything



well a couple of scratches.. and bruises later and she’s actually at her front door! without the suit even, just one problem, she kinda forgot her keys. no biggie, as long as sasha is home


“knock knock, sasha you there?” she knocks on the door a couple more time “sashaaaaa” she tries twisting the handle just in case it’s unlocked, it’s not.


she sighs and scoots down the the floor in front of the door, she slowing pulls her phone out of her pocket, at least i could remember this she thinks and pulls up sasha’s contact 



sashimi ❤️



are you home, sleeping, or out?


very funny im not 

sleeping dingus


im out shopping for



did you forget your 



ill be home soon can

you wait a bit?


i love you 

i love you too 🙂



anne sighs softly and sets her phone on her chest, her heart aching with love. she waits for a about 30 minutes, playing candy crush, twiddling her thumbs, trying to pass the time. 


until a notification pops up on her phone, a cafe being broken into, how long could that take, ehhhh, suit plus fighting plus taking off suit, 30 minutes at least. it won’t take long at all


and so she was off, swinging towards the cafe in question. what she didn’t know was how this small decision would effect the rest of her life, for the good and the bad.