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you, i kind of like you.

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"Kirari, may I borrow one of your sweaters?" Sayaka asks as she scavenged her girlfriend's walk-in closet.

"They're all in the wash darling," Kirari's eyes lit up in curiosity, "why did you need one? Surely you have some of your own."

Sayaka's cheeks dusted pink as she floundered to put some clothes back on their racks, "it- well.. it's different when I'm wearing yours versus wearing mine."

Kirari was properly intrigued now. The temptation to tease the girl was too strong to ignore.

Approaching Sayaka from behind, she grasped onto her hips and whispered near the shell of her ear, "you want everyone to know who you belong to that badly?"

Her girlfriend's surprised, hitched breath was music to her ears. Poor Sayaka was struggling to stand upright in Kirari's grasp as if she was a newborn animal.

Trying to regain some form of control, she weakly protested, "I think a vast majority of the school already knows that I'm yours."

It wasn't a total cop-out; there was truth to the statement. Both girls worked closely together on the student council, Sayaka was consistently getting the highest grades out of everyone, and Kirari was on the varsity basketball team. They each attended any competitions either of them participated in, without fail.

Upon closer inspection, Sayaka appeared to be struggling to keep her eyes open. Chuckling, Kirari relented and gave her girlfriend a soft peck on her jaw, "that wouldn't be surprising, no. Come, let's take a nap."

"A nap?" Sayaka questioned, confused as she was being dragged over to the bed, "but I don't-"

"Hush, Sayaka," Kirari swiftly cut in, "I'd like to be close to my favourite person right now."

Sayaka shyly nodded her head and averted her gaze, accepting her fate. As Kirari plopped down, she pulled her girlfriend with her so she landed on top of her with an adorable yelp.

Having repositioned herself so she was snuggled up to Kirari's right side, Sayaka started to feel how drowsy she was. She drifted off to sleep as Kirari stroked her fingers through her dark violet locks and peppered gentle kisses all over her forehead.

"Rest peacefully, my dear."

Sayaka awoke hours later with a yawn. She reached out her arm in an attempt to touch Kirari, only to frown when she came into contact with a wool material instead. Blinking away her exhaustion, she sat up for a closer look.

On the bed next to her was a varsity jacket. The leather sleeves and buttons were scarlet red, while the torso portion was black wool. Kirari's name was embroidered on the right side of the chest.

Sayaka promptly pulled the clothing to her chest, hugging it. She was delightfully surprised to catch a whiff of her girlfriend's peach perfume already clinging to the jacket.

The faint sounds of scrawling prompted Sayaka to look up and notice Kirari working diligently on some assignments at her desk.

"Kirari?" Sayaka rasped, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Said woman hastily turned in her seat, smiling at the scene of her love clutching her clothes, "welcome back, dearest. The jacket's for you."

Sayaka wasted no time putting on the garment. Since Kirari's shoulders were slightly broader, along with her height advantage, the jacket ran a tad large on her. She loved it all the more.

Kirari found the sight of Sayaka burying herself in the jacket entertaining. "You look very pleased," she mused, making her way over to Sayaka.

"Very!" Sayaka chirped as she latched on to Kirari the second she settled next to her. Kirari returned the embrace with a kind smile, laying them down.

Both were content to resume where they left off before Sayaka remembered in a frenzy, "wait- it's getting late and I have homework as w-!"

"You don't," Kirari tightened her hold around her girlfriend, "I just finished it for you."

Oh, so that's what she was doing.

Sayaka made a face, upset that she had troubled Kirari, "I'll make up for it."

"Nonsense," Kirari traced Sayaka's jawline with her forefinger unhurriedly, admiring her sweet face, "you already go above and beyond for me every day. Let me do this for you."

A request like that was impossible to reject. Sayaka's feelings of inadequacy were tempered by Kirari's overwhelming concern and care for her. She slumped back down in Kirari's arms, "thank you."

"Anything for you, Sayaka," she smiled against her temple, "anything at all."