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have you ever made love to a woman?

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“Have you ever made love to a woman?’”

The thoughts quickly ran through her head while she tried to gain her composure. She stared at the woman staring across from her, honest to God stunned that she asked that.

Olivia sat back on her chair, the pen dropping out of her hand to the table. Amanda glanced at Olivia and raised her brow. Olivia stood up and laughed, shaking her head. “Excuse me.”

Olivia walked out of the interrogation room being unable to focus on the interrogation. She had never been so distracted in the way that she was; never let a perp interview get to her the way that Sadie had. She paced back and forth in the entryway, glancing over at Amanda as she finished the interview. Her mind filled with memories of Alex, remembering the way her mouth ran laps over and over the blondes body.

She never let herself think like this, especially during work. She had pushed those memories far to the side. Some of them had been the best moments of her life, but that wasn’t something she could think of right now. She slowly breathed out and refocused, her attention on Amanda finished up the interrogation.

Amanda tried her best to not get involved in her bosses life, but Olivia left some room to the imagination. Olivia had shared some of her intimate moments with Alex, once or twice during her drunken nights with Amanda. It had taken a while a first for Olivia to warm up to Amanda, but eventually, they became close. They raised their children together, share endless laughs, watching their kids grow, and shared some of their deepest secrets together when the children were sleeping.

Olivia had been wrapped up in her own world, Alex constantly racing through her mind, not even hearing Amanda’s questions.


Two years into working at SVU, they had been appointed a new ADA. Rumor  had it, she was placed where she was because of family ties. Olivia wasn’t the type of woman who shit talked other women, or talks poorly about them when they weren’t around, but the fact that someone who was younger than her had made their way to ADA for New York Manhattan SVU didn’t settle with her very well. 

Those thoughts quickly went out the window when she laid her eyes on the blonde. Her hair was short, and her piercing blue eyes went through her. Olivia knew that the both of them were in trouble the moment they met. They had been barely able to form a sentence during their first interaction. The blonde blushed, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.” Alex offered a soft smile while she extended her hand out.

Olivia bit her lip nervously, extending her hand out to Alex. “Benson… Olivia, sorry,.” Olivia laughed. “Olivia, Liv… Whatever you want to call me, honestly,” She laughed again.

Alex grinned and crossed her arms over her chest. “Liv. Sei bella.” Her accent rolled off her tongue, leaving Olivia speechless.


Alex had come out of WPP and it was the first stop she forced the marshals to make. She needed to see Olivia, needed to be back in her arms. A year prior had been the first time either of them had been with a woman. It was the first time in the four years they had known each other that they had shown their feelings towards each other.

Olivia checked the peephole after hearing the knock. She gasped and quickly opened the door, pulling Alex into her arms, not caring that U.S officials were standing behind her. Olivia softly cried into her arms, holding Alex tight against her body.

“ I don’t know how long I’m here, Liv, but I need to stay with you as long as I can.” Alex spoke softly into her ear, not wanting to let go.

The years had passed, and their relationship had been on and off since the moment they had met. Alex was either getting herself into trouble or realizing that there was so much more that she wanted to do, wanted to offer in life.


It had been a year since she had seen Alex, a year since she was wrapped up in the arms that she had loved for over twenty years. Sadie’s words rushed through her mind again and she was brought back to a year ago, Alex devouring her mouth, the marks left on her body, her face buried deep between the attorneys legs.

Alex pulled Olivia into her arms, her lips trailing down her neck, leaving gentle kisses across her skin.

“Come for me, mi amour,” Alex whispered into her ear, her fingers thrusting deeply into Olivia’s core.

Olivia whimpered in pleasure, the orgasm hitting her body harder than ever. She rode it out while Alex held her close to her body, her fingers not easing up until she knew that she couldn’t take it any longer.

“I love you.” Olivia quietly whispered as she came down from her high.

”I have, and will always love you.” Alex whispered back, her lips captivating Olivia’s. 


Olivia snapped out of the flashback, quickly coming back to reality, and finally hearing Amanda. Olivia glanced over at her, rubbing her sweaty palms on her pants.

“Liv?” Amanda asked again.

“Sorry,” Olivia finally responded. “I’m good, you were saying?”