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Little help from Mira

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“Come on Mira, You have to eat!” Isabela huffed softly as she held a fork full of food up to her younger sister’s lips, Frowning when the little pressed her lips into a thin line. Isabela looked around the room, setting the fork down before a smirk appeared on her face. “Luisa! I need your help!” She called out to the main room, Waving when her second younger sister came into the kitchen.

Luisa looked a bit confused, “What’s up Isa?” She glanced from Mirabel to Isabela, Eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “I need your help getting a little monstruo to eat, Sooo will you help please?” Isabela pouted as a joke as she gestured to Mirabel who was now playing with Casita as it pushed a stuffed animal back and forth on the floor.

The strong woman nodded, Smiling a bit when Casita brought her a chair and thanked the house quietly. “Mirabel! I’ll cut you a deal okay?” Luisa waved at her sister, getting a bright smile in return. The little tilted her head at the mention of a deal, Confused but seemingly intrigued. Isabela watched with the intrigue of her own, Unsure of what this deal was but was trusting of her sister.

Luisa chuckled a bit, “If you eat breakfast now with Isabela, I’ll let you do alllll my work with me today, Okay? Even help me get the donkeys!” She smiled when Mirabel nodded eagerly to the deal, Pushing her plate towards Isabela. “Now! Now! Now!” Mira exclaimed as she kicked her feet happily, Watching Isabela like a hawk almost wordlessly pushing her to help her eat.

Isabela looked at Luisa almost shocked, Even when Mirabel wasn’t regressed Luisa didn’t let her help! At least she knew that when Mira would go with Luisa she would be safe, That was probably the biggest reassurance given to her. Isabela then picked up the fork and offered it to Mirabel, Smiling when the little accepted the food happily without complaints. “Good job Mira!” She praised softly.

After a couple of minutes, Mirabel’s plate was cleared and taken away to be washed. She hopped out of her chair and made a beeline for Luisa, Jumping up on her and wrapping her in a hug. “We go now?!” Mirabel looked up with a giant grin as Luisa nodded. “Wait!” Isabela froze from where she was above the sink, Vines turning to stop the pair from leaving the kitchen. “I’m coming with you both okay?”

Luisa and Mirabel both nodded, a bit scared by the sudden vines but they quickly went away and were replaced by soft petals on the ground. The sisters walked outside, Mirabel now being placed down and holding hands between her older sisters. “Come ooooon!!!” Mirabel whined, Pulling her sisters forward in an attempt to get them to hurry up towards the village. “All right, All right relax! Who gave you coffee this morning monstruo?” Luisa joked as she scooped up both sisters and jogged to the village.

The three sisters helped around a bit, Mirabel sticking close to Luisa and trying to imitate her by pushing a donkey slightly. Isabela had gone off to help some people with decorations for an upcoming event but frequently came over to her younger sisters and checked on them like a mother hen. “Aiiiii! Isa ‘m fine!” Mirabel whined when Isabela picked her up with a vine, Almost falling off of it in a clumsy attempt to get down.

“I know you’re fine Mira, I just don’t want anything to happen, I trust you and Luisa but still I worry!” Isabela internally melted when Mirabel copied the way she speaks occasionally, She didn’t let it show, Her sister would find that very entertaining and most likely tease her about it when she’s not regressed.

Luisa watched with an amused smile, Finally done getting the donkeys back to their pen. She huffed softly before appearing behind Mirabel and quickly lifting her up and over her shoulder as a joke. “Don’t worry Isa! She’s safe with me.” She laughed as Isabela’s face twisted from worry at the sudden movement to relief at the reassurance.

“Let’s just go home, Yeah?” Isabela rolled her eyes playfully and gently grabbed Luisa’s hand that wasn’t holding Mirabel up and started to drag them home. “We need to eat lunch, Then maybe we’ll see if Camilo can help us play some pranks.” Isabela laughed as Mirabel cheered from atop Luisa’s shoulder, “Camilo! yes yes yes!”