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Heat Wave

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The summer weather seemed to get hotter and hotter every year, and it felt as though this was the ultimate culmination. The heat was unrelenting, not allowing any respite, no matter what clothes you wore or how cool it must have been in the shade. The heat soaked into every moment, every breath, and every pore without discrimination.

So it only made sense for you to wear shorts in the face of the oppressive heat, refusing to be any hotter than you had to be, and so far, there were no problems, and you didn’t regret it one bit. However, there was a certain… side effect, of this plan.


Bruno’s eyes had been following you for days at this point.

Every time you turned around, there he was, which wasn’t odd considering the fact that you were known to spend your time together, but it was odd that the man never seemed to be looking at you anymore. At least, not to your face. No matter what you said, his eyes wouldn’t meet yours, but out of the corner of your eye, you could swear that you had seen those eyes on yourself, you could even swear that you felt them.

Like at that very moment, as you were elbows deep into the sink, attempting to help Julieta by cleaning up after dinner, you had heard Bruno walk into the room. It was a faint noise, the soft padding of leather on the floor, but it was something that you began to listen for naturally. He had yet to say anything though, and Julieta hadn’t noticed him yet, so he just seemed to be standing in the doorway, quiet and hesitant.

It worried you. His behavior over the past week, that is. Any question that had something to do with him was met with immediate rebuffing, claiming he was fine, and that he wasn’t acting differently at all, but you knew that it wasn’t just you who had noticed his strange behavior around you. Pepa and Julieta, before they let you finish the dishes, had been asking you about what was going on between the two of you, and when you didn’t have an answer, they seemed more confused than you had ever seen them, before immediately brushing the question they had asked off as though it were inconsequential.

Not to mention the odd behavior of the children over the past two days. Nearly every time you saw them with their Tio, he looked as though he were being quizzed, but the conversation seemed to change immediately when you would walk into the room, and it made you fear for the worst.

You didn’t think the Madrigals were the type of people who would try and ruin the friendship between the two of you, but it was still a worrying thought all the same. It seemed that the anxiety was just a side-effect of spending enough time with so many powerful people.

It made you feel replaceable.

You let him stand there in silence for a few moments, wondering what it is the man could be hesitating about. He hadn’t been hesitant around you in so long, you couldn’t imagine a scenario that could bring the two of you apart. The silence felt as though it were getting louder and more oppressive as time went by, so dropping a towel on the counter next to you, you turned around to face the subject of your thoughts.

As sure as you were that he had been looking at you, when you turned your head, he was already taking gentle steps into the room, his cheeks stained red from the heat as he smiled, not quite meeting your eyes.

Your shoulders didn’t drop at that at all.

“Where have you been all day?” You asked, tilting your head and staring at the disheveled mess of curls that fell onto his shoulders, and was that… a leaf? “You and Camilo were missing all day, I was wondering if you two got lost in the walls.”

“Camilo is determined to make up for the rumors he was spreading about me,” Bruno sighed, rolling his shoulders as he grabbed a rag, automatically starting to dry the dishes that had been put down to dry. “So, he’s been showing me his favorite places to go and explore in the forest nearby.”

That explains the mess of his hair then, you thought to yourself. You took the moment to rest against the counter and bump Bruno with your hip, smiling at the way his face flushed with color immediately before bumping you in return.

“You can go rest for the night, I can finish this.” His gentle tone made you relax, and you smiled before wrapping your arms around his shoulders, hugging him from behind, ignoring the tense muscles as you pressed against each other, relishing instead in the scent of his clothes and the way he leaned back against you.
“Thank you, mi corazon, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You gave him one last squeeze before releasing him to make your way home.

If you had looked back, you would have seen Bruno turning around, staring at you with his mouth agape and cheeks flushed a cherry red. You also would have noticed the way his eyes roamed your body hungrily, as though taking in the sight of you like it was going to vanish.


Bruno wasn’t sure what was wrong with him.

The weather was terrible out, the sun bearing down with heat so strong that moving took every ounce of his energy, but even as much as he wanted to stay hidden and hide from the heat, he couldn’t. You hadn’t let him, and once he had caught sight of you, he couldn’t stay in his room no matter what he tried.

He found reasons to be near you all day, and as much as he enjoyed the extra time with you, he couldn’t hide his guilt for much longer. He had noticed his sisters plan, and he had never been more embarrassed when Pepa had told him to “Stop staring and say something, for everyone’s sake!”

He’d thought he had at least kept his indecent behavior to himself, but to have his own sisters tease him for it? How had they noticed his fascination before he truly understood it himself, when Bruno couldn’t understand the way his eyes were drawn to the expanse of muscle that was usually hidden by your clothes…

Bruno had been fascinated by your thighs for the past week, and he was close to his breaking point, as he sat next to the bed, on the floor in an effort to escape the heat.

The heat was to blame for this.

If it wasn’t so hot, Bruno never would have been stuck in this dilemma, where he has everything he never knew he wanted right in front of him, but he was terrified of breaking any of the fragile relationships he has.

He barely understood what he wanted with your thighs at this point, but everything in him ached with want every second he was in your presence, and he just couldn’t bare to tear his eyes away from the soft skin that he just wanted to sink his teeth into so deeply…

He bit back a whine as he brought his hands to rub his face.

He hated this part.

When his mind would wander, and he could practically feel the weight of you against him, and he could imagine the feeling of your skin perfectly, and it just made him ache more and more until…

Until he gave in. As much as he resisted it, he always gave in eventually. The thoughts of you and your body were overwhelming him, and as the temperature climbed, the more of you he seemed to see. He had been through heatwaves before, seen people dressed far more revealingly than you, but they had never had this effect on him before. He had never had the desire to reach out and touch anyone as he did with you, and he certainly was never tempted to bend someone over in front of the counter as they did dishes and just bury himself inside them. There were no fantasies going through his head every time the two of you had made eye contact, and if he knew of anyone else thinking of you in such a manner, he would have been disgusted.

He had never really had this reaction to someone before, even when he was young and others his age seemed to have been going through this exact situation. He never understood the need so many felt to chase after others and hold their attention, or the possessive thoughts until now, when he couldn’t seem to think of anything but you.

Changing positions as his pants got more and more uncomfortable, Bruno couldn't help but reach down and try to adjust himself, and he sighed at the sight of himself straining against his pants, the outline all too clear as he rested his palm above his cock.

This was humiliating, but Bruno couldn’t deny himself this. Not when she spent all week wearing skirts that allowed him to see the plump curves of her ass when she walked up the stairs in front of him, and when there was no hesitation behind the casual touches you left on him…

His cock twitched at the thought of you reaching out and touching him, and he pretended his own hands were yours as he pushed down his pants, wrapping one around the base of his weeping cock. He had to take a deep breath in order to regain his focus, his palm rough against the sensitive skin as he gently thrust his hips forward into his own hand, fucking the loose fist gently, wishing with every fiber of his being that he could be pushing himself into your mouth instead.

The warm air was jarring against his skin, and he let out a long sigh as he tightened his grip, his other hand moving to grip his hair as he regained control of his breathing before moving his hand slowly, allowing his mind to wander as he thought of you. Soft skin, a body that looked as though it had been made to be worshipped by his lips, and he could just imagine how red his face was as he imagined the soft skin of your ass, and how tight and warm it would be inside you.
A gasp was drawn from his lips as he jerked himself off slowly, tightening as he reached the tip, keeping a steady pace as he thought of the ways that he wished he could touch you or all the ways that you could touch him.

Bruno wanted nothing more than to reach his hands out and touch you, hide his face between your thighs and lose himself in your beauty and his desire. He wanted to bury himself deep inside you and just relish in how warm and tight your walls would be, the beautiful sounds you would make for him, calling out his name-
Bruno bit his lip harshly in order to keep back his sounds of pleasure as his hand sped up, jerking himself off with fervor as his grip on his hair tightened, pulling his head to the side as he breathed loudly, barely holding back the urge to buck up into his hands as though it were your waiting mouth, imagining smooth lips wrapped around his cock, covered in saliva and cum-

“Y/N,” He panted to himself, trying desperately to keep his voice down as he felt himself nearing his release. He could just picture you in front of him, your pert ass and thighs filling his vision, just waiting for him to touch you, fuck you- and with that “Ah-!”

He came with an exclamation followed by soft panting that filled the room. His head fell back as his bones seemingly went to jelly, unable to even take his hand off of his dick that was still making a mess of his pants and shirt. The after was full of guilt and wistfulness, with Bruno wishing more than ever that you were truly there with him, laying down for him to wrap himself around and hold, with love and warmth all for him. That wasn't the case unfortunately, as Bruno had been hiding from his own feelings, against the better advice of everyone who knew him, but he couldn't just tell her he loved her...

Could he?