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Whatever You Want, I’m All Yours

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Nicole and Waverly step out of the cab when they return home from the BBD formal holiday party.  Nicole is in a fitted black suit with a white button up shirt while Waverly looks absolutely gorgeous in her form-fitting green dress.  At some point in the evening, the top three buttons of Nicole’s shirt were unbuttoned, and her tie was removed completely and is now draped loosely around Waverly’s neck, drawing the red-head’s attention to her low-cut neckline.

Nicole unlocks the door and steps inside.  After Waverly closes and locks the door behind her, Nicole spins her around and pins her to the door, as often happens when they return from a night out.  Between the wine and the slow dancing earlier, Nicole is ready for the next part of their evening.  And the way Waverly was running her hands over her during the cab ride home, she knows the feeling is mutual.

Their lips meet in a deep, breath-stealing kiss.  Waverly pushes Nicole’s suit jacket off her shoulders and lets it fall to the ground behind them before grabbing the tie and pulling it from her own neck.  Nicole reaches down to wrap Waverly’s leg around her and is frustrated when the tightness of her dress stops her.  She reaches behind her and lowers the zipper on the dress, pushing the garment to the floor.  But when she sees what is awaiting her, she takes a small step back and a deep breath in to admire her stunning girlfriend.  Waverly is standing in front of her wearing red lingerie edged in white lace that leaves very little to the imagination.  Guess she’s had this planned from the start.

Waverly grabs Nicole by the shirt and pulls her close once again, slowly working the remaining buttons undone while Nicole focuses her attention on kissing, licking, and biting at her neck.  Waverly untucks the shirt from her pants and spreads the shirt open, revealing the cream-colored lace bra underneath.  She runs her hands up Nicole’s stomach and palms her breasts.  “I want you to take me to bed.  I want you naked and underneath me.”, she says in a lust-filled voice.

Nicole is a little surprised.  Her girlfriend is usually a bit tentative when it comes to sex.  And she understands completely, since Nicole is the first woman she’s ever been with and that can be intimidating.  She’s more than willing to mostly lead their encounters and Waverly has been more than willing to follow although she’s a very quick study.  But if the brunette wants to take charge tonight, Nicole will do whatever she wants.  But not without a little teasing.  She stands up and hovers over the shorter woman.  “Oh?  You want to top me?”, she says with a smile.

Waverly growls and pulls Nicole back down by the shirt so she can whisper in her ear.  “I want to ride your long, hard cock until we can’t see straight.  Then I want to ride your tongue so you can clean up the mess you caused.”

Nicole groans and drops her head to Waverly’s chest, her core clenching hard at the visual that statement evokes.  She puts a quick kiss between Waverly’s breasts before standing back up.  “Your wish is my very enthusiastic command.”  She reaches down and taps the back of Waverly’s thigh.  The brunette understands and jumps, wrapping her legs tightly around Nicole’s waist.  She’s sure that Nicole can feel the damp fabric between her legs against her abs as she walks them toward the bedroom.  Waverly tightens her arms around her neck and leaves little licks and nips along her cheek and jaw.

Nicole sits down on the edge of the bed, keeping Waverly on her lap.  She brushes her long hair away from her shoulder and lays kisses along it, while sliding the strap of the lingerie out of her way and down her arm.  

Waverly stands up abruptly, pushing Nicole away the tiniest bit and bringing the strap back onto her shoulder.  “Uh uh.  You first.”

Nicole leans back on her outstretched arms while Waverly drops to her knees between her legs.  She lifts one of Nicole’s legs, pulling off her dress shoe and sock, and giving her sole a quick rub.  She drops the leg and picks up the other to do the same, but instead of a quick massage, she runs her fingernail down the center, tickling it and causing Nicole to pull her foot away.  

Waverly stands up and Nicole gently brings her foot up to tap and then rub at the wet fabric between her legs.  Waverly glances down before giving Nicole a smoldering glare.  Nicole drops her foot to the floor with a slight smirk.  Waverly rushes forward suddenly, connecting their mouths in a bruising kiss before pushing away again.  She drags her tongue down Nicole’s throat, between her breasts and down her stomach.  She focuses her attention for a minute on the wet spot she had left on her abs earlier, licking her juices off, before continuing her journey to the waistband of her pants.

She reaches down, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping Nicole’s pants.  Nicole lifts her hips so she can drag them and her underwear off before throwing them behind her and dropping back down to her knees.

Waverly barely gives Nicole a chance to drop back onto the bed before diving in, running her tongue hard from her entrance up to her clit.  “Oh god!”  Nicole exclaims at the sudden sensation.  Waverly looks up and locks eyes with Nicole’s lust-darkened ones.  She slowly sucks Nicole’s clit between her lips before lightly dragging her teeth over it.  Her tongue then returns to its prior path, up and down, working Nicole up higher and higher.

Nicole leans forward over Waverly and grabs the sleeves of her shirt to pull it off.  “Leave it!”  She starts at the command from her usually docile girlfriend, but obeys and leans back once again, leaving the shirt in place, while Waverly returns to her task.

Waverly can tell that Nicole is close.  Nicole slowly raises a hand and it hovers over Waverly’s head, just short of touching.  Waverly’s eyes glance up and she hums an “mm hmm” directly over her clit.  Nicole drops her hand into the long brunette hair, trying to stay grounded and in the moment.  When she tightens her hand and tries to maneuver Waverly a little closer however, Waverly pulls back with one last lick and starts placing quick, light kisses to the inside of her thigh

Nicole drops her hand back to the bed with a frustrated groan as Waverly stands up and she feels her orgasm drift away.  “Just making sure you’re wet enough for what’s coming.”  Waverly leans over her, grabbing Nicole’s shirt and pulling it off.  She then grabs the bra and roughly drags it over her head without taking the time to unclasp it.

Waverly points at the head of the bed, “Up.”, as she walks to Nicole’s side of the bed and reaches into her nightstand.  She pulls out their Feeldoe and a bottle of lube, setting them down on the side of the bed within easy reach, before slowly beginning to remove her clothing, but not without a few hip shimmies and spins for the woman watching.

When she looks back at Nicole, she sees a hand inching its way between her legs.  She grabs the toy and slaps the back of Nicole’s hand with it.  “No touching!”  She reaches back into the drawer.  “Are you going to behave or do I have to use these?”  She says, a pair of handcuffs dangling from her finger.

Nicole clenches her eyes shut, almost coming at the thought.  Of course, they had used them in the past, but it had always been Waverly wearing them.  She quickly pictured the Playgirl one of her teammates had snuck into practice during high school.  She could’ve pictured something worse, but she only wanted to lessen her arousal, not lose it completely.  She opens her eyes and sees Waverly standing next to her, biting her lower lip, fear on her face that she had gone too far.  Nicole’s eyes are hooded and her voice gravely when she says “Whatever you want, Babe.  I’m all yours.”

Waverly straightens, her confidence returning, and her face softens with a small smile.  She points at the headboard.  “Then arms up, Love.”

Nicole reaches up and grabs the rungs of the headboard.  Waverly climbs onto the bed and straddles Nicole’s stomach.  She reaches up, clicking one cuff onto the red-head’s wrist before wrapping them behind a rung and clicking the other into place.  “Okay?”, she whispers.  Nicole gives them a small tug and nods.  She is well aware that they have a quick release and either of them can unlock them in a moment’s notice.  But she is bound, no pun intended, and determined to stay like this until her girlfriend decides otherwise.

“And what’s our safe word?”

Nicole licks her lips, trying to get some moisture back in her mouth, and rasps out.  “Tacos are tasty.”

“Well, yours certainly are.”  Waverly replies with a wink.  She bends down and kisses her sweetly, taking her time, wrapping their tongues together so she can share the flavor still on her lips before pulling away once again.  “See?”  Nicole barks out a laugh and shakes her head.  Waverly sits up, her wetness once again spreading onto Nicole’s stomach, and quirks her eyebrow.  “You disagree?  Well, maybe I should just go get some more…”  She lowers herself and starts kissing her way back down Nicole’s body.

“Wait!”  Nicole says loudly, her hands spread out in a ‘stop’ motion.  Waverly looks up at her.  “Um, if you do, I’m going to come.  And no one wants that.”

Waverly kneels up on the bed and grabs the toy.  “Do you think you’re wet enough for this?”

Nicole looks at her with lust-filled eyes.  “I’m always wet when I’m around you.  Especially when you look like that.”  She waves her hand up and down at Waverly’s naked body.  “But, if not, that’s why they make lube.”

Waverly picks up the bottle of lube and applies it liberally to the bulb end of the toy.  She runs it up and down Nicole’s wet folds, gathering more moisture, and rubs it against her clit before dragging it back down.  She pushes it in slowly, allowing Nicole time to adjust.  Nicole lets out a deep moan when it pops in and pushes against her front wall.

With her eyes locked on Nicole’s, Waverly grabs the lube again and starts rubbing it up and down the shaft, making sure that the part inside Nicole moves with each motion.  Nicole starts to arch her back and Waverly places a hand on her stomach, pushing her back down onto the bed.  She swings her leg over Nicole’s hips and positions herself over the toy, rubbing the tip against her clit a few times before straightening up and lowering herself back down, taking the toy in slowly, an inch at a time.

Nicole would usually put her hands on Waverly’s hips to help balance her and ease her down.  But when she tries to do exactly that, she is brought back to reality by the clink of metal.  Waverly looks at her with a smirk and winks before sliding down a little more.  The brunette closes her eyes and throws her head back with a moan, running her hands up her stomach and covering her own breasts.

Nicole clenches around the toys and thrusts her hips up, burying the toy deep within Waverly.  Waverly gasps and falls forward, catching herself with her hands splayed over Nicole’s breasts.  She quickly looks at Nicole, who has a cocky smirk on her face.  “Naughty Haughty” she says as she pinches Nicole’s nipples, tugging and twisting them slightly.  Nicole lets out a hiss at the slight pain.  Waverly slides off the toy and sits back on Nicole’s stomach, hands on her hips.  She tries to glower at her but it loses a bit of its desired effect when she has to fight to keep the corners of her mouth from curving up.  “Now, are you going to be good or do I have to take the toy out and use it on myself while you just lie there and watch?”  Nicole’s eyes go wide and she shakes her head quickly.  Waverly straightens up and slides down the toy once again.  “Don’t worry, Love, I’ll make this good for both of us.”  Nicole visibly gulps and nods, grabbing tight to the headboard.

Waverly stills for a moment when her hips meet Nicole’s, the toy fully sheathed inside her.  She lifts up a bit, and pushes back down a little quicker before rocking her hips forward and back and side to side, making sure the end within Nicole moves as well.  

Nicole looks down to see the dark blue silicon gliding smoothly in and out of her girlfriend and her hips thrust up, involuntarily this time.  Waverly looks down at her and Nicole clenches her hands and jaw, fighting to keep still.  Waverly smirks at the nervous look on her face and leans down for a quick kiss.  “It’s okay.  You can move now.  Just try to follow my lead.”  Nicole visibly relaxes and nods with a smile.  

Waverly stays hovering over Nicole, her arms holding her up.  Her lower body continues to rock and her thrusts quicken, with Nicole’s hips meeting her.  The sounds of skin slapping against skin fill the room and they both lose the rhythm they had started.  Waverly reaches down and switches on the vibrator on the toy.  Mouths clash in a harsh meeting of lips and tongues, mingled with gasps of breath and loud moans.  Waverly comes loudly after a particularly hard thrust of Nicole’s hips and Nicole follows right behind.

Waverly reaches down to turn off the toy, removing it from them both, and tossing it off the side of the bed before collapsing onto Nicole.  When the trembling subsides, she burrows her head into Nicole’s upper chest.  Nicole hears a whispered “Hold me?”  Following the immediate clink of metal against metal after releasing the cuffs, she wraps her strong, warm arms tightly around Waverly.  She kisses the top of the brunette’s head and hears a sniffle.  “Hey.  You okay?”  Waverly nods her head but keeps her face buried.  “Did I hurt you?”  

Waverly shakes her head and mutters, “I’m just feeling…”


Waverly nods.



“It’s okay.  I’ve got you, Waves.”

Waverly looks up at Nicole, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears.  “It’s just, before, when I was with…”  Nicole nods in understanding.  “It was always about them.  Just ‘Wham-Bam-Thank You Ma’am’.  On the rare occasion when I did get off, it was by my own hands after they were already asleep.”  One lone tear drops onto her cheek and Nicole reaches up and wipes it away with her thumb.  Waverly nuzzles into her hand and kisses her palm.  “But it’s completely the opposite with you.  You never put yourself first.  It’s always about me and my pleasure.  You would never let me go unsatisfied.”  Nicole shakes her head.  “And tonight.  You allowed me to take control.  Something that has never happened to me before.  And it made me feel…powerful.  And trusted.  And so much love.  And I do, Nicole Rayleigh Haught.  I really, really love you.”

“And I really, really love you too.”  Nicole cups the back of her head, drawing her up into a soft kiss that quickly deepens.  They break apart and Nicole nudges her cheek with her nose.  “Now, didn’t you say something about a mess that I needed to clean up?”

Waverly ducks her head shyly and blushes.  “You don’t have to.”

“Hey.”  Nicole lifts Waverly’s head with a finger under the chin to meet her eyes with a smirk and cocked eyebrow.  “What’s my favorite thing to eat?”

Waverly chuckles.  “Pussy?”

“Umm hmm.  And, more specifically, yours.”  She kisses her forehead.  “So, if you want…”

Waverly nods and scurries upward.  Nicole slides down the bed a little, shifting a pillow under her head, and is surprised when Waverly swings her right leg over her head, facing away from the headboard since she usually holds on to it while riding her face.  

Waverly glances back at her and playfully runs a finger down the center of Nicole’s chest.  “I figured you probably need some cleaning up too.”  Nicole nods with a smile and Waverly stretches out on top of her.

Nicole starts slowly, kissing and licking at her upper thighs and the crease of her legs.  She lightly runs her tongue between her folds and flicks the tip against her clit before going back to her thighs in a gentle tease.

Waverly, on the other hand, dives right in, sucking Nicole’s clit into her mouth and running her tongue down as far as it will go.  When she realizes the awkwardness of the angle due to her height, she wraps an arm around Nicole’s thigh and runs one finger around her opening, dipping in slightly before repeating the move over and over again.

They fall into a very enjoyable loop with one moaning into her lover’s body, causing the other to do the same, with the vibrations turning each other on more and more.  After a particularly strong moan directly against her clit, Nicole falls apart.  After catching her breath, she redoubles her efforts, licking and sucking Waverly hard until she comes with a shout.

Waverly rolls off Nicole and onto the bed, one hand wiping the hair from her face and the other falling against her stomach.  Nicole sits up quickly, spins, and lays back down on her side, facing the brunette.  She runs a hand down Waverly’s arm and their fingers intertwine against her stomach.  “Well, that didn’t seem to work.”  Waverly looks at her questioningly.  Nicole leans over and presses a kiss to her glistening cheek and chin, her tongue flicking out for a quick taste before moving up to press their lips together.  They sigh as they taste each other on their tongues.  “It seems we’re even more messy than we were before.”  Waverly giggles.  “Shower?”

Waverly looks back up at the ceiling.  “Maybe in a few minutes.  When my legs start working again.”  

Waverly rolls onto her side to face Nicole, scooching in and throwing a leg over her thigh to pull them as close as possible.  Nicole wraps her arms tight around Waverly and places a kiss in her hair, snuggling them both down into the mattress.  “Whatever you want, Babe.  It’s all yours.”