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A Sunflower A Day Keeps the Doctor Away…or something like that

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Adore groaned as she awoke to the sound of Bianca throwing the last of her belongings into her suitcase, preparing for the tour she was supposed to be leaving for in a few minutes.

Adore groaned again as she rolled over in the king size bed as her brain registered the intense pain that was shooting through her stomach. She pulled the sheets closer to her body and brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her tattooed arms around them, trying to calm the ache.

“Bianca” she choked out, finally opening her eyes.

Bianca glanced up from her belongings to look at Adore. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked sarcastically, sensing the strangeness in Adore’s behavior.

“I don’t feel good.”

Bianca had a feeling she’d say that. Adore had practically been clinging to her the whole day before, finally admitting that she didn’t want the older queen to leave. Hell, she had even cried about it. So Bianca wasn’t exactly surprised that Adore would do anything to keep her from leaving and faking sick seemed like a very ‘Adore’ thing to do.

“Oh yeah? What’s wrong?” Bianca asked, walking over and sitting next to Adore on the bed.

Adore squeezed her eyes shut as another cramp shot through her insides. “My stomach hurts really bad…I think something’s wrong. I need to go to the hospital” Adore told her through gritted teeth.

Bianca really didn’t have time for this. Her cab would be there in 5 minutes and she really didn’t want to deal with Adore’s games right now.

She reached out to touch Adore’s shoulder. “Look, I know you don’t want me to leave but I have to, okay? You can quit the act.”

Adore couldn’t believe her ears. Bianca actually thought she was faking. She opened her eyes, which were now stinging with tears, to look Bianca directly in the eye.

“Act?? B, I’m not joking. It really hurts. I need help.” She told her desperately.

Bianca sighed deeply and began to brush Adore’s long black hair out of her face. “I’ll call you every day, alright? I promise, but I really need to leave now.” She said, kissing Adore on the forehead and muttering an “I love you” before standing and grabbing her suitcase and exiting the room.

“Love you too, I guess” Adore whispered to herself as she heard the front door slam, finally letting her tears fall.

Bianca had really left her. She pulled her knees tighter to her chest, closed her eyes, and tried to ignore the agonizing pain that she now realized was focused in her right side. She was so fucked.

It must’ve worked for a while because she did fall asleep again but woke up less than an hour later to the sun shining through the sheer white curtains. She soon realized that the pain was still there and it had turned to nausea. The next thing Adore knew, she was running to the bathroom to vomit.

When she was done, she curled up into a ball on the floor, not even bothering to flush the toilet. Her brain so clouded with pain that she was convinced this could be the end.

She shakily pulled out her phone and struggled to dial Courtney’s number, praying the Aussie would be awake this early.

To her luck, Courtney answered on the second ring.

“Courtney” Adore whimpered, before the blonde could even say anything.

“Adore? What’s going on? Are you okay?” Courtney asked worriedly.

“Something’s wrong…I’m in so much pain. I threw up and it hurt so bad, Court, I’ve never felt anything like this before…I think I’m dying” Adore sobbed into the phone.

“Breathe Adore, can you do that for me?” Courtney asked as she coached Adore through some breathing techniques. “Where’s Bianca?” she asked, wondering why she wasn’t helping Adore.

“She left for tour. She thought I was faking…” Adore trailed off.

"Shit okay, I’m on my way, everything’s gonna be fine girl, I’ll be right there.“


Courtney arrived at Adore and Bianca’s apartment no more than 15 minutes later. She found the spare key hidden in a bush and quickly ran inside, searching for the ill queen.

She found her in the bathroom, still curled up on the floor with her arms hugging her middle tightly.

“Shit” Courtney muttered as she caught sight of Adore. She rushed to pull the younger queen’s head into her lap as her mind raced through what could be wrong.

Suddenly it hit her.

“Adore, where does it hurt the worst?” She asked suddenly.

Adore pointed to her lower right side.

Courtney’s eyes widened as she realized her assumption was probably right.

“We have to get you to the hospital, NOW”


30 painful minutes and one car ride later, the pair arrived at the hospital. Courtney helped Adore inside as fast as she could, rushing to the front desk of the emergency department.

Courtney told the nurse what was happening and Adore was quickly rushed to a room where the nurse did a few tests.

Courtney’s assumptions were soon found to be correct when the nurse told Adore, “you have appendicitis. We’ll need to operate as soon as possible to remove it.”

Adore opened her mouth to argue but quickly closed it as more pain shot through her abdomen.

“The doctor will be here in a few minutes to prep you for surgery” the nurse told her before leaving the room.

The queens stayed silent as Courtney moved closer to grip her friend’s hand tightly as they waited for the doctor.

The doctor came in a few minutes later and inserted an IV in Adore’s arm and wheeled her out of the room.

While Adore was in surgery, Courtney waited in her hospital room. She was bored out of her mind sitting in the uncomfortable chair when her phone vibrated.

Bianca had texted the groupchat.

BDR: Hey my flight got delayed until tomorrow afternoon…do you cunts want to do something today?

CA: Can’t. Adore is in surgery right now…

As soon and the word ‘read’ appeared under her last text, Courtney’s phone started vibrating continuously. Bianca was calling.

As soon as Courtney hit accept Bianca’s voice came rattling through the speaker.

“SURGERY?” She yelled.

“Yes, surgery. She has appendicitis. You would’ve known that if you stayed with her this morning.” Courtney snapped.

“Where are you? I’m coming there.” Bianca asked, ignoring the bitterness in Courtney’s voice.

“I’ll text you the address. You better have a damn good idea on how you’re gonna make this up to Adore because she literally could’ve died…”

“I know, I know” Bianca answered quietly, before hanging up the phone and making a quick stop at the store to pick up a bouquet of sunflowers before heading off to the address Courtney texted her.

When Bianca arrived hospital, a nurse directed her to Adore’s room.

Adore had just gotten out of surgery and hadn’t woken up yet.

“Wow, I’m a piece of shit…” Bianca said to no one in particular as she walked into the quiet room.

Courtney glanced up at her and then back at Adore who laid peacefully on the bed, her lips parted slightly as she slept.

Bianca approached timidly, setting the sunflowers down on a little table and sat next to the bed in silence. The only motion in the room being Courtney’s thumb rubbing back and forth across the back of Adore’s hand as she held it.

Adore twitched slightly in the bed as the anesthesia began to wear off. Bianca grabbed her other hand and squeezed it.

“Adore?” Bianca said, her voice sounding so foreign, she wasn’t sure she actually said it.

Adore’s brows furrowed and her light blue eyes opened and closed a few times before they stayed open, squinting at the bright lights in the room. She glanced around, remembering where she was and why she was here. To her relief, pain in her stomach had been reduced to a dull ache that she could ignore if she tried hard enough. At least she didn’t feel like dying anymore. She looked around some more, cringing when she caught sight of the IV needle that was still in her arm. Her grip on her friends’ hands tightened, and a fearful look crossed her face.

“It’s okay, you’re okay” Courtney soothed.

“Wha-” Adore tried to speak, only to find that her throat was dry and her voice wouldn’t work.

“Here” Bianca said, grabbing a glass of water off the small table next to the bed and handing it to her.

Adore took a few sips and cleared her throat before trying to speak again, suddenly realizing that Bianca was not supposed to be there.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice still not sounding very strong.

“My flight got delayed and Courtney told me what happened so I came straight here…hey I’m really sorry about-” she was cut off by the nurse walking in to check on Adore.

The tall, skinny nurse gave Adore more pain medication and told them that she was doing well but was required to stay overnight and could go home in the morning.

Once she left the room, Bianca continued apologizing.

“I’m so sorry I left you this morning when you told me you felt like shit. I honest to God thought you were faking and I never would’ve done that if I knew you’d end up like this. I should’ve paid more attention and I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“B, it’s okay. I probably wouldn’t have believed me either. Even I didn’t think I’d end up like this, okay? Don’t blame yourself.” Adore told Bianca, her eyes sliding shut again.

Bianca still felt guilty. “You literally could have died…what if Courtney never found you?”

Adore lifted a tired hand to press her finger to Bianca’s lips. “Shhhh, I’m tiiiired…we can talk about this later” she slurred, the pain medication starting to kick in.

Bianca and Courtney just looked at each other and tried not to laugh at how quickly Adore’s brain went foggy from the drugs.

“Besides…” Adore started, regaining both queens’ attention. “You bought me sunflowers….” Adore mumbled cutely, poking her pointer finger into Bianca’s chest. “And sunflowers can fix ANYTHING”

Bianca smiled and grabbed Adore’s hand and held it. “I’m not so sure about that one, but I’ll buy you all the sunflowers you could ever dream of if it means you’ll forgive me”

“I forgive you” Adore mumbled incoherently before her eyes fell completely shut and she was out like a light.

Courtney and Bianca got comfortable in their chairs, knowing they weren’t going to be leaving Adore’s side tonight.

Bianca didn’t think she could ever leave Adore’s side again. Not without making sure she was okay first. She would never make that mistake again…and that was a promise.