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Sono così Arrabbiata

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The bunk bed cracks when two bodies move in perfect sync. It heaves and shrieks, almost collapses under the pressure it’s holding.

Maya grabs the bedpost to her left, grips it until her knuckles turn white. Her body is on fire and she feels like Carina adds petrols with every extra movement she makes. The thin blanket on top of them almost falls as Carina moves her tongue just the way the blonde loves and for once their grateful that Mayas bunk bed is right next to the cooler.

The window is steamed with sweat.

Maya reaches her high after Carina meets her g-spot with two slim fingers. She almost screams in pleasure, wants to yell her wife’s name, but she remembers they’re still in a fire station full of her team and their friends. It’s the middle of the day, after all.

When the firefighter calms down Carina climbs up her body, leaving wet kisses along her way, and finishes with a passionate kiss to her wife’s lips. She smirks when they break apart and Maya has trouble catching her breath. Her breasts lift in patterns that make her swell with pride, so she gives up hiding and flashes Maya a big ass smile that shows of her perfect teeth.

Maya smiles back, just as big.

“I absolutely love these hormones.” Maya exclaims with her eyes closed, the burning pleasure in her body not allowing her to open them just yet.

Carina, who’s just about 18 weeks pregnant, has been overloaded with hormones the second they held the positive pregnancy test in their hands. Since then, she’s been extremely clingy, needy even, almost never leaving Maya’s side when they were together. She’s always touching her in some way, if it’s holding her soft hands or going through her hair, they are touching and it gives her the most comfort ever.

Sending your wife off to work to fight fires every day with a baby growing inside of you is scary, after all.

The positive test also brought extreme lust with it. Carina’s horny every single second of every single day, no pause, no mercy. This is not their first booty call, they admit, because Carina refuses to give herself pleasure when she has a wife that can do it so much better.

Maya thinks, aside from the constant sickness that comes with these hormones, there aren’t any downsides.

Just as Carina is about to answer, there’s a ringing somewhere behind Maya and they are reminded of her job and that she has to go back to work.

“Crap,” Maya sighs as she stretches under the brunette to stop the alarm on her phone, “I have to go back soon.”

She locks eyes with her wife again and when she sees tears in her eyes, worry doesn’t take long to build inside of her.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong?” Carina never cries during or after sex, and Maya herself doesn’t as well. Sex plays a big role in their relationship and it can be calming or stress relieving, harsh or loving, loud or quiet. It’s also emotional, sometimes, she thinks as she remembers their post-engagement sex, but never once did it make any of them cry.

It’s utterly scary, to see your wife at the edge of tears after you pleasured each other, she finds

“Argh! I hate these hormones!” Carinas voice is loud and shaky as some of the tears leave her eyes, landing on the exposed skin of Mayas shoulder, and she harshly wipes her palm against her cheek to stop them from falling.

“What?” Maya asks, not fully understanding what Carina meant.

“I hate these hormones!” She repeats, more agitated than before. “I hate that they make me so emotional because being emotional when I shouldn’t is just- argh, sono così arrabbiata, and being angry is so frustrating! And when I’m frustrated I want to have sex with you because you can always calm me down.”

She speaks while rubbing her angry face, occasionally taking some deep breaths as the growing belly robs her of her normal stamina. Then she continues.

“So then I come here and we have sex. Hot, steamy, sexy, sex that makes my ovaries explode with want!” She grabs Mayas face with her hand, squeezes her chin slightly and brushes her lips against the firefighter as she speaks, to prove her point. “But then I think about how I’m keeping you from work when there are people dying in fires everyday and it makes me feel so guilty. But I can’t help it because all I want is to pleasure you, in every way possible, but that would keep you from work, so I-“

Maya cuts her rambling off with a harsh kiss to her lips, almost crashing their teeth together as Carina is mid speech. They linger on each their for quite some time while the Italian calms her feelings down and when Maya is certain Carina wouldn’t erupt into a mixture of fast words in broken English, she forces them apart.

“Sorry.” The brunette says, her voice much calmer than it has been before. Her eyes lock with the ceiling to try and stop her tears from falling, so Maya waits patiently until wooded brown meets her ocean again.

“You don’t have to be.” She can’t help but laugh a little at Carinas expression, but, when Carina throws her angry eyes, she stops and turn serious again.

“I promise you,” She places a kiss to Carinas cheek, “that there is no one dying because we’re having sex in the middle of the day. You can always come for a quickie.”

The word “quickie” makes Carina laugh out-loud. She lowers her head after a terrible attempt to stay serious, and leans her forehead into the crook of Maya’s neck.


“Yeah. I promise. It’s very relaxing, actually, to work after two orgasms.”

They laugh again. Carina kisses Mayas neck lightly in a quiet ‘thanks for not making me look like an idiot’ and they find themselves in a comfortable silence soon enough.

A comfortable silence that is interrupted by Maya, who flips them around to suddenly, it makes Carinas head spin. She begins to pepper the Italians body with kisses and marks and it tickles slightly when Maya’s hair falls onto her own body.

“I thought you’d have to work, bambina.

“Oh, I can always spare some minuets for you.”