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The Nerd is Strong With This One

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      Lexa and Clarke were chilling in Lexa’s place the Sunday morning after the impromptu movie night with the girls when a rather insistent knocking was heard from the front door. Both women looked up and their eyes met from across the span of Lexa’s work room. The brunette  was working on a new costume while Clarke doodled from her spot on the ridiculously comfortable couch.


      With a slightly furrowed brow, Lexa got to her feet and walked the length of her hallway and front foyer to answer the door, all the while with a curious blonde following her. “Lexa, who is it?” Clarke was stood behind Lexa who had her hand on the doorknob, and her eyes were sneaking a peek around Lexa’s head. “Well since you are a Clarke perhaps you know the answer to that question seeing as the door is still shut?” Lexa deadpanned. Clarke poked her in the ribs and rebutted. “Rude. I’m not a Clarke of the Kent variety thank you very much.”


      Snorting shortly, Lexa turned the knob and pulled the door open with a whoosh of air. Standing on the other side was a very angry neighbour sporting a rather impressive glare, who without a word shoved a piece of paper in Lexa’s face. Lexa gingerly gripped the paper, and Clarke opened her mouth to say something but was stopped by the derisive sniff of the angry party now glaring at her. She closed her mouth with a click of her teeth and widened her eyes at the clear discomfort and resentment in the man’s eyes. He stormed away and into his own apartment, slamming the door with more force than was strictly required. 


      “Ummmmm......” Clarke tried to find words but was stumped. The two stood in the still open doorway in complete and utter confusion. Finally gaining her bearings, Lexa closed the door and turned to look at Clarke with the most adorable pout she had ever seen. Clarke couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped. “Okay, so end the misery. What is it?” The blonde tried to look at it upside down while pushing herself up on her tip toes but didn’t have much luck.


      Lexa finally turned her eyes to the page in her hand only to see the most passive aggressive note she had ever had the misfortune of seeing in her entire life.


            Ms Woods,


            The purpose of this notice is to remind you that you have 

            neighbours who have made a genuine effort to be 

            understanding of your odd hours, loud music, and obnoxious

            power tool usage within the confines of your apartment.


            However, Saturday evening was the last straw, and we find 

            ourselves in a less than desirable position. The sounds of you and 

            your girlfriend having aggressive sex while your windows and 

            balcony doors are open is both uncomfortable for us, and a vast 

            overshare on your part. Frankly, it was vulgar and crossed a 

            line (in fact, many lines were crossed with this indiscretion).


            Please make an effort to lessen the disturbances or we will be 

            forced to contact the building manager and file an official 



            The neighbours of yours in question met this morning and this 

            letter was written in a joint effort. You’ll find signatures of all your 

            neighbours from this floor as well as the floors above and below 

            you (all affected by your inconsiderate late night/middle of the 

            night/early morning activities) in support and witness of the 

            message herein.


      The damned paper actually had the signatures of all Lexa’s neighbours. After Lexa had bestowed that first orgasm on the blonde in the kitchen the night before, their activities had continued for a respectable (albeit impressive) amount of time. But now, the brunette in question’s cheeks were aflame in embarrassment and likely mortification while Clarke was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face.


      “Oh my god Lexa!” Clarke was laughing uproariously and was curled around her stomach, sliding down the wall which she had leaned on for support during her fit. 


      Lexa glared at Clarke, but to no avail. The blonde kept laughing. “Clarke! This isn’t funny! They might file a formal complaint against me!!!” She gestured widely with her hands and looked at her girlfriend in incredulity. 


      “Lexa! Come on! That is hilarious!!!! They actually all heard us last night and organized this morning!” Clarke was reduced to giggles but they were still hysterical. “Do you know what this means???? Lexa! They rallied this morning! THEY HAD A FUCKING MEETING ABOUT IT!!!” Once again Clarke started laughing fully. She wasn’t just crying this time either, she was almost to the point of hyperventilating in her seemingly unending hilarity.


      Suffice it to say that while the brunette did see the humour in the situation, she was significantly more concerned than amused. She had thought herself to be the perfect tenant prior to this, and now that image was forever shattered. Although, it seemed that this wasn’t even close to her first indiscretion, it was simply the worst.


      Lexa sighed tiredly and allowed her head to fall backwards for a moment as she shook her head at the ceiling. “I will never have sex with a window open again.” She sighed and looked down at Clarke who was now laying full body on the floor, still laughing. The cosplayer rolled the paper in her hands and as she walked past Clarke to go back to work, she swatted the blonde on the head with it. 


      This stopped the laughter immediately and instead drew the surprised and amused eyes of the artist. Lexa recognized that look and she shot off towards the room with a whoop, Clarke hastily pushing to her feet to follow at speed.


      Lexa was almost to the work room when Clarke wriggled by and cut her off at the pass, so she turned and scrambled into the bedroom instead. With enviable maneuverability, Clarke sprinted into the room and tackled her girlfriend. With a strong grip around Lexa’s waist, the two fell to the floor giggling. And as things do, the contact only encouraged more physical interaction and before they knew it, they were making out furiously.


      But in between kisses and moving to the bed, Lexa made sure she closed all the windows in the room.




      They went undisturbed for all of three more hours. By this point they were in the kitchen, scrounging for supper. Once again, the front door was what caught their attention, only this time rather than an insistent knocking, it was aggressive banging.


      At this point Lexa’s embarrassment had died and she was slightly angry since her neighbours were not as saintly as they made themselves out to be. So upon hearing the new disruption, she strode to the door with purpose and whipped it open with a tirade falling from her lips before she even had the door open. “LISTEN. We closed the window this time so if you heard Clarke screaming my name-” 


      Rather than an angry neighbour though, it was Anya on the other side of the door. She shouldered roughly passed Lexa and strode with purpose towards the work room. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were wild as she stomped into the room, leaving two seriously confused women standing in the kitchen.


      “What the fuck.” Lexa whispered to herself as she once again closed the front door and walked to her work room with Clarke in tow. Once in the room her eyes widened comically as Anya was rushing around, throwing various things into a pile in the centre of the room. “ANYA. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING.” Lexa dashed forwards to catch the things Anya was throwing that while not fragile, were not impervious to damage at the hands of a possessed woman haphazardly throwing them.


      Getting no other response but more things thrown backwards into the pile and Lexa’s arms, the tattooed woman tried again. “ANYA!!!” Lexa bellowed her name and she finally got her attention. The sharper brunette turned on a dime and strode right up to Lexa, her face inches from Lexa’s.


      Anya was breathing heavily and her eyes were as wide as Lexa had ever seen them. When she finally spoke, it was in a tone the softer brunette had never heard from the woman. It was desperate and tight. “Lexa.” After the utterance of Lexa’s name, she had reached her hands up and grabbed the collar of Lexa’s t-shirt, bringing her even closer to her face so that their foreheads were practically touching. Lexa was vaguely unnerved by the unblinking and manic eyes of her friend which felt to be searing straight through her soul. “Check. Your. Fucking. Email.” 


      “Jesus christ Anya, what is wrong with you?” Lexa was concerned. Anya only scoffed and turned to her task of misplacing Lexa’s belongings with renewed vigour.


      Lexa knew a lost cause when she saw one so with a sigh and a roll of her eyes in Clarke’s direction, she pulled out her phone to check her email, immediately seeing that Anya had sent her one a short while ago. The blonde was standing in the doorway of the room, arms crossed and shoulder leaning against the jam as she watched the two women face off. She found Anya’s current state to be one of the most amusing things she had ever seen and she was not going to miss a second of it. It might be good blackmail material later, who knew?


      Her attention was eventually drawn from Anya when she heard the sharp inhale of breath from Lexa, who was now stood stock still with her phone all of an inch from her face. Green eyes skimmed the email with lightning speed and razor precision and before Clarke knew what was happening, Lexa had thrown her phone onto the couch and was now helping Anya in her task.


      Okay. Now Clarke was really confused. “Dude, Lexa. What the hell is happening right now?!” She shouldered off the jam and stood up straight, wide eyes scanning between the two brunettes as she tried to fill in the blanks.


      Lexa had just dragged out three of her complete costume storage bins to join the pile in the centre of the room but at Clarke’s words, her head jerked upwards quicker than should have been human and she raced over to Clarke, putting a hand on either side of her face. 


      While Anya was all panic and hot temper, Lexa was panic and cold calculation. Gravely serious eyes gazed into Clarke’s for an uncomfortably long period of time before the blonde started to worry. “Lexa, what is going on? Why are you both acting like this? What happened? Should I be worried right now?”


      “Clarke.” Lexa failed to say anything beyond the name, causing Clarke to sigh impatiently and glare pointedly at her girlfriend. “Clarke.” She repeated her name before she actually gave an answer. “The email I just read contained an invitation from San Diego Comic Con, asking the troupe to attend as guests. They want us there as professional cosplayers Clarke. And to perform during a panel.” Her eyes were starting to take on the wild hue already present in Anya’s.


      San Diego Comic Con. The big one. The con to beat all cons. Even Clarke the simple comic book and art geek was freaking out slightly. “Holy shit. Holy SHIT!!! LEXA!!!! That is AMAZING news!!!!!” Clarke jumped up and glomped onto her girlfriend in a powerful hug, laughing as Lexa’s arms barely caught her before she fell flat on her ass. 


      Not long after, Clarke wiggled out of her hold to speak once more. “So all of you are going? Did they provide tickets or do you have to fly yourselves? Are they covering any expenses?” She knew that in that moment, the two other women were so beyond the simple realm of excitement that they weren’t likely thinking about logistics. Especially since the convention was only a week away. “Also, why are you moving all your things into the middle of the room? Isn’t it a little early to pack for this?” 


      Anya spoke up as she clearly was aware of more of the actual situation as Lexa had only briefly skimmed the email. “The whole troupe is going, I booked all of us plane tickets for Wednesday. But we need to send our costumes through courier to have them all there. We can’t take this many bins or supplies on a plane with us. We ship them separately, we pick them up in San Diego. And yes, they are paying for our hotel although the travel costs need to be paid by us.” She was now organizing the pile in the centre of the room, trying to figure how they could condense all of it into only a handful of bins.


      Clarke felt a slight pang in her chest at the news, but she didn’t say so. “Holy crap, guys this is amazing! I am so excited for you and so so so proud of you all!!” She bit her bottom lip in thought as Lexa continued to stand in front of her, excited but wary eyes picking up on Clarke’s unease. “But, how long is this trip for?”


      “We are gone for two weeks. There are a ton of other events surrounding the con that we can get involved in, get our names out there. This is an amazing opportunity for exposure that we can’t pass up.” Anya was speaking robotically, spewing the words as though she had them memorized by rote. Her eyes had not once left the pile in front of her.


      At this, Lexa finally understood Clarke’s slight hesitation. “Hey, it’s only two weeks. I’ll see you when I get back?” The anxiety was clear in her voice and Clarke softened at it. She couldn't be upset at not seeing Lexa when it was for a reason as amazing and big as this one.


      The blonde was about to reply when Anya cut her off neatly. “Oh, did you not look at the attachments I sent in the email Lexa? When I said I got us all tickets, that included Clarke, Octavia and Lincoln. I told the event planner who called me that they were our media guru, manager, and personal trainer. They all get free accommodations too. So go home and pack up blondie, you’re coming with us.” All of this was said still with a voice devoid of inflection, but they shocked the couple none the less.


      “Anya. Did you just say that you bought plane tickets for my girlfriend, her best friend, and her best friends boyfriend? So they can all go with us?” Lexa’s eyes were glazed and her mouth hung open slightly.


      “No. I said I bought tickets for our media guru, manager, and personal trainer. They don’t need to know anything else. Besides, I had so many points saved up that their tickets were free. I expect you and the others in the troupe to reimburse me for your tickets.” She now had a few bins open and was expertly fitting in repair kits, spare pieces of material in case of a required field repair, tools that may be required, small tubes of paint, basically as many small fabricating items as possible. Lastly she stuffed in the occasional cloth costume, safely tucked in around the armour to both protect the armoured costumes and to also allow for more costume options at the actual convention.


      Lexa was still speechless while Clarke was almost on the verge of crying. Instead of bursting into thankful tears, Clarke jolted forward and hugged Anya fiercely, the brunette rigidly accepting it (which was as much a surprise to her as it was to both Clarke and Lexa.)


      “Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! Anya I don’t know how to actually thank you!!!!!” Clarke rasped into the ear of the woman barely accepting her hug.


      “How about letting go of me?” There was a slight catch in Anya’s sentence, and this was what eventually prompted Clarke to let go. She stood back with shock and warmth in her eyes as she regarded the normally abrupt and stoic woman in front of her. Lexa was still standing by the door to the room where Clarke left her, and she looked like she might have a laughing fit similar to Clarke’s earlier in the day. 


      Was this really the Anya they knew standing in front of them? The Anya they knew never expressed excessive (to her) amounts of emotion, or revealed her true feelings (that is if she had any. If you asked her, she would say she wasn’t in possession of empathy or emotions. It kept people on her toes, she didn’t like the idea of anyone ever being completely comfortable around her) so to see her react to a surprise hug from Clarke had both women reacting in their own ways.


      “If either of you tell anyone what just happened, I will personally feed you each others spleens.”


      Ah, there was the Anya they knew.