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She's Still Fourteen

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Mia has always been gifted. Releasing a centurion of songs in her youth, skipping grades, and going to the highest level of education, regarded as an up-and-coming talent in the music industry. The only problem is, despite her achievements and success, she's only fourteen.

Some people see this as a blessing. Being able to achieve such things at a young age is spectacular. But for someone who wishes to have a fun time and live like she's still fourteen, it comes back to haunt her. Extremely high expectations, not being able to mingle much with her peers, and feels left out when people her age go out to have fun while people in her class back in America go on a bender.

To make matters worse, she's not even living in New York anymore. She came across this girl from China who practically forced her to go to Tokyo. There, she wasn't a college student but a high schooler. Even then, she was treated fairly differently because she'd be in junior high school rather than a third-year at her age. Lanzhu being Lanzhu, she asked Mia to construct more music pieces, something that Mia felt was the reason she couldn't live like a normal teenager.

Yes, doing idol stuff was fun. But the lingering feeling of being too early for her time really pissed her off. She's only fourteen, why does being gifted give people an excuse to force all kinds of expectations on her? Often, she'd head down to the arcade and find herself at the baseball area pinging balls at high speed with her bat while venting all her anger out. She couldn't find her heart to say no to any requests because she didn't want to seem like a failure of the Taylor name. But everything was starting to take a toll on her mental health.

It was only when a certain pink-haired girl who helped Mia out with her issues when things started to take a change. Of course, Mia was still making songs at ridiculously high speeds to fulfil a certain quota but she rarely felt burned out because the expectations weren't too high. She also had more people to talk and relate to, the first years. Her stress seemed to have gone and things were looking great for her until she realized one thing.

Third years were to graduate soon. College was the next step. 

Mia was already a college student in New York but she didn't exactly want to go back since she made more friends in Japan. But at the same time, going through college again wasn't exactly on her bucket list. She didn't have to exactly go since she could just graduate and dip but seeing that she had her own friends in Japan, she gave it a considerable thought before deciding she'd go ahead with it. Better than having to deal with a bunch of pricks back in the 'States.

At least she'd be able to handle things now that she has her friends with her, right?