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Firehouse 56

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Lexa had been standing outside the entrance of Firehouse 56 for a good 5 minutes at the very least.


The Lieutenant was nervous for more than one reason.


It was like any other shift she had ever started, nothing interesting had happened over the last few days and it had been relatively quiet.


It was one year to the day though that Lexa found herself trapped in the basement during that apartment fire, one year to the day when her job almost cost her everything.


It had been a long, trying road back for Lexa after that fire.


Her injuries took longer than they thought to heal, and because of that it took longer for her to be medically cleared to go back to work than anyone had expected.


But she never gave up and she never wavered, returning with the same determination if not more to ensure that 56 stayed in the ranks of the best Firehouse’s in the country.


Realistically she wasn’t sure why she was nervous about the shift, she knew that there was very little chance of anything like that happening on that day but she was also aware she could never predict anything in her line of work.


Situations changed in a matter of seconds and you had to adapt to whatever was thrown at you.


Lexa had never once regretted turning down the Chief position in Seattle once her decision was made because 56 was her home and the people in it were her family.


Though she had a lot of making up to do before a few of her squad members forgave her for agreeing to leave, she was able to win mostly all of them back pretty quickly.


Octavia and Indra were the hardest for Lexa to convince that she was still loyal to 56 but she wore them down over time and eventually they forgave her for almost leaving.


A lot had changed around Firehouse 56 in the year that followed Lexa’s decision to stay.


Octavia did get in trouble for disobeying orders during that apartment fire as she disclosed in her incident report but was saved from suspension thanks to Lexa arguing so strongly for her squad member.


Lexa thought the younger girl was stupid for not listening to her warning but proud of her conviction and like the Lieutenant always knew she could do; she had become a real leader within the Firehouse.


Lincoln was moving from strength to strength, which Lexa had always expected would happen but he was definitely the consistent one of her squad. She always knew she could rely on him.


Octavia though had permanently taken over as Squad Truck driver because once she had something set in her mind; there was no way for anyone to stop her from doing it.


She had presented some very good arguments to Lexa as to why she should be driver and Lexa gave her that chance, she had worked hard in training so the Lieutenant wanted to reward her.


Octavia being Octavia took that opportunity with both hands and ran with it.


The biggest change to her squad though came the day that Indra decided to retire from the Fire Department.


It had only occurred a few months previous to that day but Lexa couldn’t say she was shocked when Indra came into her office and very quietly handed in her letter of resignation.


Lexa had put together the pieces and figured out exactly why she didn’t want to take over from her as Lieutenant, she had already planned her retirement by that stage.


Indra had been the one person that was current throughout her entire career as a Fire Fighter so it was tough for Lexa to say goodbye on her last day.


The Lieutenant did understand though that Indra had been on squad for a very long time, she deserved to retire happily but of course she was devastated to see her go.


Indra had been a great mentor, advisor, friend and a squad member she could always count on so Lexa didn’t envy whoever was taking her place because the Lieutenant wasn’t going to go easy on them.


Much to Lexa’s dismay, she was given a Probationary Fire Fighter to replace Indra, who ironically had been her most experienced member of Rescue Squad 2.


Lexa understood what it was like to be a Probationary Fire Fighter, they all did because they had to go through it but this was the first time she had a Candidate on her list and was the first time she had to train one straight out of the academy.


She knew he must have been decent if he came straight from the academy to her squad but she also thought it could be another test that Commissioner Marcus Kane seemed to enjoy placing on her.


Whatever the reason, John Murphy had found himself the newest member of Rescue Squad 2 but Lexa still hadn’t completely warmed to him and his ways just yet because he still hadn’t adapted for 56’s ways yet.


She found him a little selfish with an arrogant attitude coming from the top of his academy class but had minimal experience out in the real world.


To the Lieutenant he was certainly not the most ideal candidate for 56 but as she knew, she would have to adapt.


It was notable though that she also didn’t appreciate Murphy trying to hit on Clarke right in front of her at lunch on his very first day at the Firehouse.


Everyone else thought it was hilarious until they saw the look on Lexa’s face when she caught onto just what he was trying to do, the room suddenly going very quiet extremely quickly.


Needless to say Murphy looked like a deer caught in headlights once someone informed him that Clarke was actually with Lexa and he hadn’t been able to recover from it yet.


Octavia on the other hand was loving having a Probie to order around now that she wasn’t the lowest ranking squad member.


Ambulance 1 was quickly becoming one of the most reliable paramedic teams within the Washington DC area, gaining recognition even from the Commission.


Raven was still Raven but the amount she had improved was unbelievable, her training and work ethic improving leaps and bounds from when she first started.


It was always going to happen but Lexa found herself very close with the other paramedic, she really considered Raven one of her best and most trusted friends.


Though Raven still found herself able to blur the lines between was what appropriate work talk and what was very inappropriate to say to her Lieutenant, Lexa usually just let it slide.


When Lexa thought of Raven though, her mind usually wandered very quickly to Clarke.


Though it didn’t take a lot for her mind to switch to thoughts of Clarke.


The paramedic in charge had been through a lot and seen a lot over the past year; Lexa wasn’t sure how she actually could be a paramedic.


She had treated some injuries and saved some people in situations that made even Lexa’s stomach churn when they showed up to respond to a call.


Though Clarke tried to argue that their jobs were extremely similar, Lexa always thought that Clarke’s job involved more pressure because the victim’s life was in her hands once they were cleared from danger.


Firehouse 56’s reputation as one of the best Firehouse’s in the country had only grown and Lexa attributed that closely to the way Clarke worked and how meticulous she was in her job every day.


Not only did Lexa admire her professionally, she was obviously in awe of her personally as well.


Clarke was Lexa’s anchor, she was the grounding point that held her in place when things got rough or troublesome and the paramedic always knew what to say to her when others failed to understand.


It would be impossible for Lexa to try and explain just what Clarke had grown to mean to her because she just didn’t have enough words to do her feelings justice.


They had only just moved into a new apartment with each other and although they had been staying between both of their apartments, it was taking a little time for them to get used to it.


They soon realised that the saying ‘you really learn about a person when you move in with them’ to be true but they were taking everything into their stride and Lexa thanked herself every day for having that one selfish moment when she allowed herself to show up on Clarke’s doorstep that late winter evening.


She would never regret the day that she gave into her heart rather than her head because it resulted in her relationship with Clarke.


Because now she got to wake up next to the woman that made her heart feel full and whole every morning after falling asleep next to her every night.


And every moment she thought about the paramedic was every moment she was assured about their future together and that she made the right decision to stay in Washington DC.


That’s why she knew she was making the right decision about their future.


“Okay you’ve actually been standing in this doorway for a good 5 minutes” She heard Raven say from behind her as she stood with her hands resting impatiently on her hips “And not that I mind wasting a little time here and there but I can’t get through if you are standing there all day contemplating”


“Sorry” Lexa mumbled apologetically but with a small smile on her face “I was caught up in my own head”


“I can see that” Raven nodded “Are you all organised for tonight?”


“I think so” Lexa said with a furrowed brow as she turned back to the paramedic “What if this doesn’t work out though?”


“Of course it will” Raven rolled her eyes “Don’t be dramatic, what’s she going to do? Say no?”


“Well yeah” Lexa replied simply with a blank expression


“Like she will say no” Raven shook her head “She loves you and you know that. I mean she kicked me out for you”


“No, you moved in with Octavia” Lexa furrowed her eyebrows “You moved out before Clarke and I decided to move in together”


“Another genius plan of mine” Raven sighed proudly “Anyway, stop being dramatic. It’ll all be fine. Finn and I will be right there with you for the first part”


The whole Wick thing didn’t really work out for her but she started seeing Finn secretly for a few months, though everyone actually knew, and things had been going well for them.


Though Lexa had extra paperwork to do because of it, she was happy for them both.


She walked to her office and smiled as she found Clarke sitting on her roller chair, with her head leaned back and her eyes closed as she rested her hands in her lap.


“Having a nap in my chair?” Lexa asked with an amused tone as she saw Clarke open one eye before quickly closing it again


“You literally just went out to get your phone from your car and it took you 5 minutes” Clarke replied as a smile crept up on her lips but she kept her eyes firmly closed “Everything okay?”


“I just got caught in my own head” Lexa replied with a shrug “You can’t be napping either; it’s the start of shift”


“I know, I’m just tired today” Clarke groaned


“I know it’s been a long few days” Lexa replied with a quiet sigh as she approached her chair, bending down to be below Clarke’s eye level even though they were still closed “But we have one more shift until 2 whole days off”


“Well one day we are on call” Clarke opened her eyes to grin at her girlfriend “But you’re right”


“Plus we are hanging out with Raven and Finn tonight”


“Wait why are you excited about that?” Clarke asked cocking an eyebrow “You usually hate group dates”


“It’s a double date and I don’t hate them” Lexa said as she leaned up to place a soft kiss on Clarke’s lips before pulling away and moving to sit on her bed “I just usually complain that I don’t like them before I go”


“Or while you are on them” Clarke replied and paused “And after you come home from them”


“Okay, thank you” Lexa shook her head, holding up a hand defensively “I get it”


“What are we doing tonight anyway?” Clarke asked


“It’s a secret” Lexa smirked


“I’ll find out as soon as you start driving” Clarke shrugged with a small smile


“You probably will” Lexa said ambiguously with a shrug of her own “Or maybe you’ve never been to where we are going”


“Okay” Clarke said as she stood from the chair to move so she stood directly in front of her girlfriend, placing her hands on the Lieutenant’s shoulders before straddling her hips slowly “Is there any way I can convince you to tell me?”


“As your Lieutenant this is highly inappropriate” Lexa said with a straight face for a moment before bringing her hands to grip Clarke’s waist, pulling the other girl flush against her “But as your girlfriend I encourage you to try”


“I like how you think” Clarke smirked as she ghosted her lips over the Lieutenant’s enough to brush her lips against Lexa’s but never actually kissing her


Lexa grinned, only increasing her grip on the paramedic’s hips before pressing forward, trying to capture Clarke’s lips in her own but she was denied.


Clarke gently pushed back from the Lieutenant with a shake of the head as she moved her lips to Lexa’s ear, the blonde’s teeth teasingly biting down very gently on her earlobe.


Lexa exhaled sharply from the contact but also in amusement of Clarke’s attempt of seduction of sorts.


She couldn’t lie though, it was totally working.


Lexa was happy she was sitting because she felt Clarke move ever so slightly against her and her teeth drag gently along the skin just behind her ear and her legs went weak.


“Close your blind at least” She heard Octavia call from outside the office as she walked past “You can do that at home”


“Away Octavia” Lexa heard herself mumbled lazily before she moved her hands from Clarke’s waist to her face so she could move Clarke’s lips to her own


Firehouse 56 Rescue Squad 2, Ambulance 1 a non-critical rescue is required at 1927 Mains Road


“A non-critical now?” Lexa said sighing as Clarke quickly moved from her lap and pulled her up by the hand “Why is it always the non criticals?”


“I’ll get it out of you” Clarke threw over her shoulder as she walked ahead of the Lieutenant


“You could just wait until tonight” Lexa shrugged


“Isn’t that call the address for the arcade?” Monty asked from the common room table as the Rescue Squad moved towards the garage


“We’ll let you know when we get back” Octavia said as she walked past the table before she joked “The real heroes have to get to work”


“Bring me something back” Monty called as the squad entered the garage


“If it is the arcade, does that mean there will be lots of screaming children?” Octavia flinched slightly while she jumped into the driver’s seat of the truck “I swear this never gets old”


“You’re not going to be as good as me” Lincoln said jokingly “The Lieutenant will move me back to being driver”


“You’re right, I’m not going to be as good as you” Octavia glanced back at her boyfriend before she left the garage “I’m going to be better”


“So Raven said that you’re going out on a double date tonight?” Lincoln asked smirking as he looked to his Lieutenant


“Hey, I have totally tried to ask you and Clarke to go on a double date with us” Octavia said raising her eyebrows “You told me you don’t do double dates”


“I don’t” Lexa replied simply with a shrug “But I am tonight”




“Because Raven actually asked” Lexa answered “You never did”


“What’s happening tonight?” Murphy asked as he leaned forward in his seat to get in on the conversation


“None of your business probie” Octavia shook her head as she smiled in satisfaction “No offence probie but I love having someone to call probie”


After only a few minutes of travel, they pulled up outside of the address they were given and Monty had been right, it was an arcade they were going into.


“Great” Lexa sighed quietly as she looked back towards Murphy “Come with me so you can hear what the situation is then I want you to listen to what our procedure will be”


“Got it” Murphy nodded


“And I said listen, not give suggestions or comments” Lexa warned with raised eyebrows “Your mouth is what gets you in trouble, Candidate”


Though Lexa wasn’t a big fan of Murphy for the fact that is mouth did often get himself in trouble, she had enough respect to call him by the official name of Candidate Fire Fighter rather than probie because she knew first-hand how much she hated it.


“Got it” Murphy repeated as they moved towards the arcade manager, who was looking extremely panicked


“There’s a kid inside, he was trying to steal tickets and he got his arm stuck up one of the machines” The manager said in a frantic tone “I think he’s in a lot of pain”


“It’s fine sir, we’ll get him out” Lexa nodded before approaching the truck once more as ambulance 1 pulled up


“We’re going to try and slip his arm out first, bring in a saw and tools just in-case we have to break him out” Lexa noted before looking to Murphy “Any suggestions?”


“His hand is stuck, I don’t think it’s going to come out with some grease” Murphy began to speak


“Remember how I said no comments or suggestions?” Lexa raised her eyebrows


“But you just asked me” Murphy shook her head


“And you didn’t listen”


Octavia scoffed quietly as they moved into the darkly lit, large arcade that smelled of sweat and oil from the cafeteria.


Lexa looked down at her boots as they felt sticky against the lined floor before she squinted slightly to try and locate the boy.


It didn’t take long to find him though.


He was the one screaming at the top of his lungs and if it weren’t for the loud music playing inside the arcade, he surely would have been heard from the next neighbourhood


“I need earplugs” Murphy said gruffly as they approached the screaming kid


“I have to say buddy, this is a first for me” Lexa said to the kid before looking to Clarke “Is there any way you can tell if anything is broken with his arm in there? I’m just reluctant to move him if he is in that much pain”


“We need to take a look at it” Clarke shook her head “But I can give him something for the pain”


“Okay, what is your name?” Lexa asked turning to the young brunette boy who had tears streaming down his face


“His name’s Stephen” She heard a young woman say behind her


Lexa turned to face the lady; she looked around the same age as Lexa, who looked far too young to be his mother.


“He’s my little brother” She said awkwardly “Though I would like to say he is my step brother because of the situation he is in right now”


“Is he asthmatic, diabetic or anything else we need to consider before trying to get him out?” Clarke asked “Any allergies to pain medication?”




“Well your parents would be very proud” Lexa said as she flinched, hearing him scream again as Murphy approached him “Because he has a set of excellent lungs”


“Okay Stephen, we’re going to try and slip your hand out of there” Octavia said softly as she knelt down next to the screaming boy “How old are you?”


“He’s 12”


“12 and stealing tickets” Raven grumbled she stood back from the scene with Clarke but Lexa caught it between screams


Unfortunately for the Rescue Squad, they were unable to slip his hand out of the machine so they had to take the second option of trying to cut his hand out as best as they could.


“Okay Stephen” Lexa said as she pulled up a chair next to the boy “I want you to take my hand and I want you to squeeze it really tightly. We’re going to cut away from your hand so we can loosen the machine from your arm”


He nodded and Lexa held out her hand for him to take, which he did and began to squeeze it tightly


“We’re ready to go” Lincoln said as she stood by the machine with the saw in his hand


“Now your hand might feel a bit warm but you can wear these cool protective glasses and I’ll even let you wear my helmet” Lexa said as she took her helmet off to place on his head and Murphy put safety glasses over his face before Lexa nodded to Lincoln to fire up the small saw and begin cutting into the machine slowly and precisely “You’re wearing my helmet so that means you’re boss here”


The rescue crew took half an hour to get his arm out of the ticket machine and 15 minutes for the paramedics to be satisfied that he was just going to suffer some bruising after patching up a few scratches.


“I think I’m deaf” Octavia said a little louder than necessary as she jumped out of the truck back at Firehouse 56 “That kid screamed so loud”


“I smell breakfast” Lincoln smiled as he walked towards the house and turned backwards to face Murphy “We definitely have better food here than you would have had in the academy”


“Probie, before you have breakfast you need to do a check of the truck” Octavia smirked as she held out the truck checklist for Murphy


“You can’t order him to do a check Octavia, only I can” Lexa shook her head with a sigh “Candidate you need to do a check of the truck”


“Perfect” Octavia grinned as she shook the piece of paper for Murphy to grab


“After you eat breakfast though” Lexa added “We should all go in there and eat as a crew”


“You’ve gone soft on me Lieutenant” Octavia grinned, walking past Lexa and tapping her on the shoulder gently


“I can assure you that I haven’t” Lexa shook her head, following the younger girl inside




The Lieutenant sat on her bed in the apartment that she shared with Clarke.


The shift moved pretty quickly, they were only called out to a few minor emergencies and now had 2 days off which was something they hadn’t been lucky enough to have in the past few weeks.


It had been busy.


But that was behind Lexa because she was happy to focus on their date tonight and what she had planned after.


Clarke emerged from the bathroom, the ends of her hair wet and out over her shoulders, wearing the simple outfit of black jeans and a shirt but Lexa couldn’t help how her heart rate increased as soon as she saw her.


“I’m sorry, I’m almost ready” Clarke said awkwardly as she rushed to find something in their drawers


“It’s fine” Lexa said calmly “You know Raven will be late”


“I’m counting on it” Clarke laughed before pausing “Have I been burning my socks or something? I can’t find a single matching pair”


“They were all down the bottom of the washing basket” Lexa chuckled “They’re in the dryer now, I put them in the wash this afternoon”


“Thank you” Clarke smiled softly


“Just use a pair of mine” Lexa shrugged


“I don’t know, sharing socks” Clarke replied pulling a face “That’s a big step”


“Just put them on” Lexa shook her head as she stopped a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth


“So when are you going to start taking it a little easier on Murphy?” Clarke asked as she sat down on the edge of the bed after taking Lexa’s socks


“I am taking it easy on him” Lexa replied “You should have seen what I went through as a probie in 56”


“But he has been here for a few months” Clarke said “Plus Raven and I never went through anything like that”


“He’s on squad, you are on ambulance” Lexa grumbled “It’s different. I’ve actually been pretty nice to him”


“He couldn’t have known we were together when he asked me out” Clarke said cutting to the chase “I know you’re still mad about that”


“No, I’m not” Lexa furrowed her eyebrows “I would have been mad if he was hitting on Raven or Octavia as well. It was his first day in his new house coming out of the academy and one of the first things he did was try and ask you out. I was too scared on my first day to even eat lunch”


“You do have a point” Clarke nodded


“But no, it didn’t help that it was you he chose to hit on” Lexa shook her head as she heard a loud knock on the door “I’ll go”


Lexa made her way to the door and opened it to find Raven standing in front of her with a large, teeth baring grin with Finn behind her.


“You look extremely happy” Lexa said looking between the two


“Happier for seeing you” Raven grinned as she walked into the apartment “I really love this place”


“You can stay over whenever you want, you know that right?” Clarke asked as she walked out of the bedroom


“Are we ready to go on our double date?” Raven asked over enthusiastically


“I’m not that ready” Lexa said with a small smile


“Where are we even going?” Clarke asked looking to her girlfriend “I mean I got halfway to finding out but now that we are about to go, you should tell me”


“You did not get halfway to finding out” Lexa shook her head as she held Clarke’s blue jacket out for her to take “Come on, before it gets too busy”


“Before what gets too busy?” Clarke asked raising her eyebrows


“You’re about to find out” Lexa said kissing her girlfriend on the cheek before gently pushing her towards the door




The Lieutenant grew nervous as she rolled the car to a gentle stop next to the park, the familiar sweet smell of waffles hitting their noses even before they opened the doors.


“Waffles” Clarke said with a warm smile as she looked over to the truck “We haven’t been here since last year”


“I know” Lexa grinned “And it’s actually warm enough that we can eat outside”


“I don’t know, sitting in the car eating waffles probably made my list of top 3 dates” Raven chimed in as she opened her door


“It wasn’t really a date though for you” Clarke peered over her shoulder at her friend who just shrugged


“Lexa paid for my waffles, it was a date” Raven joked


“What is going on?” Finn asked with wide eyes “You went on a date?”


“Do you and Finn want to go get a table?” Lexa rolled her eyes as she asked Clarke after she locked the car once they had all moved away, standing in front of the busy waffle truck


“Sure thing Lieutenant” Clarke joked


“This was a cute little idea” Raven said as she joined the line for waffles


“We haven’t been here in a while and it’s pretty relaxed” Lexa shrugged “I thought it would be nice to get something to eat”


“How are you feeling?” Raven asked with a smile “Good? Nervous? Do you have everything you need?”


“Well I don’t need much and I’m terrified” Lexa said shakily as she plunged her hand into her jacket pocket quickly before pulling it out again with a nod “I would feel less nervous running into a burning building”


“Yeah but that’s your job” Raven shrugged “It will be awesome, she will love it and she definitely won’t say no. Don’t freak out and don’t back out because you both want this. Most importantly, I want this for you both”


“I’m not going to back out, I’m in way too deep to back out” Lexa shook her head as they took a step forward in the line “You and Finn seem to be doing well”


“We are” Raven smiled “He’s the best guy I have met in a long time, it’s refreshing”


“Good” Lexa nodded awkwardly as she rubbed the back of her neck looking up at the menu “I never know what to get here”


“Everything is the only reasonable answer to that” Raven laughed


Lexa and Raven eventually ordered too much for the four of them, which was evident when they were handed everything on two large trays to take back to the table.


Her eyes grew wider and wider with each plate that was added and quickly figured out that they underestimated just how much they had actually decided to order.


Lexa couldn’t figure out whether she was terrified or excited by the sheer amount of food that now sat in front of them.


There were at least 8 different plates of all different kinds of waffles, each covered in melting ice cream and different toppings.


“Okay so maybe next time you and Raven shouldn’t order together” Clarke said with wide eyes


“We got a little carried away” Lexa admitted as she handed Clarke cutlery “We thought it would be better for us to all just share”


“What did you order?” Clarke asked “Or should I ask what you didn’t order?”


“That is the more relevant question” Raven nodded before she sat down next to Finn and nudged him gently “This guy is a garbage disposal though so it’ll get eaten”


“I don’t eat that much” Finn defended himself


“I would be worried if you did” Lexa agreed “I will definitely be going for a run tomorrow morning”


“We all will” Clarke agreed


“Well speak for yourselves” Raven scoffed as she picked up a quarter of a waffle to put on her own plate “I’d totally be okay if I died tonight after this”


“Let’s not say that” Clarke said with wide eyes


“Oh” Raven said as her eyes shot to Lexa “Oh yeah, sorry about that”


“I didn’t die” Lexa shrugged “I know it’s been a year today since the apartment fire but you don’t need to tiptoe around me”


“I can’t believe it’s been a year” Finn replied “That’s gone quickly”


“No, it really hasn’t” Lexa laughed “Longest year of my life”


“Yeah but now look at you” Raven replied seriously “You’re running a close to perfect Rescue and Ambulance squad, you live with Clarke and you are sitting in a park eating waffles with some of your favourite people…and Finn”


“Hey, Finn is the one that found me in the basement so if anything I should like him more than you”


“Just wait a minute before you start throwing that around” Raven said calmly as she chewed a mouthful of waffle, exposing her friends to more than they probably wanted to see “Let’s remember who set Clarke up on an awful date so you would finally stop being stubborn and admit you cared for her. I mean I’m practically the reason why you two are even together”


“I don’t know if it was just that” Clarke chuckled at her friend


“Yeah but I moved out so Clarke couldn’t afford to live on her own in that apartment and would move in with you” Raven shook her head, leaning forward slightly towards Lexa


“No, you moved out because you knew that Lexa and I were talking about moving in with each other and Octavia had a spare bedroom that she was trying to find someone to fill” Clarke replied “You went because you thought it was good timing”


“It really was” Raven said seriously “Well whatever the reason, I’m just glad because my best friend deserves to be happy”


“While we are clearing truths out, I did not take you out on a date here” Lexa spoke as she looked from Raven to Finn “I didn’t take her out on a date”


“You payed for my waffles” Raven shrugged carelessly “That’s a date”


“I paid for waffles for all 3 of us because your date didn’t show up” Lexa responded with a smirk “It was going to be a date for Clarke and I”


“Well I’m glad that’s cleared up” Finn said with wide eyes as he tried to follow the conversation


“They bicker” Clarke added with a nod only to receive a gentle elbow in the ribs from her girlfriend next to her


“What a nice little date idea this was, Lieutenant” Raven said after a moment of comfortable silence passed over the group “Very nice”


“Thanks” Lexa chuckled with a small shake of her head


After everyone had finished eating, having made a significant dent in the amount of food they ordered; Raven made an excuse for her to walk off with Finn, leaving Lexa and Clarke sitting at the table alone.


“She’s like a teenager with him” Clarke laughed as she watched Raven in the distance tugging Finn around a group of night markets that were happening in the park


“Should we go for a walk?” Lexa asked “I think I ate so much that I have waffle swelling up my feet”


“Yeah, I could use a walk” Clarke replied as she stood and held her hand out for Lexa to take


“Sorry this was a lame date idea, I just thought it could be fun coming back here” Lexa shrugged as she linked her fingers with Clarke’s and sighing contently


“No it was great” Clarke nodded as they began to walk along the edge of the park “We probably shouldn’t come here so often though judging by the amount of food you ordered”


“I do get carried away” Lexa agreed “That part was only half my fault though”


“Only half” Clarke smiled, leaning up slightly to place a soft kiss on Lexa’s cheek before leaning her head on Lexa’s shoulder as they continued to walk slowly “But this is nice”


“It is” Lexa replied quietly “I can’t believe it’s been a year today since the apartment fire. I mean this time a year ago, I was going to Seattle”


“I know” Clarke said softly “Things could have been pretty different”


“Do you think we would have done okay long distance?”


“I think so” Clarke nodded “I told you a year ago and I will tell you now, it was never going to change how I felt about you. We were just going to have to adjust”


“I definitely think I made the right decision” Lexa replied “Not just for our relationship but I definitely think I’m where I’m supposed to be right now”


“I would agree with that” Clarke responded before she paused momentarily “I really love you Lexa”


“And I really love you too” Lexa said as she pulled Clarke’s hand up to kiss it gently “Even though you literally step out of your clothes once you finish wearing them and just leave them right there on the floor”


“You leave every drawer open in the apartment” Clarke countered “Even when I’m sure you haven’t even used anything in that drawer”


“Well it can’t be more annoying than leaving your coffee cups right next to the sink instead of just putting them in the sink to wash” Lexa teased


“You just leave your shoes under the table all the time when you kick them off at dinner” Clarke laughed shaking her head against Lexa’s shoulder


“As annoying as we both obviously are I’m glad we moved in together because honestly I have never been happier” Lexa said with a sigh as she tucked her other hand into her jacket pocket


“Well I’m not annoying” Clarke playfully added “But I’ve never been happier either and I’m really happy that I convinced myself to come out here to DC and take this job”


“I’m glad too” Lexa replied quietly as she ran her fingers over the little box that had been burning a hole in her pocket the entire night with a deep sigh, their conversation confirming everything she needed to know “I really am”