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Firehouse 56

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“You're up, Lieutenant”


Lexa’s gaze shifted from a plaque on the wall she had been staring at absentmindedly for the past 4 minutes while she waited for her turn.


She looked down to the cards in her hands and around the table at her crew.


“Already?” Lexa asked raising her eyebrows


“Wow you really haven’t been paying attention” Octavia replied before glancing over in the direction that Lexa had been staring and paused “But that’s okay”


“I’ll fold” Lexa shook her head as she sighed, sliding her cards back into the middle of the table


It was the end of a double shift for them all, they had been extremely busy and they were all just hoping for a quiet few hours before the rotation could change and they could go home.


Lexa rubbed her eyes roughly and sighed quietly before looking down to her hands.


They had rescued a lot of people, they had lost a few but they also helped build the team that was sitting around her.


She trusted the men and women of Washington DC’s Firehouse 56 more than anyone else in the world.


She couldn’t have been prouder of everything they had achieved under her guidance, quickly becoming one of the most highly regarded units in the country.


Lexa was Lieutenant of Rescue Truck 2, she was only 24 when she was awarded the ranking and had been in the job for 2 years so she was still young but her leadership skills were second to none.


Lexa was a natural born leader, she had what it took and she knew it.


It also didn’t hurt that she came straight out of school to become a firefighter.


That was what she had wanted her entire life.


That was all she ever wanted.


She was a 3rd generation firefighter and her family couldn’t have been any prouder if they tried.


She was on the rescue truck, handling any victim rescues and ladder work, working very closely with the paramedics, which they were lacking at that moment.


 Her colleague Bellamy Blake was Lieutenant of Engine 21 but they all tended to gel together well when they were in the firehouse.  


Octavia was Bellamy’s sister but she had opted to become part of the rescue crew once her probation was lifted and Lexa was more than happy to have her.


They were the first ever Brother/Sister combination in their firehouse, which proved to be problematic sometimes but everything seemed to run relatively smoothly.


They had all witnessed losses, triumphs and almost unspeakable things together but at the end of the day, they were there to serve so that is what they did.


The alarm sounded loudly as everyone paused to see who would be required in this call


“Firehouse 56, Rescue Truck 2, Engine 21 we have a serious multi-car accident on the corner of 3rd and Maple”


They didn’t need to hear the repetition of the call; they were all already halfway to their trucks by the time it sounded.


The trucks tore out of the firehouse, sirens blaring and adrenaline pumping.


“I was kind of hoping for a quiet end of shift” Octavia said looking to Indra who sat quietly next to her “I don’t know about you but this double shift has killed me”


“We can be tired once we complete this rescue” Lexa said staring out at the road ahead of her “Then we can sleep until the next shift”


“2 Minutes away Lieutenant” Lincoln said as she cautiously drove through a red light


“Try and be there in 1” Lexa replied with a nod


Lincoln managed to get there in 1 minute and what they arrived to was worse than what they had thought.


A truck had run a red light and collected 2 cars on its way through.


Police were just arriving on the scene and paramedics pulled up behind them as Lexa and her crew jumped out of the truck


“I need you to make sure there are no fuel leaks” Lexa said looking to Bellamy as he rushed over to her “If there are, I need you to cover them because this isn’t going to be a quick rescue. Secure the area and identify any further problems”


“We’ll keep an eye on it” Bellamy nodded


“Look at both cars” Lexa replied before rushing to a police officer


“The truck driver is fine; he’s sitting on the side of the road. There’s an old couple in the first car, they seem to be okay but they’re in shock. There’s a young female trapped in the second car, she’s conscious” The Officer said


“Get the paramedics to come with me to the second car” Lexa said “Indra, go to the first car, if you can move them do so. If not, wait for other paramedics”


Lexa rushed to the second car, a small blue Toyota that looked like it was probably relatively new.


Paramedics followed as they rushed to assess the crash victim while Lexa looked under the car, thankfully there was no leak but the girl in the car looked like she was heavily trapped in the now twisted steel.


Lexa approached the passenger side of the car, which was almost completely gone as the paramedic moved to the back door of the driver’s side


The girl was no older than Lexa, her blonde hair was streaked in red due to a gash just above her eyebrow that was bleeding steadily.


Her eyes were shut tightly in pain and her hands shaking in her lap as her legs were trapped in place as the door was crushed and the wheel was pressed into her stomach.


If anything had shifted during the crash to any side by even an inch, she would have been crushed to death but somehow she managed to be in a contained, tight box.


“Hi there, I’m Lieutenant Lexa” Lexa said looking around the car further “What’s your name?”


“Clarke” She said quickly “My name is Clarke Griffin”


“Okay Clarke, do you know what day it is?” Lexa asked


“It’s Friday” Clarke replied stiffly


“Okay I just need to you stay still, okay?” Lexa asked gently “And I need you to be as calm as you can so we can get you out of here. You’re going to be fine”


Clarke didn’t reply as the paramedic placed a neck brace on her for precaution as Lexa moved back from the car


“Octavia, I need a saw and the jaws” Lexa called quickly “Lincoln, bring me some airbags so we can raise the side of the car”


“Tell me what pain you are feeling and where” Lexa heard the paramedic ask the young girl


Lexa looked to the other car, Indra was assisting the paramedics with the old couple who were fine but they were more concerned about shock setting in so they had to get them to hospital as soon as they could.


“My legs, it’s hot against my legs. My head hurts and the wheel is digging into me but nothing is broken” The blonde said as she swallowed thickly as the paramedics covered the cut on her forehead 


“We have to make sure the airbags are secure before we remove the wheel” Lexa said turning to Octavia who handed her the saw


Once they had secured those airbags, Lexa moved as close to Clarke as she could without touching her, they had placed protection over Clarke so she wouldn’t feel any heat or be in any danger of sparks hitting her


“Okay, I’m just going to remove this wheel so we can get a bit of pressure off you” Lexa said patiently as the blonde opened her eyes to look at her, causing her to pause


“Okay” Clarke nodded


The pain was so evident in her eyes but Lexa couldn’t help but to be struck with just how blue they were.


They were a deep blue that Lexa had never witnessed before.


After a second she shook her head clear of her thoughts, refocusing on doing her job.


“It might be a little loud but you’ll be safe” Lexa said “Are you ready?”




Lexa started to saw the wheel off as gently as she possibly could. She didn’t have time to pause to check on Clarke because every moment they wasted, a leak could spring or Clarke could fall into shock.


The wheel came off with relative ease and was removed slowly, she would be bruised but that was all.


“Good, you’re doing great” Lexa nodded as she slipped out to the other side of the car before turning to Lincoln “We need to bring this up slowly so we can get the jaws in. The door needs to go so we can safely clear her legs”


“We can’t do it without leveling it?” Lincoln asked


“We might have a better chance of getting her out, I don’t want to have to try and drag her out because her legs are pinned. That will cause her more damage that what she’s sustained now” Lexa shook her head “Do what I said”


“Got it” Lincoln nodded as everyone but 1 paramedic cleared the car so Lincoln could raise it slightly


Once that was done, he prepared the Jaws of Life


“Okay, one last thing and you will be out of here” Lexa said calmly as she came to the front of the car “We’re using the jaws to clear the door and free your legs. I need you to stay as still as you can but shout if you feel anything, okay?”




The operation was delicate; Lexa watched on as Lincoln worked to clear the door and after a few minutes he managed to so they could remove it, which instantly unpinned the blonde’s legs.


Lexa felt relief wash over her as they helped the paramedics place her onto a backboard.


“You did so well, Clarke” Lexa said gently as they moved her to the ambulance “You’re going to be fine”


From there, the paramedics took over and put her in the back before speeding away.


The police were still questioning the driver as the Engine crew worked hard to secure a small fire that had started near the truck but the immediate danger had been cleared.


The blonde girl had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and it had almost cost her dearly.


It was nothing short of a miracle that she wasn’t injured further, more to the point dead.


Lexa was still completely struck by her eyes.


She didn’t understand why or how but she just couldn’t think of anything else now that their job was done.  


It had been a long shift, she needed sleep.


She took her helmet off, walking to the police officer who was standing next to her car watching the driver being questioned.


“Officer Echo” Lexa nodded “What happened?”


“He’s been driving for 16 hours” The officer said


“He’s so lucky that no one was killed” Lexa growled “That girl should have been crushed; I don’t know how she wasn’t. He better pray that she’s okay internally too”


“I know” Echo nodded “We’re going to charge him with everything we can”


“Good” Lexa said as she walked back to her truck where her crew were packing up “Once everything is secure, we’ll head back. You all did great”





They had a busy few weeks following that double shift


From apartment fires, accidents, slips and falls they had seen a lot but had managed to handle everything that was thrown at them.


Lexa had the day off but she was on call should she be needed at the house, she had worked too many days in a row but they couldn’t really afford to keep her off shift.


She started the day by rolling out of bed at 9, going for a run at 10 and then heading down to her favourite diner to pick up her favourite breakfast.


Everyone knew her in that diner, she was a bit of a neighbourhood hero because she had been born and raised there, with her father and grandfather being locals as well.


She pushed the door open on a cold morning; she wiggled her fingers to gain some circulation back before shrugging off her coat and sitting in a booth by herself in the very corner of the room.


“The usual?” She heard the chef call out from the kitchen and she nodded with a polite smile


She pulled the paper from the side of the booth and opened it up, sweeping her wavy hair to one side and resting her chin on her hand.


The diner was pretty busy, it always was but Lexa loved going in and being surrounded by everyone without having to really socialize.


Her life was ruled by work so her crew were her both her friends and family but she was quiet and pretty private when it came to her outside life.


The Lieutenant caught herself looking up from her paper as she heard laughter from a booth across the diner.


She furrowed her eyebrows at the laughter echoing loudly to her from a tanned brunette.


Her lips pursed together at the obnoxious sound until her eyes glanced to who she was sitting with and laughing at.


It was the blonde from the accident, Clarke.


If Lexa was honest, she found herself thinking about Clarke and how she was a few times since that accident.


She had considered going down to the hospital a couple of times and just checking to see with the doctors how she had been or if she had suffered any complications.


Obviously, sitting across the diner, she hadn’t and Lexa was thankful to see her.


Lexa’s French Toast arrived in front of her, a smile on the waitress’ face as she put the plate down gently


“Thank you” Lexa said thankfully as she tore her gaze from Clarke before it returned to her quickly


She made a split second decision and stood from her booth to walk across the room bravely, stopping in front of the table


“I’m sorry to interrupt” Lexa said quietly as she looked to the brunette before turning to the girl she was there to see “Clarke, right?”


“Lexa” Clarke replied slowly as a smile appeared over her lips


“You remember” Lexa nodded


“Of course I remember you” Clarke replied “Uh Lexa, this is my best friend Raven. Raven this is Lieutenant Lexa”


“You look good” Lexa said quickly


“Well I can probably guarantee that I look better than when you first saw me” Clarke laughed quietly


Lexa smiled politely as she squeezed her own hand nervously in front of her


She was calm under pressure when saving people’s lives but she felt as if she was struggling to breathe in front of the girl.


“I mean you look like you’re healing up” Lexa said gesturing to the small scar above her eyebrow


“I am, thank you” Clarke nodded with a smile “You did a really great job”


“Thank you” Lexa replied “I uh haven’t seen you around before. I know it’s a big town but I see a lot of people”


“I only moved here 4 weeks ago” Clarke said with a sigh “I’m living with Raven here and I’d been here for a week when that truck decided to run that red light. I only had that car for a week too”


“You’d rather have your life than a car” Lexa nodded


“You’re right there” Clarke said with a warm smile “You should come and join us”


“She should?” Raven asked raising her eyebrows


“It’s the least I could offer” Clarke replied glancing at her friend before looking back to Lexa with a hopeful smile


As she was about to answer, her phone began to ring and she pulled it out of her pocket to see the firehouse number


“Actually that looks like I’m being called in” Lexa said with a small frown “But it was good seeing you again and I’m glad you’re okay”


“It was good seeing you too” Clarke replied “Hopefully we’ll run into each other again”


“Hopefully” Lexa nodded before putting money down on her table and rushing out of the diner




Lexa was lying on her bed later that week in her office.


They had some down time at the start of what was going to be a busy Saturday shift and she was making the most of it.


She held a book above her face as she crossed her legs, her shoes still on as they rested above her covers.


“Lexa, chief wants to see us” She heard Bellamy say as he opened her door


“You could knock before you enter” Lexa said peering over her book to look at her colleague “Do you know what it’s about?”


“No I have no clue” Bellamy shook his head “But you know how he feels about waiting so let’s go”


She sighed, he was right.


After placing her book down, she followed Bellamy to the chief’s office where he was waiting for them with his arms folded as she leaned back in his chair


“Chief Jaha” Lexa greeted with a nod “You needed to see us?”


“Close the door and sit down please” He said seriously, causing Lexa to look at Bellamy who could only shrug and do what he asked


“If this is about food sir” Bellamy began


“This has nothing to do with the fact that your crew are cleaning out the entire food cupboard during almost every shift” The Chief shook his head “I’ve just been on the phone with the Commission”


“Okay” Lexa nodded, knowing that the Commission rarely called when they had good news


“We’re having a restructure”


“A restructure?” Bellamy raised his eyebrows “What exactly does that mean?”


“Actually not a whole lot for you” Chief Jaha said looking to Bellamy before turning to Lexa “But you Lieutenant have a new team being added to your shift”


“A new team?” Lexa asked leaning forward in her chair “Why is it mine?”


“The Commission are adding paramedics to Firehouse 56. Which I think makes sense because we haven’t had any stationed here for a long time but they want to see you manage them. So I am under direct orders to have them placed under you” The Chief said “I don’t know why exactly they want them directly under you, I believe they are testing your leadership”


“Test Bellamy’s leadership” Lexa protested


“Thanks” Bellamy replied rolling his eyes


“Chief, I don’t know if I can honestly take on much more at the moment”


“You have two paramedics coming in within the next 10 minutes. Apparently the decision to move these two was made this morning so they have had about as much notice as we have” The Chief said “They’ll practically manage themselves but you are ultimately responsible for them”


“Who are they?”


“I don’t know that yet either, their files haven’t even come across my desk yet” The Chief replied “They are testing you for a reason Lexa and I think if you pass this test they are going to reward you for it”


“Great” Lexa noted sarcastically


“If you could go and tell everyone, I would appreciate it” The Chief said before turning back to his computer “Make them feel welcome”


Lexa looked to Bellamy who just shrugged and decided to take their leave


“What the hell is going on?” Lexa asked as they walked away from the office


“Your guess is as good as mine” Bellamy said as they reached the common room, where everyone was sitting


“In a few minutes we are getting paramedics in Firehouse 56” Lexa said as everyone looked around at each other “They’re going to be based here permanently and I would like you all to be as welcoming as you possibly can be. We’ve only just been notified so we’re in the same situation as you here”


“Why would they only tell us now?” Octavia asked “Why not earlier?”


“I have no idea” Lexa shook her head “But it’ll be a positive addition to our Firehouse”


“Actually that depends who it is” Octavia answered honestly


Lexa went out to the garage only moments later with Bellamy when their new ambulance pulled up out the front.


“Isn’t that the girl you rescued in that truck accident?” Bellamy asked as Clarke jumped out of the driver’s seat


“Yeah” Lexa replied with a furrowed brow