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Of Car Crashes And Heartbreaks

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"It's going to be fine.... mmh.. I promise."

Jennifer looked at sleep-talking brunette by her hospital bed. Pain and exhaustion evident of both of their faces. She let out a breath, but it didn't help take the heavy feeling on her chest at all. She never wanted this, she had wanted to get back to normal, she wanted to finally fucking rest, she just wanted to go home to her family.

Her family. Jen, Charlie, Henry and Judy.

"Ow, ow, ow, shit." Judy woke up when she heard a stream of profanities from her best friend, nope best friend wasn't even close to enough anymore, her better half, who was just attempting to get to the bathroom by her own. The ever so stubborn blonde, with a broken leg, four fractured ribs, and quite a large cut on the side of her head, had insisted she could get to the restroom on her own. What a dumbass.

Judy knew though, that it wasn't just because of Jen's enormous ego. She always noticed that the blonde never seemed to ask for help, nor accept any that was offered. She also noticed how the blonde felt like she didn't deserve Judy. Which was fucking ridiculous. Judy literally killed Jen's husband. Sure, he acted like a huge dick, even though his was probably miniscule, he was still the boys' dad. He was a role model, and the boys loved him. Judy still felt a pang of guilt whenever one of them mentioned how much they missed their dad. But she knew now, it was alright, it wasn't her fault, not entirely.