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fuck in the back seat

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Tobi has come to enjoy all of this far more than he regrets it.

He's come to look forward to the differing pairs of hands that often land on his hips in the kitchen, soon bending him over the counter, usually with someone watching. What used to make him curl in on himself shyly now sends pleasant shivers down his spine.

He smiles tiredly at being woken up by eager hands, too sleepy to do anything and everything heightened because he's just woken up. Sometimes, he'll be so dazed and loud that someone walks in. Once, Simon had barged in whilst JJ was fucking a sleepy Tobi and edged him for an eternity, saying that it was payback for waking him up. The feeling of Simon's stubble on his thighs made him squirm and squeak.

He thinks about the times he's sat under a desk whilst whoever he's with edits something, a dull ache in his jaw as he drools and warms someone's cock with his mouth. He especially enjoys those times, even if they do happen the least.

The present situation is quite different from all of those, though. Sure, sometimes a lot of them get together and treat Tobi (and sometimes Vik) like fucktoys, but it's never happened in public.

And currently, a few of them are in a limo, filming a video that requires it. They're on the way to the main shoot and figured why not record some extra stuff. It's Tobi, Ethan, JJ and Vik all in there, their cameras off because they've filmed a decent bit of footage for now. Plus, there's like, an hour left of the drive and they aren't filming for an hour straight.

Tobi's just on his phone doing whatever when a tattooed hand starts rubbing along the inside of his clothed thigh, leaving light tingles in their wake. Tobi's breath hitches for only a moment before he relaxes, glancing over at Ethan before resuming what he was doing on his phone.

Vik takes notice of the movement quickly, eyes wandering every two seconds, struggling to look away.

"You want that to be done to you?" A sudden, deep voice rasps in his ear, and Vik jumps before his eyes widen and his cheeks tint.

"Shut up, JJ," he mumbles with a nervous yet dismissive chuckle. He squirms a little where he's sat.

Ethan leans over to close the mini window that separates them and the driver, letting Tobi get a whiff of his cologne. He takes a deep breath to try and calm himself and instead fills his senses with the other.

Tobi moves the hand on his thigh to rest heavily over his cock, looking up at Ethan through his eyelashes with subtle eyes and a tilted head, a silent question. The younger exhales sharply before his lips quirk into a smirk, palming Tobi through his trousers.

Tobi bucks into it, his legs tensing as he enjoys the pressure.

The thing is, though -- it remains the same for the next two minutes. Ethan, teasing Tobi, now on his phone as if his hand isn't just a few layers above the other's dick.

And it stays like that, for almost ten minutes this time, up until the car suddenly stops and Ethan pulls his hand away. They all look up in confusion before the door opens and the other three Sidemen climb in, loud and cheery. Tobi shuffles about and ends up on Ethan's lap (facing away from him) so that the others can all fit on the seats. Vik ends up between JJ and Josh, his legs parted widely as he sits on both of them, blushing. The older two have definitely done that to him on purpose.

There's forty minutes left of this drive, Tobi's got a semi, and by the looks of it, Ethan isn't done with his games.


Mere minutes after the limo has started moving again, Ethan's hand has slipped under Tobi's zipper, soft lips on his neck. It gets them some not at all subtle looks from their mates.

"If you're not gonna fuck him, at least let someone else," Simon pipes up after Tobi lets out a breathy moan, humping messily against Ethan, clearly needy and clearly needing more. Something that he's not currently being given. Ethan looks at Simon with bored eyes before shoving two fingers into the smaller's mouth to get them slick.

"Dickhead," Simon mutters despite the way he's now sat back, enjoying the view as he sips from a glass. Tobi's entire body is tingling from the way Simon is shamelessly looking at him.

Ethan removes his fingers with a slick pop that echoes through the small space. Vik's being relentlessly teased by Josh and JJ on the back seat, Harry laughing and occasionally joining in as he watches, simultanously sipping from a bottle of alcohol he's snagged for himself.

"Relax, babe," Ethan mumbles when Tobi tenses up, slick fingers pressing against him.

Simon leans over and splays his cold hand on the side of Tobi's heated neck, kissing him to try and make him chill out. It works, given that the shorter suddenly gasps quietly into his mouth and Ethan grins before kissing the back of his neck sweetly.

It's not long before Tobi's being scissored open and he's writhing on Ethan's fingers, toes curled and his cock straining against his open fly. Ethan had stopped stroking him a minute or so ago and it's fucking agony.

"He's ready, Eth. Stop taking so fucking long, yeah?" Simon pipes up, slowly stroking himself over his sweatpants and watching the pair sat next to him.

"Jealousy's ugly on you, Simon," Ethan grins, leaving open-mouthed kisses along Tobi's neck as he removes his fingers and wipes them off. He bends Tobi forward a bit so that he can pull his bottoms and boxers down to just under his ass, no regard for the relief that Tobi needs. He gets his own cock out and spits on his hand to get it slick, because he's a gentleman like that.

Tobi squirms and pants as Ethan bottoms out, his legs tensed. The windows are tinted, thank fuck, but he can see outside quite clearly and seeing people going about their day whilst this goes on has his cock shamefully hard.

"Ethan," he whispers with a strained voice when the other only rolls his hips slowly, teasing and evil.

"If you want it so bad you should work for it, Tobi," Simon rasps. Harry hums in agreement, his inebriated attention now on them. Simon glances over to the others and sees why; Vik's crying -- fat, pitiful crocodile tears as JJ strokes his soft cock (he's cum once already, how cute) and Josh pinches at his nipples. They're both whispering in his ear, in a little world of their own. Harry's never really enjoyed the way Vik cries when he's treated harshly, even if Vik himself loves it. Simon shoots the youngest a smirk.

"What happened to being on my side?" Tobi frowns at him, voice a little joking. It's also strained, his entire body ablaze.

"Give us a show, Tobes," Harry says with slightly slurred speech, grinning at the older. "I'll let you touch yourself if you do," he whispers, glancing at Ethan who just rolls his eyes.

Tobi inhales unsteadily before bouncing his hips once, eyes fluttering shut as he leans against Ethan for some support. Fuck.

Tobi lifts himself up just enough to kneel over Ethan, calves on the leather seating as he sinks back down with a guttural moan. He steadies himself by putting his hands on the ginger's knees, back arched like a cat as his head falls forward and he rolls his hips.

He's building up a steady rhythm when a camera shutter goes off, Ethan giggling and Harry snickering drunkly.

"You should record it," Harry slurs as cold hands pull Tobi's shirt up, putting him on display. The other three watch, mesmerised at how Tobi fucks himself on Ethan's cock, the (now recording) camera capturing his ass and body perfectly.

"You think people would recognise us if we put this on pornhub?" Harry mumbles as if saying an afterthought, but Tobi whines and bounces himself up and down faster. His entire body stumbles forward when Ethan cants his hips up, that same, sturdy tattooed hand landing on his hip to keep him in place. To keep him on Ethan's cock, like that's all that matters.

"Fuck," Tobi gasps, voice pitchy and needy, clenching around the other. Ethan's other hand starts stroking up and down the dip of Tobi's spine, meaning Harry's probably holding the phone now.

"Send me that video," Simon says, nodding at the phone in Harry's hand, his attention back on them. He's been caught up in the many different things going on in the limo, eyes switching between everyone. Between Vik, who's crying on JJ's cock and Josh's fingers that are both fucking into his ass. His cock is half hard and there's dried cum on his flat stomach,  nipples hard and his t-shirt stuffed in his mouth as the other two just use him. He's visually oversensitive, but given that he's pushing back against the older two he's beyond enjoying it.

And between Harry, who has wide eyes and coy, pretty lips that are curled upward in a smile as he watches and records Tobi riding Ethan desperately.

Speaking of Tobi, Simon tilts his head as he strokes himself through his sweatpants, groaning quietly at the various sounds Tobi is letting slip. The way his hips move sloppily, also moving a hand to get himself off is amusing.

"Tobi," Simon says lowly, sharply, earning him a small whine as the hand moves back to grip Ethan's jean-clad knee. Simon takes another sip from his glass and smiles, satisfied.

Tobi looks to Harry with pleading eyes, letting out a pitiful, "Harry, you promised," his voice strained. It sounds like they've not included him in something after saying that they would and it's truly pathetic.

"Say please," Harry whispers, grinning as he pans the camera up Tobi's face, to his flushed cheeks and wet, bitten lips. Harry runs his thumb across Tobi's bottom lip before loosely holding his hand around the smaller's throat.


"Good boy," he grins, moving the camera down to his side so he can kiss Tobi. Harry unintentionally captures the other three for a few seconds with how he holds the phone beside him. He focuses it back on the sight before him after pulling away.

Tobi's hand is shoved down his boxers before he can think of a more effecient method, gasping loudly as he wraps his hand around his drooling cock and jerks himself off. Ethan's fucking into him perfectly now, pulling Tobi's hips flush against his own every time he fucks up harshly into the smaller.

Pre gathers at the head and stains his boxers -- he's so glad they have to change clothes at the shoot for the video -- and his thighs quiver. His orgasm overwhelms him, his body fully pliant whilst he cums as Ethan chases his own orgasm. His fingers are pressing so hard into Tobi's hips that they're definitely going to leave bruises. Bruises that'll be pressed down on at every chance given, which Tobi isn't going to protest to.

It takes the two a while to come down from that -- Tobi even longer given that he slumps against Ethan, thighs shaking lightly as the other begins softly sorting him out.

He's leaning against Simon, cleaned up and his slightly soiled clothes on him properly when he opens his eyes.

"Let it be known that my dick is so good it makes you pass out," Ethan snorts, unaware that Tobi's woken up. He must have only been out for a couple of minutes, then. The shorter shoves the ginger lightly with his foot and huffs out a laugh.

"That sounds so rapey," Simon snorts at him. Ethan laughs and tells him to shut up.

Tobi tunes out the bickering that commences after that and looks over at Vik, JJ and Josh, watching as Vik buries his face into the crook of Josh's neck. He's crying, definitely messing up the older's shirt as his whole body shakes. JJ's running his hand through the smaller's hair, kissing his nape and running a comforting hand along his side.

Josh grabs Harry's attention by nudging him with his foot, doing so easily given that the youngest is sat on the floor and just enjoying the vibrations of the moving car. Harry grabs the tissues Josh points at and passes them over. Tobi smiles as he watches Josh slowly get Vik to look at him, the boy hiccupping sweetly as his messy face is gently wiped clean. They definitely did a number on him, those two. Tobi doesn't really expect less from the two filthiest members of the Sidemen, though, watching Vik wrap his arms around Josh's neck and slowly be shushed and calmed down.

JJ catches Tobi's eye and grins, pressing another open-mouthed kiss to Vik's neck. 'You're next,' he mouths smugly, referring to the state that Vik's in. Tobi rolls his eyes and mouths back, 'Sure I am.'