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reverse cowgirl

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The harness was tight against her hips, and the silicone toy hitting all the right spots, causing her to come over over.

Olivia knew exactly what she was doing, and exactly how Alex liked it.

The blonde perched between Olivia’s legs, Alex’s back against her chest.

It was her favorite position, reverse cowgirl , and Olivia knew how to fuck her in this position better than any man she had ever been with.

The first time surprised them both of them, how quickly it made both of them come.

Alex got off on Olivia’s movements, Olivia got off on Alex looking so fucking sexy while riding her.

Olivia held Alex’s hands behind her back, thrusting into her, Alex’s hip movements meeting her thrusts and the room filled with the sound of moans and curses.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck! ” Alex cried out, her legs feeling like they were going to give out from under her. Her body was on fire, her core throbbing and her own wetness seeping down her legs.

“That’s my girl.” Olivia spoke into her ear, gently biting her lobe.

That alone, could have made her come again.