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Dreams are Weird Alright!?

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Honoka smiled at the applause she was receiving and took a bow as she finished her song. A small crowd surrounded her, a couple were even throwing money in her guitar case.

Wait, when did she learn to play guitar?

That question was quickly pushed from her mind and she instead focused her attention on the familiar light brown hair loop and ponytail walking away in the distance.

“Kotori!” She shouted excitedly as she pushed her way through the crowd of people going every which way. Which was a very hard thing to do in the middle of Times Square. She finally reached her friend, put a hand on her shoulder to get her attention and happily greeted her “Kotori! Hi!”

Kotori’s head proceeded to turn around one hundred eighty degrees to face Honoka.

Honoka reflexively jumped back as she began to speak. “Why did you let me go Honoka?” She asked calmly.

Honoka was terrified. “I, what? Kotori I,”

“WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME!?” Kotori’s eyes turned red as she glared angrily into Honoka’s soul.

Honoka ran away screaming. Kotori’s body twisted to match her head’s direction and gave chase.

Honoka wasn’t sure how long she had run for, or when she even entered a shrine? She noticed a familiar blonde ponytail and head of long purple hair and ran towards them. “Nozomi! Eli! Help!!” She yelled. Eli promptly melted as Nozomi continued to stare at the wall and let out a sweet giggle. Honoka had no clue what to think.

Nozomi finally spoke between her increasingly eerie fits of laughter. “We know what you did Honoka.”

“I,” Honoka stuttered, “I didn’t do anything! I’d never do anything to you guys.”

Nozomi’s eerie laughter continued. Slowly cracks began to form on her head. Honoka wanted to run but she was frozen in place, she couldn’t move no matter how desperately she tried. The cracks finally caused Nozomi’s head to burst. Spiders promptly swarmed out of her skull as it broke into pieces. They all set their sights on the same target and slowly crawled up the frozen Honoka. All she could do was scream as loud as she could as the spiders covered her completely, all while they made the same unsettling laugh Nozomi had been.

Honoka shot up in her bed, screaming loudly as she desperately clutched the nearest thing she could and pulled it towards her to regain some semblance of a grip of reality.

Said thing turned out to be Umi’s arm, it’s owner promptly panicked in response to the jolt. “I’m awake! I’m awake! Did we oversleep? What’s going on!?” She slowly came back into reality herself. As Honoka screaming finally began to slow. “Honoka what’s wrong?” She asked as she pulled her girlfriend into a tight hug.

Honoka blinked at the contact and returned her hug. “Umi!” she cried as she began shaking her “Where’s Kotori!? Are Nozomi and Eli ok!?” Umi let out her own panicked scream as she was shaken.

The door to their bedroom swung open. Maki stumbled in, barely awake while her hair was a tangled mess of red covering her face. “What the hell is going on in here!?”

All three girls stared at each other for a moment silently.

“I think I had a bad dream.” Honoka admitted sheepishly as she self consciously rubbed the back of her head. Maki let out a sigh and sat down on the bed as Umi took Honoka’s hand.

“It’s ok, whatever it was isn’t anything that can hurt you.” Umi soothed.

“Why were you yelling about Kotori, Nozomi and Eli?” Maki asked, a bit more bluntly than she meant to due to still being in a state of waking up.

“Well,” Honoka didn’t even know where to start. “Kotori said I let her leave and attacked me, then Nozomi turned into spiders and I think wanted to eat me?”

Maki blinked. “What?”

Umi laughed, “Well I don’t think you have to worry about them, they’re probably on their planes right now. We spent all day getting the apartment ready for everyone to stay, remember? Kotori told me yesterday she’s excited to see us again, she said she has a gift for you too. I highly doubt there’s anything she’s mad at you for.”

Honoka was smiling again now. “Oh yeah. I forgot.”

Maki raised an eyebrow. “How could you forget!? We’re going to have nine of us in this place that still barely fits four.” She paused, and quickly mumbled under her breath.“Thanks for always letting me stay here by the way.” She shifted back to her normal tone. “Nico, Rin and Hanayo are going to be here in a couple days too. You were supposed to go get new air mattresses”

Honoka pouted. “I just forgot alright? Dreams are weird!”