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Midnight patrol

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Jean had taken a life before, many lives. Regardless of who it was, what they had done, she was always remorseful. No death was to be taken in vain, she had swore on it. Gunnhildrs were protecters, not killers.This night changed that. 


Her clothes clung to her body. Ears ringing from the adrenaline, her body covered in blood and sweat. Rosaria stripped the man to her right, removing any and all identifying clothing. Jean had the shovel, mindlessly removing the ground from under her. 


“I’ll take the clothes back and burn them. You return to the office, I'll bring us new clothes.” Rosaria spoke without looking up from her task, not bothering to confirm the plan with Jean. Was five feet enough? She supposed it would be unlikely for someone to dig that deep without reason. 


Throwing the shovel up onto the top layer of earth, she then used her free hands to lift herself out of the grave. Rosaria had moved the discarded clothing into the bag the pair had used to bring their third party with them. They made eye contact before making the next move, silently making sure it was time. Rosaria dragged the young man into his final resting place as Jean took hold of her shovel again. 


After minutes of replacing the dirt, they stood in silence. Rosaria gently reached out to take the shovel herself, “I need you not to freak out, I promise I have this under control.” Her voice was low, soft. A comforting tone almost no one had heard before, reserved for those who she trusted the most. Jean held her gaze, nodding to assure the redhead she was okay. 


With that, the pair went their separate ways. It was dead out, not a sound of human activity to be heard. Jean had successfully reached her office door without bringing herself unwanted attention, those who knew the woman were well accustomed to seeing her out late. This was normal for her, almost normal. 


Carefully, she twisted the nob, not peering into the room beforehand, why would anyone be in her office at such a time anyway? Especially without Jean there as well. 


“Jean?” Lisa, of course. Lisa was stubborn with Jean, always making sure she ate proper meals and took frequent breaks. Jean was hesitant at first, politely declining the librarian's offers. To her surprise however, the pair got along well, and she soon began to find comfort in the witch. Lisa often stayed behind to make sure Jean left her office at a reasonable hour, why would this night be any different?  


The purple clad woman stood from her resting spot, quickly tossing her book to the side. Worry knit her brows, her nose scrunched in an oddly cute way. Her gloved hands roamed the blonde's body, checking for any noticeable injuries. “Where have you been? Are you hurt?” Jean kept her eyes glued to Lisa’s, distracting herself from pursed pink lips. 


“I’m alright, just hurt myself during patrol.” Her own hand meets the one on her cheek, giving her a reassuring squeeze. Lisa gave another pout and sigh, she leaned upwards to wrap the blonde in a hug. 


“You’ll get blood on your clothes.” Jean replied with her arms open, she felt Lisa scoff into her neck before nuzzling closer. Jean took it as her sign to hug back. 


Their moment didn’t last long, a knock on the door caused the two to separate, Jean forcing in a chuckle at Lisa’s obvious disappointment. Jean opened the door, purposely opening wide enough for Rosaria to notice Lisa in the back. 


“Sister Rosaria, is something the matter?” She spoke her best acting grandmaster voice, putting on a show for Lisa. Rosaria caught on to the act, lifting the clean clothes in front of Jean. Pale cheeks flushed, clearly embarrassed to show this side of herself to anyone but Jean. 


“You were attacked right? I brought these for you.” Lisa chuckled from behind Jean, making the taller woman blush harder. Jean smiled and took the offering, “Oh, thank you. I wasn’t aware you saw me.” 


Rosaria nodded and made her leave, refusing to embarrass herself any longer. 




Weeks had gone by without a single report from the church regarding Albert and his stalking. It seemed as if the young man had completely disappeared, he didn’t have many friends, most of his time and energy was spent on Barbara and everything related to her. 


No one had seen him either, not around the church or good hunter. No trace of the man remained in Mondstadt, but no one had taken the time to look for him either. Mondstadt seemed to have completely brushed off his existence, even Barbara herself will admit she enjoys her new peace.