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Shouto had it worse

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Izuku was sitting at his desk when he got a text.


From Shouto <3

Im so mad at myself now. I feel like a terrible boyfriend. 


So many things ran through Izuku’s head. Had Shouto started cutting again? Had he hurt someone? Cheated? Was he safe?



He typed quickly.



I got grounded for another week. Im so sorry. I hate myself right now. I just wanted to see you so bad. I don’t know why this is so hard for me. I messed up. 


Fuck. Well Izuku had to respond. What was he supposed to say? Shouto had already been grounded for 2 weeks. Izuku knew his Dad sucked and it probably sucked so incredibly much more for Shouto but selfishly, he wanted to cry. He wanted to type “That’s unsuprising” He wanted to ask why Shouto didn’t care enough to not get in trouble. 

But Shouto didn’t do it on purpose.


He didnt.


What did you do? I’m not mad, just confused, also are you ok?


I just lied about cleaning the dishes. I said i cleaned all of them but i didn’t notice a fork and he got pissed. I’m so sorry. I would never lie to you I promise.


Shit. Izuku needed to help calm shouto down. But it was so difficult. Kirishima and Bakugo hung out so often, almost all of the time and... he had to panic and wonder if Shouto would get in trouble and not be able to come...


He wanted to say all that so bad but he couldn’t, he needed to comfort him.


But Izuku himself needed to be comforted in the quiet, gentle, way that only Shouto could comfort. 


Shouto hadn’t said if he was okay.


Im not mad at you, we can see each other after, it’ll be all good. I love you


That was such weak comfort. Why couldn’t Deku do this right?


Thank you. Im sorry. I just want to cry so bad. I feel like i don’t deserve the comfort of your hoodie right now.


Shit. Fuck.


Hey. Hey no. Go get my hoodie right now. Please. If you can. And crying is necessary and human. Go ahead and cry. 


Izuku held back his own tears.


For the past 2 weeks he had already felt a hollow aching in his chest. He knew it was going to only grow. 


Okay. I’m getting it now. Thank you.


Ofc <3


< 3


Now that Shouto seemed a bit more calmed down, Izuku laid down on his bed and stared at his ceiling. He wasn’t even really thinking about what had just happened. Maybe he didn’t even care anymore.


Its like he had cared so much it had turned a corner and went back to zero.


He just wanted a hug. He wanted a hug so bad.


But Shouto had it worse.