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Chocolate kisses

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“I told you, we’re making a porn!”

“No, but- no! Ah, a little bit.”

They share a heartful laugh before Maya leans in to kiss Carina again. She tastes like strawberries and mint, the combination of her food and chapstick eliciting a storm inside the blonde. Like a lightning, her body shines with electricity.

Bright and hot like the sun herself.

She presses her body further into Carina, who wraps her legs around the firefighters waist. The brunette’s hands link behind Mayas neck as they kiss. They never stop once, enjoying their sensual dance in broken rhythms and upbeat kisses. When Carina bites down on her wife’s lower lip, Maya shrieks a little and breaks them apart, and heavy breaths fill the air.

It’s their favorite sound.

With a smirk on her favorite face, Maya watches while Carina lowers the robe off her left shoulder. The doctor takes the chocolate sauce and drops some of it on her exposed skin. Slowly, like the fall of a leave, the sauce travels down her body. It stops right above her breast, with the skin still covered by her silky robe, and she has to bite her lip to stop from grinning when she meets her wife’s wide eyes again.

“I think,” she stops, takes in how Mayas ocean of blue dips down to her breasts and up to her eyes again, “I think that I’m gonna need some help to clean up this mess.” 

They never break eye contact once, instead they grow impossibly closer together. Carina can see the exact moment when lust fills Mayas body, sees how her pupils grow and feels her puls beats faster. The shirt on Mayas skin rises faster as well, and the sharp intake of a breath reminds her that she’s stopped breathing for a second, too.

As if in slow motion, the blonde lowers herself to Carinas skin, goes lower and lower until she reaches the beginning of chocolate and heat. She places as kiss just under the first droplet, and the silk feels too cold to be on such a heated body. Then, after another two seconds of lingering lust, she tastes the bittersweet combination of chocolate and Carinas body lotion, but she couldn’t care less while her tongue travels up, sucking up the trace of chocolate.

It’s hot in so many languages, Maya couldn’t comprehend a useful thought even if she wanted to. Her mind is too busy, too overwhelmed, with the feeling of Carins heartbeat and the sensation of sweet tastes under her tongue, that she shuts down.

Completely and utterly to Carinas mercy.

The brunette feels like a volcano that’s about to explode. Her wife’s wandering tongue on her skin gives her enough serotonin to go for weeks, and before she knows it her breaths start to come in quicker than she likes. It’s so overwhelming that she can’t funtcion correctly, as her hands land on Mayas waist and squeeze, hard, to feel grounded in some way.

Maya makes her forget how to breath in no time, gives her an amount of butterflies she’d need ten lifetimes to count and sends so much love to her that she could love for three.

She makes her feel everything that her body always wanted but her mind rejected in so many ways.

Her thoughts are being interrupted by the sucking of Mayas lips. She’s come to the end of the chocolate trail and leaves marks of love on her skin before she separates from her and smirks into Carinas mouth. Their kiss is anything but messy, with tongues fighting for dominance and lips desperate for more. They both taste of the chocolate previous on the brunettes hot skin and it melts in between hungry mouthes.   

When they break apart again, Maya has to take a deep, deep, breath to get her senses to start working again, and not for them to be filled with everything that is Carina. She gets closer to her, again, but instead of giving her a kiss full of adoration and heat, she takes the chocolate sauce from behind the brunette, drops some on the tip of her pointer finger and spreads it on the tip of Carinas nose.

“And I think,” Maya says in a whisper, her mouth brushing Carinas lips ever so often, “that I missed some spots.”


“Mhm, definitely. Like there.” She points to her nose before kissing the chocolate away, then spreads some of the remaining sauce on her finger across define cheekbones.

“Or here.” Maya kisses her right cheek first, lets her tongue wander just the tiniest bit, then goes over to the left side of Carinas face. During that, she takes the sauce again and drops it on the brunettes pulse point.

The goosbumps on Carinas skin spread like a fire on her body.

“Or here.” It takes about a second for Maya to get to Carinas weak point, but for the brunette it feels like he longest week of her life. The moment when a wet tongue meets sweet skin, a moan so sexy escapes Carina, that Maya thinks she came just from that alone.

She moans with her, the taste of her favorite sweet filling her mouth in the best way possible and she takes her sweet time to lick Carina clean again.

When she gets up, a screaming red mark covers the brunettes neck.

Grinning in pride, the blonde meets her wife’s burning eyes. Before she knows it, Carinas hands have loosened the strong grip on her body to take her face and smash their lips together.

Maya feels nothing but purple and blue.


None of them cares when Mayas hands move to the table for grounding and accidentally bumps down the long forgotten chocolate sauce, too caught up in the moment to care. The blonde grabs her by the thighs and the gold band on her finger melts when it comes in contact with her wife’s fiery skin. She lifts her up and walks them over to the nearest wall. A loud ‘whoomb’ is heard when Carina  crashes agains the it and it pains her head a little, but Mayas hands around her thighs, and the tongue in her mouth feel way to good for her to voice it.

They moan together in a song only they understand. The doctors hand fists medium long blonde hair, she tucks and tucks and tucks until pleasure mixes with pain. Going back to her original position, Maya kisses a wett trace down her cheeks, over to her neck and down her collarbone. She bites the sensitiv spot just above Carinas left breast and feels the shudder in her wife’s body. Maya smirks a little, but continues a journey known all too well. She travels ‘til her lips meet a silk covered nipple, which she takes between her teeth to bite down gently.

“Cazzo!” Carina yelps in surprise, so Maya bites down again.




She releases the nub and presses Carina further in the wall. Her left hand gets off Carinas leg to open the band of her robe so the material opens in one quick movement after Maya loosened the tie, and it reveals naked skin Maya’s desperate to dive into.

Before she begins to kiss her wife’s body red, though, she searches for Carinas eyes again. Her head is thrown back against the wall, eyes closed in the pleasurable sensation of Mayas teeth and tongue and… everything. That’s also why, when Maya grabs her chin so they’re eye to eye with each other, she’s screaming in an angst that is filled to the brim with lust.

The brunettes eyes wander all over her fiefighters face and when she finds leftover chocolate on her face, she grins before kissing Maya deeply. Her tongue scratches her upper lip, licks any and every remans of the sweetness off of her, then she let’s her head fall back against the wall again.

Taking a deep breath, Carina laughs out loud at Mayas surprised face.

“I seem to have forgotten some.” 

By now Maya is so turned on that, instead of following her actual plan to make the brunette come right against the wall, she lowers them to the ground, takes the damn robe off, throws it into the depth of their apartment, and straddles her.

The blonde has always been a sucker for Carina body. She’s a goddess, inside out, shaped by Aphrodite herself. And while she’s not seen any art since who-knows-how-long, claiming it’s boring anyway, Carina is the only sculpture she’d gladly watch for the rest of her life.

Just Carina.

So her eyes wander over the sculpture of fire, hence she takes in every curve and every freckle. So that the goddess in front of her doesn’t dare to disappear.

Her finger slide over a toned stomach, stops right under the curve of Carina’s breast to caress the sensitiv skin. Her head goes down on autopilot and finds Carinas lips without the need of a map. It’s soft and tender, everything that their previous conversation about their family had been, and Maya feels a rush of emotion that makes her beem of happiness all over again.

Carina is her family and together they will grow.

As one.

And soon as three.

“I love you.” Carina whispers when they part yet again. It grows a smile on Mayas lips bigger than some she’s ever seen. Instead of an answer, Maya reaches across the dining table in search for the chocolate sauce. It’s somewhere between two chairs and under Carina rope, and when she finally gets ahold of it, she drops it on each of Carinas nipples, along faint abs and some above the beginning of her thighs.

“I love you too.” Her voice is raspy next to the brunettes ear. She shivers, but feels hot at the same time, and Carina elicits in it. The italian watches as Maya makes her way down her body. Her wet kisses cool her burning skin, her tongue heats her up.

It’s a back and forth Carina gets impatient with.

Finally, after Maya spent an embarrassing amount of time sucking her neck, does she find the first chocolate covered nipple. The blonde makes an effort to show Carina just how much she enjoys this by sucking extra hard, licking especially intense and moaning with the loudes hum. She repeats this little game on her wife’s other breast, gives it the same attention and pleasure she knows drives Carina crazy.

She would’ve gone on for days on end doing this, but a light slap on her ass reminds her that Carina is desperate and that there is more chocolate waiting for her.

So she kisses her way down, again, stops just above the droplet of chocolate, but skips it and begins to trace Carina with her tongue from her knee up. She feels the goosebumps while doing so, tastes sweat that waits to be sucked away. And just like she did with her nipples, Maya takes her sweet time kissing the chocolate away from Carinas thigh.

Maya could go on for days doing this, if it weren’t for Carinas hands to pull at her hair, making her stop. She’s met with a sharp look that underlines her want in the most sexy way.

“Se non mi scopi subito, lo fora‘ da solo!” Her tone leaves no room for discussion, and Maya knows better than anyone else to no underestimate this threat, so she gladly dives right into it.

She licks her way through wet folds, receiving a string of Italian curse words in return. When she reaches her clit, she waists no time in sucking and biting and licking.

A combination that makes Carina see stars that feel golden.

Maya scares her a little when she adds two fingers to her already growing pleasure, and she screams to not stop, so Maya doesn’t, opting for an increasing spread and timed thrusts.




Her fingers cramp slightly and she’d have to take a breath soon, but Carinas hand in her hair feels to good, makes her feel needed, makes her feel the want to give her whatever she deserves. Instead of stopping she increases her movements further and further until the fire inside the brunette exploads. The grip in Mayas hair tightens, perfectly made fingernails scratch the floor in a desperate attempt to keep her from falling apart.

Although it doesn’t and soon enough she yells the blonde’s name and tells her to keep moving.

She’s pretty sure about every person in Seattle heard her.

After another deep thrusts Maya has to stop to ease the pain in ear hand, and Carina is glad she does because her body couldn’t take anymore sensation than it already has. The blonde climbs up her body, kisses each mark she left when sucking the chocolate just wasn’t enough, and ends her journey with a deep kiss that leaves them gasping for air.

Maya doesn’t know how or when, but somehow in the middle of her adrenaline rush, Carina flips them over and straddles her right thigh. Her hands flow along the sides of Mayas muscles and curves until she stops at her neck to give it a slight squeeze.

Carina lowers herself, has to bite her lip when Maya grabs her ass in a rough movement, and whispers right into her mouth.

“We are not done yet.” She seals it with biting down on Mayas lip, harsh, leaving a bleeding mark that makes the blonde feel out of this world.

“There’s enough chocolate for the two of us.”