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Love through the Ages

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Logan’s favourite part of the Christmas discount tours at the museum was the huge crowds that raked in throughout the month. Last year was a sellout and he was just as ready for this year to be the same, filled with small children with the faces pressed up against the glass of the exhibits and parents who pulled them away, apologising profoundly. Logan never found it in himself to care, taking the extra twenty minutes at the end of his shift to wipe away the small fingerprints and fogged up patches.

He trudged through the thickening snow an hour before his shift started, wrapping his coat closet around him and fiddling with his beanie, tugging it further over his ears. It was a lot colder than it was when he planned last week to walk for the month to save having to defrost and warm up his car, but he was almost there now and he could feel the excitement heat him up inside.

There was a long list for today’s tour, filled with families and the last-minute school trips of the year, a fun little Christmas special. He was planning out the route in his head, the floor plan of the museum imprinted into his head as he imagined the happy faces of everyone as he went around to each exhibit.

He sighed in relief as the building came into view, snow-coated and bleary but so pretty in the winter weather, the long stone walls taking up the majority of the street and the doors wiped down and waiting for him to open. As soon as he stepped through the door he shook himself off, shaking slightly at the abrupt difference in temperature and switched his snowshoes for his trainers, heading down the staff room.

He stripped his soaked coat off and placed it on the rack by the heater, beanie and gloves joining the pile. He breathed in the smell of hot coffee wafting through the room and followed it through to the sofa’s, plopping down next to his coworker and taking the mug she held out for him.

“I don’t know why you still decided to walk,” she sighed at him, turning slightly to face him fully. “James could have picked you up and dropped us both off on his way to take Harry to school.”

Logan shrugged, letting himself take small sips of the large coffee and relaxed back further into the seat. “He would have had to go in the opposite direction to get me. It was easier to walk.”

She scoffed but dropped it, reaching forward and passing him the list for today. “You have forty-five minutes to set up and get ready,” she stopped and looked over at him with a knowing smile. “But I’m guessing you already did most of it last night when you stayed back another hour.”

He merely nodded, eyes trailing down the list of people, pairing together the families and counting the children he still needed to make bags for. He started the idea last Halloween and kept up the trend of goody bags for the kids, loving the bright smiles and high-fives he got in return from both them and their parents.

“Mostly. There’s still a few more signs to put up and a warning about the new exhibit not being ready yet but then I should be about ready to go.”

She nodded, taking her own coffee from the table. “Any plans for Christmas this year?”

She asked the question every year and every year was the same answer. “Just me this year, again. The weather is too bad to travel right now and my sisters have busy schedules as it is. And so do I. I can’t rely on the Dumais for any more events this year, it’s been far too many.”

“Logan there are other people that work at this museum with you, you know. You can take a break and visit your family. And even if you don’t, you know our door is always open. Harry would love to spend Christmas with you and so would we.”

He smiled faintly at the mention of her son but shook his head anyway. “I don’t want to impose. I’m perfectly capable of spending Christmas on my own again.

She looked like she wanted to argue but held back, simply shaking her head slightly and turning back to her phone. Logan basked in the quiet, the soft groan of the heater providing the only noise in the room and closed his eyes, smiling, enjoying the warmth and relaxation until the tour was ready.


Most of the people were here now, standing at the beginning of the first exhibit with him, children already asking questions about what they could barely see in the room. He grinned at them and answered as best he could, crouching down to their level, ignoring Lily’s dig of how unnecessary it was to bend down when she walked by him, keeping his focus on the child to stop himself from swearing back at her. 

There were people heading over to the group, the final family and Logan went to introduce himself and hand out the small bags to the girls, asking simple questions on what they were excited about and what they wanted to see.

He made his way back to the front and grabbed his list, ticking the family of five of the list. There were only two people left and he checked his watch. Eight minutes late. He sighed and rested against the wall, keeping an eye on the group to watch for any wanders or any joiners who weren’t supposed to be there. It hit the ten-minute mark and he pushed off and cleared his throat ready to just start.

He flinched when the doors almost slammed open and two figures crashed through the door, eyes glancing all over the place before they both sighed in relief when they spotted him and his group, making their way over. He excused himself, straightening out his clothes from where they scrunched up against the wall and heading towards the pair.

“Hi, welcome to Gryffindor Museum. My name’s Logan, today’s tour guide. You must be Finn and Leo, right?” He asked, eyes pointed down to his list to make sure he got it right.

“Yeah, we are,” his eyes widened at the soft southern accent from in front of him, and he stopped himself from whipping his head up to see them, instead slowly lifting it like a normal human being. “We’re sorry we’re late. The weather,” he trailed off slightly at the end.

The blonde had spoken and Logan caught his gaze as he waved his hand around, his arm slowly lowering as he looked back at him. Logan felt his breath catch in the back of his throat at the blue gaze that settled on him, eyes piercing into his own. He unconsciously let his eyes rake up and down his body, from his adorable mussed up hair hidden beneath a woolly hat to his Christmas sweater, oversized and hanging down his figure. God, he was tall, at least 6’2, 6’3.

He recovered slightly and willed himself not to blush when he saw the blonde do the same to him before his eyes snapped back to his, a wide smile adorning his face. Logan almost whimpered at the sight. Dimples .

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m Finn, that’s Leo,” he turned his attention to the other boy and almost had to take a step back.

His fringe covered over his eyes lightly from where his beanie - a dark blue - rested over his auburn hair, a perfect colour contrast. His deep brown eyes captured him immediately and this time he let the blush take over his face. His features were soft and his freckles took over his face. Logan wanted to map out everyone one of them, but he immediately willed that thought away. He was shorter, maybe 6’0 but still, so much taller than him. But it wasn’t intimidating. It was nice. He kept going down and felt himself visibly stop when he saw their hands, clasped together tightly between them and pulled his eyes away, ignoring their curious glances.

He coughed, remembering where he was and the people waiting behind him and internally shook himself out. “Don’t worry about it. Come on, head over to the group and we’ll get started.”

He didn’t wait to hear their answer, turning sharply and walking forward, trying to keep his breathing under control. Why did two gorgeous boys decide to come on his tour? He wasn’t sure whether this was a blessing or a curse as he tried to get his opening sentence out, eyes trailing over to the back of the group against his will.

“Hey everyone. Welcome to the first of the Christmas tours. You guys are lucky, you get to be the first ones this year!” He smiled at the excited whispers of the children. “If you’ll follow me, the tour lasts for around 30-45 minutes, unless you have any questions. Try not to wander too much and keep away from any exhibits which are under construction. Please, if you have any questions throughout the tour, just make your way to the front. During stops I’ll make my way around and check with you all but don’t feel like you have to wait for that,” he looked around at all the nods and smiles. “Right, let’s go. Our first destination today is the medieval exhibit…”


He had done well to stay away from the couple for the first twenty minutes of the tour, sticking with families for the most part, but feeling their gaze - or what he assumed (hoped) was their gaze on his back. It was once they reached the Ancient Greek and Roman section of the exhibit, right in the back corner of the huge building that they made their way over.

He was walking around the group, checking in on everyone and directing people to the toilets with other members of staff so they could make their way back over to them when they were ready. He heard their footsteps behind him and calmed down his heart, beating furiously in his chest and turned around, a wide smile on his face.

“Hi, what can I do for you?” He asked in an even voice, keeping his eyes pointedly at the spot between them.

“Oh, we just wanted to apologize again for being late. My boyfriend isn’t the best driver in the winter. We know you guys have a tight schedule here,” it was Finn who answered, one arm wrapped around Leo’s waist now and the other tucked into his jacket pocket. 

“Don’t worry about it,” he repeated but then backtracked slightly. “Have you done the Christmas tours before?” He would have definitely remembered if they had been here last year.

“No, no. We came to the summer ones, just two of them, while we had a break,” Leo said, hand reaching out to brush away some hair from his face. Logan realised it was streaked grey.

Ah. The summer tours. There were a couple done this year, but Logan had - he realised, now regretfully - taken Lily’s warning and took two weeks to visit his family’s summer house in Nice, so it would have been Regulus doing the tours when he was taking up his summer position while back from NYU.

“Well I hope you enjoyed them,” he repeated the same old phrase, though this time it was softer and he internally rolled his eyes at himself. They are dating, idiot.

“Your accent…what it is,” Finn asked and Logan stopped for a second. People didn’t normally ask about him while he was touring.

“I’m French-Canadian. Rimouski,” he answered, his accent coming out heavier when saying his home town and he swore he heard Leo’s small intake of breath. “You two aren’t from Gryffindor either.” It wasn’t a question, but they answered it anyway.

“No, I’m from New Orleans,” Leo said and Logan could have swooned at the way the name came out with his soft accent. “Finn here is from New York.” Hmm. Logan thought. City boy.

He smiled at them and turned to look around at the rest of the group, people returning back from the toilets. They would need to be moving on soon. He glanced back at them, both of their gazes already on him.

“We’ll need to be moving soon. Any questions about this exhibit while we are here?” He hoped they would.

He watched them look at each other, a silent conversation passing through their eyes. Logan deflated slightly at the reminder. Boyfriends.

“Nah, I don’t think we do. And if we later think of some…well it gives us an excuse to come back, doesn’t it?” Finn smiled at him and pulled Leo away to another wall, pointing out the different pieces of literature pinned up as delicately as possible. Logan felt his heart almost stop.

“Right, everyone,” he ignores the crack in his voice, as did everyone else but the two at the back. “Let’s move on now, to the Egyptian exhibit. So, first over here, we have…”


Logan was exhausted by the time he lead the group back to the front desk, smiling tiredly at Lily when she glanced over at him, preparing another group at the other end. He turned back to his own and clapped his hands, grabbing their attention.

“That was the final exhibit. Thank you all for joining us on the tour, I hope you had a fun time,” he smiled down at the kids who nodded up at him. “Of course, we are running for three more weekends and more on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the weeks, except for, of course, the 25th and 26th. Christmas Eve is still going to be a tour, though it will be quieter if you want a closer, almost a one-on-one type tour,” he ignored Finn and Leo’s glance at each other. “Have an amazing Christmas everyone, and I’ll hopefully see you for the tours next year as well.”

He waved goodbye to everyone, giving fist bumps and high fives to the kids and thanked the parents for coming. The majority of them left straight away, a couple heading over to the information desk where Remus was handing out leaflets and making more bookings. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face. It began to get even bigger and brighter when the final two headed over to him and stopped a couple of feet away, hats and gloves reader, car keys in hand. They wore matching smiles and Logan clasped his hands in front of him waiting.

Finn broke the silence first. “That was amazing,” Logan startled and blushed, turning his face to the ground. “I’m serious. The way you talk about each aspect of history without needing notes or reading any of the signs is incredible. You talk so expressively and passionately about it it’s like we’re physically there with them. You’ve got a real talent for this.”

Logan switched between Finn and Leo for a moment before turning back to the floor. “Well, thank you. History…it’s always been my thing, so it comes naturally.”

“Did you study it at college?” Leo spoke up, glancing at him curiously.

“Yeah, I graduated two years ago. Harvard. It was my minor but it captured me more than business did. I moved here in the winter that year and found this place. Celeste and Pascal are like my parents. I’ve been here ever since.”

“Harvard,” Finn let him finish before interrupting, though Logan can tell he was close to butting it. It wasn’t a question but he answered it with a nod anyway. “I went to Harvard. Graduated three years ago.”

That caught Logan’s attention and he snapped his head up to meet Finn’s incredulous look. “Huh…” was all he could think of saying. “Guess we just didn’t cross paths?”

Finn nodded absentmindedly and Logan watched Leo rub a finger up and down his palm soothingly. He broke away from his daze and turned to the station next to him, lifting out a set of leaflets and grabbing two from the pile. 

“Well, thank you for coming. I hope you had a good time?” It pitched up at the end questioningly and they both nodded furiously. He smiled back, rubbing his neck softly to smooth away the redness creeping up. “Good. Here are some more events that we have going on if you ever wanted to come back,” Please want to come back. 

They took them and pocketed them away, sending him a nod and took each other’s hands again. “It was great to meet you. Thank you again, and sorry for being late,” Leo’s voice was barely heard over the harsh wind that entered the building when the door was opened, but Logan grinned anyway, regardless of what was said.

They stared at each other for a moment longer and Logan swore Leo was about to say something else but he stopped and squeezed Finn’s hand. The two waved him goodbye and walked to the door, wrapped up tightly around each other, fighting against the strong snowfall and walking out of sight. Logan hadn’t realised he was still stuck in the same position.


The next weekend Logan didn’t turn down the lift from James and Lily, squeezing himself into the back with Harry who talked a mile a minute about how much he loved the snow and about the playdate he was having with his best friend Ron after school on Monday. Logan nodded along animatedly, feeling James’ soft smirk through the mirror. He ignored it.

He was excited again for today’s tour and he had changed the route last minute yesterday when he stayed behind to clean up the mess from when a school trip had knocked over a stack of flyers. He volunteered, which gave him more time to set out his plan for today and get the exhibits perfect. 

They climbed out, Lily giving out soft kisses to James and Harry before rushing over to link arms with him. They walked the short distance from the door to the staff room, Lily beelining for the coffee machine as Logan laughed behind her, picking up her coat that was carelessly thrown on the sofa.

“Tired, Lily?” The groan was an answer in itself and he laughed again but took the coffee handed to him gratefully. “Ah, thank you.”

“Hmmm,” they stayed quiet like they normally did when the two of them opened the place up. “How many have you got today?”

“Just the three. One in an hour, one after lunch and the last one before closing,” he loved the last tour of the evening, the dark atmosphere and night sky keeping any light from shining through the windows, making the exhibits even more magical.

“Are you expecting to see the two boys from last week?” He didn’t even need her to specify which two boys, despite the fact that he did five tours last week.

“No,” he wanted them to be here but it was unrealistic to think they would come back for the same tour all over again. “No, they already came once, it’s only the same information again.”

“It might be the same information but you deliver it differently every time. It’s always amazing to watch you talk about history. It’s not the same.”

He shrugged, holding his coffee closed. “Maybe. But I don’t think they will.”

“You never know.”

That was the end of the conversation and Logan headed down half an hour later to prepare for the first of the day. He couldn’t shake what Lily had said though and reviewed in his head what he was going to say today. It was exactly the same.


By six, he was dead on his feet, waving out the last of Lily’s tour from where he was sitting at the information desk, tapping absentmindedly on the keyboard of his computer. He had an hour until his final tour and the final one of the night before he wrangled out the stragglers and closed up. 

Lily headed over to him, bag hanging off her shoulder and coast wrapped firmly around her. “The offer’s still there. James can come back for you and you can eat with us?” 

“No, Lils, it’s okay. I have some dinner in the fridge and it’s only a half-hour walk home. The weather has calmed down slightly so it’s fine.”

She sighed, a sad smile on her face as she waved a final goodbye, rushing off towards James’ car. He sunk back in his chair, reaching across for the list of people for tonight’s tour. He swept down the names, taking note of the families and grabbing the bags he needed to fill and started the older members so he would remember to check in with them more often. He made it to the end before stopping and backtracking, making it halfway back up before a familiar name caught his eye. Finn O’Hara.


He was trembling with excitement when the doors started opening and the group started walking through, staring around in wonder at the pictures and statues around them. He kept his eyes on the door mostly, though he greeted everyone that came towards him. 

His face instantly brightened when he caught sight of red hair hidden between the same dark blue beanie. Though today, he had Leo’s Christmas sweater from last week and Logan smiled to himself at the sight. He was adorable.

He kept his feet firmly planted on the floor where he was, simply grinning widely over at him when he joined the back of the group, not wanting to come across as too eager. He was.

“Right, everyone,” he turned his attention to the group, his watch telling him it had just turned seven. “Welcome to Gryffindor Museum, my name is Logan and I’m your guide today. A bit about myself, I’m 24 and I’m from Canada, so excuse the accent,” he chuckled at the laughs that went around. This part wasn’t normally this long, but he felt as though he was talking directly to Finn this way. “I’m a history minor student from Harvard and I have worked here for two years…” 

He moved on to the normal section of his introduction and then directed the group to the other end, where normally they end the tour. He saw Finn’s eyebrows pitch up in confusion but he followed along anyway. 

“Now…here we have our section on The Cold War…” he waffled through the rest of his knowledge, stopping every now and then for the questions that arose and he led them through to the next exhibit.

It wasn’t long until he was joined side by side with Finn, just as they were entering the African animal exhibit, where the children rushed over to the large statues dotted around the room.

“So…what brings you back here?” He asked first, still walking around and pointing the children to other areas when they got too close.

“What can I say…your tour is amazing,” he blushed and smiled, heading over to the lions. “Leo wanted to be here too, he really did, but he had to work tonight. One of us had to and he drew the short straw. Literally.”

“Thank you. I hope I don’t bore you too much with the same information over and over and over…” he trailed off sheepishly when he saw Finn’s expression, his eyes soft and trained on him.

“You won’t,” his voice came out gentle too and he felt him reach and squeeze his arm slightly before walking back to the group.

Logan was once again stuck to the spot. It wasn’t until a little girl came over to him, pointing and asking what was next behind him. He snapped out of it and drew everyone’s attention away from the animals and back over towards where he was standing to take them through to the WWI section.


He stood by the door, arms around himself as he watched everyone walk away, thanking everyone for coming as he got ready to close for the night. This tour was calm and quick, the questions dimming the further they went around and the more tired the children got. He checked around and saw the cleaning equipment there by the door, the cleaner already gone after Logan said he could handle the final sections when they crossed paths halfway through. 

He went to close the door when Finn appeared beside him, his jacket zipped up and one air-pod sitting snug in his ear. “Ready to head off?” His voice was no more than a whisper, his hands clutching the handle tight.

Finn hesitated, looking out into the street before glancing at the equipment. “I can help you tidy up?”

Logan looked at him in surprise. “I…no there’s no need for that, really. It’s late and cold, get home to Leo. I’ll be fine on my own I do it all the time.”

Finn looked at him worriedly. “There’s only one car left and that’s mine. How are you getting home?”

Logan thought about lying, saying that he had a lift, someone coming to get him. But he didn’t want to lie to Finn. “I’m walking,” Finn made to interrupt him but he stopped him. “It’s fine. It’s not that cold and I don’t live that far away, half an hour at most.”

“Logan it’s freezing out there! Let me help you tidy and I can drop you off at home,” Finn urged and Logan could tell he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“You really don’t need to…” he trailed off when he saw Finn already walking over to the bucket, picking it up and looking back over his shoulder for him.

“If you come now we can leave a lot quicker. It will make me feel more comfortable, and in turn, Leo, if we know you got home safely.”

He hesitated one more time before internally groaning, dragging himself over to Finn. It was worth it for the blinding smile he got in return. They entered the first room, and Logan went around picking up any rubbish trapped under cabinets and pushed under tables. The rooms were normally spotless, but there were a lot more tours today so there was of course more rubbish to tidy.

When they entered the cafeteria, the sky was pitch black and Logan smiled at the soft atmosphere around them. He gasped, flinching when he felt something cold hit him in the back of the neck and slide down his back. He turned slowly, seeing Finn’s smirk, a challenging glint in his eyes. He trailed his eyes down to the floor to where a wet sponge was by his foot.

His head shot back up to Finn when he heard the shifting of the bucket and saw another sponge in his hand, raising and aimed at Logan. He leant down himself, slowly, picking up his own sponge and walking slowly towards him. 

“Oh, you’re on,” he charged, and Finn took off, Logan rushing around the tables to get to him, squeezing the sponge down the back of his shirt.

“Oh, you fucker!” Logan laughed breathlessly and Finn stilled from where he was standing right in front of him. Logan held his breath as Finn shifted, and swore he saw his eyes flick down to his lips. He gasped, moving away slightly, running his hand through his hair.

“We…we should keep going. Lots more rooms,” he swallowed hard and turned, grabbing the bucket and waiting for Finn to be at his side before they moved on to the next room, soaked and feeling the chill. 

He glanced over at Finn, his fringe stuck to his forehead and he let out a short giggle. When Finn hears, he looked right back, a faint smile growing on his face. They bumped arms gently and Logan let himself lean slightly more on to him, not moving as they continued down the hall.


“Why are there so many exhibitions? There is no way we went through all of them,” Finn complained, and Logan snickered, putting the bucket back in the corner and leading Finn over to the staff room.

“Not all of them, no. Some aren’t included in tours specifically and some aren’t allowed access yet, those are the ones I cleaned.”

“Well, there are too many. Tell me we’re finished now?” Logan walked through to get to his coat, watching Finn from over his shoulder leaning against the wall, eyes on him.

“I didn’t ask you to stay,” he pointed out. “You just decided to.”

Finn shrugged, grinning over at him as he walked back over. Logan just sighed and led the way back out. “So where in Gryffindor do you live?”

Finn bummed, pushing the door open and hissing at the cold air that blew over them. Logan shivered, turning the lights off and locking the door before following Finn to his car. “Not far from here. Thirty-minute drive in that direction,” he pointed out and Logan sighed. That was the other way from where he was going.

“Finn, I don’t live that way. You go home, I can make my own way back.”

“Absolutely not. Logan, it’s pitch black. Get in the car, I’m driving you home. It’s not safe,” Finn stressed and Logan let himself be dragged to the seat, the door closing behind him. Logan watched him out the window walk to the other side and strap himself in, turning to Logan. “You’ll have to direct me, Lo, I don't go that way much.”

He felt the heat crawl up the back of his neck and across his cheeks. “Um…Lo?”

It was reflected back on Finn and he coughed into his shoulder, pulling away, sheepishly smiling at Logan. “Is…is that alright?”

“More than alright,” his voice was soft and quiet and he turned his attention to the road in front of him. “Take the next road on the right and then follow until the next right. Just a couple bends around and then the next left is my street. If you pull up there I can walk down to my place from there.”

Finn made a disapproving noise. “Nope, I’m taking you right to the door. Look, it’s starting to snow, you’re not walking in this, not if I can help it.”

Logan nodded after a moment of glaring and leaned back into the seat. Finn reached forward for the music, turning the volume low and glanced over at him. Logan kept his eyes on the road but let the corners of his mouth pull up a little. That was good enough for Finn.

They pulled around the corner onto his street and Logan sat himself up, grabbing his bag and tuning to Finn. “If you keep going down, it’s the house in the middle.”

“You live here by yourself?”

“Mostly. My roommate, Sirius, he’s like my brother, he stays at his boyfriend’s house nearly every night of the week. You met him today, Remus, the man at the desk. Yeah, he stays there a lot. I’m by myself more often than not.”

“And for Christmas?” He pulled up outside, putting the car in stop and twisting to face it. “What about then?”

“I’m on my own then as well,” he shrugged, the statement coming naturally. “They’re heading to Remus’ family, back in Wisconsin. So it’s just me.”

“Lo…” he turned to face him, frowning at the sad look in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s fine. Nothing I haven’t done before, don’t worry,” he didn’t do much to reassure him and Logan sighed, reaching for the handle. “Thank you for helping clean and dropping me home. I…I really didn’t want to walk home tonight.”

“Yeah, I could tell. It’s no bother, really,” he smiled, leaning over to rest his arm on the back of Logan’s chair, hand grazing close to the back of his neck, too close, the tips of his fingers catching in his hair. Logan wanted him to push forward and let his fingers tangle in his curls fully but pulled his head away. Leo. 

He popped the door open and stepped out, turning back to wave goodbye. “I’ll…I’ll see you whenever, yeah?” He hoped that it would be soon.

“Here, give me your phone,” Finn asked suddenly and Logan passed it over without a second thought. “There, you have my number. Text me so I can save yours. Just in case you ever need me again.” I'm starting to think I'm never not going to need you.

“I…we shouldn’t,” he wasn’t sure what to say, but he knew having Finn’s number in his phone after the night of flirting they just had when Finn had a boyfriend was not a good thing. “Leo?” Was all his mind could come up with.

“Oh. Yeah, I’ll pass your number to him too when I get it,” his smile was bright and unknowing of the inner turmoil in Logan right now.

“I…” that wasn’t what he meant. “Okay. I’ll see you soon then,” but he’ll take it any day.

Finn’s smile was soft and small, eyes shining from the car light. “Yeah, soon. Have a good night, get some rest.”

He nodded. “You too. Say hi to Leo for me.”

“I will.”

He watched him pull away and drive back down the road, walking backwards up the path, bumping into the door. He sighed, tipping his head back and eyes closed, sighing deeply, feeling the soft flakes of snow fall on his face, sliding down to his neck. He was so far gone for them.



Logan jumped slightly from where he was kneeling down by the floor, collecting any dropped flyers scattered around and turned to see Leo grinning behind him, dimpled-smile bright and blue eyes shining. He was in a similar beanie to Finn, a pale blue, the same as his eyes, pushing his hair down to the point where Logan was holding back from pushing it up. His coat was pushed back, a backpack hanging on one shoulder. 

His grin fell slightly and he reached forward to grab his arm to stop him from falling. “I’m sorry, I thought you would have heard me coming.”

“It’s alright, Leo. What can I do for you?” He grinned, standing up and wincing at the crack of his knees, straightening out the flyers and tucking them under his arm.

“It’s my turn this week. Finn got the last one so…” he shrugged, looking shy all of a second and Logan reached forward to stroke down his arm quickly before pulling back.

“Hey, it’s okay. Well the next tour isn’t for another hour or so and it’s Lily’s so if you want to go sign up for it, the sheet is over there with Remus,” he nodded his head over to the desk and then stopped, mouth opening and closing as he thought through his words. “Or…you could come to the cafeteria with me, it’s my break now. Get some food before you start…if you want to?” He quickly rushed out, stacking the flyers back on the table to distract himself.

“Yeah. Yeah, that sounds nice,” he heard from next to him and smiled to himself, glancing over at him. “I haven’t eaten much yet today.”

Logan frowned, looking at the clock. “Leo it’s almost half one!”

“I was busy at work,” they started to walk, Leo following behind him, towering by his side. Logan couldn’t help but love how it felt. “I haven’t had time.”

They joined the queue, conversation steering off until they reached the counter, Leo reaching forward to grab a sandwich, smiling when Logan glared at him to grab something else. “Is that all you want? Not a drink or anything?”

He ended up getting a drink and Logan pushed in front of him, blocking him from the card machine. “Logan! No, let me pay.”

He didn’t answer, and he heard a sigh behind him, reaching to grab their food and walk over to the only free table left, placing Leo’s bag on the spare chair. “So, anything on the tour that you’re looking forward to seeing again? Lily is a bit different from me when she goes around, so at least you get a different outlook on events.”

Leo was silent for a minute as he finished his bite and then looked at him hopefully. “Well…I was hoping that it would be you. I…I was looking forward to you. But if not, that’s okay too,” he rushed out, blush rising on his cheeks. Logan felt himself melt at the sight and his words. “I just…you were so amazing last time. So amazing. I wanted to experience that again, but I don’t want to bother you.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I can see if Remus can cover my shift at the desk, it won’t be very busy today with the weather. I can follow round with the group, do a joint tour if Lily wants or…stick by you. Whatever I can do.” Leo nodded, glancing at him for a moment before staring straight back down at his food. Adorable. 

They finished slowly, savouring both their food and each other’s presence before the area cleared out, the two of them heading over to the meeting area. Logan broke off, heading over to the information desk, Remus simply raising an eyebrow at him.

“Please, please, please cover my shift for me,” he got straight to the point, sighing at Remus’ muttered curse and dig at his lack of manners. “Désolé. Bonjour. Please, please, please can you cover my shift for me?”

Remus peered over at Lily’s group, eyes zeroing in on the blonde and Logan closed his eyes to avoid the smirk that was bound to be present on his face. “Fine. But you owe me.”

“Yes, ouais, whatever you want,” he left straight after the words left his mouth, hearing Remus’ bark of laughter behind him, but focused instead of making his way through the crowds to Leo.

The taller boy glanced up from where he was furiously texting on his phone, a beaming grin sent over to him as he reached his side. “Yes?” 

“Guess you’re stuck with me for the next forty minutes, Peanut,” the nickname slipped out unconsciously and he swore to himself, shyly glancing up to gauge Leo’s reaction. He was not expecting the wide blue eyes and open mouth staring at him, almost in wonder, but he soon shook himself out.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, Lo,” ah, so Finn had let the nickname slip to him as well. He was certainly not against it, the two letters sounding so pretty in Leo’s accent that he hadn’t realised they had reached the first stop until Lily was beckoning him to the front.

He sent an apologetic glance over at Leo, who simply waved him off, and set off to the front of the group, letting himself fall back into his routine, the names and dates coming to the front of his mind and as soon as the question was out of Lily’s mouth, he was off, information spouting from who knows where, hands animatedly pointing out different areas and facts he never remembered telling people before. The soft look he got from Leo was worth the ache in his throat from all the talking by the end of the session.


Logan jumped as Lily tapped her hand against the door frame from where he was starting to take down the Christmas flyers, her bag in hand, James behind her, Harry gripped tightly in his arms.

“Hey guys. You heading off Lils?” He put down the staple remover, wandering over and tickling Harry softly on his stomach, cooing at the giggle that he let out.

“Yeah, you got the last one right?” There was still one more tour of the night, but he was expecting to lock up early, the place already deserted. He nodded, taking note of the gift she placed in his backpack from behind her back. “Okay, well have a good day tomorrow. Please call people and leave the house, even if it’s only for a walk. Pop by tomorrow night, if you want. Thomas will be there since he’s not with your sister and I’m sure Nado and Kuny will come around for some drinks too. Don’t spend the whole day by yourself.”

“I won’t, promise,” he meant it this time, planning out his day already in his head. He could easily come around for an hour or two. “You have a good Christmas, yeah? All of you. Don’t forget to put out a carrot for the reindeer,” he reminded Harry. “Otherwise he’ll be too tired to continue,” the young boy nodded seriously and they all let out a quiet chuckle. “Right, head off then so you get home nice and early. I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, or if not, then in a couple days, okay?”

He waved goodbye to the family, checking his phone for the time and any messages. The next tour was to start in ten minutes and he set down the rest of the posters from the wall, scrunching the tape into a ball and throwing it to the bin, pumping his fists in the air when it cleanly went in. He didn’t have his list today to check, since there were no names on it. Still, he planned to stay for an extra fifteen minutes in case of stragglers appearing needing some place to go showed up and then he would close down for the night and head home.

He made sure all of his bags were packed and his coat was on his chair at the desk so he could leave quickly when he could and perched on top of the table, eyes wandering over to the new exhibit opening in the new year. He couldn’t wait for this one to open. He hoped it would help people and provide an area in history not often portrayed in museums. He spent nearly all of November working through it himself, collecting all the information and making all the business deals to get statues made and relics collected. He was really proud of it and it was almost ready to be on show.

He checked the time again, now ten past six and made to stand up, reaching for the light switch for the main exhibits, letting the dark fall over the rooms, when the door was pushed open, a draft of cold air and flakes of snow entering the building and he glanced up, expecting to see someone trying to escape the bitter snowfall.

He gasped slightly when he saw the two men stumble inside, much like how they did the first day they met, panting harshly and leaning heavily on each other. Their eyes snapped up when they saw the dark encompassing them and audibly sighed when they caught sight of Logan still standing there.

“We thought we might have missed you,” Finn huffed out, still trying to catch his breath, tugging Leo with him when he started moving. “We weren’t sure what time you would leave.”

“I’m still here,” he said, mostly still in shock, reaching out and brushing the snow off the collar of Leo’s coat, fingers grazing his neck slightly and he pulled away at the iciness. “Merde, you guys are freezing. Come on,” he walked them over to the heater, switching it up to full blast and watched them relax into the heat, stripping off their hats and gloves. 

Logan reached up to Finn’s hair unconsciously, moving the parting slightly away from his eyes and felt his breath hitch when the older man reached up and grabbed his hand, bringing it down but holding it tightly. Logan knew Leo was right there, eyes closed and basking in the heat, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go.

“You can’t possibly be back for another tour. You’ve each done it twice already, you know everything you need to know.”

They looked over at him kindly and Logan felt his heart stutter. “You’re spending Christmas by yourself,” Finn pointed out, squeezing his hand gently. Logan saw Leo glance down at them and made to pull away put Finn held on tighter. Leo looked back up at him, the same kind look in his eyes and a dimpled smile showing off his pearly whites. “You think we’re gonna let you spend Christmas Eve on your own?”

They’d done it now. They’d given him so much care and happiness in the course of the month and Logan could feel his self-restraint wearing thin. So instead of doing what he wanted to do, pull them both down by their collars and kiss them soundlessly one after the other over and over until it turned to Christmas morning, he shot a glance over to his new exhibit and took a deep breath.

“Okay. Well you guys are the only ones here tonight, and I’m not going to take you back around the same sites,” he hesitated. He wanted to wait for the new year, for when it was officially open. But he wanted them to experience it all. Just the three of them. “Why don’t I show you my new exhibit? It isn’t open to the public yet…but I want you to see it.”

Leo stepped forward, reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder, rubbing gently and despite his thick jumper, Logan could feel the heat from his palm soak into his skin. He wanted it to encompass him. “Of course we want to see it. If you want to show us something, I’m pretty sure me and Finn would never pass up the opportunity.”

Hand still clasped in Finn’s for reasons he couldn’t even comprehend right now, the trio started up towards the black curtain and Logan abruptly turned to them. “Close your eyes,” he whispered, and grabbed Leo’s hand as well, shivering at the heat that filled him again, squeezing back when the faint tightness appeared.

He took a deep breath and stepped through the curtain, pulling the two of them behind him and closing his own eyes. He let go of Finn’s hand, swallowing down the lump in the back of his throat when it reached out to follow him and turned on the lights, blindly. As soon as his hand was down, Finn was grabbing it again and holding it close. He opened his eyes and quickly surveyed the area before gripping their hands tighter.

“You can open your eyes now,” his voice was still a whisper and he waited until the boys joined their own hands together before he let go of theirs, moving to stand behind them. 

He heard the twin gasps as they spun in slow circles around the room, saw the emotion gathering behind Leo’s eyes who was brought in closer to Finn’s side as he tried to subtly wipe away his own tears. He felt the wetness gather in his own eyes and willed it away, wanting a clear few of the two of them taking in the room, he didn’t want their reactions to be blurred.

He looked around himself, from the sign at the top of the exhibit to the mass colour surrounding the room, the most colourful room in the museum. His eyes scanned over the collections of literature and authors over to sections of artwork and artists. He sighed, collapsing against the side of the wall. It felt so good to share this with people, people who could relate and could reflect.

“Lo…” Finn’s voice was hoarse and quiet and he turned his head to find the source, seeing the two boys gazing at him, tears still streaming down their faces.

He held his arms out, gesturing to the room as a whole. “Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Through History exhibit.”


They spent a good half hour in the room, Logan carefully going over each and every piece of work there and every person shown in the room until the three of them came out feeling lighter than ever, hands back together again.

“You’re amazing,” he glanced up at Leo. “I knew it three weeks ago and I knew it when I came tonight but…you truly, truly are so amazing.

He gave them a shy grin, walking them over to where his stuff was laying, grabbing his coat and wrapping it around himself. He checked his phone, the time only eight. He didn’t want to end this here and he had a feeling that they didn’t want that either.

“It’s still early,” Finn spoke first. “Come and get a coffee with us?” Logan couldn’t have said no even if he wanted to.

They trekked out back to their car, Logan adamantly taking the backseat despite Leo’s protests. Finn set off, taking them in the opposite direction from his house, further into the town. The snow was still coming down heavy and Logan let the fear leave him when he saw the way Finn was staring at him through the mirror, comfortingly and just safe. 

They pulled up outside a small corner shop, lights out and door locked, a closed sign obvious even from in the car. Leo got out first, heading straight for it and Logan followed, confused and clearly showing it. Then the blonde was unlocking the door and light filled the place, Finn walking in after him and Logan reluctantly following.

“This is where you work?” He scanned the place over, from the small cafe section to the back and the seating area all the way to the bookshop at the front. It was cosy and warm and symbolised Finn and Leo so perfectly Logan couldn’t see them being anywhere else.

“Yeah, we bought the place at the beginning of the year,” Finn answered, crouching in front of the fireplace, flames starting to burn bright. “We weren’t together at the time, not until Valentine’s day, but we’ve been friends since we met last summer. Leo works the cafe with our coworker Kasey and I do books with his girlfriend Nat and my brother Alex when he’s in town. Sometimes we have events on and Natalie sings but normally it’s just for people who need a quiet place to go.”

He had settled down on the sofa by now, blankets resting on his knee ready to be spread across the three of them and he beckoned Logan over. He took a quick sneak over to what Leo was doing, perching down on the side next to Finn, relaxing back into the softness of the cushions. Leo joined them a moment later, three mugs in hand and passed them over.

“I figured hot chocolates were the best bet tonight,” he placed his down on the table and reached over the side of the coach. “Lift your legs up.” Logan did, jumping at the footrest that jutted out and Leo pushed a wooden table underneath it, pressing down to be sure it wasn’t going anywhere.

They squished together on the small sofa, Logan practically in Finn’s lap and he looked straight ahead at the fire, blaming the heat rising from it as the cause of his blush. They didn’t say anything, sipping on their drinks, snuggling further under the warmth of the blankets. Logan was sure this was going to put him to sleep and he felt his eyes drooping. They snapped open when he felt a weight on his shoulder and saw out of the corner of his eyes Finn’s head dropped down onto it, his eyes still wide open. Logan didn’t breathe, didn’t want to move, wasn’t sure what this meant.

He didn’t realise how tense he had become under Leo’s hand snaked over to rest on his knee, rubbing over his jeans slightly with his thumb, soothing the muscles. His breath was shaky when he released it and he looked over fully at Finn now, who lifted his head the slightest bit up to meet his gaze. He may as well have kept his breath in, his nose nudging Finn’s, face closer to him than he ever thought it would be. His breath hitched when Finn moved even closer and his eyes dropped closed without his permission.

Then he felt Finn’s lips capture his and the warmth suddenly spread through his entire body, too much too quickly. Finn’s hand came up to clutch at the back of his neck and Logan parted his lips, whimpering quietly when his tongue brushed against his own. The sparks behind his eyes could have blinded him and he sunk further into it, ignoring everything around him, the world melting away behind him. Finn sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and Logan had to pull away to catch his breath, resting his forehead firmly against the others.

He heard gasping breaths, and he knew that two of them came from them but his eyes flew open when he recognised another behind them and he whipped his head to look behind Finn’s shoulder to Leo. He didn’t look mad or upset or even surprised, but Logan felt his stomach drop.

“Leo…” he swallowed, moving away from Finn and standing in front of them. “Oh my god, Leo, I…I can’t believe…merde, oh my god,” he was rambling now, hands flying to his hair, gripping and pulling tightly.

He heard voices around him but he couldn’t place who was talking, his eyes clamped shut tightly. A hand was pressed to his cheek and he unconsciously leaned into it, feeling lips press to his ear. “Logan, you need to breathe, sweetheart,” the southern drawl and pet name pulled him out of his panic and he gasped harshly, listening to the shushes whispered in both of his ears, Finn’s arms wrapped around his waist from behind.

“That’s it, Lo, there you go, breathe, love,” Finn whispered and Logan felt his heart rate slow and his gasps soften. “There, good.”

He forced his eyes to open, a blue pair right in front of him, shining with concern. “You, okay, Lo?”

He nodded, throat still closed and went willingly into the arms that immediately opened up for him. Leo’s arms were strong and tight around him, soothing him and protecting him from everything around him.

“It’s okay, Logan, it’s okay. You did nothing wrong, and neither did, Finn, alright? Nothing,” he continued to whisper, hands stroking through his hair, scratching at his scalp.

“But…but I kissed your boyfriend ,” he murmured and then his face was being lifted up and was back in Leo’s hands.

“Did you want to kiss him?” He nodded, a guilty look crossing his face again. “Don’t look at me like that. Finn wanted to kiss you too. I don’t mind ,” Logan nodded again, relaxing slightly. 

He breathed deeply again and shyly turned his attention back to Leo, his hand reaching out to grip his wrist before going behind him and grasping Finn’s hand. “Can…can I kiss you too?”

Leo looked at him longingly but he could see the hesitation in his eyes. “Are you sure? That was quite an attack you just had,” but Logan just nodded, reaching his free hand to tangle in Leo’s curls.

He leaned up as far as he could, Leo meeting him in the middle, and Logan gasped when they collided, fireworks shooting throughout his whole body. He clutched him closer, arms winding around his neck as he let his mouth drop open, Leo licking into it. He moaned softly and they pulled back together, Leo letting quick bursts of kisses press to his lips before pulling his face fully away.

Finn wound his arms around his waist and he leant back into the embrace, eyes still tightly closed. “That…that was nice.”

The two of them chuckled, directing him back towards the sofa, plopping down and wrapping the blankets around them.

“You okay?” Finn whispered, and Logan nodded, eyes drooping onto Leo’s chest, pushing back into Finn’s warmth. “In the morning, we’ll talk about this more, okay?” He just nodded again, snuggling closer.

“Yeah, okay. I don’t know where we’re gonna go from here but…I want you. Both of you.”

He felt two smiles press into his skin and he breathed out softly, letting sleep overtake him. They stayed there for the rest of the night, the embers of the fire dying out and the snow continuing to fall outside. The clock turned midnight and Logan was still wrapped up in the two boys’ arms as Christmas dawned outside. They would wake up soon and discuss everything that happened, where they stood and what they were. Maybe Logan wouldn’t be spending Christmas alone afterall.