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Merry Christmas to the Willingham Book Club

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April has always been a morning person…well not really a morning person because she likes to sleep like every normal person on this damn earth except toddlers who have all the time to sleep if they want, but they don’t want to. Let’s say she never has been the type to sleep in because she liked to be productive during her day, particularly during her studies. Also, let’s be honest, being the most productive you can be is certainly something that can be useful when you plan on becoming a senator. So obviously April was taking it very seriously in high school in preparation for her future career, but you know in life things don’t always go as planned. 

One day, you feel in your bones that a certain job is your destiny, that you were always meant to be a senator and that you’re going to change the world. And then things happen and that feeling in your bones changes drastically. Sometimes, you accept a job as a tutor for kids with difficulties in a preschool because you need to keep yourself occupied from all the mess happening in your life and you realize that you could do so much more good at a smaller level like in a school than at a much bigger level like a country and that you don’t need to make history to be remembered.

When she was 16, if you would’ve told her that she would become a speech-language pathologist, she would’ve laughed at your face telling you that you’re ridiculous and to leave her alone with your weird sense of humour. However, when she looked at her options, this seemed like the best one and, from this day, she never regretted her decision. 

She also never regretted her decision to come out even if it made her lose her parents because she could finally be with Sterling fully and sincerely that was all her heart wanted. The girls didn’t talk to each other for months after their breakup and after April learned about the twins’ secret, ignoring each other the best they could. They were both going through a lot of stuff during those months anyway, but they found their way back to each other once they were in a better place.

After her parents didn’t want anything to do with her anymore, April lived with the Wesleys until university and, at least, her parents had the decency not to take the money they saved for her studies back, so, after 6 years of university, she started practicing her new profession without too many debts. She went to the University of Georgia and Sterling went to Augusta University, so they were about 2 hours apart. They had kind of a long distance relationship for the first 3 years of university, but then Sterling, being done with her studies, joined April in her city and they started to live together in an apartment. 

If being a bounty hunter for a short period of time taught Sterling one time, it’s that she has the composure to take good decisions in the heat of the action. That’s why she decided that she wanted to be a paramedic…that and also the fact that she thought she would look super hot in the uniform. During her studies and her first years of career, she learned that she wasn’t the only one to think that…April liked her uniform a lot too.  

Once they were both done with their studies, they came back to Atlanta because, even though they liked to see other places, there was only one place that felt like home. April started working in a few preschools including the one where her life really started. After living a year in an apartment there, they bought a house. It wasn’t a big house like they both grew up into, but it was theirs.

So yeah, April’s life was really not how she had planned it, but she found it perfect and she thanked God every day for not making Sterling walk away forever after they broke up on that bench outside of Willingham. 

But let’s go back to what I was saying at the beginning. April has never been the one to sleep in, but it has been harder than usual to wake up at the first alarm of her phone these past few months. Luckily for her, Sterling always seemed to know what to do to give her the energy she needed to get out of bed or to simply make her realize that she had the right to sleep a little more. 

So that’s why she lets herself relax a bit in her bed on this December 24th morning, listening to the clinkings, the voices and the christmas songs coming from the kitchen with a content smile. Yeah, she’s really the luckiest girl. Even if Sterling tries to tell her that this title is hers, April knows that it’s a lie…even if she just heard the loud and noisy sound of pans falling on the floor closely followed by someone crying. I guess it’s time for Mama to wake up.