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sleep over trauma

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"yo anne im here where are you" sasha yells into the seemingly empty house as he walks in the door, kicking her shoes off he slumps his bag and heads up the stairs to where annes room is


"anne dude are you home" she slowly peaks her head through her girlfriends door trying to see if shes even home, sighing he goes back down the stairs and decides to watch something while he waits


searching around for a second she finds the remote and flicks on something he would assume is a crappy rom com, slouching back into the couch she begins to zone out for a second, thinking about what his girlfriend would be up to-




two voices yell and sasha jumps out of her skin, his eyes flashing a bright pink before realizing its her idiot girlfriends playing a stupid prank. he hears snickering behind the light brown couch she is sitting on and slowly relaxes back into the slightly worn down cushions


his very obnoxious gfs slowly rise from behind where she was sitting with there faces flushed from laughter "not funny" he grumbles crossing her arms "i disagree it was absolutely hilarious" marcy snickers and leans on anne for support, a ghost of a smile appears on his face at how just abosultly adorable they were being


"you should've heard your scream" anne giggles into her hand which has been stuck to her face in an attempt to calm her laughing "AHH" she impersonates and they both break out into more fits of laughter


unfortunately in their constant giggling marcy almost falls all the way backwards and onto the tv, luckily anne manages to catch them just in time. "oh my god" marcy breaths out, hints of laughter still in their throat "thanks anna-banana" they giggle one more time before standing back up with their signature slouch


"are you two done yet" sasha asks also standing up from his previous position on you the couch "yeah yeah we're done" anne snorts one last time, sash rolls her eyes "what happened to me getting here before marcy" 


"it was a ruse" marcy does cute little jazz hands "i just had to betray you one more time" they giggle at their own joke along with sasha, anne just rolls her eyes, fairly used to both of their behavior by now


“are we ordering take out or are we getting a home cooked personal meal” sasha purrs at anne who just rolls her eyes in return “you’d be lucky to get a home cooked meal from me”


”and you’d be lucky if you even got any of my affection after the stunt you just pulled” sasha counters cuddling up next to marcy who moved to couch while they were talking and is now unconsciously fidgeting with the hem of their shirt


anne mouth gapes at sashes blatant hypocrisy “what about marcy” at this sasha grabs their hand softly so they stop fidgeting and rolls his eyes “marcy didn’t do anything”


“i- uh- wha- it- it was their idea!” she stutters “mhm mhm, but how could i stay mad at this cute little face” sasha leaves a trail of kisses over marcys cheeks and forehead “what about my cute little face” anne mutters crossing her arms


”if you cook dinner i might give you a little present” anne grumbles and taps her foot on the ground "fine but im not happy about this" she walks over to the kitchen and begins searching through the fridge  "we have nothing" she sighs standing up


"if you want me make something we have to go to the store-" a loud gasp is heard next to sasha "the store? store trip?!" marcy says excitedly, almost bouncing off the couch "yeah we can go on a store trip” sash wraps her arm around marcy


”right anne?” he raises his eyebrows questioningly “i means it’s getting late…” marces face drops in disappointment “but you know i’m sure it won’t take long” sasha smirks at her and stands up “won’t take long at all”



it took three hours

”marcy we don’t need pickles!” anne tries to put the multiple jars they grabbed back “but they’re like me!” marcy and sasha laugh and direct a bunch of peoples attention to them



”put the ice cream down! we have two pints!”  “i want caramel” sasha says bluntly “then switch out the chocolate!” “oh my god rocky road sasha come look!” anne groans and follows them with the cart



”if i’m technically dead then why does this say i have blood” marcy says next to a blood pressure machine in the back of the store “because your alive” anne sighs “not according to the demon in my chest…” they laugh



”now realistically we can get baby stuff and people will think we have a baby” sasha explains pointing at baby powder and diapers “no baby” anne stops him “do you not want a baby with us anne” marcy frowns “not at the moment” she says the gritted teeth absolutely done



”chocolate chips! chocolate chips! chocolate chips!”



“PUSH FASTER” marcy screams to sasha who’s pushing them behind the cart down the isles “LAND HO” they point towards dairy isle, right before they can crash into it and break everything anne teleports i’m from of them, her eyes a bright blue


sasha and marcy look at eachother scared shitless “whoops” they say in unison as anne breathes out, happy that they are at least safe “you are both lucky i love you”



”no self checkout is 15 items or less! we are going to cashiers” anne says dragging the cart along with her “but i don’t wanna talk to the people” marcy admits “it’s okay marce you can hide behind me” sasha intervenes. anne grumbles and starts putting items on the conveyor




“280 dollars. 280!” anne sighs putting down the mountain of grocery bags onto the counter “280 and 46 cents to be a exact” marcy corrects walking in the door, phone is one hand and sasha’s hand in the other


“are you guys even going to help put it away” anne looks over at them while searching the bags looking for the frozens “of course anne we aren’t monsters”


”alright take this and chuck it as far as you can” sasha explains before running backwards “now!” he yells and marcy throws a giant bag of chocolate chips as far as they can, it ends up landing right in front of sasha before she can catch it, anne has to clean it up.


”uh huh” she says opening cupboards and cabinets beginning to put stuff away, shortly after marcy and sasha are at her side and helping out “i’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out honestly” marcy confesses putting away two tubs of sprinkle  frosting


”true dat” sash says shoving boxes on boxes of pancake mix into a cabinet “did you get what you needed anne?” he adds on “yeah i’m pretty sure” she keeps out the things she needs while putting others away


”you guys can go into the living room i got it from here” marcy hums and takes their phone from their pocket and heads over to the couch, sasha does the same before saying “thanks anne we love you” and kissing anne’s cheek


”love you too” she blushes, sasha returns to the couch “hey marce what time is it?” “uhhhh” they swipe down on their phone to reveal the time and their homescreen, a picture taken about two years ago, it was the day when the finally all got home and ended up confessing to eachother


it shows all of them on anne’s bed together after they fell asleep cuddling, anne’s mom took it actaully. they were all embarrassed when it happens but it seemed like marcy held onto it “9:30” they answered 


sasha hums “late dinner then” marcy shrugs “not really” sasha chuckles at them “we don’t all stay up till 4 am mar-mar” he points out, marcy shakes their head before resting it on the blondes shoulder


sighing contently they begin “we might wanna apologize to anne” sasha’s tilts her head back “yeah” he groans, her eyes shifting to anne making dinner in the kitchen, for them. after literally everything they’ve ever done


”some things never change” he adds shifting her focus back to marcy “okay frozen 2” they giggle, sasha shakes his head, all out of love of course



by the time anne finished dinner sasha had take marcy into her lap and was now cuddling them while playing with their short black hair, anne finished up the peas like 5 minutes ago but staring at her girlfriends felt more important.


they looked incredibly cute especially with the small kisses and tightening of hugs, after they eat she could join to. of course that meant actually calling them over and ruining this masterpiece before her, might as well make it last


”click and saved” she says putting her phone back in her pocket after taking a beautiful picture, two heads snap towards her as she speaks “guess i have a new homescreen” she teases


“anneeeeee” marcy whines while getting up “that was mean you didn’t give us a warning” they pout “thats when you look the prettiest” anne flirts, staring into their deep green eyes, a small blush rises to their cheeks


”yeah we get it your in love” sasha waves off out of nowhere “shush you nerds id rather not barf up my food as soon as i eat it” she adds on while taking another bite “har har sasha, did you not just see yourself?” anne tests, tilting her head at the lesbian(sry yall) before her


sasha snorts “no but you’ll be seeing me every day miss homescreen” anne blushes and makes eye contact with the blonde who blushes right back “is that a bad thing?” she questions getting closer and closer to him 


“depends on how you look at it boonchuy” sasha gets off his seat to be at eye level with the thai girl “i guess we’ll have to see waybright” anne pulls her shirt collar, making their faces ever closer, “don’t tempt me” sasha growls his eyes floating down to her girlfriends lips once or twice


”would you two kiss already!” marcy yelps, the two look at them curiously at the sudden outbreak, realizing what they said they quickly cover their mouth and retreat back to their seat “i mean… what?” they begin to ramble on sorrys and excuses and blah blah blah-


“did you hear that anne? i think marcy wants us to kiss” sasha purrs returning to his spot next to anne’s face “mhm i think they’d like that wouldn’t they” she absently teases the person in the seat just before them


”are you watching wu?” sasha glances at them, only to see their face reddened and their eyes focused on the scene before them “i think that’s your cue anne” he bites his lip 


anne smiles before leaning in and closing the gap, marcy makes a small squeak that was actaully quite adorable, sasha wraps his arms around their shared girlfriend and deepens the kiss, deciding to put on a show


eventually biology stops them and they have to pull away for oxygen, both panting they look at the absolute mess before them, marcy sits with one hand over their mouth and one in a clenched

fist sitting idly on the table “like what you see?” sasha breathes out, still needing air


“mhm” they nod furiously “sasha i think marcy wants some too” anne unfortunately pulls away and saunters over to the blushing mess, marcy feels their heart rate increase as anne approaches 


she tilts their head as teasingly as she possibly can, that’s how it feels at least. finally their lips connect is everything feels right “don’t enjoy yourself to much marcy i still want some”


suddenly their head was being turned and their lips met with a slightly rougher pair, maybe to the naked eye it would look like they kissed the same, but marcy could tell, and they were absolutely loving it.


sasha ends up pulling away, his lips parted slightly, and now she is kissing anne with the same passion but now right in front of them. 


they pull apart, after a minute, so close they can feel their breathes on each other’s faces. “i think the foods getting cold” sasha’s voice teasing but an obvious out of breath laugh following it, anne rolls her eyes “it will still be good” 


“yeah yeah i know your cookings amazing” sasha sighs before kissing his —one could say housewife— quickly and going back to his seat to finish eating “didn’t you say i would get a present if i cooked?” anne asks, eyebrows raised


”that was your present” sasha shrugs totally making it up and hoping no one can tell, anne hums, not buying it but not caring to call her out. 


they all sit in a comfortable silence as they eat the colder than perfect food, still good and totally worth it. at some point marcy asks “i wonder if i ate like raw chicken and if the flaming sword was still in my chest” they take a bite of food “if it would like, cook the food on the way down”


anne’s face drops while sasha’s lights up “wanna try” marcy’s smile widens “yea-“ “no doing anything that is literally traumatizing!” anne cuts them off “please” she coughs out after, sasha holds in a laugh as she raises his hand 


anne sighs “yes sasha” “what is the definition of traumatizing?” marcy starts speaking, no doubt knowing the definition of traumatizing of the top of their head, sasha shushes them and they realize what the plan is


”uhhh stuff that doesn’t have to do with any of our trauma or that will traumatize me or us more” she says getting more confident at the end “that’s wrong” marcy deadpans, anne sighs “yeah i know but point still stands”


they end upstairs sometime in the next 10 minutes, sasha doesn’t remember nor does he care, now she’s whispering in marcy’s ear and about to make the funniest joke in the history of jokes


he moves over to the edge of anne’s bed “hey marcy did it hurt” she can see them trying not to giggle “when what?” they ask, laughter in their voice “when you got stabbed in the chest” and right on cue


lean on me, when your not strong


anne looks like she just got sucker-punched


”hey anne…” he grabs her hand


”maybe you’re better off without me” he lets her girlfriends hand go and slowly falls back and onto the floor, marcy finally breaks and starts filling the room with infectious laughter


for everyone but anne “that’s not funny!” she takes away marcy’s phone and turns  off the absolute traumusic traumatizing music. “what time is it” she checks her watch “yeah it’s bed time, up up come on”


”but anneeee, we were just having fun” marcy complains when anne takes their phone “sleepy time” she pats marcy’s head, they sigh and accept their fate. unfortunately sasha doesn’t go down that easy


“one more” flash the puppy eyes “pleaaasseeeee” anne shakes her head, “pleaaa-“ “i’ll let you be middle” anne comprises, well damn, sasha looks around as if anyone besides these two would see he smal moment of weakness


”fine.” anne smiles and pats the bed, sasha grumbles and gets behind marcy, she feels anne curl around and maybe, maybe it was worth it. they all drift off eventually but when morning comes they don’t want to leave


so they don’t, until anne’s parents come home at least.