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soft and sweet

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Eijun is tipsy when she leans against Kazuya’s side, pretty shoulder-length hair tickling Kazuya’s cheek and golden eyes staring at Kazuya’s mouth as she says, “Have you ever kissed a girl, Miyuki Kazuya?”

Kazuya is leaning against the wall, tucked away in a corner next to Eijun. She didn’t want to come to this party, but it’s hard to say no to Eijun, especially when she turns her eager smile and bright eyes towards Kazuya. So now, she’s here, crushing on Eijun and just a little tipsy herself as she responds, “No, have you?”

Eijun bites her lip, lashes swooping low. Her cheeks are flushed from the alcohol and her skin is soft as she presses closer to Kazuya. Distracting. “Yeah,” she murmurs, and then she’s reaching out to toy with the sleeve of Kazuya’s sweater, long, nimble fingers brushing over Kazuya’s wrist bone. “I like kissing girls.”

Kazuya tries not to squirm. Eijun has never had any concept of personal space, and she always seems to be too close. Not that Kazuya really minds, given how much she likes it.

But it does make ignoring her feelings much harder.

“What do you like about it?” Kazuya finds herself asking, gaze dropping to Eijun’s mouth. Kazuya has thought about learning what that mouth would feel like against hers too many times. She thinks Eijun would be a little pushy, a little eager, handsy. Her lips look soft, full and plush with the hint of cherry chapstick she swiped over her mouth earlier. “Compared to boys?”

Eijun sighs longingly, like the thought of kissing makes her ache with a nostalgic want. Kazuya bets Eijun loves kissing. It’s such a romantic, intimate thing - the kind of think Eijun likes. “Girls are softer,” she murmurs, tongue swiping over her lip. “Sweeter. They make the best noises.”

Kazuya’s cheeks burn, heart thudding loudly in her ears. She can barely hear Eijun over the party’s loud music, so she has to lean in closer, which is a mistake, because then Eijun’s mouth is no more than a short dip away. “Softer?” Kazuya asks, thinking about Eijun’s lips, about her hair and her skin and her curves. They do seem soft.

Kazuya thinks that would feel really, really nice.

Eijun nods, staring at Kazuya’s mouth. “Would you… want to try?” she asks, stealing the air from Kazuya’s lungs. She slides her palm up Kazuya’s arm and looks up from beneath the curve of her lashes sweetly. “I’ll kiss you, if you want!”

I’ll kiss you.

Kazuya stares, and then blinks, and then flusters, because what is she supposed to say to that? She inhales deeply and glances away, trying to calm her racing thoughts. “Are you drunk,” she deadpans, deflecting, entirely too focused on the feel of Eijun’s fingers tipping over her shoulder. “Where did this even come from?”

Eijun pouts, affronted. “Of course I’m not drunk,” she retorts, pinching Kazuya in the ear. Kazuya winces, catching Eijun by the wrist to keep her from further assault. Eijun doesn’t hesitate to twist their hands and interlace their fingers - Eijun holds Kazuya’s hand all the time, dragging her around at the mall, pulling her into bed to watch a movie together. “I just… kind of miss kissing,” she continues, shifting closer. “And I… want to kiss you.”

Kazuya swallows, throat dry. The space between them feels too warm, too small. Her brain feels overloaded, overwhelmed by this new information. Why does Eijun want to kiss her? How many times has she thought about this? How long has she wanted to kiss her?

She doesn’t ask any of those questions, though.

Instead, she opens her mouth and finds herself saying, “Not here. There are too many people.”

And that’s how Kazuya finds herself locked in an empty bedroom that belongs to someone she doesn’t know, pressed against the wall with Eijun standing in front of her.

“Is this better?” Eijun asks, stepping into Kazuya’s orbit, eyeing her mouth. “It’s just you and me, now.”

Kazuya isn’t sure she knows how to speak anymore. She licks her lips, heartbeat skipping when Eijun’s own part in response, the flush of her cheeks deepening.

God, Eijun really does want to kiss her, doesn’t she?

That thought makes Kazuya’s stomach flip, makes her skin prickle with anticipation. She likes having Eijun’s attention like this, likes the way Eijun looks at her like she’s the prettiest, most delectable thing she’s ever seen. Even more so than the mound. It makes Kazuya ache.

“Uh,” Kazuya begins awkwardly, nodding. “Yeah, uh. This is better.”

Eijun giggles as if she finds Kazuya’s floundering cute. She reaches up and twirls a loose strand of Kazuya’s long dark hair around her forefinger, brushing the side of her neck in the process, making Kazuya shiver. “You have the prettiest hair,” she compliments, eyes roaming over Kazuya’s features. “It’s unfair.”

Kazuya snorts, rolling her eyes. “You have pretty hair, too,” she returns, poking Eijun in the ribs. “Don’t be jealous.”

Eijun puffs out her cheeks and catches Kazuya’s hand with her free one, interlacing their fingers again. “I’m not jealous,” Eijun insists, following the line of Kazuya’s hair until she reaches her ear, tracing the shell. “I just meant that it’s unfair because it makes me want to play with it all the time,” she amends, watching the way her own fingers run over Kazuya’s skin as if transfixed. “Just like how I want to kiss you all the time.”

This time, Eijun’s hand dips over Kazuya’s cheek, gingerly cupping the curve of her jaw. Kazuya tries to keep her breathing steady and fails. “All the time?” she echoes in question, letting her own palm come up to rest at Eijun’s waist.

Eijun nods, humming in approval at the feel of Kazuya’s hand on her. “All the time,” she repeats, and then she tips her chin up, gaze jumping between Kazuya’s eyes and her mouth. “Can I?”

That’s why they’re here, Kazuya thinks, alone, in this stranger’s room. Because Eijun had asked to kiss her. Kazuya can’t believe this is real, to be honest. She must be dreaming. “Yeah,” she consents, swallowing her nerves. “Yeah, okay.”

Eijun smiles, something sweet and a little mischievous. “Okay,” she returns, leaning in, breath ghosting over Kazuya’s chin. “Thank you.”

Kazuya’s fingers clench at Eijun’s shirt, exhaling shakily into the dwindling space between them. Of course Eijun would thank Kazuya for a kiss. “Sappy,” Kazuya breathes out, tilting her head as Eijun hovers, the air around them crackling with tension, waiting, pausing, slowing.

Eijun doesn’t respond, and Kazuya isn’t quite sure that she even heard her. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” Eijun admits, sliding her free hand up the other side of Kazuya’s throat, tilting her chin down and brushing her nose against Kazuya’s. “You have no idea.”

Kazuya really doesn’t. This is all news to her. She never thought Eijun could like her back. Kazuya has been harboring what she thought was an unrequited crush for ages. “Me… too,” Kazuya manages to say, the words sticky on her tongue, hard to admit, vulnerable in their honesty. “I have - I have, too.”

At this, Eijun lets out the sweetest of sounds, something pleased and thrilled, and then she presses in closer, chest bumping into Kazuya’s, and then they’re kissing.

They’re kissing.

Oh, God.

Kazuya freezes, caught off guard even though she knew it was coming. It’s nothing more than the feather-like brush of lips, a hint of a kiss. Eijun’s thumbs sweep over Kazuya’s cheeks as she sighs, and then she tilts her head further, pulling away for a moment. “Okay?” she asks softly, voice so low that Kazuya barely hears it.

Kazuya’s heart stumbles in her chest, back pressing into the wall with all her weight. “Uh-huh,” she confirms, tilting her own head to the side, leaning in. “Yup.”

Eijun giggles, something cute and light, dancing over Kazuya’s skin. “Good.”

Then, they’re kissing again.

This time, for real.

Eijun sighs against Kazuya’s mouth, letting her lips caress Kazuya’s with a gentle pressure, a tender roll of her lips.

And it is soft.

Everything about the exchange is soft, from the press of their lips to the arch of Eijun’s body. The curves beneath Kazuya’s fingers, the tuck of Eijun’s waist and the tickle of her hair. The delicate noises at the back of Eijun’s throat and the smoothness of her skin. All soft.

And nice.

And lovely.

Kazuya can’t help the quiet whine that escapes her when Eijun’s tongue teases at her lips, exploring, tasting. Her hands slip around Eijun’s waist to curl beneath the hem of her sweater, smoothing against the small of her back, pulling her closer. Eijun moans quietly, stepping in to press their bodies together, her own hands dipping low, teasing the edge of Kazuya’s own sweater. Her lips part as she licks into Kazuya’s mouth, pulling her in, drawing her down, drowning her in the discovery.

Kazuya suddenly wants so much more.

She’s been with boys before. They’ve been fine. Sturdy and solid, with deeper voices and shorter hair. She’s felt the press of roughened fingers over her skin and has heard the low timbre of masculine groans at her ear.

But this… this isn’t that.

Kazuya wants to know what Eijun’s fingers would feel like on her. Tentative yet curious, light and exploratory, sweeping down the valley of her breasts, rolling over the perks of her nipples. Smoothing down her sides, dipping over her hips, teasing between her thighs. She wants to know what Eijun’s mouth would feel like, following the same trail, hot and wet and plush. Soft.

Eijun’s fingers tip beneath the hem of Kazuya’s shirt and flirt with her bellybutton, teeth nibbling at her bottom lip, and Kazuya trembles. “Eijun,” she gasps, head tilting back to catch her breath. “God.”

Eijun whimpers, skimming her lips over Kazuya’s jaw. “Do you like it?” she asks, nails teasing the skin over her hips. “Kissing girls?”

Kazuya doesn’t know about that, but she likes kissing Eijun. “I like this,” she admits, lashes fluttering when Eijun mouths at her ear. “It’s - different.”

Eijun moans as if she’s happy with that assessment. “What’s it like?” she pushes, and then her fingers skim upward, flitting over Kazuya’s ribs. She pulls away and bites her lip, looking up at Kazuya with hooded eyes and rosy cheeks. She looks gorgeous. Kazuya wants to kiss her some more. “What’s it like to you?”

Kazuya shudders and slides her touch up the length of Eijun’s spine, reveling in the way Eijun arches, breasts bumping against Kazuya’s. She really likes that. She wonders what it might feel like without the barrier of their clothes. “Soft and sweet,” she says.

Eijun grins and eyes Kazuya’s mouth again, leaning back in close. “Yeah,” she agrees. “That’s what I think, too.” She pauses, thumbs brushing the lace of Kazuya’s bra. “So soft.”

Kazuya’s toes curl in her sandals. She tips her chin down, looking at the way Eijun’s wrists disappear beneath her shirt, the way the material bunches up around her midriff. The way Eijun is looking at her, questioning and curious, the way Kazuya’s own arms look around her waist.

“You look like you’re waiting for permission,” Kazuya comments, tongue working in her jaw. She licks her lips and tilts forward, wanting to feel more of Eijun’s mouth beneath her own. “You want something?”

Eijun’s cheeks darken as she takes a shaky breath. She drags the pad of her index finger along the curve of Kazuya’s bra, back and forth, making Kazuya’s skin prickle with goosebumps. “I want whatever you want,” Eijun returns.

What a hopeless romantic, Kazuya thinks. She squirms, trying to subtly arch into Eijun’s touch, eager for more but too prideful to ask for it. “Tell me what you want,” Kazuya tries instead, leaning down to brush her mouth to Eijun’s lightly. “And I’ll tell you if I want it, too.”

Eijun puffs out her cheeks and gives Kazuya an unimpressed look. She knows Kazuya’s games by now, but she doesn’t protest. Instead, she tilts her gaze downward and smooths her palm up the side of Kazuya’s breast, venturing over the lace of her bra. “This?” she questions, looking back up at Kazuya with dark eyes. Her thumb glances over Kazuya, dipping close to Kazuya’s clothed nipple. “Wanna feel you.”

Kazuya can’t stop the needy sound that escapes her, throat working around the noise. Her breasts have always been sensitive, and it’s been a while since anyone has come this close to touching her like this. She arches and sucks at her lower lip, relaxing further into the wall behind her. “Yeah,” she permits airily. “I want that, too.”

Eijun lets out a breathless groan, leaning to kiss Kazuya again before she lets her palm slide over, cupping at Kazuya gingerly. “Thank you,” she repeats her earlier sentiment. “You’re so hot, God.”

Kazuya can barely breathe, too caught up in the feel of Eijun all around her. Eijun brings her other hand up to palm at Kazuya’s neglected breast, thumbs sweeping over Kazuya’s nipples, and Kazuya spirals.

Everything is hot, skin flushed, sensitive, responsive. She immediately wishes that there wasn’t a bra in the way of Eijun’s touch, because for some reason, the fabric makes Kazuya feel even more, makes her more aware of the gentle sweep of Eijun’s fingers, the warmth of her skin.

This is not at all how she expected this night to go.

“Eijun,” she sighs, head lolling against the wall as Eijun finds her nipple beneath her bra and circles it with a nail. “You’re going to drive me crazy.”

Eijun laughs and nuzzles against Kazuya’s jaw, shifting to squeeze her chest firmly. “Good,” she purrs, like a brat. “Now you know how I feel every time I have to watch you walk around our dorm in your bra and panties and nothing else.”

Kazuya flushes, heat skipping down her spine at the admission. Kazuya has changed in front of Eijun hundreds of times. That’s just part of being on a team together. Part of being roommates. She’s never thought that Eijun would be looking - or thinking about things like this.

The realization makes Kazuya shiver with arousal.

“Pervert,” she drawls, trying to tease, but it’s cut off by a whine when Eijun pinches a nipple. “Dirty.”

Eijun snorts, and then she tugs at Kazuya’s bra, pulling the lace down just enough to be a question, dragging a nail over the plush of Kazuya’s cleavage. “You’re just so pretty,” she murmurs, catching Kazuya’s mouth beneath hers again. “I want - Can I?”

Kazuya groans when Eijun’s tongue brushes hers, when Eijun’s fingers venture beneath the lace of her bra and stop, waiting. “Yes,” Kazuya allows, panting as she pulls away. “Yes,” she repeats. “You can do whatever you want, Eijun.”

Eijun’s eyes widen in surprise, and then soften, a sentimental expression settling over her features. “You can, too,” she says, pulling Kazuya’s bra down further. Kazuya shivers as the air brushes over her exposed flesh. “You can do whatever you want, Miyuki Kazuya.”

Kazuya nods, acknowledging the permission, but her brain is too foggy to do anything more than try to keep her standing. “Okay,” she breathes, palms hot against Eijun’s own skin. “Okay - oh.”

Eijun pinches her nipple experimentally.

Kazuya shudders, gripping Eijun more firmly, bowing forward to drop her head to Eijun’s shoulder. Eijun lets out a shaky inhale and kisses at her neck. “You’re so sensitive,” she observes reverently. “Are you always like this?”

Kazuya whimpers and skims her lips over Eijun’s collarbone. “Mmm,” she hums, moaning when Eijun rolls her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Maybe,” she replies coyly, even though it’s obvious that she is. Eijun could destroy Kazuya if she toyed with her chest long enough. Kazuya is already feeling damp between her thighs, needy and aroused. “I guess you’ll just have to try again another time and see?”

It comes off as a question, one that makes Eijun perk up, eager about the prospect of another time. “Yeah,” she agrees immediately, stealing another kiss. “I will, won’t I?” she says. “I wonder what you'll feel like other places?” she flirts.

Kazuya blushes, but she can’t help but grin.

“Soft and sweet,” she says.