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Roan grabs two beers from the fridge, grinning as he slides one across to Bellamy. “So, Clarke turns eighteen tomorrow.”


His best friend tries his best to keep his expression neutral but he fails, making Roan’s grin grow. “Oh? That’ she having a party or something?”


“Why?” Roan asks as he twists off the top of his beer before lifting it to his lips to take a swig. “Do you want to go to a high school senior’s birthday party?”


“No, of course not.” Bellamy frowns, his confusion apparent. “Why are we talking about your stepsister anyway?”


“Well, now she’s legal.”


Bellamy’s only response is a slight widening of his eyes and a hint of interest in his eyes, there and gone. If Roan hadn’t been looking for it, he would’ve missed it. Not that he’d needed to see it to know that Bellamy has been in love with his stepsister for years—just like he knows that Clarke is in love with Bellamy. He knows that nothing has happened between the two of them because Bellamy is too good of a guy to sleep with his best friend’s underage little sister or stepsister in this case.


Roan’s mom had married Clarke’s dad nine years before when Roan had been sixteen and Clarke had been nine. He’d met her at the wedding but she lived with her mom Abby and her mom’s new husband Marcus. By the time she started coming around for holidays and vacations, he’d already been at college. So the two of them had never really had a relationship and he never really thought of her as his sister—how could he when he’d never been around her?


But that all changed two years ago when Abby had gotten herself addicted to pain pills and Marcus had called up Jake, telling him that he couldn’t handle Clarke and Abby’s addiction at the same time. It had been in the middle of Clarke’s sophomore year and she had not been happy to not only have to change schools but to move two states over. She’d shown up on their doorstep two days before Christmas and she had not been happy.


But that wasn’t even the first thing that Roan had noticed. What he’d noticed was that his little stepsister had grown up. Bellamy was spending the holidays with them and he’d almost fallen over himself when his eyes had landed on Clarke. It would’ve been comical except Clarke’s dad had noticed both of their reactions to his daughter and had a stern conversation with both of them.


Roan wouldn’t even have thought about trying anything with her. He’d been twenty-three, much too old to make a move on a sophomore in high school. And Bellamy wouldn’t have either—hell, his own sister is only a year younger than Clarke, though in the same grade. Roan had found it thoroughly entertaining when Clarke and Octavia had become fast friends. Bellamy had been less than impressed at that fact but it’s not like he’d ever actually admitted to his attraction to Clarke.


“What are you talking about Roan?” Bellamy asks as he sets his beer down on the counter.


Roan grins. “I’m talking about the fact that little sister is now going to be eighteen so it’s now legal for you to sleep with her.” He pauses. “Because you want to sleep with her.”


“I don’t—what?” Bellamy shakes his head as he stumbles over his words. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Yes, you do. You think you’re slick but you’re not.”


Bellamy doesn’t say anything as he continues to stare at Roan in shock. Roan can’t help but laugh. He honestly thinks that Bellamy might be having a stroke. “Breathe, man,” he tells him as he slaps his hand on Bellamy’s shoulder. “I get it. I’m not mad. In fact, I want to help you.”


“Help me with what, exactly?”


“I want to help you sleep with Clarke.” He waves his hand in the air. “Though I think you want to date her but I’m not getting involved with that.”


Bellamy snorts. “I still have no idea what is going on.”


“Little sister has the hots for you, Bellamy. She told me so. Well, I’m pretty sure she said she was in love with you and she wanted to lick you all over but she was a little drunk so she wasn’t totally coherent.” Roan laughs to himself remembering that night when Clarke had begged him to let her drink with him one night when their parents were out, leaving them alone.


“You got Clarke drunk?” Bellamy demands, eyes flashing in anger.


Roan rolls his eyes. “Oh, calm the fuck down. I’d rather she was drinking at home with me than at some high school party with a bunch of handsy douches who would all be trying to take advantage of her.”


“Seriously, Roan. Why are we having this conversation?”


“I already told you. You want to sleep with little sister and I want to help make that happen. I can make it happen.” Roan smirks. “There’s just one condition.”


Bellamy frowns, grinding his teeth and Roan knows that he doesn’t want to ask but he does anyway. “And what’s that?”


“That I get to join in if I want.”


“I’m sorry, what?” Bellamy’s voice is laced with anger and possessiveness.


Roan laughs. “Calm down, lover boy. I know you’re in love with her and want her all to yourself but little sister is hot as hell and I think sharing her with you would be hot.”


She wouldn’t even be the first girl that they’d shared. Neither of them had problems getting women to sleep with them but when it was both of them? The caliber of women went up tenfold. And while he’s not into guys or even Bellamy, there’s something hot as hell about watching his best friend screw the girl that Roan had just been inside or vice versa.


“This is ridiculous. We can’t be having this conversation.” Bellamy runs a hand through his hair as he starts pacing the kitchen.


“The night she was drinking, Clarke also admitted that she thought I was hot. Tried to kiss me and everything.” Roan holds up a hand to stop the words about to spew from Bellamy’s mouth. “I didn’t let her. I shut her down and put her to bed.”


Bellamy makes a face. “I guess that’s something at least.”


“Look, man, the parents are out of town so she’s throwing a party for her birthday. I told her I was coming because I didn’t trust those dickheads to not destroy the house. I’m going to spend the weekend there with her and I have every intention of letting her convince me to sleep with her. I’d like it if you were there.” Roan pauses, meeting his friend’s eyes. “Are you in?”


Roan watches as emotions flit across Bellamy’s face and he understands his friend’s apprehension. It’s not exactly an above-the-board plan. He knows that he shouldn’t want to sleep with his stepsister and he shouldn’t be trying to set it up so that he can. He also shouldn’t be trying to get his best friend to sleep with her as well but he’s aware of his own flaws—hell, he owns them. And he wants Clarke.


Bellamy closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before shaking his head. When he opens his eyes, Roan sees the answer in them before he even opens his mouth. “I’m in.”



“Where’s the birthday girl?”


Clarke grins, barely containing her squeal when she hears Roan’s voice echoing in the house. She runs down the stairs and launches herself into his arms. “I’m so glad you came.”


“I can tell,” Roan says with a grin before setting her down. “And I brought you a surprise.”


“You did?” Clarke’s eyes widen as she looks up at Roan.


Roan nods before stepping to the side to reveal Bellamy standing there. He gives her an awkward wave before she’s launching herself into his arms as well. “Bellamy! I didn’t know you were coming.”


“Hence, the surprise, little sister,” Roan says causing Clarke to wrinkle her nose as she pulls away from Bellamy.


She spins around. “I’m not your sister, Roan.”


It’s important to her that he understands that she doesn’t see him as a brother. Not only because she doesn’t but also because the attraction that she feels to him would be very eww inducing if she did. Though it paled in comparison to what she feels for Bellamy and now they’re both here to celebrate her birthday. She can’t think of a better gift.


“Okay, little sister, whatever you want to tell yourself.”


Clarke can see the laughter in his eyes but she still doesn’t like it. She shrugs. “Well, people will start arriving in the next hour or so. Might want to put your stuff upstairs.” She turns to look at Bellamy again, finding herself lost in his eyes for just a moment before she continues, “Are you staying the weekend too?”


“Do you want me to stay the weekend princess?” Bellamy asks and Clarke has to fight at shiver. His voice is so fucking sexy.


“Of course I do.” She grins up at him and she can’t help the way that it widens when he returns it.


“Then I guess I’m staying for the weekend.”


Without another word, the two men head up the stairs to their rooms and Clarke doesn’t even bother trying to hide the fact that she’s watching their asses the entire way up. Once they disappear around the corner she lets out a sigh. As happy as she is that they’re here, she’s also a little worried. She plans to drink tonight—which is why she asked Roan to be here but she knows that she let some secrets spill the last time that she’d been drunk around Roan.


He has never brought that night up to her but she knows that she told him that she thinks he and Bellamy were hot—well, there might have been more to it than that but she isn’t going to dwell on that right now. She also knows that she tried to kiss Roan and he shut her down before putting her to bed. She’s a little afraid of what she might try to do with both of them there.


A knock on the door sounds and she hurries over to let in Raven who is going to help her finish getting ready. And thank goodness she shows up when she does so that Clarke doesn’t end up on a downward spiral. She lets all thoughts of the two men fall from her while she gets ready—which may or may not include some shots with her friend.


Hours later Clarke is drunk—not wasted but she is feeling good. The backyard is where she’d decided to set up the party and the dancefloor that she’s dancing on is set beside the pool. She couldn’t believe it when her dad had handed her his credit card and told her to order whatever she wanted for her party. So she hadn’t hesitated to throw around his money so that she could throw the party of the year.


Clarke has stripped down to her bikini following a dip in the pool before Raven had dragged her to the dance floor. As she dances she feels eyes on her and not for the first time that night. She lifts her head to find Bellamy and Roan standing in the door that leads into the house. They’ve been hanging out inside during the whole of the party to make sure that no one wanders inside but they occasionally make their way outside to check on the party.


Clarke bites her lip as she turns to face them more directly, letting them see her body as she continues to move to the music. Her hands slide up and down her sides as she lets her eyes flitter between the two of them. She wants them to see how much she’s grown up—that she’s not a little girl anymore—and the alcohol burning through her makes her brave.


She doesn’t know if it’s the alcohol that makes her think that she sees interest in their eyes or if it’s really there, but either way, her body lights up. She’s so hot and it’s suddenly a little harder to breathe. She forgets the bodies of her friends surrounding her as her attention narrows to these two men who are really too hot for their own good.


When Roan lifts his hand and gestures for her to come over to them it’s like she’s tethered to them by a string. She moves without thinking and the next thing she knows she’s standing in front of them, blinking up at them.


“Hey, little sister, are you having fun?”


Clarke nods her head, the smirk on his face doing things to her—things like sending a rush of heat between her legs.


Roan returns her nod, smirk still firmly in place. “Okay, I just wanted to make sure. We’ll be in here if you need anything.”


Clarke can only blink at him for a moment before glancing over at Bellamy whose eyes are most certainly not on her face. She feels a flush rising as she turns her attention back to Roan. “Why don’t the two of you come out here and join us?”


“Partying with high schoolers? I think I’ll pass.” Roan rolls his eyes.


“What about partying with me? Will you pass on that too?” Clarke practically purrs and she has no idea where it comes from. The alcohol must be making her brave because she turns to Bellamy, grabbing his hand in hers. “Don’t you want to dance with me, Bell?”


Bellamy’s eyes flash up to meet hers before glancing at Roan. “I...uh…”


“Now that sounds like an excellent idea.” Roan leans down to press a kiss to Clarke’s cheek, lingering longer than he should before whispering in her ear, “After all, Bellamy is your present from me.”


Clarke’s head whips around to face Roan and their faces are just inches apart. She fights everything inside of her to not glance down at his lips. “What is that supposed to mean?”


Roan doesn’t say anything, just smirks as he straightens back up. “Don’t worry, little sister, Bellamy knows what it means and he knows the conditions. Just go dance with him and have fun.”


Clarke just blinks up at him, mouth opening and closing. She’s sure she looks super sexy as she stares at him in disbelief and confusion. Bellamy is Roan’s present to her? How does that make sense? A person can’t be a present, can they?


“Come on, princess.” Bellamy’s lips brush her ear as he pulls her against his body, sending her thoughts flying in a million different directions. “Let’s go dance.”


Clarke throws Roan one last look before letting Bellamy lead her to the dance floor. She quickly forgets her stepbrother as Bellamy once again pulls her flush against his body as they dance. She loses herself to the music and Bellamy’s touch. She guesses she doesn’t need to know what Roan means just yet.



Bellamy doesn’t know what he’s thinking let Clarke lead him onto the dance floor, pressing up against him in nothing but a bikini. He has zero chance of being able to hide his erection from him but he also finds himself not caring much. It’s crazy how much he wants this girl—how long he’s wanted her. And now he doesn’t need to hide that desire.


After all, as Roan had pointed out, she’s legal now. He doesn’t need to keep his hands to himself. He doesn’t have to keep his desire to himself. Which is...nice but also a little scary. He doesn’t want to scare her off.


He squeezes his eyes shut as she grinds back against him once more, her ass moving along his hard cock, and he knows that she’s doing it on purpose. He should spank her little ass raw for that.


“Fuck,” he mutters. He can’t keep this up. He doesn’t want to come in his pants like a teenager but she has him really fucking close.


Clarke lets out a whine when he steps back from her but he doesn’t say anything as he grabs her hand, dragging her away from the dance floor and across the deck. Roan lifts an eyebrow when he passes him where he leans against the wall next to the door. His eyes remind Bellamy that they have an agreement—an agreement that says he can’t sleep with Clarke tonight.


And that’s fine. There are other things they can do besides sleep together and he needs to get the edge off of his desire—he needs to touch her before he explodes. He drags her into the bathroom, throwing the lock before pushing her backward until her hips hit the sink counter.


“What are you doing, Bellamy?” Clarke asks quietly.


Bellamy doesn’t answer, taking a moment to just look at her. She’s so fucking gorgeous. All those damp blonde curls spilling over her shoulders. Those bright blue eyes that miss nothing. Those plump pink lips that are just asking to be kissed. Those tits that are almost spilling out of her bikini.


His eyes drop to her bikini bottoms, smirking as he eyes the wet spot that is noticeable only because the rest of her bikini has dried. He’s glad to see that he wasn’t the only one that was being driven crazy by her grinding against him on the dance floor.


Clarke opens her mouth to speak again but Bellamy leans down to kiss her, using her surprise to slip his tongue between her lips. Clarke lets out a moan as her hands land on his chest, nails digging in as he moves his tongue against her. His hands slide into her hair as he turns her head for a better angle, kissing her as he’s wished that he could for literal years.


He wants her.


But he also knows that tonight is not the night.


Bellamy pulls away with a jerk before he loses himself to her anymore. He lets himself take a moment to watch the way that she looks up at him in shock, desire in her eyes as her chest moves up and down with her pants.


He shoots her another smirk as he reaches for the ties on her top and a second later her tits are naked to him. He cups them in his hands, groaning at the weight of them in his hands. Her tits are fucking glorious.


When he ducks down to lap at one of her nipples, he doesn’t miss the gasp that spills from her lips. He glances up at her to find her eyes locked on him. “The noises you make,” he groans before sucking her nipple into his mouth as he rolls the other in his fingers.


Clarke’s hands wind their way into his hair as he works her nipple in his mouth before turning to the other. She doesn’t say anything when he releases her nipple with a pop and drops to his knees. Nothing when he unties the strings to her bottoms, revealing her wet pussy to him.


It’s not until he pushes her legs open, running his nose along her slit that her mouth opens. “I’m a virgin.”


Bellamy leans back, surprised—which he’s sure is written all over his face. “You’ve never had sex?”


Clarke makes a face. “That’s what being a virgin means.”


“But you’ve done other things, right?” Bellamy asks, continuing to watch her face so that he’ll know if she’s lying.


“I’ve kissed a few guys...and girls. I let a girl play with my boobs once,” Clarke tells him as a blush covers her cheeks.


Well, this just keeps getting better and better. He can’t wait to tell Roan. “That’s okay, princess. I’m just going to go down on you. No sex.” At least not tonight.


“Can I touch you too?” Clarke bites her lip. “After?”


Bellamy grins because how the hell is he going to say no to that? “Sure, baby. Do you just want to touch with your hands?”


“I don’t know.” Clarke shrugs, eyes dropping to his cock that is rock hard and pressing uncomfortably against his jeans. “Maybe with my mouth too.”


Well, fuck.


Bellamy reaches down to readjust himself as his cock swells even more at her words. She’s definitely going to be his undoing.


“Okay, well we’ll see what you feel up to afterward.”


Bellamy doesn’t wait for an answer as he ducks down to lick up her slit and she is so fucking wet that he can’t bite back the groan that spills from his lips. Clarke’s nails dig along his scalp as he noses at her clit as he licks into her. She tastes like fucking heaven.


After fucking her on his tongue for a few moments he licks up her to her clit, flicking his tongue across it as he slides a finger inside of her. She clamps down on him as she moans. Bellamy sucks her clit between his lips as he continues to work his tongue over it. He keeps the thrusts of his finger slow and steady before adding a second—and she’s so fucking tight. Holy shit.


“That feels amazing, Bell,” Clarke moans. When he looks up her body he finds her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut. He grins against her as he begins to feel her muscles beginning to squeeze around his fingers—she’s close.


“I want to see you come, princess,” Bellamy lets off her clit for a moment while he continues to fuck her on his fingers. Clarke’s head lowers as she meets his eyes. “Can you come for me, baby?”


Clarke nods. “Yes, please.”


Bellamy laughs before ducking his head back down to lap at her clit. He twists his fingers, feeling that spot inside of her that will drive her crazy. He makes sure to hit in on each thrust and it isn’t long before she’s shaking in his arms, keening his name as she cants her hips into his mouth.


And then she’s coming.


“Fuck, Bell…” she moans long and loud and there’s no doubt what they’re doing in here. She milks his fingers as he fucks her through the orgasm before dropping down to lap at her juices until he’s cleaned her up.


“Mmmm,” he murmurs as he stands slowly, smirk firmly in place. “You taste amazing.”


If Clarke wasn’t already flushed from her orgasm, Bellamy is sure that she’d be blushing right now based on the way that she ducks her head and refuses to meet his eyes.


“Hey.” Bellamy lifts her chin, waiting until she lifts her eyes before continuing, “This is nothing to be embarrassed about.”


Clarke nods slowly. “Okay.”


“I guess we should get back to the party.” Bellamy doesn’t want to go back to the party but he isn’t going to hold Clarke to the request that she’d made earlier about touching him. He assumes that she’s going to be too overwhelmed.


“But…” Clarke frowns. “What about you?”


Bellamy shrugs. “I’ll live, it’s not the first time I’ve had a hard-on at a party.”


“But I wanted…” Clarke trails off as she ducks her head again.


Bellamy grins as he lifts an eyebrow. “You wanted to what? I can’t read your mind. You have to tell me what you want.”


Clarke takes a deep breath before straightening her shoulders and lifting her head until she meets his gaze. “I want to touch you.”


“Touch me...where?” Bellamy can’t help but ask.


Clarke’s eyes flash and for a moment he thinks that she might blow up at him but instead, she just says, “Your cock. I want to touch your cock.”


“Good because I want you to touch my cock too,” Bellamy smirks as he steps into her, ducking down to give her a quick kiss.


When Clarke ducks to grab her bikini, his hand shoots out to wrap around her wrist. “No. Leave it off.”


Clarke stares at him for a moment before shrugging. She bites her lip while she reaches down to undo his jeans, pushing them down his legs. While he kicks them off his feet, Clarke stares at his cock that is barely contained by his boxer brief.


“You’re going to have to take those off if you want to touch my cock.” Bellamy snorts when she narrows her eyes at him but he just stares down at her until she glances back at his cock. It takes her another moment before she finally begins to slide them down his legs, his cock springing free and distracting her.


Bellamy chuckles as he rids himself of the boxer briefs as Clarke licks her lips, her eyes on nothing but his hard cock. Her hand is hesitant as it lifts, fingertips just brushing against him. He lets out a loud hiss at the contact, his cock jumping as if begging her for more.


Clarke’s wide eyes glance up at her for a moment and he just nods as he tries to keep his shit together. He’d been close earlier when she’d been rubbing up against him and then watching her come apart? It isn’t going to take much to get him there tonight.


“I don’t know what to do,” she tells him quietly.


Bellamy reaches down and takes her hand in his. “Here, I’ll show you what I like, yeah?”


When Clarke nods he intertwines their fingers before lifting them to his cock, circling his girth. He groans when he realizes that Clarke’s small hand barely fits around him. He strokes their joined hands up and down his cock, his head falling back at the feeling.


After a few strokes, he lets go and Clarke continues to move her hand on her own while his eyes fall shut. A small kitten lick against his leaking head causes him to jerk his head up to look at her, his own eyes wide.


Clarke freezes. “Did I do something wrong?”


“Fuck, no,” Bellamy groans as he slides his hand into her hair. “Do it again.”


Clarke hesitates for a moment before circling his head with her tongue, pulling another groan from his lips. “You taste good, too,” she tells him as she glances up at him through her eyelashes.


Fucking hell.


Clarke turns her attention back to his cock as she leans forward to take him into her mouth. He can’t help the way that his hand tightens in her hair as she takes him further and further into her mouth. He feels the moment that he hits the back of her throat and isn’t able to stop himself from thrusting forward. Clarke hums around him and he snaps.


“Fuck, Clarke. I’m too fucking close,” he tells her as he pulls on her hair until she turns her eyes up to him. “Can I fuck your mouth? Please, let me fuck your mouth.”


He doesn’t even care that he sounds desperate because he is. He’s desperate to come in her mouth—to fill her with his come.


He smiles when Clarke doesn’t hesitate, just nods her agreement as she drops her hand from him. He wraps his other hand in her hair as he looks down at her. “If it gets to be too much just tap on my thigh.”


At her nod, Bellamy tightens his hold on her hair before thrusting into her mouth. She gags when he goes deeper than she’d taken him and his eyes practically roll into the back of his head. He thrusts into her mouth a few more times, waiting to see if she’s going to tap out but she doesn’t.


He keeps his eyes locked on her face, watching as her eyes water and then tears run down her face as he continues to fuck her face hard and fast. She looks so fucking hot on her knees, taking him like a good girl. It doesn’t take long—he’s been too on edge for too long—for him to feel his balls drawing up as his orgasm rises. He knows he should warn her that he’s going to come—give her the choice if she wants him to come in her mouth or not but he wants it too much.


So he says nothing as he fucks into her mouth, further than he has yet, and lets out a long groan as he starts to come. He pulls back just enough so that be can come in her mouth instead of down her throat. His hips buck against her lips as he rides it out, making sure that she takes every last drop of his come.


“Swallow,” he growls as he pulls his cock from her mouth. “Swallow every last drop of my come.”


Clarke’s eyes widen as she swallows and he’s not sure if it’s from his tone, his words, or what he wants her to do. But once she’s done he nods. “Open.”


She drops open her mouth to show that she’s swallowed his whole load, bringing a smile to his face. “What a good fucking girl,” he tells her as he pulls her to her feet and kisses the shit out of her.


When they break apart they’re both panting. “So what did you think?”


She’s quiet for a moment before she speaks. “I think that I like sucking your cock and you fucking my mouth.”


“Good because I liked it too.” Bellamy lets himself kiss her again before leaning down to grab both of their clothes, tossing her bikini to her. “Let’s get dressed and get back out there before your friends notice that you’re missing.”


Clarke dresses quickly and Bellamy can’t help but kiss her again as she heads for the door. “I’ll see you later, princess.”


Clarke shoots him a grin before ducking out. He takes another moment to compose himself before heading out to Roan who just watches him with an eyebrow raised. Bellamy shoots him a grin before turning his attention back to the party, his eyes zeroing in on his girl who has made her way back into the pool.




Bellamy turns to wink at Roan. “What?”


“Don’t play dumb with me, Blake. You’d better not have slept with her.”


“I didn’t sleep with her,” Bellamy scoffs. “I wouldn’t take her virginity in a bathroom for fuck’s sake.”


Bellamy keeps his eyes locked on Roan as he processes that bombshell.


“She’s a virgin?” Roan’s eyes are wide.


Bellamy nods slowly. “She is but she tastes divine. Not half bad at giving head either and she liked it when I fucked her face.”


“I’m going to kill you,” Roan growls.


Bellamy laughs. “No, you’re not. Don’t be jealous, man. We’ll have our fun starting tomorrow when it’s just her and us.”


Roan grins, an almost sinister look in his eyes. “Yeah, we will.” His eyes wander back to Clarke. “And I’ll be the one taking little sister’s virginity.”


“I figured you’d call that one.” Bellamy rolls his eyes but he can’t find it in himself to care that much because he wants so much more from her than just sex. And it’s not like he doesn’t plan to also sleep with her, it just won’t be her first time and he’s okay with that.


He turns back to watch Clarke just as she turns around to look at him. She blushes, dropping her head when he catches her but he just keeps looking. She bites her lip as she glances back up at him and even from here he can see her desire. He can’t wait for these fucking kids to go the hell home so they can begin the real fun of the weekend.



After Bellamy tells him that she’s a virgin, Roan is slowly going crazy. All he wants to do is yell at these stupid kids to get the fuck out so that he can take Clarke to bed. But he also knows that that isn’t what is going to happen. He might touch a little before the main event—not that he had planned to do that but she’s honestly so fucking irresistible that he doesn’t know if he can help himself—but the main event won’t be tonight. He wants them to warm her up before fucking her.


Especially now that he knows she’s a virgin.




Roan reaches down, squeezing his hard cock as he watches Clarke in the pool. The thought of taking her virginity is doing things to his body and making him very impatient. He readjusts himself before letting go of his cock and glancing at his watch.


“How long until we can kick their asses out?”


Bellamy lifts an eyebrow as he glances at him for a moment before his attention turns back to Clarke. It’s like he can’t stop watching her and Roan gets that. “We can’t unless you want her to be pissed at us.”


Roan makes a face but knows that Bellamy is right. “Fine, I’m going to get another beer and watch a movie or some shit. You coming?”


Roan can see the hesitation on Bellamy’s face and rolls his eyes. He knows that Bellamy is in love with Clarke but damn that boy is pussy whipped.


“Yeah,” Bellamy finally sighs though he can’t seem to keep himself from glancing at her once more before following Roan inside.


It’s after three in the morning once the last of Clarke’s friends are gone and Roan has lost all patience as he practically shoves them out of the door. He’s pissed because Clarke is so drunk that she’s falling asleep on the couch and he has zero interest in fucking with her when she’s unconscious.


“Really, Clarke?” Bellamy teases as he pokes her side. “Passing out on us already?”


Clarke’s head lulls a bit as she sits up, blinking at him and Bellamy. “No, of course not. I’m awake.”


“Bullshit,” Roan bites out, internally beating himself up when Clarke turns to him with a frown.


"I mean, I can go to bed if you want me to," Clarke says quietly.


"No." Roan shakes his head. The whole virgin thing is really throwing him for a loop. “I mean unless you want to.”


Bellamy glares at him over Clarke’s head as she shakes her head. “I’d like to hang out with the two of you for a while.”


“Of course, princess, we’d love that,” Bellamy tells her. “Do you want to watch a movie?”


Clarke nods. “Yeah, that sounds good.” She grabs the remote and starts flipping through Netflix until she finds something that they all agree on. Then she’s waving him over. “Why are you all the way over there, Roan?”


Roan glances at the spot on the couch that she’s patting on the couch beside her which would put her between him and Bellamy. He hesitates for only a moment before taking the offered seat. Clarke lays down with her head in Bellamy’s lap and her legs in his and he can only hope that she doesn’t accidentally rub her leg against his hard-on.


Roan tries to pay attention to the movie—he really does—but he finds himself focusing on Clarke instead as his hands glide up and down her legs. When he glances at Bellamy he sees that his friend’s attention is also on Clarke as his hand threads through her hair. Bellamy shoots him a smirk as his other hand drops down to brush against Clarke’s tit.


Clarke lets out a quiet moan, her head tipping back to look up at Bellamy. Roan finds himself grinning as he slides his hands further up her leg, stroking up and down Clarke’s thighs. After the first few passes, Clarke’s hips begin to shift on the couch.


“Everything okay, little sister?” Roan asks, not bothering to hide his grin.


“Uhhh…” Clarke glances at him before quickly looking away once she realizes that his eyes are on her. “Yeah, everything is fine.”


Roan doesn’t answer her as he continues to stroke her thighs, his touch growing more firm as his hands move higher with each pass. When the back of his hand grazes her center through her bikini bottoms, Clarke lets out another moan as her hips chase his touch.


“Do you need something, little sister?” Roan asks her, his voice strained with desire.


Clarke’s face flushes as she glances at him before turning her attention to Bellamy. She bites her lip before turning back to him. “That just feels really good.”


“Does it?” Roan runs his hand up her thigh again. “This does?” Then he lifts his big hand to cup her pussy. “Or this does?”


“That,” Clarke whines as she shifts her hips to grind against his hand. “Please, Roan.”


Roan laughs, low and dark. “Please what, little sister?”


“I need to come. Please make me come, Roan.”


“What a good girl you are, princess. Asking for what you want.” Bellamy leans down and presses a kiss to her lips as Roan hooks his hands in her bikini bottoms and begins to slide them down her legs. “Do you want something from me?”


Clarke nods though her eyes are locked on Roan. “Can you play with my boobs?”


“It would be my pleasure.” Bellamy pushes Clarke’s bikini top down so that her tits pop out and they’re even more glorious than Roan had thought they’d be. Bellamy quickly gets to work on her nipples, rolling them between his fingers.


Roan shoots Clarke a quick smile as he slides his hand between her legs once more, running a finger along her slit to find that she’s drenched. “You’re so wet for me, little sister. It won’t take much for you to come at all will it?”


Clarke opens her mouth to answer but he’s already sliding a finger inside of her and she loses the thread of whatever she was about to say as she lets out a long, loud moan. Roan quickly adds a second finger as he moves around until he can kneel between her legs. He needs to taste her, so he does.


Roan dips his head down to lap at her clit as he picks up the pace of his fingers. Her hips cant against his hand as she helps him fuck her with his fingers. And he was right, it doesn’t take long for Clarke to come.


“Roan,” she cries as she bucks against his face and fingers. Her pussy clamps down on his fingers and he wishes that it was his cock inside of her. As her body settles, Clarke’s eyes fall shut and within seconds she’s fast asleep.


“Well fuck.” Roan slides his fingers from her pussy and lifts them to his lips. He hums at her taste.


Bellamy laughs. “She tastes fucking delicious, doesn’t she?”


Roan nods, glancing down at her sleeping form. “I’ll carry her up to bed.”


“Okay.” Bellamy hesitates for a moment. “What if we were to put her in bed with us? We could start the day off with a literal bang.”


Roan laughs as Bellamy waggles his eyebrows at him. “Okay, yeah. My bed is big enough. Will you turn off the tv and get the lights while I carry her up?”


“Got it.”


Roan squeezes his dick through his pants once before leaning down to pick Clarke up in his arms. He’d love to do something about his hard dick but he’s kind of tired and he doesn’t want to get himself off. The next time he comes, he wants it to be inside Clarke. He carries her up the stairs and into his room, pulling off her bikini top so that she’s naked before settling her into the middle of his bed.


She really is gorgeous.


Roan strips down until he’s naked as well before climbing in beside her, pulling Clarke’s soft body against his hard one. Moments later Bellamy joins them, stripping down naked as well.


“I can’t wait until tomorrow,” Bellamy says.


Roan sighs. “Me neither.”


He thinks it’ll take him a while to fall asleep but with Clarke in his arms he’s out almost the moment that he shuts his eyes.



Clarke wakes up slowly, her entire body on fire. Her eyes blink open and still takes her a moment for her eyes to focus, for her mind to catch up with her body. Her back arches off the bed as the orgasm rips through her.


She pants, eyes wide as she glances between her legs and realizes that it’s Roan between her legs. What the hell is going on? Her mouth falls open and she knows that she should say something but she can’t seem to make her words work.


“Good morning, little sister,” Roan smirks up at her, his lips covered in her juices.


Movement beside her draws Clarke’s attention and she turns her head to find Bellamy leaning against the headboard as he strokes his cock. His eyes lift away from her body to meet her eyes and he grins. “Morning princess.”


What the fuck?


Clarke jerks her eyes up as she realizes that her eyes have ventured down to Bellamy’s cock. She turns her head and finds herself caught in Roan’s hungry gaze.


“Morning?” she croaks and the words come out more like a question than a statement.


Roan just continues to smirk at her, his fingers trailing up and down her inner thighs which makes her shiver. “Bellamy told me the most interesting thing last night.”




Roan begins to move up her body until he hovers above her, leaning down until his lips are almost brushing hers before he speaks, “Yes, little sister, he told me that you’re a virgin.”


Clarke feels her face flush as she squeezes her eyes shut. Her mind is running a million miles a minute in a million different directions. She’s embarrassed that Roan knows she’s a virgin but still so fucking turned on from waking up to him going down on her. She can still feel Bellamy’s movements beside her even if she can’t see him, so she can tell he is still stroking himself.


“I want to help you out with that,” Roan whispers as he lowers himself on top of her.


Clarke can’t help the gasp that falls from her lips at not just his words but at his hard cock pressing against her wet pussy. She can’t help the way she shifts against him as her eyes pop open. “You what?”


Roan laughs. “I want to fuck you, little sister,” he says as he shifts his hips, his cock sliding between her pussy lips and coating him in her juices. “And you obviously want that, but I need one thing from you.”


“I don’t...I...Uh...What’s that?” she asks, her breath coming out in pants as her hips shift.


Roan doesn’t say anything as he reaches between them, stroking his cock before rubbing his head against her clit. “You need to ask your big brother very nicely. In fact, you need to beg me.”


Once again Clarke’s mouth falls open in shock. Roan wants her to beg him? She can’t do that...can she? When he nudges his cock against her clit again, her thoughts shatter.


“Please, Roan...fuck me, please,” she whines, barely believing the words are coming from her mouth.


“Now, little sister, that’s not what I asked for,” Roan growls.


She doesn’t feel Bellamy move but then his lips are brushing against her ear. “He wants you to beg your big brother to fuck you—not Roan.”


It takes Clarke a moment to figure out what Bellamy is telling her as she stares up into Roan’s hungry eyes but she eventually understands. He gets off on the wrongness of it.


She takes a deep breath. “Big brother, I need you to fuck me. Please put your cock in me. I’m desperate for it.”


Clarke sees the desire flare in Roan’s eyes and hears Bellamy’s chuckle but her focus is on Roan’s cock as he slowly presses into her. She feels pressure as his hips press into her and he’s so much bigger than the fingers that Bellamy had fucked her with just the night before.


She flinches, hips falling away from Roan as he continues to press into her and the pressure continues to build. She feels Bellamy’s hand on her face. “Shhh, princess. It’ll only hurt for a short time. Just breathe.” And then his lips are on hers, distracting her from the sudden pinch of pain between her legs.


It does hurt and it’s fucking uncomfortable as hell as Roan presses fully into her before settling there, letting her adjust as Bellamy distracts her with his tongue. When Roan begins to pull out, it’s still painful and still uncomfortable but he moves slowly. She flinches against Bellamy’s lips but he just keeps kissing her and eventually the pain begins to fade, though there is still a hint of uncomfortableness as Roan picks up his pace.


Someone’s hand snakes down between hers and Roan’s bodies, rubbing at her clit and distracting her further. It’s only then that the pleasure begins to rise, the uncomfortable feeling beginning to fade. That’s when she begins to lift her hips to meet Roan’s—which he takes as a sign to begin to fuck her in earnest.


Bellamy breaks their kiss and when Clarke glances down she finds that it’s his hand on her clit as Roan pounds into her. Her eyes flit up to meet Roan’s.


“Come on, little sister, I’m not going to last much longer. I need you to come,” Roan pants. “You’re too fucking tight.”


Bellamy’s fingers speed up as he ducks his head, pulling her nipple into his mouth, and laps at it with his tongue. Clarke’s head falls back as she feels the orgasm building within her. When Bellamy bites down on her nipple, Clarke’s body tenses as she’s thrown into her orgasm.


Roan’s hips slam into hers again and again before he lets out a long groan, releasing inside of her. Then he’s sliding off of her and further down the bed. She frowns, confused. She turns her attention to Bellamy when he shifts himself on top of her.


“I don’t think I can wait, princess. I need to have you. Please tell me you’re not too sore,” Bellamy begs her.


Once again it takes Clarke longer than she’d like to admit to understand his words. She is sore and she’s not sure that she can go again—that she should go again. She’s just lost her virginity and is considering having sex with another man moments later. That can’t be right, can it?


But as she stares up into Bellamy’s eyes she doesn’t care what is right and what is wrong. She doesn’t care that she’s sore when he’s staring down at her with love and hunger written all over his face. How can she say no to him?


Clarke lifts her hands to cup his face as she smiles. “Make love to me, Bell.”


Joy radiates from Bellamy’s face as he drops down to kiss her, deep and filled with love. Then his cock is pressing against her pussy and already she can tell that he’s bigger than Roan—that if she thinks she’s sore now, it’s going to be nothing on what she’s going to feel once Bellamy is done with her.


Bellamy presses into her slowly and though she’s wet with not only her juices but Roan’s come, it feels like a tight fit. She breaks away from Bellamy to bite down on her lip, not wanting Bellamy to know that he’s causing her pain.


“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispers against her lips. “I’ll make you feel good, I promise. It’s just hard the first time.”


But then he’s fully seated inside of her. There’s a small uncomfortable pain but it’s not enough to make her want to stop. When Bellamy doesn’t immediately move she tilts her hips and Bellamy’s eyes shutter closed. Then he’s moving, his hips slapping against hers with each thrust.


Wanton moans spill from Clarke’s lips and she wonders if she should be embarrassed by them but the look in Bellamy’s eyes tells her no, she shouldn’t. Bellamy’s hands grip her hips as he lifts her slightly and a pillow slides beneath her. When Bellamy settles her back onto the pillow, her eyes widen as he hits something inside of her that has her gasping.


Over and over he strokes in and out of her, his cock sliding across what she realizes must be her g-spot and it isn’t long until she’s on the edge of coming again. Bellamy must see it on her face because he leans down, his lips against her ear once more. “I love you, princess. Now come for me.”


He pulls away just enough to be able to see her face and she can’t do anything but follow his order when a hand finds its way to her clit. With just one stroke she’s falling apart with Bellamy’s name on her lips. He fucks her through her orgasm but she can see the strain on his face, so she isn’t surprised when it only takes a few seconds for him to come once she falls lax in his embrace.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Bellamy groans as his hips jerk against her and she can feel him spill inside of her. When he stills, he collapses atop her as they both try to catch their breath.


When they finally fall apart, her eyes scan the bed to find that they’re alone. “Roan?” she questions as she turns back to Bellamy.


Bellamy chuckles “I’m guessing he only wanted to see the sex and not this next part.”


“Huh?” Clarke doesn’t understand his words.


“When I said I love you, it wasn’t just a line to get you to sleep with me. I’ve been in love with you, I think since I first saw you.” Bellamy snorts as he shakes his head. “I don’t just want sex with you. I just want you. With me.”


Clarke finds herself smiling as Bellamy begins to play with her hand. “You want to date me?”


“Fuck, yes, I do.”


Clarke laughs, unable to stop herself. She pulls Bellamy down for a kiss. “I’d love that.” She pauses, trying to push past her embarrassment and the butterflies in her stomach. “I love you too.”


“Thank god,” Bellamy mutters before he climbs off the bed, lifting her into his arms. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”


Clarke lets her head rest against Bellamy’s chest as she tries to figure out what the hell had just happened. She’d just lost her virginity to her stepbrother and then immediately had sex with Bellamy. And now she’s dating him. She wonders if she should pinch herself to make sure that this is real but instead she finds herself drifting off even in the short walk to the bathroom.


She just hopes that this isn’t a dream and if it is, she doesn’t want to wake up.