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Of Ice Cream Lies and Family Times

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“You’re not gonna tell…are you?” Jason whispers to the people in the back of his truck.

“Tell what?” a little voice answers from behind him. Jason smiles as he hears the slurping.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Jason chuckles as he looks in the rearview mirror at his little girl.

“You are so gonna get scolded, dad.” Says another voice, this one older, and yet, also with the slurping.

“She’s right.” Mikey agreed, also while slurping his own ice cream cone.

Jason huffed out a loud laugh. “Ha! Says the ice cream monsters! Besides, you paid for it, didn’t you?!”

“Just so you know, I only ordered one because Allie wanted one too,” Emma explained haughtily from the back.

Then, someone snorted at Emma’s statement from the passenger seat. “Uhuh….keep telling yourself that, sweetheart. Either way, you are all fucked.”

“UNCLE SONNY!!” Emma and Mikey exclaimed indignantly in the back as Emma immediately covered both of Allie’s ears.

“Daddy, what’s Fuc--mmmmmm?” Allie started to ask when Mikey, who was seated on the other side of Allie, immediately covered her mouth to keep her from saying the bad word.

Jason immediately turned to the curbside to stop his truck, turned to glare at Sonny who looked apologetic. “I will deal with you in a second…” Jason whispered through gritted teeth.

Then, Jason turned to look at his children in the back, seeing both Mikey and Emma with shocked glances at their Uncle Sonny and little Allie about to cry with her mouth covered and her ice cream cone now on her tutu dress. Jason carefully removed Emma’s hand from Allie’s mouth. Emma immediately fished for wipes in her purse to clean up Allie, who now started to cry.

“Allie, Honey…” Jason said gently “Don’t cry honey, it’s okay….Uncle Sonny was just being a bad man and said something THAT. HE. SHOULDN’T.” Jason emphasized the last words with a hard hit on Sonny’s arm. “Especially to little princesses like you.”

“Ow!” Sonny exclaimed loudly which made Allie cry harder. Sonny turned to look at Allie and immediately softened at seeing the little girl’s pathetic albeit cute face. “Oh, honey….it’s okay.”

“But DADDY spank you!” Allie answered pathetically while crying.

“It’s okay. You’re daddy just punished me for doing something really bad.” Sonny explained gently as Jason, who was helping Mikey and Emma clean up the ice cream on Allie’s dress, looked up at him again.

“You not hurt?” Allie asked in a little voice, now trying to calm down.

Sonny shook his head and said, “uh..uh…it takes more than a little punch from your daddy to hurt Uncle Sonny…remember I’m a Man of?”

“STEEL!” Allie exclaimed with a big smile.

“That’s right!” Sonny affirmed with a chuckle “Daddy can’t hurt Uncle Sonny…”

“That’s right!” Allie exclaimed again while raising both her hands “…because Daddy is a sissy!!” she furthers with a giggle making Sonny turn to look at Jason with wide eyes while shaking his head.

“I did not say that to her.” Sonny immediately explained as both Emma and Mikey also glared at him. Jason sat up straight and gave Sonny a look that told him he was really gonna get it later.

“I swear I did not tell her that!” Sonny tried to explain again as he raised both his arms in surrender.

“Oh yeah?” Jason said in a dangerously calm voice “Who would tell my daughter such a thing, huh?”

“Unca Eric!” Allie supplied while looking between Jason and Sonny.

“Who?” Emma asked again in surprise. “Uncle Eric.”

Allie nodded vigorously. “Uhuh….”

“When did Uncle Eric tell you that?” Mikey asked her in shock.

“Yesterday we go ice cream with Unca Brock and Unca Trent!” Allie told them excitedly. “Cerby and Peppy get too Daddy!”

“Uncle Eric took you to get ice cream yesterday?” Jason turned to look at Allie surprised at hearing this news. “I thought you went out with mommy yesterday.”

“Uhuh….” Allie explained as she laid her head on Emma with the latter stroking her hair. “We go with Auntie NaiNai and Auntie Li. They go curly curly hair. I go ice cream with Unca Eric.”

Sonny snorted upon hearing the little girl’s story. “Why did Uncle Eric say Daddy was a sissy?” he asked which made Jason punch him in the arm again.

“He said Daddy sissy coz no no ice cream you say.” Allie supplied with a yawn. “Daddy I sleep?”

Jason smiled a little at his little girl and nodded. “Okay, princess. Go to sleep, Em Em and Mikey will be your pillows okay?”

“Okay!” then she passed out. Both Mikey and Emma settled Allie into a better sleeping position before Jason drove back home.

“I swear to god this little princess is NOT gonna be like her mommy when it comes to secrets,” Sonny said with a laugh which made both Emma and Mikey laugh out too.

Jason turned and pointed a finger at him “Don’t you ever curse in front of Allie again or I’m gonna string you up in our backyard.”

“Affirmative.” Sonny nodded knowing full well his mistake of using a curse word in front of a little child.

“What are we gonna do about her tutu, Dad?” Emma asked, worried about her tutu dress and what Mandy and grandma Linda might say about their little ice cream escapade.

“Take it Off. Leave her in tights.” Jason instructed. “We’ll just say we forgot to bring her tutu. Mikey put it up in washing as soon as we get home. Get me?”

“Yeah, dad.” Mikey nodded as he placed Allie’s pink tutu in his backpack.

“And you….” Jason turned to glare at Sonny again “Shut your mouth.”

Sonny motions zipping up his mouth and nods his head. They drive silently back to the Hayes’ home with only little Allie’s snorepuffs entertaining them.

As they get to the house, they find Mandy’s as well as Lisa’s car in the driveway.

“Ah yes….my fair maiden is here…right on time.” Sonny chortles as he unbuckles his seatbelt and gets out of the car.

Jason does the same only to go in the back to carry his youngest who was protesting in her sleep “No…no….I wanna play…Cerby…Peppy!”

“Ssshh….shhh….it’s okay honey….Peppy and Cerby are waiting inside.” Jason tells his daughter gently as he waits for his two eldest to join him by the doorway.

“You know the drill guys…” Jason tells both Emma and Mikey, who both nod.

AS they enter their home, they find Sonny already by the dining area with Lisa talking to him. Mandy was seated by the loveseat, her hands folded in front of her and giving Jason and the two other Hayes’ a stern look.

“Where’ve you been?” asked Mandy nonchalantly.

“We went to pick Allie up.” Jason answered “We dropped by Anderson’s to pick up Mikey’s uniform. You need to wash those bud…go ahead“ Jason smiles up at Mikey who nods and heads on over to the laundry room.

Mandy nodded and pursed her lips. “Where is Allie’s tutu?”

“We forgot the tutu,” Jason explained while still holding Allie. “I’m gonna put her in bed.”

Mandy then stood up and said, “I’ll go with you.”

They silently head on up to Allie’s room which was adjacent to Mikey’s room and right beside Emma’s for when the two older Hayes’ come home for the holidays, like today…a day before Christmas.

As Jason put Allie gently down on her bed, Mandy quickly placed her Brown Bear Plushy to avoid waking the little girl up. Jason stood over the mother and daughter and smiled a little. Mandy, noticing the silence from Jason, looked up at him.

“So….” Mandy smiled a little.

“So…” Jason also smiled a little.

“Did you really forget her tutu?” Mandy asked with a smirk. “Because I have the video you sent me earlier of her wearing the ‘forgotten tutu’, you know.”

Jason, knowing that the jig was up, hung his head in defeat, sighed heavily, and then took a seat on Allie’s bed beside Mandy.

“Okay….We didn’t go to Anderson’s.” Jason confessed. “I took the kids to the ice cream shop.”

“Jason…” Mandy started.

“I know I know….she just got back from a fever but she gave me those puppy dog eyes,” Jason said. “Besides, it was Emma who paid for everything.”

“I swear to god you are such a pushover,” Mandy tells him with a chuckle.

“You’re one to talk…” Jason starts. “Did you have a girls’ day with the ladies and left our daughter with her uncles yesterday?”

Mandy quickly shut up and gave him her version of the puppy dog eyes as she laid her head on his shoulders. Jason laughed as he looked away.

“No…no….do not do that,” Jason told Mandy, refusing to look at her.
“Do what?” Mandy tells him innocently but also with a little smirk on her face.

“I am not looking,” Jason says determinedly…not looking at Mandy.

Mandy laughs and says “Okay. Guilty as charged. Lisa had something she wanted to tell us ladies and asked for a day while you were with Ray and Sonny yesterday. “

This time, Jason looked at her with concern on her face. “Is everything all right?”

“It’s why she’s here,” Mandy said. “We called everybody in for dinner for her announcement.”

“Good news?” Jason asked to which she nodded with a smile.

“Had me worried there for a minute,” Jason said in relief. After a little while, Jason starts again, “By the way, you’re great Uncles’ day with this little one had her telling everyone I was a sissy on our way back here.”

Mandy snorted and gasped at the same time with what she heard. “What?!”

“Balckburn told her I was a sissy yesterday when…” he paused for emphasis “Get this…when Unca Eric, Unca Brock, and Unca Trent gots me ice cream!” Jason tried to imitate his daughter that made Mandy laugh. After a while, after realizing what Jason said she looks up at him and says “Ice Cream?”

Jason nodded. “So if you’re berating anybody for feeding this little girl her ice cream, berate him”

“He is so gonna get it.” Mandy whispered.

Jason stood up then and pulled Mandy up as well. He brought her into a hug, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered against her hair “Forget it. Can’t really blame them. You know Allie. She can make anybody do whatever the hell she wants….just like her mommy.”

Mandy nodded, looked up at Jason, and said “Or you. I mean you can pretty much always tell me what to do…” she says in a flirty voice that makes Jason fake gasp.

“Mrs. Hayes!” he whispers to her “Are you flirting with me right now?”

Mandy smiles and bites her lip “Maybe….”

“Oh, you are so gonna get it,” Jason whispers against her lips as he kisses her.

Just as they were about to head over to their bedroom for a little time alone, Sonny runs up the stairs and huffed at them “No. No sexy times Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. It’s dinner time.”

Jason turns to look at him in frustration then and says “You go ahead. You don’t need us.”

“I swear to all that is holy Jason if you don’t get down now Imma drag you screaming,” Sonny tells Jason equally frustrated. “I’m fucking hungry man!”

“No cursing!” Mandy admonishes Sonny who immediately quiets down but gives Jason the most pathetic puppy dog eyes.

“Cmon man…” Sonny whispers “I’m starving and Lisa won’t even let me have a beer not until everybody’s there.”

“Dammit, Sonny!” Jason whisper shouts at Sonny.

Before Jason could send Sonny off again, Mandy patted Jason’s chest and tells him “Cmon Jace. The moment’s passed anyway”

“No it hasn’t,” Jason tells her as he gestures towards his lower half “It definitely has not passed yet.”

Mandy laughs at him as she takes the stairs heading down “Cmon you sissy…we’ve got an Uncle to burn.”

Jason hangs his head in defeat. After a while, he looks at Sonny again and says “You are on my shitlist. You hear me? I’m stringing you up in the backyard after dinner.”

And they both head down to have what Jason thinks will be quite an entertaining feast.