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Golden Showers Bring May Flowers

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L worked quite long shifts, each one being 10-12 hours. Today was a rare day where he got to go home early. Lucky for him because he refused to use the bathroom while working and forgot to use it before he left this morning and was particularly desperate.

The minute he got off work he went to his car and gpt close to speeding on his way home. He practically kicked the door down when he got home, but before he could get to the bathroom he heard creaking and moaning. He knew what it was and felt a tingle. “Shit” he thought “I can’t piss with a boner…”
No matter how bad he wanted to release himself, his horniness took over. He entered the bedroom to join in and stripped down. Light and Misa looked delighted for him to join them.
L took his average size dick and pushed it into Light’s ass, making him moan. He started going faster, rawdogging his tight ass felt heavenly. The fast thrusts jolted the pee in his bladder vigorously and the cramps his desperation caused brought tears to his eyes.
Light put his fingers in Misa’s ass and used his other hand to jack off.
L felt a spurt of hot piss squirt past his hold. Light looked surprised and said “What the fuck L did you just piss in me?” “N-No… yeah, I’m so sorry, I don’t know how much longer I can hold it” Light moaned as L leaked into his ass again “No, I love it L” Light continued fingering Misa as she gasped and came. Light pulled his fingers out and L whimpered, about to lose control of his sweet, gold piss building up in his bladder. L let out another longer leak and whined. “I’m losing control Light” “Nonono” Light said seductively “Hold it just long enough to pull it out and piss on me.” L quickly pulled out and immediately let go, cum coming out with the piss. Light came as the warm liquid hit his skin. They all signed, agreeing that was the best session they’ve ever had.