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Zeke’s eyes widened in shock. “What the hell are you doing?!”

The short man sneered at him. “I’m thirsty so I’m getting a drink. I didn’t realize I had to get your permission, beardie.”

Zeke knows Levi has a point, but he also knows that the bottle of wine the terrifying, older man is holding is spiked– with his spinal fluid. Zeke racks his brain for a way to get Levi to give him the bottle. Even though the man literally makes him piss his pants, he didn’t want him to turn into a mindless lump of flesh. He holds his hand out, “Give me the bottle shortie. I’ll make you tea instead.”

Levi scoffs, cradling the bottle to his chest. “Fuck off. If I want to drink wine I can. I don’t need you telling me what to do.”

“Levi, please.” He says. The shorter man flips him off.

“This just happens to be my favorite, so you ain’t getting this back.” Levi says, a smirk on his face. It looks crooked–almost evil– and wrong. He pops the cork off with his teeth.

The panic sets into Zeke, weighing down in his gut. “Levi, you’re full of shit now just give me the damn bottle.”

Narrowing his eyes, Levi spits the cork at Zeke hitting him on his glasses. “It seems you are forgetting who’s in charge here, beardie.” Levi says, then takes a swig of the wine. “This is some good shit, I’ll just have to drink all of it to myself.”

“Then you’ll be drunk.” Zeke says. He can’t really process anything Levi is saying anymore because now that he drank the wine, Zeke has to wait before he continues with the plan. “And you’re small so you really shouldn’t drink all of that.” He is at a point where he’ll say anything to get that bottle back from Levi.

To his absolute horror, the little psychopath flips him off (again) and starts chugging the bottle of wine. “Do not” burps, “tell me” burps, “what to do, beardie.” He hands the empty bottle back to Zeke and starts to walk away.

“Levi, do you have any idea what you just did?” Zeke says, failing to conceal his panic in his voice.

The shorter man spins on his heels, “What the fuck is your problem? You think because I let you fuck me you can tell me what the fuck I’m allowed to do?!” Zeke swallows harshly, he can see Levi has his hands balled up into fists. “You have no right after the bullshit you did.”

“Fuck, Levi. I’m sorry, I-“ Zeke says. He’s scared that the very fragile relationship he is starting with this man is crumbling right before his eyes.

“Why? What did you do, monkey man, spike the fucking wine?!” Levi says, patience clearly running thin.

Zeke hangs his head in shame. “Yes.”

“You put fucking drugs in the wine?!” Levi says, raising his voice. “You seriously must have been repeatedly dropped on your head as a child.”

Zeke shakes his head furiously, “No not drugs. It’s worse. Way worse.” Levi gestures towards him, obviously demanding he continue that train of thought. “It’s my spinal fluid. There was my spinal fluid in the wine and you drank the entire bottle, by yourself mind you. How the hell did you do that, shortie?”

Levi blinked at him as if he grew a second head. “Why the hell would you do that?” He asks, eyes narrowing in suspension.

“I don’t know.” Zeke says lamely. “It’s stupid.”

“That’s all you have to say, after you watched me drink your spinal fluid? You know why it was in there and now I’m curious too, so tell me before I get cranky and stabby.” Levi huffs.

Zeke throws his hands up in surrender. “Because I am from the Royal bloodline, I can control the titans turned with my spinal fluid.”

“I already know that, tell me something I don’t already know, Jäeger.” Levi says, gritting his teeth. Zeke instantly pales because Levi has never used his last name before now. It sounds horribly menacing coming from the captain.

“Uh, well what’s something you don’t know?” He says, extremely nervous.

The glare Levi throws at him makes him hope the earth will open up and swallow him. “Try the reason why it would be in there in the first place.”

Zeke looks around the forest, hoping there is a way out of this conversation. “I am still thinking about how you down that entire bottle, like where’d it go?” Zeke says, changing the subject to avoid Levi’s questions.

“Tch,” Levi scoffs, “Don’t go changing the subject now beardie. Why the fuck was your spinal fluid in the wine?”

Face red as a beet, Zeke stares at Levi’s boots. “It was my escape plan. Have all your men drink the wine, I scream, they become titans that I command, making it easy to slip away in the chaos.” Zeke can’t even bear to look at Levi. All the trust Levi put into him, gone instantly because of a dumb idea. Well, it isn't dumb, just completely unnecessary now. “I’m sorry, shortie. I won’t do it, I can’t do that now.”

The older man is silent for a while. He goes and sits down in a chair, Zeke follows close behind him. After an hour of sitting in silence Levi says, “Why can’t you do it now? You could easily leave now, so why don’t you.”

Zeke knows exactly why he won’t go. His entire life, he has been pulled in every direction by adults telling him what he needs to do, what he needs to become. He has lived his entire adult life for the Marleyan empire, and has killed hundreds of thousands of people for Marley. This time, though, no one is making him want Levi the way he does. He wants to fuck him again, wants to hold him close. He wants to be the one to love him– again, but better than anyone in the past. Zeke wants Levi all to himself.

Levi looks at him expectantly. Zeke opens then closes his mouth a few times like a fish out of water. Tears well up in the corner of his eyes, “I don’t want to go, shortie. I like spending time with you and,” Zeke takes a deep breath, “I want to keep spending time with you. The spinal fluid in the wine was a fail safe, but you have to trust me when I say I will not use it, especially now.” Zeke can see a smirk on Levi’s face, “Come on. I just poured my heart out, it is not funny.”

Levi leans closer towards Zeke. “Beardie, I can’t turn into a fucking titan. Jesus Christ, the look on your face when I drank the wine. You are lucky you’re a good fuck because holy shit that was so stupid.” Levi says, planting a hand on Zeke’s knee. “Also, I may be a tad drunk. Probably shouldn’t have drunk that whole bottle of wine.”

Zeke is at a loss for words, which seems to be a common occurrence around Levi. “Why can’t you become a titan?”

“I am not Eldian,” Levi says, “I thought you knew that by now. I am from a completely different bloodline, the royals of the walls can't even control. I was fucking with you earlier, but now I am drunk and horny, so fix it.”

Zeke looked around the campsite, the thirty some soldiers that surrounded them were all hidden away in the trees. “We are out in the open. Anyone can see.”

Levi raised an eyebrow, “Is that going to be a problem for you, monkey man? You got stage performance issues?”

He shrugs. “I just assumed you didn’t want people to know.”

“It’s not like anyone can do shit about it.” Levi grumbles. “These people are too chickenshit.” The older man stands and sits down on Zeke's lap, just like he did in the tent a few weeks prior. He rocked his hips against the larger man’s, their cocks pushing against each other. A few thrusts from Levi, and Zeke’s dick is hard as steel, straining in his pants.

Leaning in, Zeke captures the brunette’s lips with his own, rolling his hips meeting Levi half way. After a while of just making out and dry humping each other, Zeke gets impatient and pulls their cocks out from their pants. He pushes his fingers into Levi’s mouth and the man sucks on them, no questions asked. He gathers Levi’s saliva, pushing his pants down just under the swell of his ass, he pushes two fingers in at once. Levi throws his head back and moans.

The smaller man fucks himself, desperately onto Zeke’s hand as if it was his cock. “I’m good, just fuck me, beardie.” Levi groans. Zeke spits in his hand, strokes his cock a couple of times and lines himself up to Levi’s half-prepped hole. Levi sinks down as Zeke pushes up into him.

“Fuck you’re tight.” Zeke moans. He keeps as still as he possibly can. Levi gives an experimental bounce of his hips. Levi sets the pace, impaling himself on Zeke's cock. “You like doing this.” Zeke observes, as Levi’s thrusts downward become more and more erratic. “You love fucking yourself on my cock.”

“Unn, oh fuck– shut the fuck up.” Levi gasps, crashing his ass down to Zeke’s thighs one last time before he arches his back and comes all over Zeke’s shirt.

Zeke is quickly rolling over the edge, just seconds after.

“That was good.” Zeke says, trying to catch his breath. “Is this going to become a regular thing now, shortie?”

Levi shrugs. “We fucked twice, that hardly means shit." Zeke gives Levi a dejected look. "Don't look at me like I just kicked you pet monkey around, monkey man. I suppose you aren’t the worst lay I’ve ever had.”

Zeke pulls him into a kiss, soft cock still lodged deep inside of him. “Good, I’m glad.”

Levi pulls back from the kiss and grips tightly onto Zeke’s hair at the nape of his neck. “But if you ever spike anymore wine, we’re going to have a fucking problem, do you understand me?”

Zeke swallows the freshly formed lump in his throat and nods his head.