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We’re driving down a one way road to something better.

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It happened so quickly one minute they were driving and laughing at everything they saw. Gaping in awe at the fall colors blanketing the hills. The next Harry was struggling to breathe pain shooting across his body.

He gasped in pain and opened his eyes a little as he tried to find a way out. Shards of glass littering the floor and deep cuts all over his arms and legs. The smell of gas and eerie silence. 

Oh shit, where's louis?

He thought, getting more panicked as time went on. He opened his eyes even wider and scanned the area frantically. His head swam and his vision was blurry but he made out a still figure beside him. 

He immediately ignored the black dots in the corners of his vision and winced as he undid his seat belt and reached over to Louis.

“Lou?” He asked with a strained voice “Lou please” Nothing “Louis!” He shouted  tears tracking down his cheeks. Sobbing he searched for his phone and dialed 911 spewing out as many words as he could the minute he heard the operator. 

“Please. Car accident. Scenic highway, I’m stuck and I smell gas and my fiancé wont wake up.”

”we are sending emergency services to your location right now please try not to move.”

”But Louis-“

“If you are stuck there’s nothing you can do at this time please hold still. Are any of his pulse points within reach where you don’t have to strain.”

” No I- I don’t know, I just- just help please please- he wont move at all.”

“They ambulances and fire services are 6 minutes out do your best to breathe and let me know if you see any response from Louis.” 

Harry stayed on the phone but put it down on speaker on his lap. He took a deep breath and began to speak to Louis praying to any god that Louis would be okay.

”Lou baby, I need you to wake up please. I need to know you are okay… you can’t go like this, not yet. We are getting married in 4 weeks. We are in the middle of filing adoption papers. You have so much to look forward to. Please please Lou. For me, for our future say something…” 

With still no response Harry sat sobbing praying to any god that they would spare him. The operators voice brought him back.

“Sir Your services are 2 minutes away now.”

Harry nodded to reassure himself. He could now hear the sirens approaching and he sighed in relief. He soon felt a gush of cold air as the broken car door was pried open. He heard himself being asked random questions and he answered them all without thinking. Harry was exhausted and so very worried about his husband to be. 

“Is Louis okay?”

”We don't know sir we need to get you both out of this vehicle as soon as possible though.” 

Harry nodded and without expecting it feel into unconsciousness.


He woke up in a cold hospital room. Bright lights surrounding him he was surprised when he saw Liam sitting beside him along with his mother and sister. He let out a groan to let them know he was awake and they immediately looked up and beamed. 

“Harry! Thank goodness your awake!” Gemma exclaimed. “You had us really worried.”

“How long was I out?”

“About 12 hours” Liam said. 

Harry suddenly realised someone was missing. And his eyes widened.

”Oh god, Where is Louis? Is he okay. He better not be dead that asshole.”

”Louis is alive Harry but he hasn’t woken up yet.” His mum said.

”Can I see him?” Harry begged.

”Let me call a nurse or doctor in and see.”

Minutes later Liam returned with a young doctor with a smile on his face.

”I’m glad to hear and see you are awake Mr. Styles, You want to see your fiancé correct?”

Harry nodded quickly and winced when it made his head pound more. 

“Okay you aren’t extremely injured besides your broken arm and cuts. Your vitals are also stable so. Any of these people here can take you to see him. They already know what room.” The doctor nodded at Liam and exited the room.

Soon enough Harry was on his feet leaning on Liam as he limped down the hall.

When he entered Louis room he saw Louis asleep surrounded by 4 people, Lottie, Pheobe, Daisy, and Niall. They all looked up when they heard someone entering and smiled when they saw Harry. 

“Harry!” They all chorused.

Harry smiled at them but drifted his gaze back to his fiancé again and frowned. Niall followed his gaze and offered up his chair and Harry nodded gratefully and sat with Liams help and reached out with his good arm to hold Louis hand. 

“I think we all should leave you two for a little while and get some food.” Lottie offered and he heard the others agree while Harry hummed a small acknowledgment.

Then he was alone with Louis looking at him sadly but also grateful that he wasn’t dead. He was so scared in that car when Louis wouldn't respond.

”Hey Lou.” Harry rasped his eyes filling with tears once again. He squeezed his hand a little tighter and thats when Louis groaned and his eyes fluttered open.

”Haz?” Louis asked.

”Right here love.” Harry said smiling.

”Are you okay?”

”Yes I’ll be alright especially now that I hear your beautiful voice again.”

Louis chuckled lightly.

”God. I thought I lost you Lou. In that car I couldn’t reach you I just had to sit and wait.”

”I’m so sorry Hazza.” Louis mumbled. It fell silent for a brief moment and Harry finally remembered what he wanted to say.

”Hey Louis?”


”Will you marry me as soon as we get out of here?”


”Yes, I don’t want to go any longer without you being married to me.”

“Of course Haz.”