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The Galaxy's Best Kept Secret

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Here is my tumblr where the prompt originated from (x).


Obi-Wan isn’t sure what happened.


One moment Anakin was talking to Rex about where they are and then next he woke up, looking at an unfamiliar sun from the ground of a jungle that he’d never actually seen before. It was hot, but not unpleasantly so, and when he sat up to look around he realized he was alone.


The first thing he did was to look for Anakin and their wayward padawan. If Ahsoka and Anakin were running around, together no less, then it couldn’t be good for whatever star system they were currently on. Knowing those two, there would be an explosion soon to let Obi-Wan know where to start searching.


Except, there was no trace of either of them. He couldn’t even feel them in the force. He continued his search anyway, even as he began to feel like something was wrong. The force felt so dark and sad that it hurt just to use it. He couldn’t imagine what must have happened in this place to have caused that, and he wasn’t sure he’d ever want to know.


“I see that you are awake.”


Obi-Wan looked over in shock after hours of searching to see a man woman standing before him. She was ethereal looking with seafoam hair that ran down her back and pale skin. Her eyes nearly glowed the same eerie color of her hair and Obi-Wan took a step back, realizing that the force flowed around her in the same way it did his old padawan.


“Wh- who are you?” he asked cautiously, “And where am I?”


She smiled, “I am the daughter. And you are in my domain here on Mortis.”


“Mortis?” Obi-Wan’s brow furrowed, “Where is that? I’ve never heard of it.”


“It exists not on your plane,” she told him, “And we usually do not welcome visitors, however, for you and yours we have made an exception.”


“Me and mine? Do you mean Ahsoka and Anakin?” Obi-Wan asked, “Do you think you can take me to them? Please?”


“Not yet,” she told him, voice and expression stern, “First you must deal with your own destiny. We need to change the hands of time and the only way to do that is to change you.”


“Ch-change me?” Obi-Wan asked, “Change me how?”


He put a hand on his lightsaber, where it hung on his belt. If there was to be a fight, he wouldn’t go down easy but he had a feeling from the way the force felt around him, that it wouldn’t be one that he could win. There was something about the way this ‘daughter’ felt in the force that told him a fight would be unwise.


“Do not worry Obi-Wan Kenobi,” she told him, “I do not wish to fight you. Instead, I’ve come to enlighten you. You must see your future to know how you must change your past.”


“My past?” Obi-Wan asked, “What does that-?”


But then there was a flash of light, and he wasn’t in a jungle anymore at all. He was in some sort of...bog? He wasn’t sure.




Obi-Wan looked up to see Yoda looking at him but something was different about him. He looked older and more fragile than he had the last Obi-Wan had saw him, although he supposed with the war, everyone was looking a little worse for wear. What really confused him was the man whose shoulders he sat upon.


The young blonde boy dressed in tan pants, boots, and a tank top but it was his blue eyes that drew Obi-Wan’s gaze. He looked so much like a young Anakin that it Obi-Wan wondered for a moment if he’d somehow been sent back in time.


Except at second glance, he was much too short, shorter than Obi-Wan himself, even though Anakin now seemed to tower over him and he looked softer than Anakin somehow like he was missing some of the bitterness his padawan had always held.


“Master Yoda?” he asked, “Where- where am I?”




Obi-Wan’s eyes widened as he looked at the young boy in front of him. What in the blazes-?


“It is!”


The boy rushed forward, running into Obi-Wan was an audible thud as he wrapped his arms tightly around him, burying his head in Obi-Wan’s neck. Obi-Wan panicked as the boy seemed to nuzzle at the mating glands on his neck, even as his body relaxed, the scent familiar but at the same time foreign in a way that made his head spin.


Until he realized, with a jolt that under the scent of marjoram and dry wood he could smell creosote scent that so often followed his padawan and a bit of his own rosemary.


Whoever this boy was, he wasn’t just Obi-Wan’s son.


He was Anakin’s.



Anakin had no idea what had just happened. One minute he, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka had been talking to Rex, trying to figure out where the kark the man was and then the next he was standing in a dark realm in front of a humanoid that couldn’t be human. The red markings on his face looked like tear stains but it was his eyes that froze Anakin in his place.


The way his blood-red pupils were surrounded by black sclera had every alarm bell in Anakin’s head going off. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Perhaps they’d ingested some form of poisonous gas or Anakin had hit his head because there was no way this was real.


“I’m am the son,” the man said as if he couldn’t sense Anakin’s internal panic, “And I’ve come to show you a future that will come to pass, should you choose to walk away from your destiny.”


“My destiny?” Anakin asked, throat dry as he spoke, “What destiny?”


“I will show you,” the man told him, “But although it is your future, it is too late to change anything unless you are by my side.”


Anakin opened his mouth again but there was a bright light and suddenly he wasn’t in that strange place anymore but instead standing in the chancellor’s office.


It happened so fast that Anakin couldn’t even believe what was going on. The Chancellor was just sitting there, seemingly doing paperwork when the Jedi burst in- when Anakin himself burst in- and then it was hard to follow.


“In the name of the galactic senate you are under arrest, Chancellor,” Windu told him, stepping forward as Fisto and Tiin flanked him.


“Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?” Palpatine asked, resting his head on his linked fingers.


“The Senate will decide your fate,” Windu told him and then Palpatine’s laugh had his blood running cold.


“I am the Senate!” he sneered at Windu.


“Not yet!” Windu told him and then Palpatine pulled out a lightsaber and Anakin realized that the man was a Sith. Probably the Sith that they had been looking for the entire war. So why wasn’t he doing anything? Why was he just standing there watching everything happened and when-.


When had his own force signature grown so dark? It hadn’t always been that dark.


Watching the battle was like watching a speeder crash, Fisto and Tiin cut down quickly and then it was just Windu and him battling it out. Anakin tried to step forward to help but he couldn’t get anywhere and the other him just stood watching like he was indecisive.


What could have possibly made him like this? Why wasn’t he doing anything?


And then to his horror, he cut down Windu and then man fell to his death. Anakin couldn’t move as his own self bowed to Palpatine, called him Master and then-.


“Rise Darth Vader,” Palpatine said.


And then Anakin wasn’t in his office anymore at all but instead watching as he and his battalion began to march towards the temple. He tried to get in the way, tried to stop them as the screaming started but it was like he wasn’t actually there.


He looked in horror as this Anakin cut down the younglings and then he was leaving and another bright light flashed and he was on some planet he’d never seen before, plagued by volcanos and magma as he cut down what must have been the opposing side.


And then-.


He was facing Obi-Wan, eyes burning golden except he wasn’t watching anymore. It was like something had taken over his body and he couldn’t stop himself, even as he struggled against every blow.


“You betrayed me!” he yelled.


“Betrayed you?” Obi-Wan yelled, “And what have you done? You- you’ve burned the temple and cut down younglings! What have you done?”


“I’ve done what I must!” Anakin yelled back at him, “Since you can no longer be trusted!”


“Be trusted?” Obi-Wan seemed so angry that Anakin wanted to flinch but he couldn’t. Instead, he held tightly to his lightsaber, and then he saw Obi-Wan’s robes shift and he-.


He was pregnant.


Anakin-. Anakin couldn’t fight him. Anakin wouldn’t fight him. He’d rather die. This was Obi-Wan, the man who had taken care of him, the man who he’d fallen in love with and-.


And he was pregnant, Anakin realized, most likely with a child of the man who he loved.


Not that Anakin had ever expected Obi-Wan to choose him, but it still stung, more than he could ever have imagined it would.

He’d always dreamed of his master falling in love with him, agreeing to marry him, and having a family together. Except that they were Jedi and that wasn’t allowed. They couldn’t possibly have a family and if Obi-Wan was pregnant that meant-.


Obi-Wan would be leaving Anakin. Leaving him alone with an order that resented his existence and- and-.


“You’re leaving!” Anakin screamed at him, anger coiling in his gut, “You’re leaving me with the order! You told me I can’t have attachments and yet you stand here pregnant like a whore!”


Obi-Wan flinched at his words and Anakin couldn’t believe they’d left his mouth. How could this be happening? When had everything gone so wrong? He wouldn’t- he couldn’t ever hurt Obi-Wan, no matter what the man had did.


“You’ve left as well Anakin!” Obi-Wan gestured around him, “Look what you’ve done! You’ve betrayed the order and you’ve betrayed me! And now-.”


He looked so gutted that Anakin wanted to stop. He wanted to grab Obi-Wan and pull him into his arms and apologize. Tell him that he didn’t mean it, that he’d never meant for this to happen and he was sorry. He was so sorry.


“Don’t! You are against Palpatine!” Anakin screamed, “And if you are against Palpatine you are against me!”


“I’m not against you!” Obi-Wan shouted back, “My allegiance is to the Republic! To democracy!”


“If you are not with me, you are against me!” Anakin shouted back.


“Only a  Sith Lord deals in absolutes,” Obi-Wan told him, voice hoarse, “I- I will do what I must.”


And then Obi-Wan lit his lightsaber and they were fighting. Anakin tried to stop himself but he couldn’t and his heart lurched in his throat every time a swing came close to the bump his Master was protecting.


And then Anakin was laying below him, looking up at the broken look on his Master’s face, unable to breathe as he realized he’d lost all of his limbs. The man he loved had-.


“I loved you!” Obi-Wan screamed at him, face crumpling as he started to cry, “We were brothers, Anakin. We were-.”


“Master,” Anakin could finally speak and he wanted to cry his own tears of relief, “Please- help me”


And then there was fire and Anakin was burning and- and-.


Obi-Wan was walking away. No. No, he couldn’t walk away. He loved Anakin and Anakin loved him and he knew that his master would never walk away from him. He’d never hurt him and-.


He was gone.



“I don’t understand,” Obi-Wan said, even as his arms tightened around his child, “What- where am I? What happened?”


Yoda looked at him from where he’d jumped off of the boy’s shoulders, ears drooping as he looked down.


“Not Obi-Wan, are you,” he said mournfully, “At least, our Obi-Wan, you are not.”


“I don’t-,” Obi-Wan started to say and then, “I don’t know what that means. I’m sorry Master Yoda.”


“Dad,” Luke said, voice faint as he pulled back, tears streaming down his face as he looked at Obi-Wan, “I- I-.”


And then a realization sunk in and tears started falling harder, “You’re not our Obi-Wan. What- what does that mean? What happened to my dad?”


“Dead, your father is,” Yoda reminded the man gently, “This Obi-Wan, see his face, much younger he looks, does he not?”


Luke looked at him, eyebrows furrowing, “You-. Are you from the past? How did you- how did you get here?”


“I- I don’t really know,” Obi-Wan admitted, feeling a little lost as the boy stepped back, “There was a woman and she sent me here. She said I needed to see the future to stop it.”


“Sure, you are?” Yoda asked, standing up as straight as Obi-Wan had ever seen as he looked at him with bright eyes, “That you are from the past?”


“I- Well I definitely don’t have a son,” Obi-Wan told him, “And I’m not pregnant so I suppose that is what I’m saying.”


“Another chance, we’ve been given,” Yoda muttered to himself and then he looked at the boy, “Luke. Tell your story, you must. Change events, it may.”


“I- Are you sure?” Luke asked, looking concerned, “If we- what if we change something, Master Yoda?”


“Change is what we need,” Yoda told him, “And a story, you need to hear as well. Obi-Wan, your father, to tell you the story is here.”


“What story Master?” Obi-Wan asked, looking confused.


“The story of your love, you will tell,” Yoda told him and Obi-Wan was already shaking his head.


“Master I don’t know what you are-,” Obi-Wan started to say only to yelp as he was hit with Master Yoda’s gimmer stick.


“Tell the truth, you will,” Yoda told him sharply, “And hear my story in return, you will. Change the future, you must. Blind, we were. Save us, you shall.”


“Save who?” Obi-Wan asked and suddenly he realized, “Master, why are you here? Where even is here? Shouldn’t you be training Luke at the temple?”


Luke’s face dropped and then quietly he said, “There are some things that have happened since you’ve been gone, dad. I think you might want to sit down for this.”


Obi-Wan looked at the both of them as Luke got him settled on a fallen tree trunk, “What do you mean? What happened at the temple?”


“The temple, no more is it,” Yoda told him ears drooping, “Mistakes, the Jedi made. No more, are they.”



“You see?” the son asked, “I told you that he couldn’t be trusted. You begged for his help and he walked away from you. That is your future, should you decide not to follow me.”


“Follow-?” Anakin started to ask and then said, “I betrayed him! He was pregnant and I tried to kill him! What reason would he have to help me after what I did?”


The man seemed smirked, “I think helping the father of your children would be put above his duties, don’t you think? He thought he had killed you. He leaves you for dead. He takes your children from you. You never get to meet them.”


“I- What? Mine? They were my children?” Anakin asked, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach, “But. That can’t be. If they were mine we would have had to-. He would have told me! I know that! They would have had to-!”


There was another blinding light and the world around Anakin changed once more, except now he was on what had to have been Tatooine, watching Obi-Wan- who looked much older than Anakin remembered, had he always been that old?- running after two children who were playing in the dunes.


“Dad!” one of the younger children shouted and Obi-Wan gave the small boy a smile.


“What is it Luke?” he asked and it was as if Anakin couldn’t breathe. That was what he wanted to name his own child if he would have had any. Luke after the Loukas from the legend of Loukas and Leia, the son gods his mother had always talked about when she’d told him stories before bed.


He remembered confessing to Obi-Wan in the depths of the night during a siege on Dantooine what he’d name his children would he have been on a different path than the one that he currently walked.


“This isn’t a path you have to walk,” Obi-Wan had told him, although it was undeniable how he looked a little disappointed in Anakin at the admission, “You can still leave if that’s what you would like Anakin. If a family is really that important to you then you deserve to be able to live life in a way that would be satisfying to you. You don’t owe the Jedi anything and we do not keep people here who wish to be elsewhere.”


Except that Anakin couldn’t go anywhere else. Yes, Padme would have housed him in an instance, taken him in and helped him to get back on his feet but it wouldn’t be the same. Life wouldn’t be the same.


Obi-Wan was all the family that Anakin had ever wanted. If he couldn’t have a family with Obi-Wan then at the very least he could stand at the man’s side as a friend and comrade. There was a war going on, after all, and Anakin couldn’t imagine not being there to watch Obi-Wan’s six.


Anakin still couldn’t imagine not being there to help, not being the person that Obi-Wan leaned on.


But would that be a mistake?


Everything changed again and then Anakin was standing before a different man with gray skin although his hair was a pristine white and his irises were a startling electric blue with the same black scleras as before.


“Who are you?” Anakin asked, voice thick as he tried to process all that he’d seen. Was this how things were to go? Cut down by the only man he’d ever loved and left to never see how his children grew? It seemed cruel, that this would be his ending.


He’d always thought he’d save the galaxy. He’d never dreamed that he would be its downfall. Perhaps the galaxy would be better off without him. He was certain, at least, that Obi-Wan would be better off without him.


“I am the father,” the man told him, voice deep and stern, “And I’ve something to show you.”


“I think I’ve seen enough,” Anakin replied, voice broken, “I don’t want any more of your visions of the future.”


“You think it’s too late. That the future has been decided for you,” the man told him, “But that isn’t true. You still have time to turn things around. Let me show you.”


“I don’t have a choice do I?” Anakin asked bitterly.


“I’m afraid not,” the man agreed and then the world was changing around him once more.


When the light finally dissipated and Anakin could look around he saw Obi-Wan sitting on a stump, Yoda and a boy he’d ever seen before surrounding him as Obi-Wan looked with rapt attention.


“So that’s why I’m here,” the boy finished and then Anakin cleared his throat.


Obi-Wan’s head flew up and his eyes widened as he stood, “Ani!”


Yoda looked around, ears low and an expression of sadness on his face, “Knight Skywalker. Been long, it has. Glad I am, to see you here as you are.”


And that’s when Anakin realized. The boy looked so much like him and Obi-Wan that it was impossible to miss. This must have been their son, grown-up but Obi-Wan looked exactly how he had when they’d been on the ship. Did that mean-?


“Where’s my Master from this timeline?” Anakin asked, voice sounding so broken that it stopped his Obi-Wan in his tracks, “What happens to him?”


The boy looked up but said nothing as he took in Anakin’s appearance.


“What happens to my Master?” Anakin asked again roughly, stepping forward towards the group.


“Your Master creates an Empire,” Luke told him, “He-.”


“Sidious isn’t my Master,” Anakin bit back angrily, “Obi-Wan was my Master and he will always be.”


That seemed to startle the boy and he stepped back a step, clearly wary of the insistence in Anakin’s voice.


But could Anakin really blame him? He’d destroyed the galaxy, caused the Fall of a Republic that had stood for millennia. He’d destroyed the Jedi order and killed younglings and left Luke alphaless and if what he thought was right-.


“Die, does the Obi-Wan of this timeline,” Yoda confirmed his fears, “At the hands of Darth Vader.”


“Don’t sugarcoat it!” Anakin snapped back, “Tell us the truth. Darth Vader is me! I kill him! I- I-!”


He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t believe that this was real. He- He killed the only man he’d ever truly loved. He killed the person who had taken care of him and saved him from a life of slavery and a man he’d had kids with and he’d left those kids orphaned and if that darkness really lived inside of him then was there any chance of redemption? Could he really be saved?


“Anakin,” Obi-Wan’s gentle but firm grip on his face brought him back to reality and he realized that he’d been crying. He didn’t know when it had happened but he wasn’t surprised. He couldn’t believe he’d really done all of this.


“I should be dead,” Anakin told him weakly, “You need to kill me. Look- look what I’ve done. I- I ruined everything.”


“You didn’t ruin anything,” Obi-Wan told him firmly, stepping into his space, “You haven’t done anything yet Anakin and even if you had it wasn’t just you. Palpatine has been orchestrating this war for as long as it’s been going on. You were groomed from the start. We should have seen that something was wrong.”


“I become a monster,” Anakin’s voice cracked, “I- I kill the Jedi. I- I kill the younglings. I kill you, Obi-Wan. I can’t. That can’t happen. I love you too much to let it happen. You need to kill me before it happens or- or I will.”


His hands went to his belt and then he jerked in shock as his saber was pulled from his grip and he looked at the boy who now held it in his hands.


“You can’t!” Luke told him firmly, “Please! If you die now then there won’t be anyone to stop him. Sidious will rise to power without the two of you!”


“He’ll rise to power if I stay!” Anakin snapped back, tears falling down his face, “And I’ll wrap the galaxy in a bow and hand it to him.”


“No you won’t,” Obi-Wan told him, “The daughter said that the future isn’t set in stone. We can change this Anakin. We will change this.”


“It’s too late,” Anakin shook his head, “I never told you because I knew you would be so disappointed in me but- but I already touched the darkness. When my mother died I killed those responsible. No. That’s a lie.”


Anakin sniffed, “I killed all of them. I didn’t spare anyone. I- I’m sorry Obi-Wan. I know that you believe in me but your judgment is clouded. Isn’t that right Master Yoda?”


He looked at the Jedi who stood there watching everything unfold, “There’s no hope for me. We shouldn’t even try.”


“Mistake, you made,” Yoda agreed, just as Anakin thought he would but then he said, “Mistakes we’ve all made. Blinded, we were. And arrogant. A learning opportunity, this is. Change the future, maybe not. But do or do not, there is no try.”


“You never wanted me to be a Jedi,” Anakin said in a tired voice, “None of you did. And you were right. I ruin everything.”


He gave Yoda a sad smile, “I’d rather die than let this future play out.”


“Then hope, there is,” Yoda told him, “Listen to what I say, you will.”


“Of course, Master Yoda,” Anakin agreed.



“So that’s great and all,” Anakin finally said after Yoda and Luke had finished their story, “But it doesn’t tell me how Obi-Wan ended up pregnant in the first place. Does anyone know what happened? I clearly didn’t know.”


“Dad never told us that,” Luke said, “He just said that you didn’t know. I guess the only person who could tell us would be him but he’s-.”


“Dead,” Anakin said harshly, “Because I killed him.”


You didn’t kill anyone,” Obi-Wan told him for what seemed the like the hundredth time, “This hasn’t happened yet Anakin. We still have time to change things.”


“That would mean leaving the order,” Anakin told him, “I- I’m sorry. I know it’s selfish but I- I can’t.”


“Why not?” Obi-Wan asked him and he seemed frustrated, “It’s for the best Anakin. You said yourself time and time again that it wasn’t what you’d imagined-.”


“It doesn’t matter!” Anakin snapped back, “It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t what I was expecting. I can’t leave.”


“We must,” Obi-Wan told him firmly, “We cannot stay and let this play out Anakin. We have to leave while we still can.”


“Wait- wait we?” Anakin asked, voice cracking.


Obi-Wan seemed confused, “Of course. What did you think? That I’d let you leave alone? I told you that I’d always be with you and I meant that Anakin.”


“But- but this is your home,” Anakin told him, “It’s all you’ve ever known. Why would you leave it behind? For me, no less?”


Obi-Wan looked gutted but Anakin didn’t understand why.


“Because- for force’s sake Anakin do you really not know?” Obi-Wan asked incredulously.


“Know what?” Anakin bit out frustratedly.


“I-I love you Ani,” Obi-Wan told him, voice gentle, “My greatest attachment has always been you. It was my failure as a Jedi.”


“You-?” Anakin started and then swallowed throat feeling dry, “Do you really?”


“Of course,” Obi-Wan agreed.


“I- I love you too,” Anakin said after a moment’s pause and it was like everything that he’d never been able to say came pouring out, “I’ve been in love with you since you introduced yourself to me when I was a boy. And then you started to train me and you took care of me and it just got deeper and deeper and then all of the sudden it was platonic anymore and I was wishing that you’d love me like a mate and I didn’t think that I could ever have that so if you love me like a son then please tell me now. Don’t- don’t let me have hope and take it away.”


“I love you,” Obi-Wan said again, lip twitching, “And apparently in the future we’ve got a son to prove how non-platonic that is.”


“And a daughter,” Luke supplied helpfully, only for two sets of eyes to look at him incredulously, and Yoda muttered to himself, “Lies like his father, I see.”


“A daughter?” Anakin asked, “The little girl you were playing with in the sand on Tatooine?”


“That’s her,” Luke agreed, “And- listen I’m not sure how long you are going to be here or even how long we are going to be here since you want to change everything but-. Meeting you both like you are now was- it was more than I could have ever dreamed of and I think- she would feel the same.”


“I’m not sure that we could,” Obi-Wan told him sadly and then at his look, “But we could try. For you.”



“You don’t look very menacing,” Leia told Anakin as she looked at him unimpressed, “Are you really Darth Vader? Did they put you on stilts or something?”


Anakin bristled but Obi-Wan just laughed, “Well she really is your daughter, isn’t she?”


“I would have been my normal height if someone hadn’t cut off my legs,” Anakin snarked back at Obi-Wan, feeling bad as the man’s face fell.


“He wouldn’t have cut your legs off if you hadn’t tried to kill the three of us,” Leia snipped.


“What happened to I didn’t do any of this yet?” Anakin grumbled to himself, jealousy rising in his chest as Leia wrapped her arms around Obi-Wan, kissing his cheek and smiling.


“Hey dad,” she said, “I know Luke said you haven’t actually had children yet but it doesn’t matter to me. You’re still my father. Even if you look a lot younger than him.”


“Anakin did always make me gray prematurely,” Obi-Wan drawled, “Still perhaps we should sit and have a discussion. It seems you may need some help and what better help with war than two decorated war generals?”


“You never did tell us that,” Luke said softly, catching Anakin’s attention, “You said you fought in the Clones Wars but you never told us that you were a general. Just that you and our father fought together.”


“He wasn’t just a war general,” Anakin spoke up, looking up as all eyes went to him, “He is one of the High Jedi General. It’s a rank that only Jedi Masters receive.”


“Are you not a Jedi Master?” Leia’s eyebrow rose in the way Obi-Wan’s always did and Anakin couldn’t help the fondness that spread through his chest as he really saw Obi-Wan in their children.


“No,” Anakin shook his head, “And according to Yoda I never become one either. I was a Jedi Knight.”


“But you were a council member?” Luke asked sounding confused and then he turned to Yoda, “Weren’t you the one who said that to be a council member you must be a master?”


“Grant him a place on the council, we did not,” Yoda shook his head sadly, “Forced by the Chancellor, we were. Because of this, not a Master was Anakin.”


“To be a master you have to successfully train a padawan,” Anakin cut in, “And I haven’t yet. Ahsoka is still my apprentice and will probably be for some time. Most padawans aren’t knighted until they are in their twenties.”


“You don’t seem like him.”


Anakin looked up to where Leia was looking him up and down warily, “You just don’t seem like the man who blew up Stewjon.”


“Wh- what?” Anakin asked, looking at everyone, “I blow up Stewjon? What? How is that possible? And why?”


“It’s a new weapon you used that can destroy planets,” Leia explained, “And you blow it up because it was my father’s home planet. He still had some contacts there. It’s where a lot of our friends were. We only visited every once in a while but we kept in touch.”


“I- I’m sorry,” Anakin told her but that didn’t feel like enough. It felt like he was being buried under a mountain of guilt and he hadn’t even actually done anything yet. He couldn’t believe he’d done all of this. He couldn’t believe that Luke and Yoda had been willing to talk to him after everything he’d done.


“It won’t happen,” Obi-Wan told him as he linked their fingers together, “We won’t let it Ani. I won’t let it. I understand what the daughter was telling me now.”


“What do you mean?” Anakin asked, looking over at the man.


“I mean that we’ve always strayed away from hard conversations,” Obi-Wan told him firmly, “Because we were afraid to upset each other and by staying silent we destroyed each other. But we are talking now and we will do this. Together.”


“Together,” Anakin said softly, looking at their children talking silently.



“I suppose you need a place to stay,” Leia told the two of them, crossing her arms.


“I guess so,” Obi-Wan agreed, “I’m not really sure when they’re coming back for us.”


It seemed that after a few hours Leia had decided that Anakin wasn’t the worst person in the world after all, which he supposed was progress. You couldn’t erase sixteen years of anger in a day.


“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.”


They both turned to look at the man standing in the doorway, looking incredibly out of place.


“The Father,” Anakin said flatly, “What do you want?”


“I want to change the future,” the man told him, “We tried this a different way and things did not change. I want them to change this time so we are trying something different this time. Once we get what we are hoping for I will return you to your time.”


“What is it that you-?” Anakin started to ask but then the light was bright again and they were standing in a cabin.


“Where are we?” Anakin asked, looking out the window and realizing that it was unrecognizable.


“I- I’m not sure,” Obi-Wan admitted, “But I’ve got a feeling we will be here for a while.”


He gestured to the pallets in the room. It seemed like they had all the supplies needed to live. Anakin huffed out a frustrated sigh.


“I’m getting real karking tired of your shit!” Anakin yelled into the air.


“I don’t think he cares dear one,” Obi-Wan told him dryly, “You don’t happen to know what he wants, do you?”


“No!” Anakin groaned frustratedly, “I haven’t gotten a kriffing clue.”


“Then I suppose we will have to wait,” Obi-Wan told him.


Anakin looked back to where his master was looking at him, expression warm and fond, and realized that this was far from the worst thing that could have happened.


How bad could being stuck with his Master with no war possibly be? This would give them time to be together- in the way they wanted- to see if they actually wanted to leave the order for each other. Or well, if Obi-Wan really wanted to leave the order. Anakin already knew the answer.



It took another two months for Obi-Wan’s suppressors to run out.


Anakin had come in from trading in town and the second he’d opened the door he knew what was going on.


Obi-Wan’s scent always go sweeter around his heat but Anakin had never been exposed to the real thing. The spiced tea scent had honeyed, taking on a candied smell that had Anakin’s head spinning.


He started to back away, hoping to be able to get out before he lost his senses. Obi-Wan and he had been taking things slow and Anakin was sure that something like this would-.


“Anakin,” Obi-Wan breathed as he appeared from their bedroom, “Oh thank the force. I- I need your help. I’m- kark- I really need you.”


Anakin wasn’t sure that he’d ever be able to deny Obi-Wan a single thing that he wanted and even if he was, he knew that today wouldn’t be that day. He stepped forward pulling the omega into his arms as he started to scent him.


“Are you sure?” Anakin’s voice was rough when he spoke.


“Yes,” Obi-Wan nodded against his collarbone, “Please. Alpha. It’s time.”


Anakin was sure that the galaxy could have collapsed around them and he never would have noticed as he started to lead his omega back to their bed.


They mated that night, tied together forever as Anakin whispered lovingly in his ear, panting as they were finally able to just be.



“Pregnant?” Obi-Wan asked, voice sounding shocked, “Are you sure?”


“Very,” the local healer told him, “Probably around six to eight weeks. Have you and your mate spent a heat together recently?”


“Yes,” Obi-Wan nodded, “I just thought- the birth control in my arm-.”


She shook her head, “It might be that it’s no longer working. They do have to be replaced. We’ll go ahead and take it out, just to be safe though.”


Which was fine but she didn’t understand. Obi-Wan had just had the birth control inserted before they’d left and it was supposed to last for a whole year.


Later, she’d confirmed that it should have still been active and Obi-Wan grumbled about ‘the chosen one’s sperm’ much to Anakin’s immense embarrassment.


Luke and Leia were born nine months later.


“I hate you so much right now,” Obi-Wan told him, gripping tighter to his hand as he winced, “Oh kark.”


“I know, I know,” Anakin told him, “I’m sorry baby but it’s going to be okay. You are doing so well.”


“I’d be doing much better if you hadn’t used your magical sperm to get me pregnant,” Obi-Wan snarked back.


“I love you,” Anakin replied, brushing a sweat-soaked curl out of his lover’s face.


“Ow, ow, ow,” Obi-Wan closed his eyes as the midwife checked him again, panting heavily.


“You’re ready to push,” she told him, “When the next contraction hits I need you to push as hard as  you can for me okay?”


“Okay, okay,” Obi-Wan agreed and then glared at his mate, “You’d better be ready for children or I’m going to karking kill you. You’re stuck with us. My body isn’t ever going to be the same after this.”


“Look at that, Obi-Wan Kenobi is vain. Nobody would believe me,” Anakin shook his head, leaning next to Obi-Wan’s ear, “I’m never going anywhere. You look so hot pregnant and I know you’ll look just as hot after.”


Obi-Wan took a deep breath, “Good.”


“I love you,” Anakin told him again.


“I love you too,” Obi-Wan said and then his eyes shut again, “Oh- oh kark.”


“It’s okay,” the midwife assured him, “Come on now Obi-Wan. A big push for me.”


They were beautiful. Perfect little pups that loved to spend their days with Obi-Wan in the nest or with Anakin, wrapped tightly to his chest as he talked to the trade’s people in town. Obi-Wan looked amazing feeding them, even as he laid in bed exhausted, a pup suckling from his breast as he closed his eyes to rest.


And Anakin was an amazing father. He was patient and kind and caring in a way that Obi-Wan had always known he had the potential to be but hadn’t had many chances to actually see. It was almost as if he’d been born to be a parent.


The parent of Obi-Wan’s children.


“Go back to sleep baby,” Anakin’s voice said as he pressed a kiss to Obi-Wan’s temple, “I’ll burp the pup. You need to sleep.”


Obi-Wan shut his eyes, curling closer to his mate.



One day Anakin came back, face as if he’d seen a ghost and when Ahsoka stepped through the door he realized why.


“Master Kenobi?” she asked, looking shocked, “You- you-.”


“I’m breastfeeding,” Obi-Wan told her, “I know. We’ve been watching pups that we’ve found and I was the only one able to feed them. Anakin, unfortunately, lacks the ability.”


“Pups? As in multiple?” she asked, eyes wide, “Can I see them?”


“Of course,” Obi-Wan agreed, “But you must excuse us as they’ve just settled down for a nap. Where have you been dear? We’ve been asking after you but we couldn’t find any solid leads.”


“I’ve been here and there,” she told them, “But I’m back now. I guess I’ll have to get a house huh? There’s no way off this planet but I’m sure you already know that.”


They didn’t, actually, seeing as how they’d never actually tried but Ahsoka didn’t need to know that.


“You can stay here,” Anakin told her, “In the spare room.”


“What spare room?” she asked, “You’ve only got two bedroom- oh. No. I mean yes I’ll stay in the spare bedroom Master. It’s not a problem.”


From Obi-Wan’s look Anakin knew he’d probably be in trouble for that later but he’d kind of forgotten they weren’t supposed to be together and besides what did it matter when it was clear this is where they’d be forever?



Obi-Wan was pregnant again only a week after. He’d glared so hard at Anakin that you would have thought it was his fault. As if Obi-Wan hadn’t been absolutely begging for it, crawling into Anakin’s lap because he was empty and wanted to feel his mate’s knot inside of him.


Anakin had told him that it was probably too soon but Obi-Wan hadn’t taken no for an answer and Anakin hadn’t wanted to deny him anyway so it worked out well.


Whenever Obi-Wan was pregnant, he was an adorable horny mess, constantly climbing into Anakin’s lap and begging for attention and to be scented. He told Anakin at one point that it was partly because of his Stewjon biology but Anakin had a feeling that the man just hadn’t been touched often enough and so he craved it.


Not that Anakin minded but he was sure that they were caught when one day Ahsoka put in earplugs with a pointed look at the two of them.



Obi-Wan was only two months pregnant when it happened.


Maybe they’d just run out of time.


Maybe they’d unknowingly filled the requirements.


Anakin wasn’t actually sure.


But they’d been in the middle of something important- and yes it was actually important because if you didn’t fuck Obi-Wan at least twice a day while he was pregnant he would renegade Anakin to the couch and then come out in the middle of the night crying because his alpha wasn’t in his bed like he hadn’t literally kicked Anakin out of it. 


Of course, this would disturb their children which in turn would mean Anakin had to curl them all up in the nest and thoroughly scent both Obi-Wan and the pups. This usually resulted in Obi-Wan trying to get fucked which, of course, they couldn’t do with their pups right there.


That meant that Anakin would have to move the pups, who would then fuss right away and he’d have to put them back in the bed which would make Obi-Wan grumpy because ‘ They’re under a year old Anakin. They don’t even know what’s going on. They won’t know if I’m sitting on your knot while I feed them and I hardly think they care’. Never mind the fact that Anakin knew and Anakin cared.


So when Ahsoka came to get them he remembered thinking that it better damn-well be important.


It had been, of course, because Ahsoka knew as well as anyone that something weird was going on between them, even if she didn’t know or didn’t want to know what.


And then suddenly they were in the council chambers, staring confused at a group of people that looked just as confused.


This is where Anakin’s instincts kicked in the second Mace got too close to his pregnant mate and pups. He growled before he’d even realized what had happened and probably would have gone for Mace’s throat, had Obi-Wan not stopped him.


Which would have been bad, he knows, but the man had gotten so close to his family and this was the man that could take his family away, should he really want to. Not that Anakin was about to let that happen.


And then there’d been war and sieges and Anakin watching over his pregnant mate who was now in the middle of a war zone, which was not okay no matter what you say Obi-Wan, but as Obi-Wan always reminded him, they had the advantage of knowing how things would play out and knowing who their enemies were. They couldn’t outright say it but they could hint and before they knew it, the war was ending and they were finally in peace again.


And not a person in the galaxy was any wiser for it.