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Making a Cake

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“Are you sure it worked?” Caitlyn asked.


Viktor nodded “Yes, one hundred percent certain Sheriff Kiramman. The procedure went off without a hitch, congratulations are in order”


Caitlyn let out a deep, relieved, sigh.


Vi collapsed on the chair next to her hospital bed, the normally composed and self-assured woman shaking.


She took her partner’s hand in hers and felt every nervous shiver.


She felt them too.


“It’s...happening” Vi whispered, grey eyes gazing at the ceiling in wonder, in fear, fascination, a whole gamut of emotions running across her face.


Caitlyn knew, because she felt them too.


The pair didn't notice when Viktor quietly made an exit, leaving them on their own.


“Yes” Caitlyn said, voice higher pitch than she intended “Yes, it is isn't it?”


One of them, probably both, started laughing.


It was a nervous laugh.


A hopeful laugh.


Soon Caitlyn was caught in a tight embrace, held by strong, powerful, protective and safe arms.


She melted into Vi, laughter and tears flowing freely as the realization finally hit.




It was a long while after, when the pair were in their riverside home, that Vi brought up an important point.


“Jinx has to know”


Caitlyn’s first instinct was to deny it, to question her partner’s sanity and to never bring the topic up ever again.


She didn't though, because Caitlyn knew Vi was right.


Jinx always had to be considered.


Vi’s hellion of a sister that, for all that Jinx had done, Vi still loved.


Because family was everything to her.


And she had promised to be more understanding.


Besides, the girl was part of their lives whether Caitlyn wanted her to be or not. As much as Vi had managed to bring her sister back from the brink in that cursed, abandoned factory, it did not mean she didn't stop causing trouble or was any less sane.


Almost with the exclusive aim of getting Vi to come to her, Jinx had become the Loose Canon, causing havoc in Piltover and Zaun with nearly random acts of wanton destruction.


It had to be Vi that came, anyone else would end up dead or horribly maimed, only Vi would even be able to come back.


“What do you think her reaction would be” She asked.


Vi grit her teeth and looked at the ground.


It was a rhetorical question. Both of them knew.


“She still has to know” Vi said in lieu of answering.


They both knew that too.


Better than Jinx finding out on her own, the girl hated surprises.




Her partner turned to her, wonderful grey eyes conflicted and hesitant.


Caitlyn cupped her cheek, felt a jaw that could cut steel “If...If she doesn't take it well…”


“She won't hurt you!” Vi spoke indignantly but her voice cracked, eyes trembling.


Even Vi, Jinx's one and only true supporter, couldn't be sure.


It still hurt to cause such distress to her partner though. Vi had so much heart and so much love for her and her sister that she would try and make that uncertainty go away.


“Worst case scenario my love…” She said as a way of apology.


Vi closed her eyes and leaned into her touch, shivering.


“I need to talk to her” Vi said after a while “I...I need to make sure. Do everything I can until it’s done...until I know you’ll be safe”


The tone of her voice, the distant look in her eye, the stillness of her body terrified Caitlyn.


The thousand, unspeakable, implications.




Her partner took the hand on her cheek and moved it away, squeezing it firmly “I have to...For you and for her. She has to know and you have to be safe” she closed her eyes, other hand drifting to Caitlyn's stomach “For them”


Caitlyn couldn't speak.


She can't be...She wont,surely? She can't!


Her hand gripped Vi’s, her own strength considerable even against the brawler “Vi! You don't have to! We can find another way, if worst comes to worse I-”


A kiss on her hand interrupted her, Vi giving her a forced smirk “This day had to come at some point, when the games would stop and me and her have to be serious” Her look turned hard, stony.


Underneath Caitlyn could see the pain even thinking about this brought about and she so wanted to make it all go away.


“Vi…” Caitlyn repeated, voice trembling.


The woman sighed, kissing her hand again “We haven't really...fought, not since that night at the old factory. Maybe it won't be so bad, maybe it’ll just be us shouting at each other again”


Caitlyn so wanted to believe and she knew Vi felt the same.


But they each knew Jinx. Unpredictability was to be expected from the girl.


Vi squeezed her hand again “It’ll be a long talk. A very long talk”


Caitlyn sighed, loosening her grip “You have a habit of talking with your fist” she said admonishingly. 


Vi grinned that cheeky grin she loved so much.


“Then I'm very good at talking”


Caitlyn gave an exasperated sigh, then she laughed, because it was the only thing she could do.


Vi was the only one who could bring her sister around. They had no alternatives.


Vi kissed her goodbye and Caitlyn watched as her partner made her way out of their house, their home.


A hand hovered over her stomach.


“Good luck” She whispered.



Usually, finding Jinx was an arduous and difficult task.


The girl knew Zaun as much as Vi did. Perhaps even more so. Thus, if she didn't want to be found, she wouldn't. Vi only ever caught up to her when Jinx let her, usually after a dangerous ‘game’ of tag and/or hide and seek, or other games when Jinx was in a playful mood, all of which always involved copious amounts of explosives.


But, Vi did have a way to get Jinx’s attention, to get the girl to come to her.


She stood atop a clear platform just outside of the Undercity proper, in one of the old fissures that once hosted busy mines but now held abandoned equipment and scurrying rats.


She held a flare in one hand aimed up in the air and with the other she held the string coming out of the bottom.


Vi paused for a moment, sorting out muddled thoughts.


Mostly, it was a matter of thinking how bad could it be?


A hex-tech empowered missile came to mind and Vi bit her lip.


That had been a disaster averted but that Jinx could and would have was a terrifying thing.


But Vi still hoped, because she knew a Jinx that could smile without pain, that could laugh without causing misery and when it did happen it was beautiful.


Besides, she was never going to exclude Jinx, not from something as monumental as this. 


The cord was pulled and the flare burst into life with a whizzing sound, red smoke bursting forth and drifting into the air forming a thick cloud all around her.


Vi waited, heart hammering, the only sound the fizzing of the flare.


The seconds ticked by into minutes, the flare losing it’s juice but the red smoke still rising thick.


All the while Vi still couldn't figure out what to say.


Clink. Clink . Clink.


A shadow appeared as the smoke dissipated. Shorter than her with two long braids trailing down to the floor.


“Hey” Vi said to the blue haired girl emerging out of red smoke.


Jinx looked around, then spent a moment taking her in.


Vi didn’t have her gauntlets or any armour and only came in her street clothes.


Jinx came as she always did: armed and loaded with explosives.


The elder sister smirked “Thought red smoke meant no weapons”


Jinx gave her a suspicious look “First time we tried this…” she said, fingers jittering.


She was nervous, Vi could tell.


This was new. Unusual, even if they had agreed to it in principle before.


Jinx hated surprises. At least, ones that happened to her.


So Vi was careful to make herself seem as harmless as possible “How are you?”


Jinx eyed her again “Fine...You didn’t call me here to just ask that right?”


Vi sighed “No, but I do mean when I ask. Are you okay?”


Jinx crossed her arms and huffed “I’m fine, alright? I can take care of myself…”


Vi smiled, chancing a step forward and was glad when Jinx didn't take a step back “Glad to hear, and I know you can. Doesn't stop a sister from worrying you know?”


Jinx rolled her eyes, body relaxing just a bit “This another try getting me to move in with you? Told you already, get rid of the freeloader and I’ll think about it”


Now it was Vi who rolled her eyes, carefully and casually walking over to Jinx “You still have a room there, I keep it clean every day. Even got a workbench for you”


Jinx huffed again and Vi caught the moment of violent eyes darting to her direction, the briefest look of is she telling the truth? before Jinx shook her head, taking a step away from her.


Vi paused.


“So, what do you wanna talk about?” Jinx said, annoyed.


Vi sighed and rolled her shoulder.


She missed Jinx narrowing her eyes.


“It’s something big”


Surprisingly, or perhaps not, that came from Jinx.


The girl was looking at her with narrowed eyes, suspicion back to the fore because as much as Vi knew her sister, it was the same the other way around. Jinx could read her just as easily as she could read Jinx.


“Yeah” Vi admitted, tongue feeling thick and heavy.


No beating around the bush with this one.


Vi sighed again “There's...been something big, between me and Cait”


Instantly all of Jinx’s attention was on her, violet eyes staring with an intense focus as the girls’ body went still. A flurry of emotions ran through her eyes and she started breathing heavier.


Vi swallowed.


“You’re going to be an aunt, Jinx”


Dead silence.


Everything seemed to stop.


None of them breathed.


It went on for an eternity, a silence so all-encompassing Vi could hear a pin drop.


Because, Vi realized with widening eyes, it did.


Jinx held a grenade in one hand, it’s pin on the floor beneath.


“Jinx!” Vi called out, managing mostly by instinct not to shout, not to leap and reach out and spook her sister.


Jinx looked up at her with tears in her eyes.


Tears and pain.


“Jinx no! It’s not-”


The grenade was thrown at her and Vi cursed, batting the thing away and diving the opposite direction.


It exploded in a puff of smoke.


“DAMMIT! JINX!” Vi shouted as the demolitionist used the distraction to surge away in a blur of blue and violet, Vi following after.


The narrow fissure very quickly turned into the outskirts of the Undercity, Jinx bursting through people, stalls and carts with Vi following and doing much the same, leaving chaos behind. Soon their chase transitioned to the rooftops, Jinx bounding across gaps with empowered ease while Vi had to rely on more natural acrobatics.


It was only experience that let her keep up.


When Jinx truly didn't want to be caught, she wouldn't.


“JINX!” Vi found the spare breath to shout but it was to no avail, the blue haired girl simply jumped another gap and Vi decided to risk it, leaping with both legs and landing on the edge, quickly transferring her momentum into a roll just as the roof edge collapsed.




The girl slapped something to a chimney and ran on.


A second later it exploded just as Vi reached it, showering the brawler in bricks.


Vi had to punch her way through, bricks shattering against fist and face.


She emerged on the other side just in time to spot Jinx falling down to the street.


Where is she even going?!


Vi doubted Jinx even knew but she followed regardless.


There was no alternative.


The drop wasn't directly down, there were balconies and handholds which made it relatively safe.


Once on the ground Vi looked around and cursed when she didn't spot a hint of blue hair, but even as the adrenaline was pumping through, a part of her felt an odd sense of familiarity with the street.


Then she turned around and found out why.


“Powder…” Vi whispered as she stepped over the broken window, adrenaline dying down to be replaced by a sense of melancholy.


It was as Vi remembered. To her left was the punching machine with it’s multi arms and padded body, though it no longer had as many limbs as it had before and all the gloves had been removed. The scoreboard was still above it though, still showing her name at the top.


But there was something new: Jinx’ name was just below hers.


Vi sneezed, nose itching as she smelt dust.


Ahead was the old shooting gallery, targets long abandoned and mostly scavenged, but as she approached she could see some were still there, still bearing marks of pink paint and faded drawings on their faces.


Alongside were fresh boot-prints in the dust.


Vi followed, walking slowly over the range, feeling as if she was walking on something sacred.


A noise from the back room spurred her on though where she eventually found the storage closet that once held all the replacement parts; paintballs and everything the arcade needed.


The door had disappeared but there was still light in the room, dim though it was.


Carefully stepping inside she saw an array of boxes and crates strewn about, almost all having been opened and tipped over leaving valueless junk on the floor.


Jinx sobbed, huddled at the very back, surrounded by grenades with her minigun haphazardly thrown into a pile of crates.


She appeared to be tinkering with something.


“Jinx?” Vi said softly as she took a step forward.


The girl jumped, head snapping towards her and dropping what she had been working on.


A small monkey toy rolled towards Vi, it’s design so deeply familiar, but this one had some rough carvings made into its back.


FOR VI it read.


She swallowed and slowly leaned down to pick it up “What’s this?” she asked gently


Jinx sobbed again and the sound pierced Vi’s heart, the girl’s expression one of absolute pain.


“I...I can’t…” Jinx sniffled, voice and body shaking “I can't compete…”


Vi took the monkey in hand, cradling it “Jinx, baby, it’s not a-”


“IM NOT YOUR BABY!” Jinx screeched, a great heaving sob following after as the girl hugged her legs and cracked her head against her knees, blue and purple nails digging into her flesh.


Vi resisted the urge to just lunge for her.


“Im not your baby…” Jinx repeated, quieter, tone utterly defeated.


“You're my baby sister!” Vi said firmly, swallowing down the tears and ignoring the tightness in her chest “Please Jinx, no one will ever take you away from me or replace you. I won't ever leave you again, I promised. I told you and I will say it again a thousand times NO ONE will keep us apart again!”


Vi had chased her sister over the golden domes of Piltover right down to the deepest fissures of Zaun. It was their game, their moment to just be together in lieu of living in the same house.


Because Jinx loved her enough not to put Caitlyn in danger, because her sister knew there were parts of her that she couldn't always control.


Vi, in turn, always came when Jinx called (via explosion) come rain or shine.


So when Vi said those words she meant every bit of it and she hoped Jinx could hear.


The girl raised her head again, expression tired and broken. “You won't come anymore…”


Vi shook her head and took a step forward “I will”


“You won't love me anymore...”


She took another step forward and gave another shake of her head “I ALWAYS will”


“You’ll forget me…”


Another step. Another shake of the head “Never”


Jinx’ lower lip trembled and Vi was so close, just a few more steps.


The girl's pistol came up, barrel resting on a head of blue hair.


Vi froze.


Not one muscle moving.


Silence pervaded, deep and heavy.

“It’ll be a pretty baby” Jinx said after a moment with a small smile on her face “Has to have your girl’s face though, yours gets punched too much”


Vi couldn't speak, her eyes focused entirely on the gun on her sister's head.


“It’ll live a good life” Jinx continued “It won't ever go hungry, it won't ever be cold, it won't ever have rot-lung and it’ll fight like it grew up in the Lanes”


Vi couldn't breathe “Jinx, no”


She tried to be confident, project her older sister voice but she couldn't hear herself, couldn't hear how quiet she was, how her voice trembled.


“It’ll have the prettiest grey eyes and mom's hair” Jinx was smiling fully now, looking up at the ceiling, tears falling freely and unnoticed, her expression one of a person content with their decision. “It’ll be perfect…”


Jinx closed her eyes.




The shout was powerful, echoing from the room and into the street outside.


It was enough to jolt Jinx out of her head, violet eyes looking at Vi and wondering why.


“You can't, Jinx” Vi spoke between deep breaths, between shivers.


Jinx blinked, then she laughed a little “I’ll just be getting out of your way Vi, cant have distractions when you’re taking care of your baby”


Vi shook her head “I’ll need you Jinx”


“For what?” Jinx replied with a defeated chuckle but Vi caught that brief moment where she was interested.


“I need someone to teach them how to make stuff” Vi started, clearing her throat to get rid of the quiver  “What better than showing all the other snooty Piltie babies your own dancing monkey that your aunt helped make? Imagine it, turning up to the playground and bringing that thing out. Talk of the town they’ll be”


Jinx seemed to think about it, then she smiled and chuckled “Yeah, that would be funny…”


Her gun arm relaxed, just a fraction.


Vi latched onto that opening “And I need you to be there for them when me or Cait can't. I need someone I trust to protect them. You know Cait’s not popular with the old enforcers that she’s been locking up? Well, there’s people in Zaun that don't like me too much either. Sevika’s still around, still running what's left of Silco’s gang. I need you there for them, I trust you Jinx, you’re the only one I would ever ask”


That seemed to have hit something in her younger sister, Jinx looking at her with wide eyes.


Wide, hopeful, eyes.


“Really?” She said nervously.


Vi took a step forward as she nodded “Yes, yes of course. There’s no one else in this world I’d trust more than you to look after my child”


Jinx’s bottom lip trembled “Really?”


Vi nodded again “Really”


The gun was still there, still too close but Jinx’s hold on it was loose, her expression in the here and now rather than another place.


Then Jinx shook her head, eyes widening and hold on her gun tightening, making Vi pause “I...I can't be around them Vi. I can't. I’ll hurt them, I’ll kill them!”


The gun was jittering and it took all of Vi’s will not to dive and get it off Jinx’s hand.


“You won't Jinx” She said, trying to convey the confidence she felt, trying to convey the assurance she wanted Jinx to feel.


Her little sister shook her head, body shaking, eyes unblinking and expression shocked.


Vi didnt know what she was hearing in her head, couldn't speak to her in her mind.


“I know you won't” Vi said, taking a slow step forward “Because I know you’d never hurt me. Never”


Jinx continued to shake her head, more frantic with each step Vi took. “I cant Vi...I can't!”


“I know you love me” Vi pressed on “I know you care. You won't go away Jinx, you can't. You know why?”


Jinx’s head stilled, body freezing as Vi leaned down in front of her and gently cupped her cheek.


“Because the worst thing someone can ever do to me is take you away”


Violet eyes stared into grey, trying to find lies, to find any cause for doubt.


Vi rubbed her sister’s tears away with her thumb.


The pistol clattered to the floor and Jinx was swallowed into a tight embrace, Vi kissing her forehead as the younger girl let loose a great river of tears.



Caitlyn eyed the dark hallway with suspicious eyes, scanning the dark corners and crevices which could hide the enemy.


Slowly, quietly, she advanced with her back to one wall and each step careful and measured.


No attack came.


The room on the other end was as dark as the hallway and, unable to risk the lights, she brought her torch up.


Target sighted.


The spotlight shined on a piece of almost miraculous hextech technology and she carefully, quietly approached, reaching out a hand to open the device.


Cool air hit her in a brief wave and she shivered.


There was a handy internal light within the device which helped identify her mark.




Reaching in she pulled out a brown paper bag, slightly stained with grease, residual aroma tickling her nose and making her mouth water.


Come to momma!


Putting the bag on the table and closing the fridge, Caitlyn excitedly tore it open.


To reveal a monkey toy with an expression that could only be described as disappointed.


Caitlyn slumped and groaned.


The light flicked on and her tormentor stood in the doorway eating the last bits of an absolutely delicious looking burger, licking her pale fingers as she cruelly taunted her.


“”How much for a burger?” She asked, trying to speak authoritatively but it was unlikely that she in her dressing gown with a protruding belly looked particularly authoritative.


Jinx raised a brow and wiped her fingers with paper towels (It had taken months for the girl to stop wiping her hands on any ready surface)


“I can get into Jayce’s lab, maybe nab a hex-stone or two. How ‘bout it huh? Didn't you always want a new explosive? It’ll be the biggest boom this side of the river”


The younger girl smirked and took her hand by the wrist, firmly but gentle all the while as she started dragging Caitlyn back down the hall.


“New bomb casings? I know Viktor is working on some kind of alloy for his hextech arm, it wouldn't take much for him to ‘donate’ a few samples of material”


No response, only the damning footsteps away from the kitchen and back up into Caitlyn and Vi’s bedroom.


“Come on Jinx, please!” Caitlyn begged, because at this point trying to reason with the girl was clearly not working.


Jinx paused mid stairs to look over her shoulder at her and Caitlyn jumped on the opportunity, grasping the girl’s hand with her own.


“It’s been months Jinx. Months! I don't even know what grease tastes like anymore! Please, please, just get me one burger, that's all I ask! Anything but healthy” She spat the last word out like the poison it was.


Jinx seemed to consider her request for a moment.


Only for a moment, before she was firmly but gently pulled back up the stairs.


Caitlyn groaned and cried, hanging limp on Jinx’s hold and having to be dragged, an act of petty defiance against Jinx’s tyrannical management of her diet.


It had been months of this, ever since Vi had carried her sister home and put her in her own bed Jinx had taken it upon herself to ensure that Caitlyn was as healthy as possible.


And just as equally miserable.


If I knew it was going to be like this Caitlyn cried in her mind as Jinx dragged her into her room I would have never agreed!


Despite all the (wholly justified) complaints though, Caitlyn couldn't be anything but glad for the demolitionists’ presence.


Jinx may not have cared about her per se, but she loved her child and damn anyone who even looked at them funny.


Thankfully her position as Sheriff allowed her some leeway in keeping Jinx, still technically considered a dangerous terrorist, under house arrest in their home so the girl faced little danger.


When Caitlyn needed to go outside?


Well, Jinx was a dangerous terrorist, who was going to threaten her when the Sheriff of Piltover seemed alright with her presence?


Was it a gross abuse of her power and possibly corrupt? Yes, definitely yes.


Was it for a good cause in getting Jinx reintegrated into society? Yes.


Most importantly, was it helpful to a ten months pregnant Caitlyn who found it incredibly tiring doing anything?


Hell yes.


So, for all that Jinx may have been a terror in keeping her eating healthy and still didn’t like her, Caitlyn very much appreciated the girl’s presence.


Not that she could show it now though as she forced Jinx to basically carry her to her and Vi’s bed, her partner pulling a night shift to cover Caitlyn’s missing presence at enforcer HQ.


“Comfy?” Jinx asked as she settled Caitlyn down and put the covers over her.


“Two hex-stones Jinx. TWO! Just for one burger, best deal in your life”


Jinx chortled, lips curving into a faint smile. Then she looked at Caitlyn’s belly, silently mouthing ‘I love you’ before taking off.


The Sheriff took Jinx’s hand and the girl paused, whipping her head around.


Caitlyn put it on her stomach, to Jinx's surprise. 


“Lean in, listen” Caitlyn said softly.


Giving her a complicated look of both thankfulness and mistrust, Jinx leaned in and put her ear to Caitlyn’s belly.


Both felt a kick.


Jinx jumped back, gasping, then she smiled and leaned in again.


There was another kick and this time Jinx stayed, smile widening into a grin as she felt the life inside Caitlyn start to make itself known.


The new mother’s eyes widened as she felt pressure.


“Jinx!” Caitlyn gasped, grasping at her stomach.


Violet eyes widened and instantly she understood.


Caitlyn flew over Piltover that night, carried along by a blue-haired girl that was far stronger than she looked.



Jinx rarely felt nervous 


What was the point? Life was about….


Well, she didn't know.


At one point she thought she did.


And then Vi came back and they had a fight, she had to kidnap her sister and her sister’s girlfriend, had to kill the man who raised her as a daughter after her sister had left her.


You know, the usual.


She had thought that that particularly complicated part of her life was over, that she could just...enjoy it now.


By making things explode mostly, because that was fun.


And it was, but not because of the explosions.


Well, somewhat because of the explosions.


But mostly it was because Vi came out and played with her and that was the fun part.


Entire days spent with just the two of them, chasing each other around and making things blow up.


Laughing and smiling like Vi and Powder had done so long ago.


But this time it was Vi and Jinx that were laughing and smiling and she couldn't have been happier.


Then, because Vi was her sister and she just had to have an enforcer girlfriend, she had to complicate things again.


But, looking back at it now, Jinx was glad she hadn't pulled that trigger.


Glad that she hadn't moved on to be a voice in Vi’s head, as funny as that would have been.


Because living with Vi was the best thing in the world and, with some reluctance, she could admit Caitlyn turned out alright.


Oh, she was still a sister stealing bitch don't get her wrong, but she was the baby carrier for Vi’s child.


Her niece and/or nephew!


As Caitlyn screamed in the other room Jinx tried to think about those happy thoughts, tried to think about what she could do for the baby, how she was going to rig the baby’s room to be intruder proof and how she was gonna teach the essential life skills like making bombs and bullets.


She ignored how she was curled up into a ball, tightly hugging her own legs and shivering and crying because she couldn't do anything.


Even Mylo and Claggor were silent, though they had been much nicer to her since she had moved in with Vi and Cait so them talking right now wouldn't have been too bad.


As another scream came from Cait’s mouth and Jinx shook, hugging herself tighter as a reaction, she tried to remember Vi, now in that same room with her partner. Tried to remember her comforting embrace and how, despite all that they had gone through and how much she changed, she still felt safe in her sister’s arms.


It was almost an eternity before Jinx felt something other than her own nails digging into her legs, a touch on her shoulder that had her jolting out of the seat.


Vi caught her, her older sister exhausted and sweating.


Jinx realised she was panting, probably having forgotten to breathe somewhere along the way.


“Come on” Vi pulled her along into the room.


A part of Jinx wanted to turn and run, to get away and forget everything that had happened the past year.


Mylo and Claggor helpfully locked that part of her away and she followed, legs heavy.


Inside the room was Caitlyn, sweaty and tired like Vi.


But smiling.


At a little bundle in her arms.


Jinx didn't hear her own gasp. Didn't hear much of anything .


But suddenly she was beside the bed, on her knees, looking at a newly born baby with a tiny tuft of purple hair.


“...-ing her Powder…”


Jinx blinked for the first time since coming into the room “What?” she said quietly, unable to raise her voice above a whisper because she might do something to the baby someone get ear muffs!


“We were thinking…” Vi said, sitting on Caitlyn’s bed with an arm over her partner, looking into Caitlyn’s eyes “Of naming her Powder. Powder-Abigail Kiramman. What do you think Jinx?”


Jinx may have made a noise, she couldn't really tell. She liked it though.


She loved it.


“Jinx” Caitlyn called and suddenly her arms were on Jinx’s and Baby Powder was in her arms and she was looking down at her niece who was in her arms and her niece had the prettiest grey eyes and prettiest purple hair- 


Jinx didn't move. Couldn't move. Didn't dare to move.


She couldn't hear either.


Couldn't hear how she kept repeating “I love you. I love you” to the small bundle of life she held.


Because Jinx was an auntie and there was nothing more important to her in that moment.