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Ajax woke up with a morning wood. It was not uncommon — usually he either needled Zhongli for a morning sex or took care of it in the shower. But this morning, the normally sleeping dragon was awake and his hand was already on his cock, stroking it slowly and sensually.

Brain quickly rewiring, Childe moaned. His hips thrusting to the warm grip together with its movement. He sank into the steady motion, enjoying the moment.

Just a bit more, he thought, biting his lips. He threw his head, back arching and toes curling, lost in pleasure.

Just like that, the hand stopped.

Ajax whined, thrown off the loop, hips still trying to chase that last traces of friction. “…Zhongli?”

The adeptus nibbled on his ear, “I want to try something,” he said, voice even deeper than his usual. “Would you indulge me, dear Ajax?”

Now that was unfair. He had never been able to say no to Zhongli and the other knew that. Not even horny and so close to an orgasm.

Reluctantly, Ajax nodded.

“Good,” the ex-archon said, peppering his neck with even more kisses. "Now, we’re going to take a bath and you are not to ejaculate, is that clear?”

That order came with flashing amber eyes, which he knew meant as a binding contract — or as close as one for a god who had let go of his domain yet ruled over it for six thousand years.

Childe nodded, trying to will his cock down. He was already starting to regret this.

That night, they kissed with a fervor. Childe was still high from the denied orgasm and Zhongli expertly manipulating his body to yet another state of arousal. Wanting to get over the foreplay, he kneeled down in front of Zhongli’s huge cock. He took it as best as he could before forcing his gag reflex down and swallowed it whole.

The first time he did this, he choked on the dick, too sure of himself he could do it. Later, like all the things he was not a master of, he trained himself to down the whole girth and gave Zhongli the best blowjob the god would ever experience. Childe had been proud of that accomplishment.

He recorded the look on Zhongli’s face, lost in pleasure as he moved his tongue around, his bitten off groans, the tightening of his hands on Childe’s hair — until Zhongli’s lost all his restrain and began fucking his throat earnestly. The thrust was sharp and quick, short but deep, and all Childe could do was to not choke and take it.

Tears formed on the edge of his eyes as his throat restricted around the cock when one particular errant thrust messed up with the rhythm of his breathing. The hands on his head tightened almost punishingly, before bitter come exploded in his mouth. Zhongli continued his thrusting, riding off his orgasm, chest heaving.

Finally, he let go of his hair and Childe was left coughing on the floor. It took several minutes until his vision cleared and breathed normally.

Then, Zhongli easily lifted him by the waist into his lap, fingers teasing on his rim. His eyes glowed in that amber color, saying: “This morning’s order is still in effect.”

“Wha—” he choked on his moan when that finger slipped in, it was coated with lube and straight poking into his prostate. Childe’s hips jerked, his head lolled into Zhongli’s shoulder as he bit off a scream.

Zhongli was relentless, prodding harshly into that spot while adding more fingers. His other hand had settled on his neck, pressing him down before he could even trash around. Heat settled on his stomach, orgasm crept closer almost like a crescendo. He was a whimpering mess, moaning and begging for more, body twitching wildly.

The order rang clear in his head and he sobbed, “Zhongli,” he warned, voice completely wrecked, “Close, close, close.”

And just like this morning, all movement stopped. Childe sobbed, trying to find stimulation but found none.

“Good boy,” the soothing voice said and Ajax could drown in it. “You are doing so well, dear Ajax. Even more so than I expected. You take my order so beautifully…”

Ajax let himself be drowned at the sweet praises, keening and nuzzling his head on the other’s neck.


He emerged from that fog cleaned but with a hard cock. On his side, Zhongli was playing with his hair.

“How are you?” the funeral consultant asked, pride laces his tone.

Frustrated and needy, he looked down, his cock standing red and straining in his lap. He huffed, “How long will this go on?”

Zhongli gave him a sly smirk, “How long can you go without an orgasm, my dear?”

Groaning, he contemplated hitting Zhongli, especially down there, just to see if the other would like it, because it sure became more and more painful and at least getting hit down there would hurt just that moment. The challenge in Zhongli’s tone was obvious and Childe could not believe he accepted it anyway.

He later swore when trying to sleep. He was so horny, going from almost nightly orgasm into this state of denial was hard enough, and Zhongli did not help with his warm and strong arms embracing him as the ex-archon slept on.



It went on until the end of next week, and Zhongli did not even shy away from towing that line and stopping just before Childe could come. The man would suck him off in the morning, warm mouth on his dick before letting him go to calm himself down. Or the way he fucked Childe so brutally and gripped his weeping cock so tight it hurt. Or yesterday night where Zhongli tied his hands up and left him on the edge for hours.

Childe was crying at the end of that session, pleading broken sentences and brain scrambled he could not even tell which was up or down, but his lover rewarded him with a globe of cryo to make his dick go down instead of the long awaited orgasm ending in the younger cussing him out for ten minutes straight. He still did not talk to Zhongli in the morning, so angry and overwhelmed — and frustrated. He wanted to come, damnit!

Still, he had given his word that he would not come without permission from Zhongli, so he showered with cold water and went to Northland Bank for his job, giving the funeral consultant a glare when he left their home.

Tartaglia decimated the local populace of slimes and hilicurls, even going as far as obliterating the geovishaps and abyss mages in the way to calm himself down as he walked back towards the bank. He took a specific pleasure in hunting the cryo variants, especially the slimes — as if they were the cause of two weeks of mounting frustration and in a way, he was taking revenge for yesterday night cold, cold wake up call from the embrace of arousal. A few more days of this, he would gut Zhongli and then ride him until the adeptus begged for mercy.



“Alright,” Zhongli said when Childe came back home from work. He brought a takeaway from Wanmin and it was filled with his favorite foods. Childe was scarfing down the crystal shrimps, still not talking to the adeptus even as he downed the apology food, when the other asked. “What do you think of doing a scene tonight? You have tomorrow off, don’t you?”

His cock immediately jumped in attention, mouth watering just with the thought of finally, finally coming.

Food forgotten, he jumped into Zhongli’s lap, kissing him full in the mouth. He must taste like shrimps and rice and well, dinner, but he could care less.

Zhongli immediately pulled on his hair, breath ghosting his own, “Dinner first, dear Ajax.”

The funeral consultant took the chopsticks from his hand and fed him a jade parcel, “It’s a waste of good food if we let them go cold, right?”

Fine, two could play that game. Sensually, the ginger took a bite, letting his tongue linger on the chopsticks before chewing, “Hmm, really? Here I thought you dislike seafood, Professor.”

The smile he gave was so unfair, the old dragon really did understand which tilt of his head made Childe’s boiling blood rushing south. He sipped his tea, knowing he really, really wanted to go straight to the bedroom but he could control himself if Zhongli wanted to wine and dine. He could do high class dining, he was trained when it was clear the Fifth Harbinger favored him. Though right now, pent up and desperate, he went for seduction instead.

He had seen a noble lady eating mussels in what others described as “hot” and he tried to emulate the imagery. He pulled a portion up, licking it gently and slurping on the flesh and giving it a kiss. He was halfway giving the shellfish a fellatio before eyes straying to see Zhongli looking like Ajax was his dinner. His amber eyes glowing hungrily, lips drawn and without his usually tight coat, Ajax noticed the consultant Adam’s apple bobbing, tea forgotten on the table.

He smirked, continuing to tongue the shell as if it was Zhongli’s cock. He was soon stopped by a strong, gloved hand — why was the consultant still wearing his gloves but shed his coat? — and the ex-archon pulled Ajax into his lap, straight on his hard on. Ajax licked his lips, offhandedly wondering if Zhongli would think the taste of seafood in his tongue off-putting, before throwing the thought out and straight kissing the consultant.

It took a while as their tongue danced, saliva exchanged, and bodies humping into each other before Ajax suddenly remembered the fact Zhongli was a bit of a sadist. The consultant tugged on his hair, choking him on his dragonic forked tongue and face fucking him while not letting him to breathe. Ajax struggled for a little before sagging in Zhongli’s hold, his pained whines ignored while Zhongli continued to poke and prodded his mouth, toeing harshly again and again at the back of his throat, taking care not to make him puke.

When he finally had enough, leaving Ajax gasping for breaths, Zhongli trailed down, exploring his sensitive neck and hands toying with nipples. His own rasped moans and whimpers lit his face aflame, he had not been so sensitive before, it felt like his body was trained to be Zhongli’s whore: a lick on the clavicle from Zhongli would make him shudder, a bite on his nipple would make him squirm — he did not know his body could be so responsive.

When Zhongli pulled back, leaving him breathless and needy, there were signs of gold tipped horns poking around the adeptus head, and the discarded gloves revealed blackened hands. It had been a while since Ajax saw his lover lose control like this and it was intoxicating. Zhongli’s body grew significantly larger — they had roughly the same height before — and so was his cock. Childe knew from experience there could be two of them, if he managed to rile the archon enough.

“The order is still in effect, you would not ejaculate until I say so,” was what he said then lifting him up onto the table. It was a mesmerizing vision to see the geo archon on his knees as Zhongli started to lick and swallow his cock.

Ajax choked on his own spit, complaints died down before they could even leave his lips. He was so hard already from weeks of edging. These last few days, even a blowing wind could arouse him from how worked up he was — and Zhongli wanted him to not come while giving him a head?

“Zhongli…” he warned, all his muscles on his stomach contracting with how much he was resisting. It burnt, like doing hundreds of sit-ups back in his days as a nameless fatui trainee. He closed his eyes and hoped, body aching to obey the order. Zhongli’s expertise was not helping. The archon sucked on the tip, teeth grazing gently on its head and Ajax whimpered, brain telling to keep holding while his dick wanted to just let go.

“Stop, please, I can’t, can’t, can’t — no, ah!” he had no idea what he was saying anymore, it hurt too much, it felt so good. Zhongli hummed, the vibration reverberating towards Ajax’ entire body. His eyes flew open, his hips bucking into the air and his orgasm tipped over.

He thought he screamed, muscles rippling from how much he was holding on. Everything hurt, from his eyes to his throat, his stomach to his dick. Then, he registered pain, pain, pleasure, when Zhongli stroked his still hard cock, warm air ghosted the tip as he huffed with pride. Teary eyed, he looked down at the same time as Zhongli thumbing over his slit, sending jolts of electricity all over his body.

“You’re so good for me,” Zhongli praised, finally letting go of his cock to give a soft, gentle kiss on his forehead. “You listen to my order so perfectly. Such a good boy, aren’t you? Obeying my order like that.”

Ajax whined, nuzzling into Zhongli’s neck as he continued to whisper sweet things right over his ear, each word giving off warmth he did not know he needed. He felt like floating, body so light and numb, buzzing with unknown energy from the afterglow. Slowly, with every word Zhongli uttered, he drifted away. Secure in the embrace of his lover.

“What was that?” he rasped, body ached in so many places he did not know they could hurt pleasantly so. He was not even fucked. He felt cheated, a bit. No, scratch that, he was definitely cheated. He still had yet to come.

(Now that he thought about it, Zhongli only asked for a scene yesterday, not a confirmation of the order being rescinded.)

“Dry orgasm. It happens when one climaxes without ejaculating,” Zhongli explained, hand brushing softly on his hair. “How it feels usually depends on how one achieves it. It can feel exactly like a regular orgasm or feel like there is something missing. I’ve heard one said it is dreadful. You, I think, feel it is very overwhelming because of my order to not ejaculate. Stuck between wanting to please me, fear of failure if my order was not obeyed, and wanting to come.”

Ajax hummed, shifting closer into Zhongli’s embrace. His brain still felt like cotton and he let himself drift back to sleep with Zhongli’s deep, soothing voice in his ears.