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Cold Feet

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Sabrina turns over in her bed, her arms wrapped tightly around the witch beside her. A soft smile appears on the blonde’s face as her fingertips graze the soft fabric of her lover’s nightgown. She nuzzles her nose into the other’s thick, dark hair and breathes in the calming, familiar scent. Her foot wraps around the brunette’s calf.

Lilith is already awake, lazily drawing circles on Sabrina’s bare shoulders. She flinches slightly as her lover’s ice cold foot touches her skin. 

“Sabrina, what did I tell you about wearing socks in bed? I don’t want your cold feet near me,” the brunette whispers hoarsely into the blonde’s ear, causing Sabrina to shiver pleasantly. Instead of listening to Lilith and putting on socks, Sabrina makes sure to bring her other foot also up to her lover’s skin.

Lilith doesn’t pull away as the blonde had anticipated. Instead she grabs Sabrina’s wrists and straddles her waist, leaving her lover breathless as she slowly leans in and kisses the younger witch’s soft lips. The kiss gets heated quickly, but before Sabrina can pull Lilith even closer, the older witch pulls away and lies back down, turning away from Sabrina.

“Wha-“ Sabrina starts to say but stops herself when she realizes what Lilith has done. Sabrina’s feet were no longer bare but wrapped in warm, fluffy socks. “How-“

“Shut up and sleep, Sabrina. And cuddle me. I’m cold,” Lilith interrupts her, and Sabrina does just that with a smile on her face.