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Staying Over

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Molly gripped the straps of her slightly overloaded backpack, looking at the card she received a while ago from Sylvester. "Guess it's worth a shot.." She muttered to herself, taking a deep breath and walking off to the office. Hopefully he was still there, though there was a chance he wasn't since it wasn't working hours. Then again.. He does like to stay up, doesn't he? Hm. She would have called, but her dad still had her phone, smh. The girl continued to walk, spending a good 20 minutes getting there before knocking on the door. "Hellooo..? Sylvester? Are you still there..?" She called.

Sylvester looked up from the book he was reading, bookmarking it and adjusting his glasses with a small yawn. He stood up from his chair, stretching before going to open the office door.
"Hello-?.. Molly? Molly, what are you doing up at this hour? Surely you should be in bed?" He frowned, cocking his head.

"I know, I know.." She sighed a little, looking a bit distraught. "I'm really sorry for showing up this late, I just.. I was kinda hoping you'd give me a place to stay for a while? J-just until I can save up for a new place to go, or something. I kindaaa.. sorrtaa.. uhm.. I ran away from home, n'.. Yeahhhh." She fidgeted a little, looking to the other. "You were the first one that came to mind, a-and I couldn't call Giovanni. My dad has my phone."

"You ran away from..yes, of course. Come in." he nods, moving away to let the other in. "Why did you run away from home, what happened..?- I could call Giovanni if you'd like."

"C-can we call him tomorrow? I'd hate to disturb anyone else at this hour.." She smiled a tiny bit out of nervousness, walking in. "I kinda chose to run away days ago. Giovanni told me to stand up for myself when we first met, n' stuff. I guess it's really caught up to me now, I.. Kinda just chose to leave. I did enough for them, it's their responsibility to do everything else now. I've been doing so much for so long, I just.." She shrugged a little, stuffing her hands into her pockets and shuffling a little. "And my sister's not much help either."

Sylvester nodded again, sitting back down and taking his book again. "Ah, I see. Yeah, we can call him tomorrow. It's unfortunate, though I'm happy you stood up for yourself. Giovanni, for once, was right about standing up for yourself. Your sister should be helping, your dad should be doing most of the things because he's a parent."

"Thank you, again. I'm sorry for bothering you so late.." She muttered. "When he said it was my shift, he only said it this time cuz I asked him to buy milk. He gave me like- 10 dollars, and said to get it myself. So then when I came back, he said I had to work the night shift again cuz he punched his parent card again.." She huffed quietly. "And then he let my sister throw a party, and I guess that was my last straw?"

"Parent..card..??" He cocked his head, confused for a moment. "I'm sorry, but that sounds pretty stupid. As a parent, it's his job to take care of you, not the other way around. Just because you do one small thing for your kid doesn't mean that you have to do everything for him in return..!"

"I guess.." She shrugged. "You're right. Um.. What're you reading?" She asked, looking at the book he had in his hands. "..I like the cover, it's really pretty."

"Oh, it's nothing fancy. It's called The Night Circus, it's by Erin Morgenstern. It's not too big, only 387 pages, but I like it. It's about a circus that's only open from sunset to sunrise, called 'Le Cirque des Rêves', which roughly translates to the Circus of Dreams. I could let you borrow it when I'm done if you want."

"Ooh." She listened, nodding. "That sounds nice, sure..! O-only if you would let me, of course. Um. IpromiseI'mresponsiblewithbooks. It should be easier now since my dad won't be around to spill anything or something."

"Yeah, sure. Just, yeaaaahhh,,, please be responsible with it. I know that you would, but just for clarification." he smiled a little, shaking his head.

"I'll try my best then." She smiled a bit in return. "Thanks."

"Of course. Would you like to talk about anything-?" He asked, motioning for her to sit on the other couch. She took a seat almost immediately.

"Hmm.. I don't know what we can talk about, really.. Um, have you heard anything from Percy, maybe?"

"Oh, not really. Nothing really from Giovanni either, besides him trying countless times to annoy me while I'm trying to study, and damnit he can't let me study in peace-!" Sylvie pouted, opening up his book.

"That's Giovanni for you." She giggled quietly, covering her mouth with her hand. "He got me in detention one time for calling 4 times. My phone wasn't shut off, either."

He huffed quietly. "He needs to calm down, I was just trying to study in peace and research on the psychology of dreams."

"That sounds really interesting, actually. You should talk to me about it sometime, it'd be nice to learn about that stuff!" She seemed very interested in the conversation by now. 

"Oh, really?" He smiled slightly, looking at her. She nodded happily.

She nods. "Mhm! I-I wouldn't mind, and since it's your Epithet and stuff.. I wouldn't really mind learning more."

"A good book for that would be The Interpretation of Dreams!" he smiled a little more. "It's by Sigmund Freud, he introduces his theory of the unconscious with respect to dream interpretation, and it evolves into The Theory of the Oedipus complex!" he rambled. She listened, nodding along. "Ooh..! That sounds really cool!"

"Yeah, it was interesting to read-!! Had to get an English translation, though, as it was originally in g e r m a n-"

"Ohh." She hummed, continuing to listen. She got distracted mid-way though, and her mind began to wander. He didn't seem to realize though, continuing to ramble about the book.

A small look of concern showed on her face after a bit, and she snapped out of it. "..Um, Sylv?" She muttered, feeling rude for even interrupting.

"And--Ah, yes?" he raised an eyebrow, a bit annoyed that he was interrupted but curious now. "What's up?"

"..Nevermind, it's silly." She smiled awkwardly. "Um.. You can continue, sorry."

"No no no, what did you wanna say?" He asked.

"..I was starting to overthink running away.." She muttered softly, the thoughts making her anxious again. "Do you think it was even a good idea? What about school, o-or the whole taxes thing, or work, or.. What if they actually need me?"

He frowned a little, shutting his book. "A twelve-year-old shouldn't be working or doing taxes. As for school, we could take you or something."

"But even then, it's risky..? They have cops there sometimes, and what if my dad goes looking for me or calls the school or something? I hate to say it, but I doubt it. But then again.. I dunno, 's just.." She sighed, shrugging. She had no more words, and she was just a little confused now. "..Sorry, told you it was dumb. Um, you can keep talking about the dream stuff.."

"Could you tell a cop if anything like that would happen? Maybe you could tell Percy, or one of us could supervise you..?"

"Then the cops at school would tell on me. Or, they'd put me in foster o-or they might.. Um.. They m-might bring me back, or they'll call my dad, or.." She hugged her knees a little, now afraid of the consequences.

"One of us could take care of you..? I don't know, hmm..We'll have to discuss it with the others."

"Okay," She nodded a little.

"Are you alright? Please don't be scared, we'll find a way to help." He put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her.

"..Can I have a hug?" She asked quietly.

Sylvester nodded, leaning over and hugging Molly.

She hugged back, staying close. "..Thanks again, for everything."

"Of course. This is what friends do, right?"

"I suppose so," She shrugged and nodded, smiling a little.

"I think so," He nods in agreement.

She sighed quietly. "Um.. Hey. Do you think you could use your Epithet on me?- It's getting kinda late, and I bet you wanna finish your book."

"Oh-yeah, sure. I can sing to you, or I could summon some sheep if you'd like, or..?-" he trailed off.

She thought for a second, before deciding. "Can you sing, please..?"

"Mmhm." Sylvester absent-mindedly began to run his hands through her hair. "Any song requests, then?"
She shook her head a little, laying against him as he played with her hair. "Mm.. I dunno. London bridge is easy enough, right? Is that okay..?"

Sylvester nodded, clearing his throat a bit before starting to sing to the other. His voice was soft, but it seemed to lull her to sleep in minutes. Molly listened for a bit, before yawning and dosing off.

He continued until sure she was asleep, reading his book for a while longer until he finished. He then went ahead and summoned some sheep, counting them until he fell asleep as well.

The two slept peacefully, Sylvester laid back in the chair holding Molly and Molly snuggled into Sylvie's jacket.