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Zeke was grinning from ear to ear as Levi took a long sip of the wine, knowing exactly what he’d done. He had put an aphrodisiac in Levi’s wine, simply to make the man horny. It’d been a month since the two of them had sex in the forest, and Zeke had been aroused ever since. But Levi had been rejecting his advances, due to not ‘being in the mood’, so Zeke decided to help him along a little bit.

It didn’t take long for Levi to start fidgeting in his spot, and Zeke could see him growing hot and uncomfortable, tugging on his collar and glancing around nervously. Success, he thought to himself, getting up and moving to sit next to Levi.

The shorter man looked up at him with some bewilderment, a glare soon appearing, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“You’re horny, aren’t you?” Zeke asked, reaching out a hand towards Levi.

Levi smacked his hand away and growled, “No, fuck off.”

But Zeke could tell the man was getting all bothered, his erection starting to tent in the fabric of his pants. So cute, Zeke thought to himself, finding Levi’s insistence to continually reject him adorable.

“I can tell you’re horny, Levi,” Zeke muttered, reaching his hand out again.

This time, Levi allowed Zeke to place a hand on his thigh and run his fingers up and down the thick muscle. Levi shivered at his touch, biting his lip hard as he tried to fight off the intense arousal he was feeling.

“You can let go,” Zeke murmured, “It’s okay. We’re alone.”

Levi grumbled swears under his breath as he crossed his arms stubbornly, “You probably put something in the fucking wine, knowing you.”

Zeke grinned, “So what if I did?”

Levi turned to look at Zeke with some surprise, eyes widening slightly before his hand shot out, gripping Zeke by the neck and snarling, “What the hell did you do?!”

Zeke gagged slightly at the feeling before a smug smile crossed his face, “I just put an aphrodisiac in your wine, that’s all.”

Levi squeezed his neck tighter in his hand, looking confused, “What the fuck is that?!”

“An aphrodisiac?” Zeke choked, trying to pry Levi’s hand off his neck, “It just makes you horny.”

Levi let go of Zeke’s neck and shoved him, “You’re a piece of work, you know that?”

Zeke merely chuckled in response, finally able to catch his breath. He scooted closer to Levi, cupping Levi’s growing erection in his hand and whispering in his ear sensually, “I can help you take care of this. Would you like me to?”

Levi grunted from the feeling and a conflicted look passed through his eyes, biting his lip and raising his hand to smack Zeke’s away. But he paused halfway through when Zeke began palming at his erection, a small whine escaping his mouth.

“You want me to, don’t you?” Zeke asked, starting to undo Levi’s pants.

“F-Fuck you,” Levi managed to get out, not stopping Zeke anyways.

“Well, you certainly seem to like it,” Zeke replied as he took Levi’s erection out of his pants.

It was red and swollen, pre-cum dripping from the tip. Zeke couldn’t believe the man was already so turned-on, but he supposed the aphrodisiac was really doing its stuff. He grasped Levi’s length in his hand and started pumping it, the shorter man gasping and clinging to Zeke’s shirt, muttering a couple swears under his breath.

Zeke couldn’t help but laugh a little at Levi’s actions; the man was clearly so desperate for it, but he was also incredibly stubborn at the same time. Levi was wrinkling his well-ironed shirt in his fingers, taking fistfuls of the fabric in his hands and tugging on it lightly with every stroke of Zeke’s hand.

Suddenly, Levi was straddling Zeke, bringing his head up and kissing him roughly. Zeke kissed back, rubbing Levi’s sides lightly before gripping his erection in his hand again and starting to jerk at it.

“Good boy, Levi,” Zeke murmured against his lips once they pulled away, “So eager for it, aren’t you?”

Levi groaned and buried his face in the crook of Zeke’s neck, “Fuck o-off.”

“Mmm,” Zeke cooed, slowing the rate of his pumping, “Bad boys don’t get what they want. Are you going to be my good boy, or should I stop?”

He could hear Levi huff in annoyance against his neck, bucking his hips into Zeke’s fist as he whined hesitantly, “I... I’ll be a good boy...”

“Good,” Zeke smirked, “Then get on your knees for me. You’re going to suck my dick.”

Zeke was shocked when Levi pulled away and got on his knees without protest. Perhaps the aphrodisiac was making him so desperate for sex that he was willing to go along with whatever Zeke wanted in order to get what he wanted. Zeke watched with amusement as Levi quickly worked at getting Zeke’s pants open with his nimble fingers. He pulled Zeke’s erection out of his pants, mouth already open in anticipation.

“There you go,” Zeke instructed, “Put it in your mouth, lovely.”

Levi leaned forward and licked the tip before engulfing it in his mouth, sucking on it before sinking down all the way. Zeke groaned, fingers falling into Levi’s dark locks and running them through his hair before gripping it hard.

Fuck,” Zeke muttered as Levi bobbed his head with fervor, “That’s it, gorgeous. Keep going, holy shit.”

Levi whimpered around him, fingers digging into Zeke’s thighs for balance as he moved his head up and down. Zeke began a slow pace of thrusting into the shorter man’s mouth, hearing him gag at first before he adjusted to it by breathing heavily through his nose.

“Such a good mouth,” Zeke praised, picking up the pace a little, “You’re taking it so well.”

Levi’s eyes were half-lidded as he let Zeke use his mouth, drool dribbling down his chin. Zeke groaned and fucked into Levi’s mouth harder, listening to the small choking noises the shorter man was making underneath him.

“Oh god,” Zeke moaned, finally pulling Levi’s head off him, “Fuck, so good, baby.”

Levi had a string of pre-cum and drool hanging from his lip, and Zeke thumbed at his lips before pushing his thumb inside his mouth, watching Levi suck on it hungrily. He sighed contently, using his other hand to pet Levi’s head affectionately. This aphrodisiac was certainly making Levi a lot more susceptible to Zeke’s suggestions.

“Good boy,” Zeke cooed, “Such a good little boy for me.”

He removed his thumb and pushed three fingers into Levi’s mouth, the shorter man coating them with saliva. Zeke continued to pet his head, Levi’s eyes half-lidded with lust as he stared up at Zeke seductively. The blonde pulled his fingers out, Levi climbing into his lap and straddling him. The two shared a sloppy open-mouthed kiss, Levi tongue lapping at Zeke’s eagerly. Zeke pushed his hand into Levi’s pants, running his fingers up and down the crack before he circled one around the rim. Levi’s moan vibrated between their lips as Zeke pushed it past the entrance, starting to fuck him gently with the first digit.

“You like that, don’t you?” Zeke teased, prodding his finger around Levi’s inner walls before adding a second, “You like my fingers fucking you like this?”

Levi mewled pleasantly and buried his face into Zeke’s shoulder, nodding, “Y-Yeah.”

Zeke scissored his fingers and stretched out his hole, licking and sucking at Levi’s neck as the shorter man squirmed and fucked himself back against Zeke’s fingers. The blonde pushed a third past the rim and nibbled at Levi’s earlobe as he began pounding his fingers into Levi’s prostate, growling in his ear, “There’s my good boy. Your hole is so eager to be fucked, isn’t it?”

Levi tossed his head back and moaned, nodding again, “O-Oh my god, Z-Zeke!”

Zeke removed his fingers, listening to Levi whine in some disappointment. The shorter man quickly got off Zeke’s lap and shimmied out of his pants and boxers, while Zeke hurriedly tugged his own pants down to his thighs. Levi climbed back onto Zeke’s lap and the blonde lined it up his dick, groaning as Levi sunk down on it slowly.

“A-Ah,” Levi whimpered, trying to adjust to the feeling, “O-Oh fuck.”

“Shh,” Zeke shushed him, “Just take it, baby. Take my cock, just like that. That’s right.”

Levi groaned and wriggled his hips down until he was fully seated, before he lifted himself up and pounded down on Zeke’s dick, causing both of them to moan from the feeling. Zeke held his hips in his hands, helping to lift him as he began to ride up and down on the blonde’s cock.

“N-Ngh,” Levi mewled, “Ah, a-ah! Z-Zeke!”

“Shit,” Zeke let out a deep breath, watching Levi bouncing on his dick, “You love it, hmm? You’re enjoying that dick, baby?”

Levi’s mouth was hanging open, practically drooling as Zeke’s cock hit his prostate with every thrust downwards. He lulled his head up and down to respond with a ‘yes’, eyes glazed over with lust as he rode Zeke like his life depended on it. Zeke had never seen the man this turned on, and he was sure the aphrodisiac had something to do with that. Levi was rolling his hips, gyrating them on Zeke’s dick before going back to bouncing desperately.

Fuck,” Zeke groaned, running his fingers up and down Levi’s waist, “Keep riding my cock, beautiful. You’re doing so good.”

“Mmm,” Levi whimpered, erotic little ‘ah’ noises spilling out of his mouth every time he sunk back down onto Zeke’s dick, “Ohh fuckkk.”

His hole was sucking Zeke in so good; it was so warm and tight, and Zeke could feel himself growing closer by the second. If he was enjoying himself, then Levi was in pure ecstasy, or at least, that’s what his face looked like: completely fucked out with cheeks dusted red and mouth hanging open as erotic noises escaped him.

“I’m gonna cum,” Levi panted, “I’m gonna cum, I’m so close.”

“Cum, baby,” Zeke ordered, starting to jerk at Levi’s erection, “Come on, you can do it.”

Levi slammed his hips down over and over on Zeke’s dick, holding tightly to Zeke’s shoulders for leverage as he did so. He let out a cry as he came, his seed spilling all over his and Zeke’s chests and stomachs. Zeke gripped Levi’s hips tightly in his hands and began thrusting upwards into him, trying to find his own orgasm, as he was incredibly close as well.

Levi was breathing heavily, but he grasped Zeke’s hair in his fist, tugging him closer and growling in his ear, “Cum inside me. Fucking do it- I want to be dripping with it.”

Zeke practically gasped at Levi’s words, not having expected them, and came almost instantly from them, letting out a few stuttered thrusts as he came inside Levi. The shorter man slowly removed himself from Zeke’s dick, standing up on shaky legs.

“Turn around and spread yourself,” Zeke instructed, “I wanna see.”

Levi was starting to come down from the aroused state he’d been in now, and he was grumbling swears under his breath at Zeke’s request. But much to Zeke’s surprise, he obliged, turning around and bending over, his hands spreading his cheeks apart so that Zeke could see his cum dripping out of Levi’s hole.

Shit,” Zeke groaned from the sight, reaching his thumb out and rubbing Levi’s hole gently, “You’re so sexy, Levi.”

Levi whimpered at the touch before standing up straight and letting go of his cheeks. He turned back around, crossing his arms and snapping, “If you ever put anything in my drink again, I’ll fucking slice your head off.”

Zeke couldn’t help but grin, placing his hands on Levi’s waist and pulling him closer, “You loved every second of it. Don’t lie.”

Levi was blushing, but rolled his eyes and bit his lip, looking away from Zeke. At first, the blonde wondered why Levi was avoiding eye contact, until he felt Levi’s dick twitching against his stomach.

Levi finally turned back to him, a small smirk on his face as he asked, “Round two?”