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no matter what i do, i can't get enough

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what r u wearing

Vikky Pollard:
Go to sleep JJ

I'm too horny
what r u wearing

Vikky Pollard:

what clothes

Vikky Pollard:
Watch porn I'm not helping you get off

that wasn't the case before lockdown

Vikky Pollard:
We are literally only on the second day of the pandemic
Go watch porn I'm busy

busy not telling me what ur wearing
cmon Vikky you'll enjoy indulging me
you always do

Vikky Pollard:
A shirt and boxers. How is that even hot it's just clothes

my shirt?
fuuck now I'm thinking about u in my shirt
You looked so hot that first night we had sex

Vikky Pollard:
It wasn't even really sex

still hot as fuck. Wished i would've recorded you cumming on my thighs
could have shown you how hot you are vikky. Let you properly hear how good you sound moaning

Vikky Pollard:
Gods sake JJ
I just put your shirt on and took my boxers off
It's a good thing it goes down to my thighs, huh?

Fucking tease

Vikky Pollard:
Only to you

So you did that for me? How cute
how about you show me?

[Incoming call]


Vik squirms from where he's sat on the edge of his bed and watches the call screen for a couple of rings before answering.

"I almost thought you weren't gonna pick up."

JJ's voice sounds thick with sleep, the hoarse tone making Vik shiver.

"I almost didn't," he cheeks. JJ laughs deeply.

"Sure you didn't, Vik. Set the camera up for me, yeah? Wanna see you properly. All of you."

Vik has told himself that he wouldn't indulge the older anymore; that he can go fuck someone else, or even himself for all Vik cares, but it never sticks for long. He'll think about the first night last year whilst they were still all living together and his knees will grow weak. Sometimes it's almost as if he can still feel the carpet burn he got on them from kneeling for JJ for so long. He'll start to miss the ache in his jaw if he fantasizes for long enough.

"This good?" Vik asks shyly, having set up his phone on his desk and moving so he's sat on the foot of his bed. He feels watched -- and he is, sure, but it's different. Vik knows how much attention JJ is paying him right now, how he's taking in every detail the phone will allow him to see. The lamp on his desk lights the room up nicely, not overwhelming but still capturing Vik's features perfectly.

"You need a clearer camera. Fuck, I just wanna see you in person again. Fuck you properly," he waffles. Vik blushes and can see on his phone screen that JJ's sat at his desk, his phone camera showing his body but not his face. He's got no shirt on, abs and tattoos on display, yet he still makes Vik feel fully exposed. He squeezes his thighs together, because every inch of him is captured by his camera, leaving him on display. Every expression, every flush of his cheeks, the lot.

" 'S only for a couple weeks," Vik mumbles, trying to distract himself from the burning in his cheeks.

"Still too long. Don't go shy on me, Vikky," JJ's clearly grinning, smug and amused as ever, watching the smaller shift about. "Grab one of your pillows, yeah? The comfiest one."

"Why?" Vik asks with furrowed brows as he crawls up his bed and leans to grab a pillow. A hot flash goes through his body when he hears the sound of a screenshot being taken, making him rush back to the end of his bed. He kneels on it this time, using the pillow to cover his lap.

"You're such a dickhead," Vik rolls his eyes, thinking the only reason JJ asked him to grab this was so he could screenshot the other's ass. "Is that really why you made me grab a pillow? There are easier ways to see my ass, you know."

That earns a low chuckle from JJ, only confusing the younger further.

"Come on, Vik. I thought you were meant to be smart, no?" JJ chides him, and seriously?

"Well, quite frankly I think that that is rich coming fro --"

"I want you to hump it for me, Vik," the older cuts him off, his voice impossibly steady.

Vik splutters, "What?"

"You heard me, babe. I wanna see you grinding that pillow and moaning my name. You can pretend it's my thigh, if that helps," he says the last sentence smugly despite the seriousness behind it.

"I -- I'm not gonna..."

"Sure you're not, Vik. Come on," JJ persuades, now palming himself through his grey joggers. Vik can see his buldge prominently and he bites the inside of his lip.

He sighs shakily and raises himself up on his knees, legs spreading as he puts the pillow between them. It's folded in half vertically, similar to the shape of a rolled towel and his breath hitches once he sits down on it properly.

"That's it. Fuck, you're actually so hot," JJ groans breathily, gently rocking up into his palm.

"Shut up," Vik scoffs, casting his eyes down and fiddling with the corner of the pillow. His gaze flicks up to JJ every now and then and Vik's breath hitches at the sight he sees each time.

"You know it's true. Rock your hips a little."

JJ slips his hands into his sweats, rubbing his semi through his boxers and grunting at the added friction. He watches as Vik rocks forward experimentally, inhaling sharply as a hand quickly moves to grip the top of the pillow for support. He does it again, a small fuck of his hips that definitely feels good, if the resulting moan is anything to go by.

"J," Vik mumbles, looking directly at the camera through his eyelashes, wide, innocent fuck-me eyes making JJ remove his hand so he can screenshot the sight.

"Feel good, baby?"

Vik can only nod pathetically, hips bucking, the texture of the shirt rubbing against his cock every time he ruts into the soft pillow making him shudder. He shuts his legs as well as he can, easily losing himself in a rhythm of hurried thrusts and needy little sounds.

"Stop. Don't cum yet," JJ snaps him out of his daze. Vik pants and looks up pitifully at the camera, seeing that the older has his cock out and is stroking himself. Vik's mouth almost waters and he shivers. "Fuck, man, those noises," JJ huffs out. "Go slow this time, yeah? Angle your hips a little, too."

"No, JJ, please -- M'already so close, I just -- "

"And stuff my shirt in your mouth. Wouldn't want you to get too loud, would we?"

Asshole, Vik thinks with an internal eyeroll even though he's following JJ's orders down to the syllable. He hates being so desperate and obedient, even if his cock is weeping because of it.

JJ's various grunts and moans spur him on, bouncing up and down as he creates a perfect crease in the pillow that rubs against his dick just right. A muffled scream gets caught in his throat as his back arches.

"You look like one of those twinks on pornhub," JJ rasps with a chuckle, taking another screenshot. Vik looks at the camera with those same, wide-eyes, only now they're teary and accompanied by mussed, sweaty hair. He fucks into the pillow harder after hearing the familiar shutter sound again. "I should be screen recording."

Vik lets JJ's shirt fall from his mouth and keeps it up with his arm, his free hand pinching at his chest as he keens.

"Wish you were here, JJ. Fuck," he mewls, his bed creaking and breathy sounds echoing throughout his room. "Miss your cock," Vik whines, eyes squeezed shut as he rolls his hips. JJ imagines it's himself that Vik's riding, thinking about the perfect movements of his hips mixed with a familiar tightness around his cock.

"Close," JJ says abruptly, sounding hoarse and wrecked. Not nearly as wrecked as Vik is, though, his entire body quivering as he bounces himself up and down, still holding JJ's shirt up just above his chest.

"Me too. M'gonna -- fuck, can I please, JJ?"

Vik looks at the camera through his mussed fringe, his stomach clenched and back arched beautifully. JJ can see the precum on his leaking cock and groans, his hand speeding up it's pace as he jerks himself off desperately.

"Yeah, yeah. Cum for me, Vik, you look so fucking hot," he rambles, eyes fixated on his phone screen as he hurries to screen record. He gets it just in time, watching dazedly as Vik moans like the whiny bitch he currently is, too good for pornhub and wow his thoughts are all over the place.

Vik's final moan of his name and watching the way his thighs shake and how he cries out sends JJ over the edge, cumming all over his torso and hand as he grunts harshly. He hisses through his teeth and stops the screen recording before grabbing a tissue and doing a poor job of wiping himself up.

"You okay, babe?" he asks, admiring how Vik's legs are still quivering. He's slumped over the pillow, lightly grinding against it to fully ride out his orgasm.

"Did so good, Vikky. Come grab the phone then get comfy in bed, yeah?" JJ watches as Vik lets the shirt fall down his torso and wipes his sensitive cock clean with the pillow, whining from the friction. He chucks the fabric onto the floor before walking over to his phone on wobbly legs, exhaling shakily.

"I'm tired," Vik mumbles quietly after he's slumped onto his bed, face shoved against the clean pillows. He blushes lightly, thinking about what just happened. "And I can't believe I've just done that."

"Worth it. You sounded as pretty as you looked," JJ chuckles deeply, a rustling coming from his end of the line. Vik guesses that he's getting into his own bed.

"Whatever," he yawns. "Now will you go to sleep, JJ?"

"Only if you do, too, Vikky. You all tuckered out?" he coos mockingly. Vik hangs up the phone with a fond smile he'd never let JJ see and falls asleep within minutes.


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see? Pretty

Vikky Pollard:
Fuck you, JJ