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i tell you to jump, you ask: "how high?"

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Kim Rok Soo arrives home to a pleasant surprise.

He thought he’s gotten used to his brat’s shenanigans, from his aegyo and his thirstiness, to the point where he won’t be surprised anymore. But perhaps he should rescind this thought, because here is his boy, kneeling by his hyeon gwan, dressed in a maid costume out of all things.

Closing the door behind him, Kim Rok Soo silently sends a thanks to all the stars that exist, because this neighborhood is not that nosy when it comes to neighbors.

What would happen if anyone sees a teenager in a maid costume kneeling in Kim Rok Soo’s house?

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Kim Rok Soo steps closer to the raven haired boy, reddish brown eyes taking in the sight in front of him.

Choi Han is wearing a typical maid dress you’d see in maid cafes these days, though it is plain, instead of being decorated by anything else. The colors are fairly normal as well, the boy choosing to wear the simple black uniform with white frilly apron. From the way the skirt doesn’t even fold under his knees, Kim Rok Soo can deduce that the black skirt is short, definitely above Choi Han’s knees.

And starting from under the skirt, black, sheer tights that wrap around Choi Han’s legs until his toes. Kim Rok Soo can’t help but to wonder: is it a stocking? Or is Choi Han wearing thigh high socks?

Kim Rok Soo knows he won’t have to wonder long, he’d find out soon enough.

Eyeing the bulge visible under the skirt, Kim Rok Soo raises an eyebrow at this brat of his, taking delight in the way the boy shivers under his gaze.

Palms move to place themselves on the floor, Choi Han bows low, his excitement still obvious even when he tries to do a solemn, polite greeting.

“Welcome home, master.”

Kim Rok Soo resists the urge to scoff.


So he’s going to that route, huh?

Well. Two people can play in that game, he supposes.

Wordlessly, Kim Rok Soo lifts his foot close to Choi Han, watching as the boy lifts his head and blinks in surprise at the sight of the lifted foot. They make eye contact right then, Kim Rok Soo raising an eyebrow, as if asking ‘well?’ to the raven haired man.

Let it be said that Choi Han is very quick on the uptake. Definitely so when it comes to things like this. Especially when it comes to things like this.

Sending Kim Rok Soo a smile too brilliant and pleased for it to be false, Choi Han takes the lifted foot gingerly in his hands. Slowly, he bends down once again, his lips pressed on top of his polished shoe.

Chu. Chu, chu, chu.

The kisses given are almost reverent, though perhaps his boy is impatient like how he tends to be, for Choi Han does not spend too much time kissing his shoe, deftly moving his fingers to take Kim Rok Soo’s off of his feet, one by one, including his socks.

The pair of shoes and socks are placed neatly on his shoe rack, Choi Han still in his kneeling position staring up at him with sparkling, pleading eyes.

Honestly, it is so easy to figure out exactly what this kid wants from him.

Scoffing internally to himself, he ignores Choi Han, walking past him with nary a glance towards him. Taking off his suit jacket, he ignores the low moan he can hear from the slut still kneeling by hyeon gwan. Rolling his eyes, he thinks that Choi Han truly never changes.

No, perhaps he does change a bit.

The brat who used to beg so wantonly for any kind of attention, who took matters into his own hands to get what he wanted… To think that he’d develop a liking of being blatantly ignored, Kim Rok Soo almost can’t believe it.

He hears the noise of shuffling feet behind him, once again ignored by him as he throws his jacket on top of the couch, making a beeline towards the kitchen. However, before he can do so much as to reach towards his stock of coffee powder, he feels a tug on his shirt.

A glance shows Choi Han, his face red. There’s no mistaking the want in his gaze, especially so when the boy himself finally speaks again.

“Ahjussi… Won’t you let me serve you?”

Kim Rok Soo turns around, finally facing Choi Han properly. “What can you do to serve me?”

Choi Han bites his lip, glancing down towards Kim Rok Soo’s pants.


So transparent, this kid.

Heaving a sigh, Kim Rok Soo reaches out to wrap his hand on Choi Han’s chin. As if he’s doing something entirely bothersome, the man pulls Choi Han to follow him with just that small grip, the boy already obedient enough to follow him without any harsh pulling needed from his part.

The boy is already panting, excitement palpable in his eyes. It makes Kim Rok Soo click his tongue.

“So impatient,” he scolds, reddish brown eyes not missing how the younger man shivers in want and need. He brings Choi Han close to the couch, his palm moving from its position on his chin to caress his cheek, causing Choi Han to lean to his palm.

The touch is so gentle, enough to surprise his boy when the grip turns painful, his hand slipping down to wrap itself around Choi Han’s neck, choking him.

Choi Han gasps, his eyes wide. He doesn’t when Kim Rok Soo slams him to the couch, the boy once again gasping so deliciously. His hands move to settle themselves above Kim Rok Soo’s hand, Choi Han’s eyes gleaming as he speaks.

“Ahjussi… Harder.” His voice is wanton, supported with the force of his hands pressing on Kim Rok Soo's own hand, asking for something harder, something rougher.

Kim Rok Soo almost laughs. Truly, this boy of his is insatiable.

Instead of letting his amusement or affection out, Kim Rok Soo schools his expression into a scowl, deft fingers pressing harder around Choi Han's throat. "Slut," he says, "walking around in my house looking like this, as if you're any good to be a house servant."

He watches as Choi Han's pupils dilate, choked off moans leaving his boy's lips, his legs spreading to accommodate Kim Rok Soo's looming form, to give him easy access. Kim Rok Soo really can't hold in his laughter this time.

"Really, such a slut," he hums in satisfaction, his free hand roaming down to Choi Han’s crotch, giving the covered bulge a squeeze. At Choi Han’s moan, he sighs. “What am I to do with you?”

“Ahjussi,” Choi Han wiggles his hips, pressing his crotch closer to Kim Rok Soo’s hand. “Let me serve you? Please? Please?”

“What can you even do for me, hm? There’s nothing more to clean, and you can’t cook,” Kim Rok Soo lists one by one. He ignores Choi Han’s pout, his hand squeezing the neck in his hold intermittently.

“...I can suck you off?” Choi Han says hopefully, his puppy eyes in full view, causing Kim Rok Soo to snort. “Really! Ahjussi, I’ve cleaned the house, and I can suck you off!”

The reveal that this kid did clean his house is surprising, but nevertheless, Kim Rok Soo focuses on the desperation poured into the last words.

“Fine,” Kim Rok Soo backs away, reddish brown eyes intently watching the red marks his hand left behind on Choi Han’s neck. “Kneel.”

Choi Han is quick to follow, his knees landing quite roughly on the floor. Kim Rok Soo bites off the instinctive reaction to hiss and tell off his boy for not being careful, and instead only settles his hand on the back of Choi Han’s head. Choi Han’s hands are quick to unbuckle Kim Rok Soo’s belt, the teen’s teeth biting on his zipper to pull it down.

The raven haired teen’s lips are quick to kiss Kim Rok Soo’s covered crotch, the sudden touch on his half-hard dick causing him to hiss. His hand moves to grip on Choi Han’s hair, his boy’s mewls and open mouthed kisses on his crotch a tantalizing treat.

“Do it properly,” he hisses out, in which Choi Han moans on his briefs before he tugs Rok Soo’s underwear down like the impatient brat Rok Soo knows him as. Kim Rok Soo shivers at the sudden cold air greeting his member, though he’s rather sure his blood is quick to warm him up as well, if one were to consider the sight in front of him right now.

Choi Han, with his peach-color lips, mouthing on his hard-on like a man starved. His cock is covering Choi Han’s face, and the sight is too pretty for him, to the point where he spends a few moments simply appreciating it.

His need triumphs over his desire to watch some more, however, what with his cock already hard and leaking, no doubt eager to be inside a warm hole as soon as possible.

Tugging on Choi Han’s hair, the man orders, clear and simple. “Suck.”

“Yes, master,” Choi Han whispers near breathlessly, a smile on his lips before he takes Kim Rok Soo’s cock into his mouth. Kim Rok Soo curses under his breath, the warm cavern that is Choi Han’s mouth bringing wonderful sensations to his cock.

Choi Han is clearly a pro at this already, his cheeks hollowed out as he sucks on Kim Rok Soo’s shaft, his tongue playing along and increasing Kim Rok Soo’s pleasure. The boy does not even stop there, for he has started to bob his head along with his sucks, a hand reaching upward to fondle Kim Rok Soo’s balls.

“Fuck,” Kim Rok Soo curses. Choi Han’s mouth is so warm. So warm and wet, opened wide just for him and his cock. The thought is enough to nearly send his brain into a haywire, the older man in constant disbelief that a popular kid such as Choi Han chose to serve a boring neighborhood uncle like him.

But who is he to deny? Years of experience already shows him that Choi Han is relentless and stubborn to a fault. He’ll get what he wants, and what he wants is Kim Rok Soo.

Luckily enough, Kim Rok Soo wants him as much as Choi Han does.

Securing his grip on Choi Han’s hair, Kim Rok Soo opens his mouth: “Stop,” he orders. Choi Han stops moving, though the long suck he gives to his cock is uncalled for, this fucking slutty brat. Kim Rok Soo tugs on Choi Han’s hair harder as a reprimand, his eyes narrowed.

“Don’t move, brat. I will set the pace,” he says.

Choi Han answers with a hum, teary puppy-eyes looking up at him from where he kneels like a dog awaiting orders.

Exhaling through his mouth, he taps the back of Choi Han’s head with his finger twice, a signal agreed upon by the both of them when they’ve started to jump into this relationship in earnest. Choi Han hums again in response, his hands reaching up to settle his palms on Kim Rok Soo’s butt. Although the butt squeeze is totally unnecessary, the constant touch on Kim Rok Soo’s body will make it easier for Choi Han to signal him if he were ever to become too much or too rough.

Although Kim Rok Soo tries hard to make sure it’s not too much for Choi Han–though rarely things are too much, since most of the things they do are Choi Han’s ideas anyway– a signal or safe word are still necessary.

After he’s sure that Choi Han is ready–and needy, if the constant slurping despite him telling Choi Han to stop is any indication. For God’s sake, this kid–Kim Rok Soo wastes no time to hold Choi Han’s head steady as he starts to thrust inside.

“Hmmn, hmngh…” Choi Han’s noises are muffled as Kim Rok Soo thrusts inside his mouth, the warm, wet cavern enveloping his whole shaft, his cock glistening because of Choi Han’s spit.

Choi Han’s eyes are staring straight at Kim Rok Soo, his mouth wide open as he simply receives what Kim Rok Soo is willing to give him. Even when Kim Rok Soo starts to go faster and rougher, the boy kneels obediently.

“Mm! Mmn!” The sound of Choi Han’s moans can still be heard, alongside with the constant gluck, gluck, gluck noises of Kim Rok Soo’s cock hitting the back of Choi Han’s mouth, the slick sound of spit and the slapping of Kim Rok Soo’s balls on Choi Han’s chin. “Mmmn!”

“You like that?” Kim Rok Soo says, grinding his hips to Choi Han’s mouth, burying the boy’s nose in his pubes. “You like it, being used like this, your mouth nothing else but a hole for me to fuck?” The raven haired teen is crying, Kim Rok Soo notices, globs of spit trickling out of his mouth as his upper hole is violated over and over again. Even so, the boy moans loudly with his mouth stuffed full, a joyful response to Kim Rok Soo’s rhetorical question.

“Ha,” Kim Rok Soo scoffs, lips quirked up into a smirk. “You whore.”


“Fuck, the floor is a mess because of you again,” Kim Rok Soo curses, not slowing down with his thrusts at all. More globs of spit spill down from Choi Han’s mouth, and Kim Rok Soo scoops some of them up from Choi Han’s chin in order to spread it over the teen’s face. “You better clean that up after we’re done, you hear me?”


“Good boy,” Kim Rok Soo purrs, pushing himself inside to the base. He pushes Choi Han’s face closer and keeps him in place, mouth full of cock and nose covered by pubes. The older man groans lowly, for the hot pleasure surrounding his dick is like heaven to him. Choi Han is slowly but surely choking on his cock, his airway blocked by Kim Rok Soo’s fat cock. But the teen is taking it like a champ, eyes nearly rolled to the back and teary, panting and moaning around Kim Rok Soo’s cock like the bitch he is.

“Good, good boy,” Kim Rok Soo can’t help but to sigh his praise again, circling his hips in a way that makes it even more fun for him and his cock. The wet hole is sucking him in its earnest again right now, and Kim Rok Soo sighs, body shuddering as he feels himself about to come. “Swallow it, Choi Han. Good boy.”

The teen is ever dutiful, even when he chokes initially the first time Kim Rok Soo comes deep to his throat. Kim Rok Soo thrusts inside lazily, chasing his release. Choi Han closes his eyes in bliss, the boy unable to keep his moan to himself, his mouth and tongue chasing after the taste of cum.

Afterwards, Kim Rok Soo pulls out ever so slowly, his still half hard cock, now wet with spit and precum, resting gently on top of Choi Han’s debauched face. The raven haired teen lolls out his tongue, some of Kim Rok Soo’s cum can still be seen on top of it.

“Good dog,” Kim Rok Soo praises, amusement and fondness pooling in his chest when the boy sends him a cum covered grin. “Bark for me,” he teasingly orders, cannot help his chuckle when the boy actually does so.

“Woof!” Choi Han barks, tilting his head up so he can lick Kim Rok Soo’s cock again.

“Cockslut,” Kim Rok Soo comments, though his hand is patting Choi Han’s head rather fondly. No matter if he’s a whore, Choi Han is always a bit cute in his eyes. Patting Choi Han’s head a few more times, he finally orders. “Present yourself for me. On the couch, now.”

“Woof!” Choi Han barks again, a teasing grin on his face and sparkling eyes. Soft laughter leaves the teen’s lips as Kim Rok Soo shakes his head at the boy’s cheeky response. Though Choi Han follows Kim Rok Soo’s order obediently, his hands and head settling on top of the sofa, while his knees are on the floor, his ass jutting out in all of its plump glory.

Now with Choi Han presenting his ass like the slut he aspires to be, Kim Rok Soo is able to see the thigh high black stockings decorating his dog’s legs, including the lack of panties and…

“Is that a toy in your ass?” Kim Rok Soo questions, his hands fondling and squeezing Choi Han’s ass. The end of the buttplug in Choi Han’s ass is very visible, the black colored handle sitting innocently inside as if teasing him.

“U-Uhh,” Choi Han moans lowly, his ass jutting out a bit more in response to Kim Rok Soo’s fondling. “Y-yes, ahjussi… I mean, master…”

Kim Rok Soo smiles, amused at Choi Han’s slip. He tugs on the buttplug a little bit, watching as the toy stretches Choi Han’s hole as it is pulled out. The slutty hole looks reluctant to even let the toy go, pulsating around the toy and squeezing it, unwilling to let it go out.

Teasingly, he pulls the toy a bit more, watching as Choi Han’s hole stretches around the toy. And just when it’s about to be pulled out all the way, Kim Rok Soo nudges it back inside, watching in amusement as Choi Han’s hole squeezes the last bits, effectively sucking it back in.

Choi Han yelps at the sudden intrusion, not expecting the toy to suddenly be sucked back inside.

“What a slutty hole,” Kim Rok Soo muses, toying with the buttplug once again, Choi Han’s yelps and whines like music to his ears.

“A-Ahjussi- ah! Unfaaaair, ahjussi~ Ah–Sto- p– Ahjussi–”

“Mm, you seem to like this though,” Kim Rok Soo hums, pulling the toy again only to lets it be sucked in by Choi Han’s hole once again. “Or at least, your hole does.”

Choi Han whines and keens, his head shaking from side to side as he tries to refuse. “No! Want– Want– I wan’ ahjussi’s cock– Jus’ want ahjussi’s cock, please–”

Choi Han babbles some more, a sob tearing out from his throat when Kim Rok Soo finally takes some pity, pulling the admittedly rather thick toy out of his ass.


Kim Rok Soo wastes no time to put his finger in, not when that slutty hole is winking at him like that. Choi Han’s choked off scream at a well-pointed nudge towards his prostate is delicious in its own right.

Kim Rok Soo slaps Choi Han’s ass, watching the red flesh ripples under his ministrations as his other hand spreads Choi Han’s asshole, open and wet just for Kim Rok Soo.

Positioning his once again hard cock, Kim Rok Soo thrusts inside in one go, leaning down to bite on his boy’s ear. His boy is screaming as soon as Kim Rok Soo starts to fuck in earnest, his hips moving in tandem with Kim Rok Soo in order to meet with his thrusts perfectly.

“Ah–Uhn! Ungh! Ah– Ahjussi! Ahjussi!”

The teen scrambles for something to hold onto as he starts to slip a little bit on the couch, though Kim Rok Soo’s weight is enough to hold him in place. His hole stretches perfectly around Kim Rok Soo’s cock, hot and wet, pulsating in a way so delicious that Kim Rok Soo finds himself chasing for more.

More, more, more. More of this warmth. More of this delicious tightness around his cock. More of this boy, mewling and moaning as his hole opens itself for Kim Rok Soo and Kim Rok Soo only. 

“Mine,” he growls to the boy’s ear, a possessive claim responded with an enthusiastic wail. Their lips clash against each other, open mouthed and filthy. Their tongues meet each other’s, while his hips meet against Choi Han’s ass, their skin turning red with the pace they’re going at.

With each thrust, Choi Han’s cock jumps under the skirt, spurting out pre-cum one after another. He feels as if he’s in heaven, stuffed full with his ahjussi’s cock and treated like a cockslut. The inside of his mouth is still salty and bitter with precum, while his ass is burning with every rough thrust of his ahjussi’s fat cock into his hole.

In the back of his mind, Choi Han rejoices, his choice in buying this maid outfit from a thrift store surely the right one if his current situation is to be an indicator. Never would he have thought that his ahjussi would be so interested in an outfit like this– Surely, Choi Han can experiment some more?

Maybe next time, he can use a highschool girl’s skirt, or maybe their gym uniform.

If the result is as good as this, how can Choi Han not try it out?

“A-Ah- Ah, Ah, Ahjussi– More– M-More–”

Choi Han moans, needy. His ahjussi simply bites on his neck in response, the bite sure to leave a mark. His eyes roll to the back of his head at that thought, of having a mark from his ahjussi and displaying it for the whole world to see– The pain and pleasure from such actions and thoughts bring him to the brink, the school prince belting out a loud scream as he cums to his skirt and the couch.

His ass squeezes much tighter around Kim Rok Soo as he cums, and Kim Rok Soo can only groan before he spills his seed inside of Choi Han as well, painting his insides white.

“O-Ooh… A-Ahjussi’s cum is…”

Kim Rok Soo rides through his come as he thrusts gently into Choi Han some more, decorating little bites and kisses on Choi Han’s ear and neck as he does so. The boy is whimpering at this point, well fucked and nearly out of it.

Lifting the teen from the couch, he easily moves so that they’re sitting on the couch, with Choi Han seated comfortably on Kim Rok Soo’s softening cock, right above him. The boy leans back on his chest, thigh jumping in surprise when Kim Rok Soo reaches down to fondle Choi Han’s soft cock.

“You came without any touch,” Kim Rok Soo mumbles as an observation, squeezing Choi Han’s soft cock and making him whimper, the boy’s cock sensitive. Sighing, Kim Rok Soo kisses the top of Choi Han’s head. “Good boy.”

His one and only good boy.