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Unholy: A Taste Test Three-quel

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Darla felt the tickle from riding crop trailing across her breasts, after a quick strike she shrieked; her body tuned to a hair-trigger as she willed her release back down.

Right now it was proving to be a struggle as the vibrator inside of her pulsed while she did her best to remain ramrod straight.

“Still with me baby-doll?” Trina asked.

“Oh I could do this all day,” Darla deadpanned.

“Don’t tempt me now,” Trina said. Darla’s skin prickled as the riding crop returned to brush over her skin.

“Yes mistress,” Darla panted.

“You know the rules. Stop or make a sound, other than to say your safe word, and I kick it up a notch.” the darker-skinned woman stood in front of Darla.

“Get to it,” Trina said.

Darla surged forward, enjoying the feeling of powerlessness while she licked strongly through soaked folds for the third time.

Exactly how she wanted it.

It took her seconds to locate her domme’s clit. Her muscles tightened around the vibrator, so Darla took her mind to a different place since she wanted to be freed of responsibilities and inhibitions.

It must have been her ADHD but the ginger thought about how Trina’s pussy was the only pussy she had eaten this week, compared to last week when she had Megan and Beca.

Thinking about Beca got Darla thinking about Chlo-

Immediately she pulled her mouth from Trina’s sex, “Banana,” Darla forced out.

The vibration inside of her instantly clicked off. The blindfold yanked off, her eyes taking seconds to adjust.

“Was it something I did, baby-doll?” came Trina’s worried voice. “Did I hurt you?”

Darla shook her head.

“Are you su-”

“Positive,” Darla cut her off. “I just-I realized that I don’t want to have an orgasm today” she lied.

“Okay,” Trina said, defeatedly.

“I’m fine. I promise,” Darla winked, then got up on shaky legs to walk over to her dresser. Opening the second drawer, the redhead pulled out an envelope stuffed with money. “Keep the change,” she told Trina. 

Once Trina left, Darla waited a few minutes until she was certain her domme drove away. Darla quickly rushed over to her dresser and pulled out a bright pink vibrating wand.

Darla sat on the floor with her back against the frame of her bed and then brought the wand down to her center. Darla felt guilty for lying to Trina; truth was that she did want an orgasm, and after hours of edging and pleasing her mistress she was struck with an epiphany. A moment of clarity in the twilight of her climax.

Tears formed in the corners of Darla’s eyes, she roared, ripping the wand away from her crotch a millisecond before she came.

Now she was desperate, panting, and shaking with need. And there was only one person she wanted to gift her an orgasm, but would they go for it?


Chloe was sitting on the couch humming along while she read her novel, waiting for her fiancée to return home from work when she turned to see her nude sister standing in the entryway holding a harness and dildo. But what drew her attention were the welts and bruises sprinkled across the other woman’s body.

“Oh my god?” Chloe panicked, “Did someone hurt you?” she asked.

Darla quirked an eyebrow before noticing Chloe’s worried glances at her body. “Oh I’m fine. Don’t worry, I just got out of a BDSM sesh,” she said.

Darla walked over and positioned herself on the arm of the couch where Chloe witnessed evidence of her arousal leaving a stain on the fabric. 

Chloe felt her breath hitch.

Darla cut straight to the point. “Chloe, why have we never banged? I mean we’ve both had sex in front of each other. Why don’t we just, you know, go for it?” 

What do you mean why? Chloe balked. Darla knew exactly why. 

But, Chloe didn’t say anything. Instead, she did that thing where she chewed on the corner of her bottom lip.

“I’m engaged to Beca,” she finally settled on.

Darla leaned in closer to her twin, their lips merely inches apart. “Beca won’t mind. If anything she’ll probably be turned on.”

“We can’t,” Chloe said. 

“Oh c’mon Chloe we’ll both come sooo hard, oooh then we can taste each other’s pussies.” Darla winked. “You know you’ve thought about it.”

Chloe could smell her twin’s lack of underwear; could feel the heat radiating from Darla. She thought back to the kinky things they both took part in, she recalled the events of the previous week when she watched her twin going to town on her fiancée’s cunt via FaceTime. 

She knew Darla walked out of her BDSM session because of a feeling. A revelation Chloe, too, could feel in the pit of her stomach. 

Chloe still watched the video from two years ago of Darla fucking Beca. She loved to masturbate to it, and if the ginger was honest with herself, maybe she has swapped Beca’s face with her own.

Chloe reached over and swiped a strand of hair from her twin’s face. It made Darla glow with affection. Chloe often wondered what it would be like to have sex with herself.

Not like that.

Like if she could clone herself then spend the night with the clone, how would she be as her own lover?

Chloe shouldn’t be so turned on by the thought of doing something so unholy and possibly evil, but now every cell in her body was vibrating like fire beneath her skin. A force was screaming to get out.

A calling.

The veterinarian gripped the edges of her shirt and flung it over her head, she pulled her twin towards her and claimed her lips in a hungry display of dominance while Darla helped Chloe put on the strap. When she did, Darla eagerly sank onto it with minimal resistance.

Chloe set a steady pace which Darla quickly matched.

“You promise me the domme didn’t hurt you?” Chloe asked. 

“Chloe,” Darla sighed. “You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course.” 

“Then believe me when I tell you I’m fine. This is what I want.”

“It is kind of hot.” Chloe blushed.

Darla smirked. “Kind of?”

“Okay. It’s really hot!”

“Tell me how much you like fucking me?” Darla pinched Chloe’s nipple. 

“Bitch!” Chloe hissed out, then sped up her thrusting, “How would you like it if I roughed up your tits? Hmm?” she smiled.

“Oooh hot and bitchy Chloe. Me likey.”

“Yeah,” Chloe grunted.

“Yeah. Rough up my tits!” Darla hit her twin with an exaggerated pout.

Chloe responded by slapping one of Darla’s breasts.

“Right there,” Darla grunted. “You gonna give your doppelgänger the fucking she deserves?”

Chloe sped up her thrusting, she leaned as far back into the cushion as she could to arch her back. Chloe gripped the right arm of the couch to anchor herself. Darla wanted it rough, so Chloe was going to make her wish come true.

“G-God I wish we could film this.” Chloe thrust up into her twin. “I feel we’re not being naughty enough,” she slapped Darla’s breast again, eliciting a throaty moan. “I wanna do something that really taints our souls and-mmm- stamps us a one-way ticket to Hell!” 

“Ughh, I’d-I’d rather we save the filming for later.” Darla moaned. “I want video of your hot little pussy gushing all-all over my face.” Darla leaned forward, surprising Chloe by wrapping an arm around her.

“Think that’ll send us to hell?” Darla moaned.

Chloe shook her head.

“Then how about this!” Darla began exaggerating her bouncing. Making sure her breasts slammed into Chloe’s face. Like her sister, Darla had a penchant for performing.

Chloe’s response to her twin’s bratty behavior was to take the milky tits into her mouth and bite each nipple.

Darla leaned up to attack Chloe’s lips with her own. 

“I’m close,” Darla panted, breaking the kiss. The two gingers refused to let up on the pumping of their hips. “Make me come for you,” Darla begged. She was desperate for more contact, so she tightened her hold on Chloe. With one arm coiled around her sister, Darla planted her knees and proceeded to lean back as much as she could without letting go of Chloe or sending them tumbling over, which allowed Chloe to drive the dildo deeper into her.

Darla was laying all of her cards on the table, putting her vulnerability on full display and trusting her twin to meet it with primal fervor.

This was what she had been craving and had so far been missing out on. 

This was what was revealed to her in the brief moment of clarity granted to her in her earlier BDSM session with Trina. She has no concept of anything besides this; she cannot fathom a beginning or an end to this overwhelming sensation. There was only this; Chloe matching her energy pound for pound and repaying it tenfold.

An unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object.

Like being fucked by God, herself

Darla bit down on her lip hard enough that it almost drew blood. “Ruin me. C’mon. I want you to ruin me!”

With one final thrust, Chloe reached down and pressed hard on the swollen little nub, and finally, Darla shattered. Her features twisting and contorting, her eyes bathed in salvation.

The claws digging into her back didn’t even register because Chloe was enraptured by her twin’s trembling. A long low moan echoed through the living room before Chloe felt Darla’s body stiffen then go limp as if all of the bones were suddenly removed from her body and the woman on top of her was a gelatinous pile. 

Once Darla came down from her high. Chloe planted soft kisses down her body.

She grabbed Darla and laid her down so they were both nude and laying side by side, still making out hungrily. 

Chloe reached for the thick handwoven cotton blanket to pull over them while they kissed and explored each other in a way which felt foreign but wasn’t. Their bodies welcomed each other, greeting each other like two pieces of a once incomplete puzzle. 

A perverse yin-yang.

They’d always been together. Lifelong best friends, and now it was only natural they cross this threshold together in the most primal way possible.

So the twins made love to each other, and when the two clenched around each other’s fingers, Chloe locked their lips in a fierce dance then reflected, and not for the first time, that there was nothing sexier than making out with a mirror, especially a mirror that reflected her own beauty so spectacularly.

Darla roared, and once more her body stiffened. Her breath was taken away, yet again.

“I’ve got you,” Chloe whispered while Darla came down. “I’ve got you.” Chloe watched a rare vulnerability pool in her twin’s eyes, a hint of glassiness, the faintest harbinger the floodgates might open. Darla believed at the moment she’d never find the right way to express her gratitude. 

The twins held each other in a warm embrace for a couple of minutes before Darla sprung back to life.

“Okay, enough of the dolphins singing in the moonlight while we make sweet love by the fire bullshit. Let’s get back to the rough and tumble kind of fucking!” the redhead flung the blanket off of her and Chloe.

Darla sat crisscrossed on the carpet then hiked Chloe’s legs over her shoulders. Foreplay be damned. 

This was the moment of truth. 

She was going to taste her sister’s pussy; and the scent was intoxicating, which made Darla’s stomach coil.

She started with languid licks, delighted to discover Chloe tasted stronger than she expected.

Chloe’s pussy drooled with excitement as she felt Darla’s tongue glide fervently up and down her folds. She fisted a handful of her twin’s hair and refused to loosen her grip. “God. Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop Dar. Eat my pussy like you mean it!”

“I think I want to die like this,” Darla suddenly declared.

“Oh yeah?” Chloe writhed.

“Yeah,” Darla fawned, “Wanna go to hell?” she drove her tongue further into Chloe, “Wanna go to hell with me?” 

Chloe whimpered then nodded. “Yes!” 

“You want God to strike us dead right now, so they can find us and the whole world can see that you died with your twin attached to your cunt?”

“Fuck yes!” Chloe flexed her muscles then spread her legs wider and proceeded to grind her sex into her twin’s face, issuing a direct challenge to God. Chloe wanted it so bad, she straight up wished reporters would break down the door and snap a glossy photo of their lifeless bodies and put it on the cover of The New York Times. “I want them to pry my nails from the back of your skull, I want-mmm-fuck, I want that so bad. Please” she could feel her twin smirk while Darla’s head bobbed up and down, left and right.  “You gonna do it, Dar?” Chloe moaned, tightening her fistful of Darla’s hair, “Huh? You make sure we go down in history as brazen whores?!”

Darla could feel Chloe’s pussy getting wetter. Tears pooled in her eyes from Chloe using her head like a fucktoy. Was there anything more wonderful? Darla thought, she would forever be kicking herself wondering why she’d never suggested this sooner? 

Next thing she knew she felt a sharp, brutal sting across her face. Her teary eyes jutted up to see Chloe smiling at her, darkly. “Answer me,” dominance spelled out in her glare. Darla’s mind settled into a state of peaceful belonging; she knew in that moment Chloe was meant to be her next domme.

“I’d be proud to let the world see this side of us!” Darla rasped like life depended on it, as if ripping mouth and tongue away even for a second would sap out all of her life force. And she wasn’t lying, Darla and Chloe could be screwing each other senselessly in the middle of a packed stadium exhausting each other’s bodies under hot lights until they collapsed onto each other, their bodies trembling and their cunts satisfied, and they’d still feel a swell of pride from a job well done

Darla made a mental note to revisit this fantasy later.

Chloe offered a weak smile. “Just-just promise we can ride the double-ended dildo on the trip down?” Chloe skimmed her hands over her breasts then pinched her nipples for extra stimulation.

So Chloe laid back and let herself feel, let herself succumb to the tongue mounting an airstrike on her clit.

The wrongness of it all, the taboo mixed with the unrestrained fiery passion made Chloe’s entire body feel like someone was dragging a felt tip across it. Flushes and blotches decorated her milky skin. It was no wonder Darla accrued herself such a harem of girl-toys. Her oral talent was impeccable.

Still, Chloe could not shake the feeling that something was missing. An emotional need wasn’t being met with the downright filthy sex she was having with Darla.

The Beale twins were content to lose themselves in their sinful paradise until a familiar voice startled them. Reminding them they were not the center of the universe.

In a split second, Chloe felt the weight of the world come crashing down on her shoulders when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. 

“Hey Chlo, I was thinking maybe we-,” Beca’s gasp was deafening. Of all the batshit insane things the brunette encountered in her short life, this was the most shocking. Seeing hordes of ghosts or demons parading through her house wouldn’t even measure up to this.


Her Chloe.

Through hooded eyes Chloe watched the shock sweep through her fiancée. The redhead was riding such an incredible high she truly forgot she was engaged.

Beca was hard to read in moments like these.

“It was always going to come to this Beca.” Chloe moaned while grinding her sex against her twin’s face because damned if she and Darla were going to stop now. 

Darla pulled her mouth off of her twin, making a wet plop sound in the process. “You can either join us or walk away,” Darla commanded, just short of catching her breath with sweat collecting on her forehead and around her temples.

Beca could’ve said no.

She could’ve left and got in her car and drove until she ran out of fuel.


Why should she run?

Why shouldn’t she be able to have her cake and eat it too?

Shaky fingers fumbled with her belt as she struggled to get it loose, but she did. Beca couldn’t even remember removing the rest of her clothes before eagerly joining the Beales. 

The music producer gripped the back of Darla’s head and pulled her into a messy kiss, before leaning up to kiss her fiancée. Beca could not believe how turned on she was.

Chloe’s words from last week floated across her mind, Do you wish both of us were there to tag team your pussy? The question caught Beca off guard before she could give her fiancée a definitive answer.

But now..well now the sky was the limit.

Chloe’s grin was dangerous and it spurred the other girls on.

Darla went back to eating Chloe out while Beca positioned herself on her back between Darla’s legs. Darla lowered herself onto the petite brunette’s face and the three fell into a rhythm.

An orgasm crashed through Chloe in thunderous waves, followed by Darla seconds later. Unfortunately, Beca was left out, but once the Beale twins caught their breath, they were determined to fix that.

“Bedroom,” the twins said in unison. 

Beca nodded curtly, and on wobbly legs, the three women made a beeline for the bedroom.


Thirty minutes later, two gingers and a brunette collapsed on top of each other in a heap of tangled limbs. Darla settled in the middle with Chloe to her left and Beca to her right. The three snuggled warmly into each other’s embrace.

For a couple of minutes, they held each other contently before Darla stirred, “I hope you respect my decision. I don’t want to date the two of you, I’m very steadfast in that regard but I would like for us to keep having hot and dirty sex. I want to give both of you orgasms when you’re happy, sad, or stressed; and on those days where the world treats you like crap and doesn’t show you the respect you deserve, I’ll happily get on all fours and make the two of you feel like the queens of the universe.”

“We want to do the same for you,” Chloe whispered into her twin’s body. Darla felt Beca nod in agreement.

“We should call ourselves something though,” Beca whispered into Darla’s chest. Chloe hummed in agreement before she and Beca snuggled further into Darla’s sides and placed soft kisses along her neck and chest.

Chloe thought for a moment, “How about a throuple?” she offered.

“Still sounds too intimate,” Darla said.

“Weren’t you listening when said she said didn’t want to date us Chlo? Throuple implies dating,” Beca reminded her fiancée.

Darla pulled both women into her even tighter; Chloe and Beca each wrapped one of their legs around the woman between them.

“Then think of me as an added bonus,” Darla said, decidedly.

Chloe and Beca smiled. 

Darla mumbled something which only Chloe could hear.

“Absolutely,” Chloe said.

Beca yawned. “What did she say?” 

“She asked if I would be her new domme,” Chloe said.

The thought didn’t bother Beca, since the brunette knew Darla was a switch. Being a bratty bottom, Beca loved the idea of possibly bringing another person into hers and Chloe’s occasional “playtime.” Beca also knew that sometimes Darla might want to be in the submissive role all by herself, which was also fine. 

The three of them trusted Chloe implicitly with their bodies.

“You know we’re getting married in two months,” Chloe said quietly.

Darla murmured.

“Just think how much hotter our honeymoon is going to be, cause obviously we want you to join us,” Beca smirked, and the women smiled before drifting off to a delightful sleep.


The next morning Beca and Darla were awoken in the most wonderful of ways, with Chloe’s face and fingers alternating between their legs.

Oh yeah, the months leading up to their wedding were going to be incredible.