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cock vore and cumplay rambles

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can we talk about how much of a power move it is to combine cock vore with regular cumplay? like, that’s not just me, right?


there are SO many different things a CV predator can do with his prey. i know there’s the usual—condom disposal, or, if he’s feeling lazy, just splattering the prey up against the wall and leaving it until morning. but what about all the other uses for prey? i mean, sure, yeah, prey are best used not just as entertainment but also as an energy source for their predator. still, surely there’s more work they can be doing.


one of the first, more “tame” things i can personally think of is just… a pred, who has already swallowed his prey down. this is a pred with a hyper cock, long enough to reach his mouth (or snout, if you’re into that). that’ll be important later. for now, despite their best efforts, the prey digests without much trouble for their pred. now, instead of the pred taking out a condom, maybe he just… leaves them there for a little bit. he lets his balls churn and gurgle that load for quite a while, almost like a makeshift smoothie mixer. after some time—could be 15 minutes, could be an hour, could be a few days—he runs his hands over his sack and gently rubs and massages them. there’s no struggling anymore. he picks em up and drops em back down with a heavy slorsh . when he gets bored, though, instead of reaching for a drink, he literally just looks down, wraps his lips around his cock, and starts sucking. like a straw. just slurping up the remains of his prey like it was any old drink. he feels the thick, creamy taste of his seed, yet each time he does this it’s imbued with the slight taste variations of each of his prey. none of his oral prey taste exactly the same of course, so why would his CV prey be any different? maybe some are creamier than others, and of course bigger prey means bigger drinks. you could even argue that some might taste different if the pred stuffs his prey full of something he wants his jizz to taste like later, like eggnog.


so the pred drinks and drinks until he’s had his fill. he leans back in his chair, rubs his expanded belly a bit. might even let out a satisfied belch right then and there and stroke his swollen balls. he’s got a huge, dopey grin on his face, like he’s super proud of himself. and he honestly should be.


now, maybe sometimes our pred friend here wants to enjoy his prey on the go. as unfortunate as it is, it’s not always easy to fish his swollen cock out in public and take a sip. so i’m thinking he manages to somehow aim that cock of his right at a thermos. a basic, inconspicuous one. obviously he can’t fit the entire load in there, but a basic 32oz (approx 1 liter!) should do him well. the idea of a pred walking around in public, sipping cum from a totally unsuspicious thermos like that, drives me up the fucking wall. like, imagine he’s in the library, studying. he yawns, stretches, and takes a sip of his own jizz from his thermos and burps quietly. just…right there, in public, and nobody’s the wiser. maybe he’s even got a cute lil cum mustache on his lips.  and remember, it’s not just any mess in there. it’s his neighbor/friend/partner, and suddenly things get even more interesting. the absolute hedonism of someone casually drinking the remains of someone he pretended to care about is… amazing. he might set down the thermos, having accidentally emptied it all at once without realizing— again —and now he has to stand up, bring it back to the bathroom with him, and fill it back up. or even better, he unzips his pants right then and there and shoots ropes under the table, hoping nobody notices. and anyone who does? well, let’s just say our pred won’t be running out of supply any time soon.


let’s get more intimate. maybe our pred likes to feel his prey all around him. can you fault a guy for getting attached so easily? after stuffing them in his shaft and letting them get absorbed into his sack for a few hours, he heads for the bathroom. this time, he stands next to the tub and opens fire. blasting rope upon rope into the bathtub, his orgasm might last minutes upon minutes as the thick, gooey remains sloooowly fill the tub up. it’s steaming warm and bubbling softly. for a task like this, the pred probably “invited” (read: forced ) multiple prey into disappearing down his shaft. even if our pred’s balls are pretty good at churning little prey into nothing but cumslop, he might need a little help from his friends to fill an entire bathtub with them! 


the pred, exhausted from that looong orgasm, then raises one foot and places it into the tub. he immediately feels the warm, gooey mess of his former prey surrounding his foot. it’s probably similar to how his prey felt when they were boiling alive in his balls, except this time it’s deeply enjoyable for him. in goes the next foot, and then, sloooowly, he takes a seat inside. he’s pretty much got a DIY hot tub right here, smelling like the inside of his nuts with just a hint of what each prey used to smell like. bonus points if this used to be the preys’ tub, and now he has selfishly and hedonistically claimed it for himself. i imagine the pheromones of literally bathing in his own cum probably turn the pred on a lot, and that would likely lead to him adding some more to it. let’s also remember that if this bath was warm enough, and if he happened to have squirming prey in his belly, i can’t imagine they’d last very long with how high temperatures would rise in there…


now let’s get into CV prey as an ingredient. you know how some coffeemakers let you set it up hours in advance, so that by the time you’re ready for a cup of coffee in the morning, it’s all set? wouldn’t it be super convenient to also have your cream ready, too? i’m imagining our pred friend here devours his prey just before bedtime. maybe they were a hookup, or the annoying neighbor next door. he knows he’s a heavy sleeper who won’t be woken up by the occasional weak fight or whine from his sack. the prey struggle anyway, not that it goes anywhere. the next morning, he gets up, stretches, and lays his hands on his swollen, lifeless balls, listening to the deep gurrrrgglesss and ruuurrrrkssss of a deeply satisfied cauldron. he manages to heft that massive load out of bed and stumbles to the kitchen. as soon as his coffee is done, it only takes a few jiggles for him to add his personal touch to it. bet that’s pretty addictive.


it’s also fun to use them as a regular sauce, like anything else. maybe they’re eating dinner, and they have that thought. “i know what would go great with this?” … and that’s all it takes before they’ve unzipped and started pumping their cock, right over their plate, until eventually they paint the table white. gooey prey residue dripping off the sides. but hey, at least now their meal is less dry. and i bet he keeps the leftovers in a jar that he can pull out and drizzle onto their food like any other condiment. hnnf.


i saved what is probably the darkest part for last, so here’s where it gets a little more heavy.


actively using your prey as an ingredient in a meal. i’m sure cum can be a great substitute for milk if he can balance out the recipe correctly. or, maybe, he could simply inject a little personal mark into each snack he makes—muffins, brownies, whatever. gotta have that gooey, chewy inside, right?


i’m sure his friends would enjoy it too. even if they didn’t know exactly what—or who —they were eating. they’d compliment our pred on his delicious cooking, innocently saying that he really outdid himself this time. and he’d grin, perhaps a bit too widely, showing off those predatory teeth to his friend. this might make his friend feel a bit uneasy. especially when the pred informs him what his secret ingredient was. i imagine a lot of his friends might not be receptive to the news. well, if they’re not going to continue stroking his ego, they can do something else. pin them down. force that huge, hyperactive cock in their mouth. empty his balls right down their throat and swell their belly out nice and firm with what used to be another person. force them to enjoy it, whether they want to or not. given how full his sack is, most of his friends would probably be pretty cum-bloated by the end of that. not that the pred would mind—creamier meals are tastier, of course.