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Perfect Enemy

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Perfect Enemy


Vi and the replacement her pretty, new friend left her and Ekko on the bridge to beat the hell out of each other. It always seemed like Ekko was the one stopping her from talking to her SISTER after almost a decade. Jinx could’ve shot him, and she knew it.

Ekko’s last leap while impressive was mistimed on his part. He gave her too much time to line up a shot. She took the pipe swing to the jaw instead of pulling the trigger. Part of her really wanted to paint his pretty white hair red. An end to the games they’d played as children. The one kind of game she always won.

The more…Powder-y part of Jinx reasoned that if she shot him dead, who would she ever play these games with anymore? There was nobody else left. Not that Ekko liked her. Hell, she’s killed an uncomfortable number of people he probably actually liked. Like that girl who dressed up like Vi during that Shimmer sabotage shindig. Them with their obsession with flying around on green hoverboards. But Ekko had never outright tried to kill her before. Didn’t stop his people from trying to though…Maybe today would be different, and he would join her level. His eyes blazed with rage. Jinx smiled a little back up at him as she unclipped the pin to her final grenade.

Her first parents died on this bridge. Jinx remembered them, even if Vi never wanted to talk about it after Vander adopted them. Vi didn’t notice that Powder had seen the vacant and agonized look their mother died with. Taking in the familiar scent of blood and burnt flesh, it brought her back to the day she and Vi became orphans the first time. Yeah, there were worse places to die.

She smiled at him before death tumbled from her hand onto the bridge next to them. Maybe Mylo wouldn’t call her a Jinx anymore once they were both ghosts. Maybe they could haunt Vi together; she’d need the company. She wished she could say bye to Silco. She knew he was proud of her, even though she was different. Even if she was a little weak sometimes. And finally, she wished Vi could love her again. At least she and Ekko could be ghosts together, she missed having a real friend. The lavender-coloured flash of heat and shrapnel ripping through flesh, muscle, and bone shut down Jinx’s brain before she could scream.


She wished she had stayed dead. Somebody stood over her, sometimes she thought it was the creepy Shimmer doctor. When she blinked, it was that Topsider bitch, with Vi laughing over her shoulder. Just like that bitch smirked at her on the bridge.

Jinx could feel the doctor’s needles pierce her muscles and sometimes even further into her bones; in her legs, her ribs, her spine, and her arms. Jinx screamed, sobbed, and screamed some more.  She plead for Silco to save, her. She pled for Vi, and Vander, and their parents. Anyone to stop the pain that she could feel breaking her mind even further. But she knew nobody would save her.

She didn’t know how long it was before she blacked out; but it was an eternity too long.



            Silco was dead. And he loved her. He loved her so much he wasn’t even mad she killed him. Just like she’d killed everyone else she loved other than Vi. At least she could take the fucking topsider council down now. They couldn’t rule the Undercity if they didn’t have a council, right?

Nothing else mattered anymore. The voices were screaming at her. Mylo was loudest as usual. Despite his death at her hands, she’s grown to hate him since then. Jinx’s enhancements under the knives and needles of that monster allowed her greater perception, enough so that she could hear Caitlyn the Cupcake girl get to her feet, shakily and the rustling of her trying to free Vi. Wouldn’t matter. She had the weapon in her arms already. She pointed it at the councilor’s tower as Caitlyn screamed behind her. Jinx could hear the steps as Vi and Caitlyn got closer. She felt an impact ding off the Fishbone. The girlfriend, probably trying to stop her. Her aim must be shit. Too late.

A magic burst of blue lit up Jinx’s world for the third time in her life.



“Caitlyn, help me with this!” a man’s voice came from the side of the weakly barricaded door. The door rattled as whichever rich asshole lived here had realised he was in the process of being burgled. “Powder! We’ve gotta go!” Violet shouted as she grabbed her little sister and dragged her out of the side room. She pushed Powder in front of her as they ran threw the short hallway. The sisters crossed back to balcony as a blue burst threw them to floor. The bag of loot went flying off her shoulder and into a wall before scattering the contents of the heist across the floor. As she got to their feet again, Mylo was saying something, but the ringing in Violet’s ears were too loud to make out anything he said other than he was obviously frightened.

The wall that separated the two rooms was gone. But other than that, the explosion seemed to be thwarted by something. The blast didn’t go outward or downward. The floor was scorched but intact, while the balcony was untouched. With any luck, the enforcers wouldn’t even investigate.

The guy who lived here and some girl with piercing eyes were standing in the doorway, which had been destroyed by the explosion. Powder was grabbing her face in her tiny hands, “Vi! Violet, get up, something weird happened.”

“What the hell is going on,” the man at the door asked.

There was movement from where the explosion originated. A broken laugh followed by a clattering of a big gun being dropped on the floor.

All eyes turned to the new figures in the room. Three people who were definitely not there a moment ago. The first to stand sprung to her feet, though she was noticeably shorter than the other two with her. She looked around at everyone with eerie pink irises.

There was something painfully familiar about her that Violet couldn’t put her finger on. If it wasn’t for the creepily glowing violet eyes and extra long hair, Violet would say she looked like an older version of…oh fuck.

It was Powder who spoke up first, peeking around Violet, she looked up at the girl with pink hair, standing partially in front of the other woman with some kind of mask hanging from her neck and long darkened cobalt hair. “Why do you look like Violet?”

            Violet looked up at the taller pink-haired girl and could suddenly see the similarities. And it all clicked into place as the shorter girl started giggling.

            “Jinx, what the fuck did you do.” The pretty woman with dark hair shot at the now cackling Powder look-alike. The cackling intensified before it stopped abruptly.

            “You can see them too, right?” she rasped as she pointed at Mylo and Claggor out of everyone.

            “Yeah, they’re real,” the Violet look-alike replied in a similar tone of wonder.

            “Who the are you people and what have you done to my research?” the man in the doorway demanded.

            “Jayce?” the pretty woman asked as she stepped around her pink-haired compatriot.

            “Caitlyn?” the man, Jayce replied with a look of awe. “What is this?”

            “Well, Cupcake, it looks like things just got very complicated. I’m Vi, this is Caitlyn, and this is…” Vi the elder trailed off as Jinx met her eyes.

            “You’re me. Powder. Aren’t you?” Powder spoke up with a only slightly trembling voice.

            The lilac-eyed teen looked down at her younger self and said as seriously as Caitlyn and Vi had ever heard her, “No. You’re Powder. But I’m Jinx. And we're perfect.”